Super Stardust Ultra hits PS4 next week

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Super Stardust Ultra hits PS4 next week

Check out the latest trailer for Housemarque’s re-tooled shoot ‘em up

Hello again everyone. Following on from my post announcing that Super Stardust Ultra was coming PS4 (which you can read here), it gives me great pleasure to let you all know that it will be available to download from 11th February!

Prepare to launch yourself into pure, addictive, arcade action, all in stunning 1080p at 60fps. Check out the latest trailer above.

Super Stardust Ultra is packed with incredible depth and variety, from the five newly designed planets and other visual enhancements to nine different single player game modes, some of which are brand new, only on PS4.

One of these modes is ‘Blockade’. As if blasting through hazardous meteor storms or fighting off enemy spacecraft wasn’t difficult enough, you now have to avoid an endless trail of deadly mines that are continually dropped from the back of your Star fighter. The twist however is that everything else on the planet is also destroyed if it makes contact with the mines, so they can be used to your advantage and timing your bombs or boost is critical to staying alive.

Super Stardust™Ultra_20150126201344

If you think you have the skills, then check out ‘Interactive Streaming’ which not only allows you to broadcast your gameplay but also opens up your world, allowing your viewers to decide what happens next. The vote can range from a full onslaught of chaos, to a much needed helpful care package.

There is always plenty to achieve in Super Stardust Ultra, whether you are hunting trophies in pursuit of the platinum, or blasting your way to the top of the global leader boards. Competing against friends has never been easier, whether sending direct challenges or playing two-to-four player local split screen battles or teaming up in co-op mode.

Super Stardust Ultra also supports 3D at full 60fps and we think this is something that you’ll want to show to friends and family, it really does add an extra dimension to an already unique and great looking game.

All this will be available on PlayStation Store for €12.99; PS Plus subscribers will receive an additional 20% discount for a period of one week after launch, so make sure to pick up Super Stardust Ultra next week!

Super Stardust™Ultra_20150123183002

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3 Author Replies

  • Will this be cross-buy ? I already bought this on Vita and PS3.
    Really looking forward to this – Resogun and Stardust HD and Delta are on my favorite games of all time list!

    • Probably not, because it isn’t a 1 to 1 port of the PS Vita version or PS3 version.

      It’s a new version in the Super Stardust franchise. Even if the gameplay is largely unchanged, it’s still differentiative enough to be considered a new version due to the new modes etc.

    • Not likely – it’s a different iteration of the game. Like Delta was vs SSHD.

    • If you want the game on PS3, grab Super Stardust HD.

    • no crossbuy no sale, thats how i see it.

    • @Cyrske i don’t care what’s added, it’s still the same game with a few new levels, there should at least be a discount for people who have brought it on ps3 & vita.

  • How about a discount for people who bought the game on Vita and PS3?

  • This, Exactly. I have this on PSP and PS3 please for the love of god, follow in the footsteps of drinkbox studios and offer us an upgrade price. I will willingly pay £4.99 for this. So as it stands I will get it at a future sale. It is a great game though.

  • Will this game have English subtitles?

  • Great news, the 3D support is also AWESOME!!!!
    You should do this on a Friday more often Sony. Friday is generally a slow news day in the gaming world (or even Monday’s sometimes). You should make it a thing to always have some awesome news on a Friday as it is going into the weekend and everybody is already happy on a Friday anyway. FRIDAY!!!!!

    • 3D definitely takes Super Stardust Ultra to a another level, the game has never looked so good in this mode.

    • Does the 3D look any better than it does in the PS3 version? I still play SSHD on PS3 just because the 3D is so damn good. It’s a shame Resogun still isn’t in 3D, that’s what I’d rather have.

    • I also hope Alienation will have 3D next. I’ll let Resogun slide, don’t screw up twice.

    • This has made my day – I am still plugging in the PS3 to play SSHD in 3D…

      I know that Sony have stated 3D is not a priority for the PS4, and seem to have dismissed it as a passing fad, but they still have a lot of Sony 3D TV customers out there (like me) and I cannot understand why more games aren’t just 3D compatible as a standard feature – it’s not as if it needs special equipment to create a 3D game mode as is the case with films.

      …consider this another vote for 3D mode in Resogun (and Last of Us Remastered – those spore particle effects are crying out for 3D!!)

  • I enjoyed SSHD on PS3/PSP but got to say I’m disappointed this rerelease has been put ahead of alien nation.

    • This is a port and upgrade by d3t, not Housemarque.

      Housemarque are still developing Alienation alongside the RESOGUN Defenders DLC and other unknown projects.

  • Platinum trophy? :)

    • The answer is in the blog post… “There is always plenty to achieve in Super Stardust Ultra, whether you are hunting trophies in pursuit of the platinum…”

      Try reading it next time.

  • This does have online co-op right?

  • I saw that players could post challenges in the video. Can players without PS+ play and post challenges?
    Also, is that an interactive broadcast I see? :)

  • 3D at 60fps ? will buy! again :) Now add 3D to Resogun and Dead Nation please ! And don’ t skip it again for Alienation ok?

    • Rather see a Dead Nation 2 for ps4 ! then another remake / port . we’ve had enough of those right about now …..

  • How fast did you port it to PS4?

    • It’s not a port. Everything about it is new. The planets, bosses, modes, ect.

      Porting suggests it’s the same game on a different system.

    • Lol @ MaxDiehard : you said in another post : “This is a port and upgrade by d3t, not Housemarque.”

  • Looks good. I’ve been buying (and playing!) Stardust since my Amiga days and have two playstation versions. When can we have the return of old Amiga tunnel sections? That’d be an insta-buy for me :)

  • i like it … yet why most it still be gliding over a sphere… its a galaxy..
    still a nice game

  • Looks nice and all m, but i bought the game for ps3 and psp / vita , but just for the graphic update and the 60 fpm i don’t see the need to shelf out 12,50 again for the same game .
    Yes it’s a great game , but for me the update is too minimal and i bet we will get it with plus in a while anyway .

  • Ps ; just read a bit more and it seems it’s more then i thought at first . but still we nee a small upgrade price for people who already bought the previous one

  • can i pre-order it?

  • Fantastic, I love this game it’s flipping brill. Can’t wait to try the 3D on it also.

  • Really looking forward to this .Stardust are the best shooters.

  • Nice, still prefer the original on the Amiga though. The tunnel sections are awesome :-D

  • Being a fan of Stardust since the Amiga days, and also owning every version released on PayStation, getting this will be a no-brainer.

    Finally, my PS4 purchase is justified!

  • errr where is the PS VITA VERSION??? come on devs!

    • euhm, Super Stardust Delta released in 2012 for Vita
      The bundle with Advanced Star Fighter can be found on the store for 9,99€

  • Thank god 3D is still support in this release!

    I hate how some devs have reverted to standard things instead of adding support for bonus features like 3D or PSMove. (Yes, I’m looking at you Unfinished Swan)
    It’s like they don’t care that there is an extra speaker in the controllers, that they can add extra information via Second Screen, that some people like to use 3D and some like the PSMove control scheme.

    But you do care, so I’ll care by spending my wallet ;-)

  • Thank you for the 3D support. Resogun in 3D would be amazing as well.

    Passive 3D displays can actually handle full HD 3D at 60 FPS, as they only show half the horizontal lines per eye, but I don’t know if the PS4 could support a mode like that (it works fine on PC’s).

    Super Stardust looks amazing on the Vita BTW, on the OLED display the particles look like fireworks.

  • will the 20% Discount be added later today ? atm it’s still showing as £9.99.

  • Discount still not showing at 8:49. Do you know when it will be added please.

  • No ps+ Discount on the store

  • Yup, waiting for that discount.

  • where is the discount?

  • I’ve just mailed the helpdesk about this and didn’t get a very helpful answer about the discount, so I’ve just mailed back now to ask. As soon as the discount is applied, I’ll be having this!

  • Where is the discount for UK? US already has the 20% off discount, do we have to wait until tomorrow?? I was about to buy this but good thing I checked!

  • I was confused as I thought this game wouldn’t be on the store till later today when the store updates on a Wednesday so am guessing the discount will be added when the store eventually updates won’t buy it till the discount is added can’t wait to play it so please hurry Sony :)

  • Come on Sony update the store! Been waiting since midnight to pick this up but im not buying it until you apply the discount as promised ^_^

  • Seems to be working now everyone, cleared all caches, went back to the page and it’s advertised as 7.99. Add to your basket and it says 9.99, and then when you go to checkout, it goes down to 7.99 :)

  • The Super Stardust Ultra 20% discount for PS Plus subscribers has been fixed and should be applied in 30mins from now. Sorry for any inconvenience caused whilst being resolved…enjoy the game.

  • From Thesixthaxis:

    “Now, while it’s not the first remake of this kind this generation, it’s perhaps the most lazily executed, with Ultra bringing few extra pieces of content and barely upgrading the original, eight year old game. If you’ve played Super Stardust HD on PS3, then you’ll feel an inescapable sense of déjà vu as you play Super Stardust Ultra on PS4; it’s essentially the same title.”

    “However, for the target market, the people who love the series and want a new Stardust title, it’s just a disappointing, false entry into the series which feels lazily executed. For example, let’s take a look at the new content; in terms of new game modes, there’s Blockade, which sees a constant barrage of rocks spawning behind you, making the game a Snake-like affair. And… that’s it.”

    Thanks for supporting your long time fans, guys.

    Not even a discount.

  • It would have been nice if you’d given more heads up and updates for the release of this game. It was originally announced back in like November that this game would be coming out in January 2015 and I checked frequently since on your website, your Facebook and the PSN blog for updates but there was no further info. Then you announce the release date 1 week before and only have the discount running for 1 week. After waiting so long I got fed up searching and missed the release date and the discount so now I’m not getting this game, which is a shame as I already love it on the PSP, PS3 and the Vita. Hell, it was one of the main reasons I got a Vita.

    Poor effort on behalf of Housemarque this time keeping their fans up to date with this one. Same with Dead Nation 2, I’ve now lost all interest in that too.

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