New Tropico 5 PS4 trailer shows first gameplay footage

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New Tropico 5 PS4 trailer shows first gameplay footage

Take a look at the infamous city-builder sim, coming soon to PlayStation

Hola PlayStation fans! Today we’re excited to reveal the very first PS4 gameplay trailer for Tropico 5, which arrives on new-generation consoles later this year exclusively on PS4. Check out the trailer above and get acquainted with the island paradise of Tropico – then we’d like to tell you all about the latest game in the acclaimed series!

Back with us? Great! We’re delighted about the release this year, as this is actually the first time a Tropico game has ever come to a PlayStation platform; and about time too, since the new generation has kicked off nicely.

But what is Tropico? And who is El Presidente? If you’re new to the series then don’t worry, there’s no elaborate story for you to catch up on and you don’t need to go back and play the others to enjoy the new one (although we’re sure El Presidente would heartily recommend it). All you need to know is that Tropico 5 is a city-builder and political simulator where players take on the role of the infamous bearded despot El Presidente and rule over the small banana republic of Tropico located in the Caribbean.

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We’d also like to share some more info about what happens in the game, along with details more specific to the PS4 version.

You begin by building up your city; raising it from a simple colonial town and advancing it towards a thriving metropolis. From different types of housing and entertainment to luxurious tourist attractions, it is up to you how to guide the nation.

It’s also necessary to develop commercial industry – with all sorts of different opportunities to explore or exploit (depending on what kind of Presidente you’d like to be!). Create more variety in your food produce, harness the riches of natural resources and invest in technological achievements. Or contribute to Tropico’s booming llama industry.

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What complicates things slightly, as always, is politics. There’s constantly someone who isn’t happy with your decisions as Presidente – whether that’s the green-friendly Environmentalists, business hungry Capitalists or generally rather angry fascists.

You can be voted out of power (which means game over!), so the challenge and fun of Tropico 5 is deciding how you’re going to keep yourself in government and manage the demands of the people.

Do you become a man of the proletariat and create a social utopia? Or do you rig the elections and beat down any opposition with the brutal fist of dictatorship? El Presidente might be known for his ‘unconventional’ style of government, but you’re the one who’s in charge and it’s completely up to you how to play.

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It’s certainly tough bossing everyone around all the time, but Tropico 5 on PS4 is adapted to suit the console gamer – with all management controls carefully mapped to the DualShock 4 controller.

The rich colour of the gorgeous Caribbean island is rendered in full 1080p with a solid 30FPS frame-rate; and as you’d expect, Tropico 5 is compatible with Remote Play on PlayStation TV and PlayStation Vita. So you can even rule on your lunch break at work. We’ll be going into more detail about how to rule in Tropico 5 across the coming weeks – plus a release date will be announced very soon.

Most importantly of all though, remember, vote El Presidente! Or else…

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