Fan favourite Nash to return in Street Fighter V

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Fan favourite Nash to return in Street Fighter V

Plus, Capcom drops news on a beta for its keenly anticipated sequel

Hey everyone! We are happy to announce two huge pieces of news for Street Fighter V: the return of Nash, and the online beta program!

Charlie Nash has been a fan favourite character in the Street Fighter series for years and finally makes his comeback in Street Fighter V, although noticeably a little… different. For those who are unfamiliar with him, continue on for a quick history lesson.


First mentioned in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (1991) by Guile during his quest for revenge; Nash was a lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force and one of Guile’s best friends. Although it was hinted that M.Bison was involved in Charlie’s disappearance in the past, it was never really fully explained…


…Until the Street Fighter Alpha series, that is. In Street Fighter Alpha II (1996) we see firsthand that a helicopter controlled by M.Bison’s forces make quick work of Nash as M.Bison gets away. Initially presumed to be dead by both friends and foes alike, Nash’s return shows that his story is far from over.

While the mysteries surrounding his return will become clear later on, for now we’re pleased to announce that the originator of the Sonic Boom is back with quite a few new tricks that you can see in the photos below.


Nash takes to the air and comes down toward the opponents with a sharp flip kick.


Nash grabs the opponent and slams them to the ground before infusing their face with more force than he uses to throw a sonic boom.


Nash slices through the air with a sharp kick that knocks the opponent away!

What is Nash’s goal in SFV? You will have to wait and see.

It’s also worth noting that for the first time for a major console release, Capcom will be performing PS4 and PC online beta tests for Street Fighter V. More details, including timing on the beta program in Europe, will be revealed in the future so stay tuned for updates. Until then, SONIC BOOM!


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  • Cool, but the only thing I want to know: Is on-disc DLC also going to return?

    • On a Capcom game? Of course not!

    • It was overblown with SFxT. The game launched with well over 40 characters, with that amount of content 6 dlc chars on disc or not isn’t really an issue IMO. Especially since we do t know if dev budget was expanded with the promise of dlc.

      Actually hope this launches with under 20 characters personally.

    • Street Fighter is notorious for super mega ultra golden toaster editions so you can probably expect tidal waves of DLC in any event.

    • Again, supporting a 10 year old game with an expansion every 2 years gains notoriety? SF is a name they could annualise like cod but instead of a 40quid disc it’s a 10quid expansion. SF4 support has been awesome and I hope SF5 follows suit.

      Remember CoD and BF get 4 10quid expansions per year yet people think SF is the toxic one for some reason….

    • @ MrEibmoz
      So you find it okay to pay twice for the content on a disc? If you buy a disc, you buy the disc and everything on it. Having to pay again to unlock something that’s on the disc is an outrage.

    • If theres more than enough content unlocked already on the disc? Sure. If anything there were too many characters in SFxT. I think Rez6 had on disc DLC too, that campaign was way over 20hours long! Its not like they really short changed anyone. A 20+hour long game with on disc DLC is somehow worse than your typical 6-8hour game with separate DLC downloads?

      The thing is, a lot of the time extra dev budget is given on the condition of there being DLC. The content probably wouldnt have been part of the game in the first place on disc or not otherwise. You dont buy a disc and everything on it, you never own anything thats on the discs you have. You pay for a licence to play whatever game the creator is selling you. On disc or not, you only bought the licence for the portion of the game thats not “DLC”. If you dont think there sounds like enough content in a game vanilla, dont buy the game.

      Also just because its not on the disc doesnt mean the DLC you buy for other games isnt mostly done at time of pressing enough so that the assets could be on disc yet for some reason downloading 4gig makes people happier.

    • I think people all too easily forget a little thing called inflation. I remember when I got my Sega Saturn almost 2 decades ago. I went to buy Virtua Fighter 2 and it cost me £44.99 brand new. So here we are almost 20 years later and new games are pretty much the same price… how?? how does this happen even though if anything production prices for AAA games have increased over the years thanks to the jump in graphical quality and detail? For games companies to be able to invest in future projects(aka new games) they need to turn a profit and since they haven’t raised the price of new games much over the last 20 years, DLC is a sound way of making that needed profit. It’s either that or they start charging more like £60-70 for a new game… just a bit of logic and perspective to consider before going all *whining consumer* on them with your conspiracy theories.

      @totaldirkness try a different perspective, what if you’re not paying twice for the content on a disc but instead paying less than what it’s worth from the beginning? After production, manufacturing and promotion costs the contents of the disc could be worth £70 but at that price most people probably wouldn’t shell out for it, so instead you buy what is considered the main game at an affordable price with the option of paying for extra content in the future if you so wish… is that such a bad thing? <rhetorical question, so no need to physically answer

    • @MrEibmoz Spot on

  • That’s awesome! Can’t wait!

  • I have to have it. I have to have it now. Just take my money okay?!

  • Meh.. gameplay is everything…

    That’s why SF4 forever! :P

  • I suck at fighting games.
    I mean I suck so bad people think I’m blind but boy do I enjoy them :D

  • I need a SF that plays like alpha 3 at maximum speed. If this does that, I’ll support it 300%

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