Superhero TV series Powers is coming soon to the PAL region

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Superhero TV series Powers is coming soon to the PAL region

Watch the new behind the scenes featurette now

At the annual E3 show in Los Angeles last June, you may remember that comic book legend Brian Michael Bendis took to the stage at the PlayStation press briefing to announce that a TV adaptation of his acclaimed superhero series Powers was in development and would debut on PlayStation Network.

Today, we’re happy to confirm that the show – which stars the likes of Sharlto Copley, Eddie Izzard and Noah Taylor – will be coming to the PAL region in 2015. Look out for more news soon as launch approaches.

In the meantime, the show’s executive producer and showrunner, Charlie Huston, has kindly contributed a few words detailing his experiences working on the series, and a brand new behind the scenes featurette, offering a glimpse at what to expect. Over to you Charlie:

Long before I became involved with POWERS, years before I met Brian Michael Bendis or Michael Avon Oeming (I like that both those guys buck the single name branding trend by going with their full spread three-stack names. I tried it, but my full name makes me sound like a reject from the Monty Python Upper Class Twit of the Year Award sketch), long before I had any involvement in TV as a business, lo those many years ago, I was given an opportunity to write some comic books.

Like any healthy geek introvert, I’d been a fan of comics as a kid and a teen, but as the years passed and I developed any number of unhealthy bad habits that distracted me from such things, my visits to the local shop diminished and, finally, disappeared. Which did nothing to diminish my immense excitement at the prospect of writing a superhero comic book for Marvel comics. The rub being that I had no idea about what was going on in comics, let alone any idea of how to write a comic. So I started doing research. How do you research comic books?

You read a bunch of comic books, man. And I did. And I found that in the decades I’d been away from them, comics had come a loooong way. I read a load of really good stuff. Chief among that were several titles by this guy Brian Michael Bendis. And chief among those titles was a book called POWERS. So, to learn how to write comics, I studied Brian Michael Bendis and, more specifically, I studied POWERS.

I’m still studying POWERS, but with a far different perspective. My days just now are spent in editing bays studying the footage from the POWERS TV show that I am somehow, utterly improbably, helping to create. Shortly you will get a chance to see a little behind the scenes featurette that teases all our efforts, and shortly after that, you get to start watching the show.

I’m cutting the tenth and final episode right now, watching, over and over, the culmination of years’ worth of planning and writing and rewriting and starts and stops and more rewriting and disasters and miracles and… and… and… and really, this is just the beginning.

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1 Author Reply

  • The question is – should Poland care? We don’t even have a film section here, or any films at all. Will it be available in Poland? Will it be available for watching for free?

  • Availability in Russia?

    • Hi everyone. Unfortunately I can’t confirm specific region details today. As soon as the details are confirmed we’ll let you know – thanks for your patience.

  • What about The Netherlands?

  • To summarise every question you will get from now on… Is Powers coming to every country in the SCEE region or can you list the countries it will come to?

  • Just for your information. Many of us don’t care about dub or subtitles if it means that we are getting more content.

  • Do we get trophies for watching it?

    (I’m kidding.)

    (Or am I!?)

  • Be honest now…when you say PAL region do you mean the UK? The PAL region covers about 83 countries last time I checked, so you might want to clarify that statement.

  • You have one chance to win me as a viewer: I expect the first episode to be online March 10. Or latest by March 11 – in sync with the US release. Otherwise I have to obtain it through other sources. Show that you know how the internet works, Sony. Be smart about it. I don’t want to get spoiled on the web because I have to wait weeks or months for the EU release.

  • Will it have subtitles for those of us with hearing problems? Not interested if it doesn’t cos without them I won’t understand a thing being said

  • Hold on….I just assumed that since Sony made and produced the show there was nothing stopping us from getting it at the exact same time the US get it, just as it works with Netflix and Amazon original produced content.

    Now you’re telling me that’s not the case? Not cool Sony, not cool.

    • I think if this gen has taught us anything it’s that even Sony owned products and services will differ massively based on the whim of some guy in an office somewhere.

      When we consider that Music Unlimited due example costs four times more in Europe than it does in the US and even first party games cost some 40-50% more here it’s pretty clear where the priority lies.

  • I really hope that the superpowers don’t feel cheap.

  • The whole of PAL or just a few select countries?

  • por para argentina no ponen para ver peliculas o series por favor pongan esto en argentina en las actualizaciones asi todos podemos difrutar de las series y peliculas de cines solos algunos paises tienen esta posibilidad argentina no. soy argentino

  • the whole PAL region? as in Middle East & North Africa too? or does this mean EU + US?

  • Probably wont be coming to South Africa either… seems interesting though.
    Not the biggest fan of Sharlto Copley though… his accent is sometimes laid on a bit thick.

    • In Elysium it sounded like he was doing a bad impression of a South African accent. That can’t be his actual voice, surely?

  • Will it be free for PS+ here as well, or is that just for the US?

  • I doubt it, we never get the same sort of deals as the US store.

    SCEE pricing policy is a mess so wouldn’t be surprised if they charged us for this.

  • Please Fred,

    before posting this please check the countries available first. Save yourself from embarassement and the barrage of questions – Will this be available in xxxxxx ?

    Best regards,

  • Will we be able to download and watch with our Vitas? Sincerely dedicated handheld gamer since the birth of PS Vita

  • So let’s say someone using an UK account who is not in the UK. Can that person watch the show when it’s released?
    Because that person can’t watch movies from the UK store, or buy them.

  • 2015?
    the fact the best release estimate you can give us, in February mind, is the year, when it goes up in the us in about 3 weeks is rather alarming.
    what’s the excuse this time?
    aren’t sony producing and publishing this?

    “soon” has two different meanings to sony when it comes to europe and the us.

    didn’t ms get their Halo Nightfall series out in the us and europe at the same time?

    • This is a very good point actually. This is something that is 100% fully owned and produced by Sony, there’s no complicated licencing issues, no publisher requests, it’s free so there’s no concerns regarding imports, so why is the release date known in one territory but not in another.

      Take a look at Better Call Saul, a follow up to the biggest TV show of the last ten years, to make absolutely sure that there was no huge regional divide they went straight to Netflix in Europe and as a result new episodes are available to us *hours* after they air in the US, before TV captures are available on torrent sites, that could be this show, if of course SCEE choose to do it properly.

    • Soon as in CS:GO soon…

    • EVEN Amazon Prime can air Vikings and Black Sails on their streaming service hours after the US showing so I don’t know what’s stopping Sony from airing THEIR ORIGINAL show and making us wait for months just to watch the show. Even the first episode on YouTube is region-locked.

      It’s Sonic Boom all over again!

  • As a massive Powers fan and a fully paid up PS Plus member I couldn’t be more disappointed with this news. If you can’t make YOUR OWN show launch simultaneously on YOUR OWN network then I’ll get hold of it by other means.

  • Given that I have an active PS+ sub I won’t feel guilty when I download the show via torrents. Because somehow in 2015 when Sony owns the distribution network, the show and have every intention of releasing it internationally they can’t do it simultaneously. Do you WANT piracy? Cos this is how you get piracy

  • I am totally shocked that the USA are getting this first, yeah right!. Absolutely no reason for this to happen this time. Its your own content that you own outright so why are you making others wait. This preferential treatment is getting really tiresome now. Ill give it a week for you guys to get your s*** together or else like lovestosplodge above i too will look elsewhere to view this content. I’d never use torrent site but i will however go to the many streaming sites across the internet, one of which already has the pilot episode available to watch right now.
    I have been so loyal for so long but lately i have been finding myself peed off with many of Sony Playstation decisions, your making it very hard for me.
    You have not even bothered to give us date for this content yet! Disgraceful guys!

  • Netflix give out all there own original content to all their subscribers at the exact same time. Why are you guys not able to and why do the USA get everything first no matter what. It really sucks!

  • So, I just learned you sold the series to Sky in Germany. That means, you produced a series on your own and instead of selling it to your own customers, you sold it to a different content provider and so far won’t tell your own customers when they will be able to watch it on their PlayStations, if their plus subscription will be worth anything and if it will be dubbed or have subtitles. Sony, you sometimes really WANT to screw things up, right? But hey, I guess in a year or so you will sell what little content you actually produced to Netflix and I will watch it there. Thanks again for trying…. kind of…

    There is NO obvious reason to why we are being [MODERATED] on. why we are treated like second rate customers that have to wait for the leftovers after the US region have devoured the content for probably a year.
    forcing us paying customers to go out of our comfort zone and illegally acquire access to content that is rightfully ours. that we pay for. with our plus money. THIS IS WHY PIRACY EXIST! NOW GIVE US A REASON FOR NOT GIVING US WHAT WE WANT AND SPOON FEEDING THE US CUSTOMERS EVERYTHING YEARS BEFORE WE GET TO SMELL IT!

  • Oh thank you gracious Sony for deigning to grace us second-class customers at some point this year. Why not take another couple of years? I am brimming with anticipation… oh wait, it was trapped wind.

  • And the free episode on YouTube has been region locked. You guys are going out of your way to be crappy about this.

  • The youtube version is regionlocked? I didn’t know. Ah well I don’t care cos I have mediahint. To all the people with that problem I suggest you use media hint. It can even trick the playstation servers into thinking that your playstation is in the US, Japan or wherever on earth you want it to think you are. What this means is that if you have US PSN accounts you can still watch the free episode from your playstation. Also if you have Netflix accounts it lets you use the US (superior) version of the site. In short you don’t have to stand for it.

    And to the moderators. You should pass the following message on to Sony. Selling a show to Sky is a waste of time if you can’t get simulcast. All the hardcore fans of it can download/stream it. Just takes a tiny bit of savvy. Also don’t ban me please pretty sure I haven’t broken ToS

  • I gotta agree i do feel abit dissapointed especially because i created an us account and checked there store and see how much more they have! I do feel abit left behind as a customer for years…

  • When is it coming to the UK need to watch ?

  • I have this opinio that EU customers are a little ‘considered second-class customers. I don’t know other people but I understand, even if I’m Italian, English and I’d prefer see a show in the original language rather than a painful dubbing.

  • This is becoming a bit of a joke now Sony. Do you not feel that your customers AT LEAST deserve to get an answer about what is happening with Powers coming to the UK/European market.

    I do find it staggering that you are still ignoring your customers four days after they started asking you a question. If I treat my customers that way I’d end up loosing customers and making huge losses!

    Unless you are looking at putting this out on a different basis in other areas outside of the US, I really do not understand why this is being delayed. It is a Sony developed show on a Sony network. Surely if there were “legal” issues you have had since you announced this at last E3 to sort them out.

    Come on Sony, at least honour us with some sort of acknowledgement and hey, maybe even an answer.

  • Its amusing really, you own the show, produced it yourselves and own the distribution network it is due to be released on, there was literally nothing stopping you from releasing this on time bar your own decision not to release it.

    The most popular TV shows available on regular broadcast already recognise that the smaller the gap between the IS and UK air date, the lower the piracy rate. Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, they all figured it out. People will download the show illegally so that they can watch it before all the spoilers fill the internet.

    I just checked piratebay and there are THREE episodes of Powers available already. Yeah, three, three episodes have released in the US already and you can’t even give a date in Europe. So yeah, when the piracy figures get released on torrentfreak in a couple months and this scores highly in the TV shows category, you know who to blame, not the people who downloaded it, not the people who uploaded, but whichever guy in your office made the idiotic decision not to release a highly anticipated TV show to all regions.

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