Watch The Order: 1886 launch trailer now

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Watch The Order: 1886 launch trailer now

Take a closer look at Ready At Dawn’s PS4 debut ahead of release

PlayStation Nation! The wait is nearly over! Tomorrow, The Order: 1886 will finally launch around the world, officially adding a new cast of characters to the PlayStation family. Ready at Dawn has not only created a marvellous new world for us to play in, but a new breed of hero. The knights of The Order are extraordinary warriors, but it’s important to remember they are still human. They tire, they feel pain, but they still stand up and persevere.

We hope this trailer captures a little bit of that and sets the stage for your next amazing PlayStation adventure. Thank you so much for your support!

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  • It looks good but the aiming system looks pretty [MODERATED]

  • Yet another big game getting torn to shreds. Latest big sites to call it out are Gamespot and IGN. How disappointing, again.

  • IGN – 6.5/10

    GameSpot – 5/10

    Polygon – 5.5/10

    Videogamer – 6/10

    GiantBomb – 2/5

    Escapist – 3/5

    Kotaku – NO

    Eurogamer – No Score

    Save your money and wait till this one hits the bargain bin.

    • I only trust ign and gametrailers reviews never gamespot.

    • EGM – 4.5/10

      Jimquisition – 6.5/10

    • Or we will do what ever we like and buy the game if we feel like it. Here is a way to explain it to you. I don’t care if Bloodborne gets 11/10 scores, I’m not too bothered about that game, it doesn’t really appeal to me, I have all the Souls games sealed and haven’t got round to playing them yet.

      So do you think when the new Ratchet and Clank game comes out, will be Insomniac Games’ most amazing looking game to date and play EXACTLY like previous games i.e. amazing, do you think I give a rats when today’s “game journalists” give it “mediocre” status for that VERY same reason??? And yet when Halo 5 comes out and plays exactly like the previous games it will be a masterpiece.

      HAHA and you actually put Polygon on that list, the guys who gave The Last of Us an 8/10 lol. That pretty much says it all right there. You also left out EGM’s score or does their scores count anymore after giving the atrocious Alien Colonial Marines a 9/10??? You see now why review scores mean nothing?

    • Waiting patiently for my order from Amazon ^_^

    • Relevant:

      “Post-purchase rationalization.

      It’s why I have a trusted GAFer list. I am not concerned with posters who simply buy something they were anticipating and then shut off their critical faculties in the analysis. So many people do that instinctively, they anticipate something and then are incapable of actually just admitting all that time they spent hyped for the product was a waste so they go about justifying it in ever more heightened ways. Even if everyone else says it’s mediocre, everyone else is seeing it the wrong way. They find less and less flaws, until everyone is nitpicking.

      For me, for a GAFer to make my trusted opinion list it works like this… take a game I either love or hate and have expressed myself in detail about. Then, read a poster who disagrees with my position, but goes to length to articulate why in a way that makes sense and is rational. The mark of a good critic is not that you always agree with them, it’s that you can respect the merit of their opinion even when you disagree. At least, that’s what I’ve found.

      So especially when I see someone willing to take a game they anticipated to task for not being completely up to snuff, I make note of that individual because it means they are less likely to make excuses for a game just because they pre-ordered it and spent the last two years anticipating it.

      Problem with lots of people who rush out in excitement to get something is that they spend so much time building it up, posting about how rad it’s gonna be on forums, that going back and admitting it’s not all it was made out to be is tough for some folk.”

    • You forgot the many positive reviews.

  • pre-ordered for $59 in aus, will complete in a day or two and sell for the same amount or more on ebay.

    • I take it you’re one of those people who try to sell something secondhand expensive, completely unaware that there’s a brand new version right above yours for cheaper. And then wonder why yours isn’t selling. Idiots lol.

    • actually no, the new price of games in Aus in bricks and mortar stores are about $90 for a new release. so if i sell it on ebay for $60 used i think that’s fair. i sold shadow of mordor for $60 a week after release after i had completed it.

  • The Kotaku review was really aggressive. And from what I see its getting mid and low scores all around the reviews.
    I guess it kinda failed, its good but not enough. The damn QTE are everywere and it really drops the ball on solid gameplay.

    • I wouldn’t mind more gameplay but I just don’t understand this general hate against QTE’s and cutscenes nowadays.

    • I can’t understand what’s the problem with the QTEs and cutscenes. The game is a cinematic expereince what did the expect?
      Everybody knew that the game will have a lot of QTE and cutscene, but the reviews still say these as negative things.
      It’s like expecting a FIFA to be a basketball game…

    • The hate of the QTE comes from not having gameplay. They focused too much on the visual and cinematic effect of the game and not enough on the gameplay (the thing that makes 90% of the games good). Thats the problem. People usually like QTE when it’s done right, wen its just in a moment or something, not everywhere, and definitely not shadowing gameplay.

  • Please don’t screw up bloodborne and give us the last guardian.

  • So… when is it coming to IGC?

    • yeah pretty soon I think, but may be not in the March lineup though. lol
      Keep waiting while I play it now.

    • Who says im waiting?
      When it hits IGC, I ‘ll act ”surprised”, and play it.
      The moment I hit ”reply” and post this, is the moment I forget about this 6/10-of-a-game.

    • It won’t appear on IGC.

      The usual suspects will moan that it is not a game over 70 on metacritic.

  • If it was twice the length with COOP and MP it would be 9-10/10 everywhere.

  • thats a shame. i was looking forward to this game but based on the scores i think ill wait for a price drop. im ok with the game being a short focused experience but alot of reviews complain about the gameplay itself. this is the same as driveclub was for me: wait until i can get it for £20

  • Reviews be damned .. I still want to play it. Perfect for a weekend when the wife is out. It will have to be next month though – and if the vita memory cards were not so damned expensive so i could take adavantage of the great deals on vita – it would be this month

  • I think I’ll wait till tomorrow when I can play it for myself. There seems to be some sort of hate campaign against this game. There have been a number of games that were trashed by reviews but I enjoyed immensely and I have been interested in this game since the first trailers were shown.

  • If they focused on gameplay, they could have made some awesome things. They got the right setting and all with some unique weapons… Would have been way more fun if you could actually play as the other blasted characters, right?

    We all saw this coming, this is what happens when you focus too much on graphics. Take a page out of Nintendo’s book, Sony. Most of their games may be 720p and hardly anyone may own a Wii U, but when they put their AAA effort in it, it definitely shows.

    • The game is 30GB, they could easy deliver more/better gameplay given more time to develop and an actual director that values gameplay.

  • Quality over quantity, always. Although both would obviously be better. I’m just a fan of cinematic games and it’s a boring gaming period so I’m getting this, although I got a bad feeling it’s gonna get a pricecut soon on account of being so short and getting bad reviews for that.

  • Sence the order 1886 is short any soon updates like a 4 vrs 4 like gears and horde mode like gears …Be nice to know

  • Top reviews
    86/100 Source

  • So far the reviews I’ve seen have ranged from 4/10 tot 9,5/10. That’s a HUGE gap, it looks like it’s a love it or hate it game. And as I’m a fan of linear cinematic games, I think I’m probaly gonna love it. And if not: I’ve gotten a deal with the game and a year long subscription to a great game magazine for only €51,50, so I’m sure to get my money’s worth. :)

  • I hope all the garbage reviews this game got teaches developers they can’t charge full retail for a single player game that lasts the same or shorter than a Call of Duty campaign.

    • Yeah? I’m actually so glad it’s a single player only game. Good old story driven atmospheric experience. And it’s a much better game than Call of Duty, in my opinion, at least it’s trying something different and new.

  • Got my copy yesterday, played a few hours and have to say I’m enjoying it, sort of. When it lets you slip the reins off and actually lets you engage in combat it’s really fun but the pacing of the game is just terrible. Too much filler and not enough killer. If RAD had concentrated on making a proper game instead of an interactive movie it would be fantastic.

  • Picked up my copy this morning AND loving it !!

  • Got it today a played for a short while. Looks amazing, plays ok. Story and overall atmosphere seem pretty cool so far.

  • since infamous, the ps4 only got One Excellent boxed exclusive games… after the big dissapointment of DriveAlone, now i’m a too dissapointed by this game, great graphics, but gameplay and story are so common… too bas, let’s hope that bloddborne will not have the same fate and reviews… because it makes 1,5 year , and the ps4 is still the console who have lesser good boxed exclusive than xbox one and wiiU even…

  • Got this and loving it. Seems to be a showcase for the ps4 graphics.If uncharted looks as good as this though then hopefully they’ll be a lot of happy bunnies out there.But then again there’s allways afew that are never satisfied with anything………………

  • I have to say it well done rad best game since last of us remastered on ps4 after playing shadow fall and infamous which I didn’t like.
    I started Friday I’m still only on chapter 8 this Saturday night even on easy this game is pretty challenging to me.

  • Weird I posted a comment yesterday now it’s gone? Just wanted to say well done rad you have restored my faith in ps4 having not enjoyed killzone and infamous on ps4 and still only 1 game for it the last of us remastered.
    I started it Friday and I’m now on chapter 9 it’s a very long game imo and challenging for me even on easy.

  • Ok, I must say it, it’s awesome. After reading much about campaign length and reviews, I was hesitating to buy it, so glad, I did. Unbelievable atmosphere, art direction, characters, direction — all comes to an awesome cinematic experience. Like was with Heavy Rain, it’s not for everyone for sure, but who liked Heavy Rain, we’ll love The Order too.

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