SHAREfactory update adds themes and new features today

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A raft of additions to the PS4’s video editing software go live

Hey PlayStation nation! Since the launch of SHAREfactory, we’ve enjoyed watching many of the unique video projects produced by creative fans like you. We’ve also been listening to some of the great feedback we’ve been getting from you, and today we’re excited to release our latest update for SHAREfactory, which will add more themes and tools you’ve requested that will enable you take your creativity to the next level.

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First, let’s talk themes. With this latest update, you’ll now be able to download SHAREfactory themes directly from PlayStation Store. And to kick things off, we’re adding new themes to PS Store today, including:

  • Destiny
  • Little Big Planet 3
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2015
  • SHAREfactory: ’80s
  • Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare
  • Killzone Shadow Fall (see the theme in action here)
SHAREfactory SHAREfactorySHAREfactory

We’re just getting started, so be sure to keep checking PS Store for the latest SHAREfactory themes.

This update also adds a new gallery feature that makes sharing even easier. My Gallery is a new section within SHAREfactory that allows you to easily view and share your completed projects. Just simply press the SHARE button from this screen and quickly upload videos to YouTube and Facebook without leaving the SHAREfactory app.

You can also add an extra level of personalization on all of your SHAREfactory projects. Based on user feedback, the new update also allows your profile picture and avatars to be added as stickers for your projects.

We are continuing to work hard on adding new enhancements for SHAREfactory, and we’re always listening to your feature requests and suggestions. Please keep them coming, and stay tuned for future updates. Enjoy!

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  • What about a GTA V theme for share factory?

  • Surely DriveClub and The Order need themes as PlayStation exclusives? And it would be nice to see a project cars theme as well. Other than that, SHARE factory is an excellent tool for those of us without any other editing methods, its really quite powerful!

  • To be honest, nothing I really wanted but I really appreciate your work. SHAREfactory is great!

    Here are some suggestions:

    Adding a feature to…
    …speed up clips
    …increase clip limit for montages
    …don’t cut clips if they are longer then 15min.
    …trim clips way more precise

    Here is my Destiny Playlist everything made with SHAREfactory :)…

  • Transistor theme plz.

  • Does the update fix the bug which removes the last few seconds from a 15 minute clip is certain themes are used? If someone has pressed the share button during gameplay it’s because some awesome just happened and thus bug has caused me to lose those moments unless I want to keep the full 15 minute clip unedited in order to show off 15 seconds of greatness.

    If we can please fix that it would be great.

  • Thanks for the continuing hard work, team :) ShareFactory is so superb, I feel like you’ve designed it just for me! XD

    Just one glitch I’d like to bring to your attention, if you don’t know it already. It occurs when using imported MP3 music from a USB stick.

    If you start to preview the latest video clips on your editing timeline (at 50 seconds for example), the music track plays from earlier on (say 40 seconds or so). In order to preview what I’ve currently edited with R2, I have to start from the very beginning of the timeline otherwise the music does not sync up with the video clips correctly.

    Its not a massive problem. But it is quite time consuming to preview a whole 60 seconds of footage to ensure a clip at 50 seconds is timed correctly.

    Any insight on this? I suspect its because Share Factory has trouble pinpointing exact markers on MP3s that I’ve imported myself. Either way, thanks in advance! :)

    • I agree, this is my number issue I have with creating projects, I have to continually play the whole project to hope the audio sync to the footage everytime I trim/edit. It’s so annoying but have unfortunately learnt to live with it.

      Good job for pointing this out. It’s a boon in my side everytime I get to almost finishing my work.

  • How about we can use Sharefactory to create OUR OWN background dynamic themes for our PS4s?

    Now that would be awesome, even just a 10 or 20 second looping clip of any game as a background, please consider it!

    • I like that idea!

      I’d also like to be able to add my own themes and make my own intro and outro (I have done this but I they are not part of a theme)

  • Looking good however I just wish you would FIX the message system on PS4 it shambolic, sending a friend a MSG and then 1hr later the PS4 telling me I have a MSG (the one I sent a friend) or Reciving MSGS that are sent from DAYS ago isn’t very ‘Next Gen’. It isn’t just me..

  • SHAREfactory is a great app but I really the 20min limit to be greatly extended. I want to do this Last of Us supercut as an experiment for my editing skills but been forced to just do 20 minutes worth of clips makes it difficult to do.

  • Thanx Stuart, much much much appreciated.

    As a avid user of Sharefactory many of the community requests is right on the nose:

    Fast forward/rewind playback effects
    Finer trimming of clips(No.1 request for me)
    JPEGS, PNG overlay on the clips (avatar overlay, is a good step in right direction)
    Audio sync improvements after heavy editing sessions.
    Increase clip limit above 40
    An in app Sharefactory lobby for like minded users to watch and share eachothers work. I find it hard to find other likeminded Share factory users to come together.*

    *Kinda like how the LBP community have there website to share eachothers levels with one another.

    All these are my number one requests for the next update.

    Thanks again Sharefactory Team. So very greatful.


  • Still too major bugs that need corrections in this release:
    1/ Nice, we can add new themes… but we can’t delete them! And as we are forced to install them if we want to see how they look, it’s frustrating! I want to be able to delete the themes I don’t like!
    2/ The audio/video sync bug is STILL here when you use the PS Camera. Is it so complicated to understand that the PS Eye has a different framerate than the video, but both can’t play together? Is it hard to patch it so they have both the same framerate, and then the audio/video sync is corrected? Cause currently, Share Factory looks like the early years of Quicktime.

  • Absolutely love share factory!! I’ve made some cracking videos with it. If it wasn’t for share factory I would never have made a video, let alone start a YouTube channel (digiboxdave MCFC by the way ;-)) so thank you! :-)

  • More themes please, its odd that we got BF:Hardline theme last year in don’t have themes for soo many games. It should almost be an requirement to releasing a PS4 game

  • I want a PS4 that can view video and photos like my last gen console can!

  • I never use this or even have it installed but yet this app is always present on my “frontpage” (last 15 apps used if opted). Please make that stop, it’s not as bad as the Singstar fiasco on ps3 but it’s definitely in the same ballpark..

  • ShareFACTORY devient de mieux en mieux en fct° des MaJs juste j’aimerai vous suggérer quelque amélioration:
    -thème Assassin’s Creed (pas forcement Assassin’s Creed Unity ça peut etre un mélange de tous les AC)
    -theme voiture (NFS/The Crew)
    -theme Minecraft
    Ensuite l’effet qui est à la fin de la video qui presente le theme KillZone ou on voit un defilement de plusieurs images j’aimerai que vous l’ajoutier si se n’est deja…
    pour finir j’aimerai qu’on puissent intercaller un “ecran noir” entre 2 clip video si vous voyer se que je veux dire

    Vous fetes du bon boulot alors continuez

  • you are doing a horrible job at marketing this i have no idea what sharefactory is so i deleted it, why not just call it themes?

    • You could always read what this is! That’s what I did, simply select over it to see that this is and it gives a brief demo. Selecting it to open it up allows you to see what this is…..but then you sound like one of these people that needs everything doing for them?

  • What’s share factory? Not turned my ps4 on in ages thankfully the order is out next week that looks so good.

  • Thanks love being able to record and share videos!

    One feature i’d love to see is slowmo for those action moments that need would look better slowed down! ;)

  • Here’s a video i made with ShareFactory —–>

  • Can you add a Minecraft theme (if Mojang allows it)

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