Arcade classic Q*Bert returns on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

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Arcade classic Q*Bert returns on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Here’s your first look at Q*Bert Rebooted

Want to play one of the most well-known, bestselling games IN THE HISTORY OF GAMING? Q*Bert is back, for your PS4, PS3 AND Vita.

The complete original version of Q*Bert is only half of the equation. Gonzo Games, Sideline Amusements, Games Production Company and we here at LOOT Entertainment are also bringing a completely reimagined Q*Bert game to PlayStation: Q*Bert Rebooted.

To keep it short and sweet: you get two great Q*Bert games (on all three PlayStation platforms) for the price of one.


So: how do you take such a classically perfect game design and successfully modernise it?

Instead of cubes, Q*Bert Rebooted features hexagons. That may not sound like a game-changer, but it is. Suddenly, you get some really interesting level designs, especially later in the game.


In addition, there are new features, such as time and score challenges, new enemies with their own unique behaviors, new playable characters, power-ups, traps, and gem-collecting. Q*Bert Rebooted is the equivalent of your old backyard treehouse refurbished by Bob Vila: same nostalgic joy, but magically just better.

Everything that was awesome is still awesome. Q*Bert endures because, like all of the best designs from that era, it’s straightforward, memorable, and timelessly challenging. Whether you played it yesterday or 30 years ago, Q*Bert classic is just as engaging as it was when it came out. This is the genuine classic arcade version of Q*Bert. Q*Bert Rebooted will have you on your toes as you try to figure out the complex maps while the screen throws all sorts of enemies at you.


Q*Bert is HARD. Not artificially, stupidly, punish-you-just-to-add-replay-time hard – just challenging enough for the casual user to enjoy and engaging enough for the serious gamer who wants bragging rights. Remember when you had to really hone your skills because every go ’round cost a quarter? Sometimes the most “casual” games are the ones which, frankly, are for the truly hardcore.

Q*Bert Rebooted is coming to PlayStation, and the coolest nose from the 1980s is bringing a whole bunch of whoop @!#?@! with him.


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  • Oh boy, I remember this from when I played on the Commodore. ETA?

  • DJ Q-bert is the best dj ever

  • Glad to see Q*Bert is getting some work after the events in Wreck it Ralph. :)

  • I look forward to getting this on plus in March. Don’t believe me, just watch!

    • If the release date is 18th February, don’t expect it on PS Plus in March. Games are either released straight onto plus or at least six months after their release date.

  • Heh, maybe the kids will recognise him from Wreck It Ralph. Doesn’t Sony actually own the IP? How about some more IP revivals on Vita?

    • Didn’t know that, interesting that Sony’s movie studio owns the right to a Video game, and I find it strange that they didn’t hand it over to someone like Housemarque which should easily be able to make a fast paced and intense Q-Bert game

  • If devs are digging into the archives, can we please have Zaxxon, Beach Head (I and II), Combat School, Raiden and RoadBlasters please!

    • If only. I think if EA raided its IP vault and just run a proper HD remaster of System Shock 1 and 2 I’d completely lose it, easily the best best sci-fi RPGs ever made.

      Would also love a vita remake of Paradroid, awesome game but no idea who owns the rights to it.

  • I only know him from Wreck-it Ralph as well. Cute character.

    If there’s going to be sequel to Wreck-it Ralph, I hope Insomniac/SCE will ask Disney to have Ratchet in it.

  • Load”Mame’…….
    Delete Next Gen……….
    10 Print”I didn’t buy a PS4 to play this”
    20 Goto 10


    • Well, luckily you aren’t forced to play it. Twiddling your thumbs waiting for more bugged AAA garbage to roll off the line is a valid option. I’m buying it.

    • I don’t need to wait for bugged AAA games pretty much like I don’t need to wait to play something I was playing in the Arcades when it came out or pay for something which for me wasn’t that great at any time. .

      Each to there own.

  • OH MY GOD! I played the Original Q*Bert 25-30 years ago! i cannot wait!

  • Why hexagons? I think you’ve forgotten the ‘Q*B’ert – cube aspect of it.

    • Yea, that is a bummer. The cube limited the directions you could take and added to the difficulty. But todays kids can’t handle anything challenging anymore.

  • I started out on the Sinclair Spectrum and advanced onto the Commodore64, never played Q*Bert but i did play Paradroid and Dropzone, would like to see both on the Vita.

    Sony, if you’re feeling particularly generous then go by the rights to what was at the time a very advanced game in the arcades called I, Robot. It is a crime that this game has been neglected, it stood out from the crowd at a time when Time Pilot, Defender and Elevator Action were about. This game needs to be re-found for the masses, It’s CLASSIC!!

  • Another crap :-( Vita is dead!

  • Ugh. Cheap Instant Game Collection filler.

  • We have a release date but no price. Thus doesn’t bode well for us in Europe. I’m calling it now, 8vquid with a 20% PS+ discount for the first week

  • Please people , can we please have some original ideas in gaming ? Qbert ? Really ? That’s what you come up with on the ” next gen console” ???
    Are we really filling the line up with rehashes of every “classic ” ever made ?
    I am directing this at Sony mostly , and on studio’s secondly …
    Now we have these amazing machines and all you can give us is games like Qbert ? Or the rest of the remake games we got in the last 4 years .
    Please people , at least try to be original ! Make your own game and refuse to make another version of Sonic or Captain Planet or witch ever game you want to re do !
    I understand the need to fill up the line up of games , but this just shows desperation in my opinion . Remake’s of remakes , HD versions of remakes and so on and so forth is NOT what i bought a PS4 for !
    I wanted NEXT GEN GAMING this year . All the way ! Indie games are cool and all , when they are originals and of great quality . This does nothing for gamers and for Sony but to bring us down even more ….At least it brings me down …. and i dare to hope that the majority of gamers feel the same way . Qbert had his day . Now it’s time for other games too wow us .

    • Remember that this is not one of the big sony studios. This is just a tiny group of people that was previously working on stuff for playstation home. You know, they can’t all be working on the next big thing. They are not using resources usually occupied with AAA games on this titles.

      Beside, there are people – like me – who grew up with games like Q*Bert and love a new version of it. I also got Putty Squad, Super Stardust Ultra, Superfrog HD, Alien Breed HD, Worms Battleground, Another World etc – all originating in titles from the 90s. But I’m also playing all modern games like Battlefield 4 (By DiCE, which back in the 90s started with making Pinball games for the Amiga).

  • for the ages of 2 to 5 year olds

  • thanks for the vita version guys!!

  • I’ve been a gamer all my life I don’t know if you guys ever realized back in the day Qbert came out on ColecoVision first before any system and I think they should redo Popeye that’s another good game.

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