PlayStation Plus multiplayer open weekend kicks off this Friday

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PlayStation Plus multiplayer open weekend kicks off this Friday

Get a taste of the action, without opening your wallet

Are you making the most of your PS4 by sharing in the excitement of online multiplayer with the biggest console gaming community? If you’re currently not a PlayStation Plus member then the answer is no – and you are certainly missing out!

But fear not; from 13th February at 6.00am GMT/7.00am CET for the whole weekend we are opening the doors to the world of online play, giving you the opportunity to take on your friends and fellow gamers from around the globe in epic online battles.

Now couldn’t be a better time to take advantage of this great opportunity, with huge PS4 multiplayer titles like Destiny, GTA V, Far Cry 4 and FIFA 15 firing on all cylinders on PlayStation Network.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take on your friends and fellow gamers for a weekend of intense PS4 online multiplayer, at no additional cost.

Not a PlayStation Plus member? Then join today from just £5.49/€6.99 per month. To find out more, visit our PlayStation Plus site.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

PlayStation Plus open weekend will take place between 6.00am GMT/7.00am CET Friday 13th February and 6.00am GMT/7.00am CET Monday 16th February.


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  • Will this happen on regular basis?

    • I wouldn’t think a regular basis, but a few times a year at most. Now all the PS4 menu needs is a notification ticker for PlayStation to inform everyone of these and other things (maintenance, promos).

    • This is happening for one reason only, Friday/Saturday (depending on your location) is release day for the New 3DS XL in US and Europe, Legend Of Zelda Majora’s Mask, Monster Hunter 4U and Ace Combat. Now I’m a long time PS fan as you can tell by my profile and lvl 25 Trophy rank but I for one question why we Vita owners are not getting this level of game releases? No, we get ignored and a weak attempt to divert our eyes from what Nintendo are doing this weekend. It isn’t good enough Sony and honestly, you need to pull your socks up because my PS4 has been unused for a while now and the Vita too. The WiiU and 3DS may be technically weak but they pack a punch where it counts recently – games.

    • @chazz

      We used to have a news ticker on the PS3 in its first year, then it suddenly stopped updating then disappeared altogether.

      It mainly announced store updates and game reveals, there wasn’t any maintenance to announce back then. But considering that SCEE don’t update the official maintenance page anyway will a ticker even be useful? The last two times PSN was down for maintenance I found out through the US run @askplaystation twitter account hours later, and sometimes even that doesn’t know its maintenance and suggest database rebuilds and all sorts (FYI a database rebuilds is just a stall, doesn’t affect connectivity at all, its the PS equivalent of chkdsk)

      But yes, bring back the news ticker and use it properly this time.

  • I did not get my PS plus extension email (3 or 5 days not sure). I was on PS Plus when the outage happened.
    But PS plus expired soon after the outage.

    I have renewed my ps plus now but have not got any email from you guys.

    Could you please check???

  • Don’t mean to sound ungreatful or anything, but I truely believe that online play shouldn’t be locked behind a paywall.

    I’d be more than willing to pay for online services and features provided by Sony (i.e. SharePlay, Instant game collection, game discounts, cloud saves, beta participation codes, etc.) but to ask us to pay to use the online component of a game we already paid for…???

    As of right now that’s the only thing preventing me from buying a PS4.

    Still, thanks for the nice gesture… I guess.

    • Servers need money to stay running. They couldn’t have kept them free forever.

    • Yep. Thats why theres a sub model on Steam for PC games…. oh wait…..

    • @ MaxDiehard
      That would make sense if Sony were actually funding dedicated servers for all the games that they lock behind the ‘paywall’… but they are not.

      Its just a toll booth to let you your console connect to the game, even if theres no dedicated servers at all and you want to play using p2p connections.

    • I would actually be happy to pay for PS+ if it would mean dedicates servers to all games. Now it’s just a paywall. And the point people make that servers need money… Yes, they do. But Steam does it for free, PS3 does it for free and while it isn’t that advanced, Wii U does it for free. One could say that the only reason multiplayer is free on Wii U is because the service isn’t as good, PC and Steam does everything that PSN does and more. That’s because PC is open platform, sure, but if being a closed platform means paywalls to important features that are free elsewhere, count me out.

      Bloodborne is coming out next month, after I’ve played enough of that I’ll let my PS+ subscription pass and move on to PC gaming entirely. I have been a PS+ member for years and the service being mandatory on PS4 wouldn’t have affected me but my friends don’t want to pay for it. I didn’t think about that when I got the system and I’ve regretted it ever since. Really amazes me how people can pay and actually defend Sony on this matter.

  • ungrateful* truly*… Awekward :/

  • It should be free forever like PS3 and Vita… Making online gaming behind a paywall is the reason i dont want to buy a PS4.
    I already pay 40, 50 or 60€ for a game and not have its online multiplayer option free its a huge middle finger to the customer. The worst part is that PSN is actually worse now, then it was wen it was free. The irony…

    • How would you know? You say you don’t want to buy a PS4 yet somehow know the servers are worse? I have had my PS4 since launch and I can count on one hand how many times I have had issues with the PS4 PSN.

    • #ocelot07

      Dude i dont have a PS4 but im not blind, I know whats happening. Almost everyone does…

      – PS Plus content quality got a nose dive.
      – PSN going down (even without hackers).
      – Quality and stability the same or worse but somehow we now pay for it.
      – Not listening to the fans.
      – (my friend told me this) Horrible times waiting for a message.
      – ….

      And some other problems to. I dont hate, im just worried about this, Sony is all confident because PS4 is 1rst on the race, if it was like the last generation, they probably were trying to give us a good service.

  • It should be free anyway!! Heres me thinking the money was being spent on a ‘better’ PSN when in reality it’s worse than PS3 (which is free). And don’t get me started on how poor Ps+ content has become since the arrival of PS4. Cheeky!

    • Also well done to that person who does the “click only one” survey. Brilliant! Not that they take a blind bit of notice, but hey we’ve tried everything else to be heard ;-)

  • Online multiplayer…never really got into that stuff.

  • It looks like there is a debate that online multiplayer should be free or not. So lets find out everyone’s opinion about it. Please like one of the 2 comments below accordingly.

  • ——Online Multiplayer shouldn’t be locked behind PS Plus.

  • ——Online Multiplayer should be locked behind PS Plus.

  • Sony are becoming like the taxman, you pay when you buy the game, you then have to pay to play it with all it’s features. Just like being taxed when you get your money, then taxed again when you spend it.

  • Online gaming should be free.
    You cannot say “for the players” and then lock online gaming under a subscription.

  • Oh great we get 2 days of something that should have been that way!

  • “Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take on your friends and fellow gamers for a weekend of intense PS4 online multiplayer, at no additional cost.

    Not a PlayStation Plus member? Then join today from just £5.49/€6.99 per month. To find out more, visit our PlayStation Plus site.”

    Sony, this is why I no longer buy your consoles. Empty promises of 1080p@60fps, slowly migrating to the MS business model…You have become shady Sony, you are just a little less blatant about it. Remember when the PS Store worked? Remember when playing online didn’t have fees? Remember when you took out ps2 emulation for grins? Yeah, thanks for that Sony, we all really appreciate that.

  • Weird they want more people to try the online multiplayer, considering the online infrastructure on PS4 is woefully bad.

  • Would we able to play online like ps3 or we have to pay put off our wallets like Xbox 360 & Xbox 1

  • I’m going to stay out of the pay to play online debate as it doesn’t affect me, I’m never gonna end my sub because of the games anyway. But one thing puzzles me. This free weekend begins at midnight US time, so its clearly a US initiative, but this one applies globally. So why not changes in pricing policy?

    * games won’t increase in price on release of PS4 – announced in the US, Japan followed, Europe not only didn’t follow, but pushed a 40-50% increase in game pricing.
    * 10% music unlimited discount for PS+ subbers, this only applies in the US and has done for two years now.
    * in 2013 Tue cost of an annual sub to music unlimited was halved, or at least it was in the US, this made their annual Sib cost just $54, we of course pay £120 for the year as these policies don’t apply to us.
    * during sales the US PS+ subbed can expect to see as much as 80% off thanks to his subscription, here in Europe we tend to see 20% and in one case, Octodad, there was no PS+ discount at all.
    * when a mistake is made on the store the US team correct the mistake, Castlestorm PS4 being the best example here hitting the store at a much higher price than the developer advertised on the blog. In the US this was “an error on the Store” and quickly corrected, in Europe however it was a case of the developer advertising the price incorrectly the week before.

    So I’m genuinely curious, why are some policies global and other regional? And of the regional ones why is it Europe that always does it wrong? Is it that the Europe management actually believe in these differences or are they handed down from corporate HQ?

  • So does this mean if you are a PlayStation plus member you are going to add days on

    • I hope so. Hopefully they will frozen everyone membership or sony being sony can say fk the paying people like they did on xmas day and give us only the same days back it was down then gave people a discount which was so more then being it disc x_x

  • Two extra days added to my subscription please, actually make that four as this happened last year too.

  • It is nice you are doing this for people that wanna try PSN before they buy for first time… Don’t really care about the pay to play online cuz you get (sometime) good games each month. But want are the people that have paid going to get? We PAY for these online things so giving people who don’t pay 2/3 days for free, Is not fair on us who pay or is everyone membership going to be frozen for them days or are we still going to lose 2/3 days like normal?

  • Why should we even have to pay in the first place, for a network that is no different then when it was just on the PS3, it offers you nothing different. And you think with our 50 dollars a year they would put it to good use and actually put up a decent Network but no that has been too much to ask for almost the last 8-9 years. No, instead we pay for garbage that is rarely even functioning, it’s down at least 75% of the time from what it seems, and not one thing runs smooth. And to get our mind off of how lousy and worthless Sony and their products/network are they give us a weekend free of Playstation Plus. Thank You.. Because this is all we’ve been waiting for.

  • Think I might sell my PS4, and get a PS3 – I only play online, so if I can play for free – then it’s all about ps3. How rude are Sony?,….people have the power to boycott these senseless companies. PS4 is blatantly a cash cow – people should unite and boycott PES/PSN/SEN. I bet within a month the monthly subscription will be scraped!!!. Watch this space Sony,…..People Power, consumers wake [MODERATED] up!!

    • Selling your PS4 is your choice of course, but I wouldn’t recommend that. The only games you can still experience online are the latest hits mostly: TLOU, GTA V, etc. Other games are usually dead, since more and more people getting their PS4s. Besides, what’s the point in playing GTA V, TLOU on PS3, if they are much better on PS4?

      This year will be rich on games. So I would advice to think twice before sellin’ your console. If you wanna play online without paying so badly, just get a PS3, but keep your PS4. You’ll thank me later, mate.

      And once again, as user of both PS3 and PS4 with a huge PS3 library, I can say that online is dying little by little on last gen.

  • The sole reason that i didn’t purchase PS4 is because of online multiplayer restriction

  • is this only for the US or for Europe as well?


  • Not working for me.

  • so for which countries is this offer for?

  • Not working for me GTA Online will still hit Playstation Plus Paywall.

  • I can’t get in GTA Online here in Venezuela , I don’t understand this post.

  • My US account does not seem to get the free multiplayer weekend here in Europe. Way to go Sony!

  • I thought PlayStation plus is free for the weekend why can’t I go online multiplayer

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