How Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin plays on PS4

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How Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin plays on PS4

We check out the new bells and whistles in the PS4 version of the action RPG sequel

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin on PS4 adds the expected technical improvements to FromSoftware’s acclaimed action RPG sequel, but also remixes core gameplay elements to give veterans a reason to dive back in.

The jump to PS4 has given developer FromSoftware an opportunity to paint a more pleasing picture. The native 1080p resolution, upgraded lighting effects, and cinematic filters give the game a richer, cleaner look compared to the PS3 version.

But the biggest improvement comes from the improved framerate — 60 frames per second according to Bandai Namco representatives. The increased fluidity translates into more responsive movement and combat, a major advantage considering the game’s famously unforgiving difficulty.

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Then there are the gameplay adjustments. You won’t be able to rely on your memory to cakewalk the PS4 game because some enemies and item locations have been changed. Enemies will follow you more tenaciously, even through fog gates — a terrifying, potentially ruinous side effect of PS4’s expanded RAM pool.

Some weapons are also being tweaked. I noticed that the Fire Long Sword, a powerful early-game weapon that saved my butt countless times on PS3, seemed to be way less durable in this version. In other cases, a producer told me, weapons that were largely overlooked may be easier to find, or be adjusted in other ways.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin on PS4 also includes all previously released Dark Souls II content expansions: Crown of the Sunken King, Crown of the Old Iron King, and Crown of the Ivory King, so there will be no shortage of things to do and monsters to kill.

All in all, I was pleased with the refinements and look forward to dipping my toe back into the cursed world of Drangleic this April — just as soon as I’m done with Bloodborne. Is 2015 the year of FromSoftware?

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  • 60 frames on my console? Hell yeah I’m in.

  • Wishful thinking, but…will the PS3 save be transferrable to the PS4 version? I have invested over 300 hours with the PS3 version and would not dream of starting all over again.

  • Can’t wait!

    I didn’t get dlc’s cause I had a feeling complete edition was coming to Ps4. So glad I held off and have new content to experience.

    Does anyone know more about higher player count? I vaguely recall something about there being more players at any given time,but don’t know weather it’s specific to duelling or if more people can invade or help one another?

  • ” I noticed that the Fire Long Sword, a powerful early-game weapon that saved my butt countless times on PS3, seemed to be way less durable in this version.”

    Possibly something to do with the game playing at 60 fps and durability being tied to framerate?

    I think I’ll wait for the reviews before I decide if this is worth the purchase for someone who’s already played on PS3.

  • Great, I could never get into the PS3 version of Dark Souls (1 & 2) because the performance was soo bad :-/

    Now, I have to figure out what I want to play…

  • “Some weapons are also being tweaked. I noticed that the Fire Long Sword, a powerful early-game weapon that saved my butt countless times on PS3, seemed to be way less durable in this version.”

    Tweaked weapon or the same issue we had on PC due to degradation being tied to framerate? The game is great, but people will be scratching their heads if they didn’t hear about this.

  • Will this be released with any limited edition type offerings? I’m hoping for at least a steelbook to put alongside my PS3 copy.

  • Now Dark Souls 1 please :)

  • Please please please remaster Demon’s Souls & Dark Souls 1.

  • 60FPS that`s great news,
    the laggy ps3 version was nearly unplayable

  • looked everywhere for an actual email to contact you guys about this, but had no luck.

    if you don’t provide the option to upgrade a sub-account to master account pretty pronto, you’re going to lose a core customer.

    Since the launch of Playstation 1, I’ve had every console on day of release. I subscribe to Plus. The fact that I am unable to access a majority of the functionality of the PS4 simply because my main PSN account – which I’m not willing to lose, as it has 100s of games attached to it, and thousands of trophies – is unacceptable.

    I’d really like some help in being pointed in the right direction as to who to aim this at.

  • 60 FPS is great news. I also invested 300+ hours in the PS3 version though, and find it a huge let down, that saves are only transferable to PS3 version, not PS4 version. From Software; please do better when you release a face lift of Dark Souls 1.

    • why would they? i put in the same amount, plated the game. I dont want my exciting account on the ps4, its a new game. they said they changed and tweaked stuff. its a brand new start, hopefully with a new list of trophies to obtain. AS ppl can plan online, it would beno fun coming against already geared out players from the first second.

      leave the ps4 version for the ps4 players.

      IF the game brings me trophies again ill give them my money again, otherwise ill just stick to bloodborne.

    • Man I can’t understand…what’s the deal with the trophies? Do you actually get a physical one so you can show off? Of course not! You will just buy a game for something that doesn’t even physically exists?! I buy the a game to play it, I don’t give a crap about trophies, just the game.
      Trophies…you people…”Hey look at me, I never won anything in life but I have trophies on a game!”.

    • Did u ever stop to think that there are plenty of people who like trophies. Its part of the gaming community, part of what makes the game fun for us. For example. Playing Dying Light. I would never on any normal situation spend my time to collect all notes, It pushes me to do that , getting everything from the game. The trophies are just like your gaming resumé. People can see what you have played and how well you played it. IF you don’t care, then don’t go for them. Your right, as it is mine to collect them. IO have played and bought FFX on ps2, PS3 and Vita. If they bvring it on ps4 with the same trophies, (meaning i can’t get them again, why would i buy it again?) But giving me the list again, ill gladly replay one of my favorite games again on the ps4.

  • It is a kind of a money trap for whom have already purchased the game for PS3 and Xbox360.

  • If we cannot transfer save data from PS3 to PS4, PS4 version of game will be almost useless for the people who spent hundreds of hours playing the game.

  • E3 gameplay ps3 trailer still looks better then this…..

  • I never did play either of the Dark Souls games (didn’t play the first one as it came out just after I’d finished Demon’s and so had had enough torture), but looks great, and the PS4 version will be a great reason to play this.

  • Last picture of the Pursuer and the Troll in Things Betwixt nice surprise. Hope the whole remake gonna be full with content and unexpected enemy encounters to keep the experienced players on their toes. Than I am definitely in for another few hundred hours. And I don’t care about a save transfer, you can make up a new character in a very short time if you know what you want and how. Great updates their for this release very promising. 2015 is the year of From Software.

  • this is the game im most waiting for never got chance to play on the ps3 so roll on april

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