New video shows off the amazing tech of The Order 1886

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New video shows off the amazing tech of The Order 1886

Find out how Ready At Dawn has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible on console

Yes! The Order: 1886 is done! From a grand idea flickering in Ru’s disturbingly creative noggin, it was imagined, developed and thus realised with love and care by a small team of immature, somewhat unstable, naively optimistic artists and engineers here at Ready At Dawn Studios.

The early days of development on The Order: 1886 were some of the most exciting of our professional careers. The PlayStation 4 was still an evolving set of specifications, but it was obvious from the beginning that Sony was going to push the limit of what one could expect from a home console. We knew that the generational leap in terms of visual, audio and simulation fidelity would be remarkable.

We needed an equally ambitious set of goals for the technology we were developing for our game. We set on creating everything from scratch, with the goal of realising the unrestrained vision of our artists by innovating in the areas of image fidelity, shading, illumination, volumetric effects and simulation techniques. It was a huge challenge, but at the end we succeeded in more areas than we failed, so it was all worth it. We have created a meaningful foundation, a technological canvas for our artists and designers to grow unbound – who knows what they will come up with in the future.

As a “well seasoned” developer (sigh…) I am in awe that a game running on a home console can offer the player an audiovisual experience like The Order: 1886 does. The technological barriers are crumbling, the scope of our imagination is soon to be the main limiting factor to realising one’s vision. It is a great time to be making games!

If you’d like to know more about the technology behind The Order please enjoy our latest ‘behind the scenes’ video. Come 20th February you will forget all about textile shading and volumetric air resistance and just immerse yourself in the world of The Order: 1886, we hope you will love it.

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  • Very interested to see how this turns out.
    On the recent Bombast, I think Jeff hinted this wasn’t impressing him.
    I hope its solid.

    • Also, I never knew Ed Miliband was into games…..still wouldn’t vote for him lol

    • Hardly anything impresses Jim!
      What was the last game he praised? I literally can’t remember.
      Even on the latest cast, he said he was into Dying Light and really liked it, then decided to cheat because it was boring after a few hours.
      The other guys always joke he is in the wrong job because he hates games!

  • Can we expect reviews for this soon then or is it another game to have review embargoes?

  • Congratulations on finishing up the game! Looking forward to checking this out so I’m avoiding the video to prevent further spoilers. I hope it will be as exciting as it looks and I have a good feeling it will be! May it have a good start to seeing more in the future!

  • Looks like Last of Us quality, with a unique setting/story. I’ve PreORDERed.

  • Hopefully you’ve put in the option to toggle those obnoxious black borders off, besides that it’s looking great. Definitely holding out for reviews though, seeing someone on PS profiles rattle through the game in 5 hours makes me very suspicious about it.

  • Those animations look astonishing :o I can hardly tell the difference from real-life anymore.. It actually got me to thinking I don’t want to play the game at all and just watch all the beautiful cutscenes in silent amazement. Hope there’s a collection of those to rewatch after finishing the game :p

  • Sad to say it, because this looked amazing when first teased, but this is starting to suffer from Destiny Syndrome, or Driveclub Syndrome if you prefer.

    Every other day, I’m seeing more and more videos and previews pouring more and more hype on this, and the message over the past few months has been Graphics, Steampunk, Knights, hype, hype, hype, Weapons, Lycans, Shooting, hype, hype, hyyyyyyype.

    We got the same thing with Destiny, MGS: Ground Zeroes, Driveclub, and Watchdogs. Sadly a trend with these next-gen games. In every case, what we got was not what was promised. What we got was either an incomplete game in the case of Destiny and MGS or a buggy, scaled-back mess in the case of the others, certainly nothing that could ever have lived up to a level of hype that had been built up around them.

    The message I’m actually getting from looking at hands-on impressions, early builds and demo footage is that what we’ll get at the end of this is a linear, 6-8 hour bog standard cover based shooter, crammed full of “cinematic” QTEs, but with utterly amazing graphics to sell it. In other words, next-gen graphics and last-gen gameplay.

    I hope I’m wrong, but the way we are seeing exactly the same over the top level of saturation coverage as Destiny and Driveclub, and the way no-one from the development team has been countering these arguments, I’m predicting a lot of underwhelmed people at the end of this.

    • Weird comparison with Driveclub there. I would say it didn’t have coverage and ‘hype’ to the extend of Destiny and Watch Dogs at all.

      And granted I haven’t played Driveclub, but I am often hearing from people that have played the game that they love it. The majority of Driveclub users seem to like it quite a bit I’d say, if I can extrapolate.

      In my humble opinion it also wouldn’t really fair to hastily generalize like that and pick one game apart (The Order 1886 in this case) for its “hype” due to some possible disappointments of other hyped AAA games. The other games have nothing to do with this game.

      I’d personally try to view each game with a neutral mindset.

      If you don’t like what you’re seeing with The Order 1886 so far that’s totally fine. Yes, it’s going to be a linear 3rd person shooter presumably with a moderate length. Some want exactly that.

      I think “last-gen gameplay” is a meaningless term. There are plenty of last-gen games with awesome gameplay imo, but by definition those would have “last-gen gameplay”.

  • I hope this game is decent. It looks very promising and I will be very disappointed if it is poorly received. However I am still planning on buying it either way.

  • The game my ps4 has been waiting for thank you rad I can’t wait to play this, after the last of us remastered I have had nothing else to play on my ps4.
    I can’t believe some people are saying this game looks boring they must need glasses lol.

  • Ed Miliband gets my vote .

  • I’m kind of worried ..
    All the gameplay footage in this video had big framedrops.
    Also all the previews talk about the game as its a interactive movie instead of a game.
    If I want a photorealistic movies ill watch a movie…

  • Still absolutely hate the black bars, they look terrible and don’t even suit much of the framing.

  • I see that the aussie rating has been fixed now :P

  • I’m looking forward to this game.

  • This game gonna be so good. Cant wait for that release date already!

  • I was really excited about this game.

    Ready at Dawn should have just released a statement about this game as soon as the ‘click bait’ (not my words, theirs) showed up. All that talk about game length, turns out your silence was really for a reason.

    As we get closer to release date, I’m very disappointed to know that I won’t be buying this game. It may be really beautiful to look at, but its just not the type of game I want to play.

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