Everything you need to know about PS Plus newcomer Kick & Fennick

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Everything you need to know about PS Plus newcomer Kick & Fennick

Find out what to expect from the colourful PS Vita platformer

Hi everyone! Vincent and Laurens here again. We almost can’t believe we’re actually writing this, but Kick & Fennick arrives on Playstation Store tomorrow. It’s been a crazy adventure and our greatest challenge yet. But, we’re finally here and we made a new trailer, so check it out!

As you can see in the trailer, Kick & Fennick is a game about a little boy with a very big gun. Any normal boy would leave the gun for the big kids to play with, but when our duo meets and Fennick saves Kick from trouble, they notice Fennick’s energy core is broken and embark on an adventure to the Core Tower in search of a new battery.


Besides shooting down any robot that gets in their way, Kick can make huge jumps by using the gun’s powerful recoil. Whenever Kick fires the weapon, it will send him flying into the opposite direction! This opens up tons of opportunities for cool platforming challenges. On your quest to help Fennick you’ll encounter many obstacles to overcome, such as treadmills, magnets, bouncypads, teleporters and a huge menacing robot that just doesn’t want to leave you alone!

With Kick & Fennick we aimed to make a relaxing and fun platformer, a bit different than some of the frantic platformers that are out there. We describe it as “smooth and easygoing”. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, you’ll have to carefully aim your shots if you want to overcome the challenges thrown in your way, but we wanted Kick & Fennick to be a non-frustrating experience that gently ramps up the challenge. Fennick plays a part in that too, as his ability to respawn you instantly makes sure you can retry any missed jump within seconds, as long as Fennick has enough power left.


Apart from the challenges ramping up smoothly, we’ve also spent a lot of time on the movement mechanics, with satisfying jumping physics and lots of animations to make your moves look and feel just right.

We’ve mentioned before that we’re big fans of animation, so we wanted to include a little story that shows our passion there. Even though it’s a small story, a lot of work went into the animations – not in the least part because we really like doing it – and it was quite a challenge, so we hope you enjoy it!


It’s been one hell of a rollercoaster ride since the last time we posted here, especially the last few weeks, so we would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who helped make all this possible.

Jonathan van den Wijngaarden, our composer and one of our best friends, who made all the music and sound effects and believed in us from the start of the project almost three years ago (sorry for taking so long!). The guys from Abstraction Games as well, our longtime friends and colleagues who helped port the game to PS Vita and went above and beyond in the final push to release.


We also want to thank all of you here on the PlayStation Blog and all the people who kept sending us emails asking about the game. Your comments, feedback and emails have meant a lot to us and gave us the energy to push through the more difficult moments.

Most importantly though, we have to mention how much our friends and family played a part in getting Kick & Fennick across the finish line. Without their love and support we would have crashed and burned a long time ago.

We’re extremely excited (and terrified!) to see what you think of the game and hope you have a great time playing it! As always we’ll stick around for any questions you might have.

Thank you all!


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19 Author Replies

  • Looking forward to this. Hope it will be as fun as it sounds.

    • Vincent Bonefaas & Laurens Bruins

      Thanks Pom, we hope you find it as fun as you think it sounds! ;)

    • One of those moment you wished that you had thought carefully before creating the PSN ID. My real name is Sherry. Anyway thanks for replying Vincent Bonefaas & Laurens Bruins. I will dig into it tomorrow.

    • Ever had one of those days? Where you wake up, the house is carnage, all your friends have vanished, and there’s no one else around but a burbling little flying robot with fox ears? Meet Kick (the kid) and Fennick (the foxbot), they are having that kind of experience.

      Kick and Fennick looks gorgeous from the off, in native resolution, with vibrant colours across all layers of the 3D background. Their adventures start out with a few timid steps in a futuristic city, exploring across a 2D plane, before Kick stumbles upon an energy weapon, just casually left lying around the place.

      Its purpose is two-fold. The laser side of it can knock out weak walls or blast the enemy bots, while the recoil allows him to take huge leaps around the scenery. That feature can be used to find plenty of hidden secrets and collectibles tucked away in the corners of each level, with some subtle 3D tilting and zooming to help show the way.

    • It maybe gets a couple of minutes to get used to the jump mechanics, and questions of ‘why can’t he climb?’ or shouts of ‘just walk around the obstacle’ soon fade away. There’s also the handy kickback of the weapon to help crash through obstacles. In later levels, power-ups for the laser-bazooka give you some extra zing, but the special cogs you can find around each level become harder to track down.

      Their mission is to get Fennick a new battery, but surely there are battery shops in every high-tech future building like these? Still, off you trot through each level, heading to a tower in the core of the city. Your first encounter with an enemy happens to be a massive mechanoid happens a few levels in, but isn’t really much of a battle.

      From the second set of levels onward, there are more regular baddies to zap, and more electro-pitfalls that would lead to your doom, if Fennick wasn’t around to restore you to just before your last klutzy move. Get things wrong enough times and you do go back to the start of the level, but they’re mostly short enough for this not to be a crisis. Fennick can also show you where to go, if you run into a dead end.

    • Kick can survive pretty much any fall, and manoeuvre a little in mid-air to control his landing point. The double jump mechanic is essential to master, so spend some time practising it, using the slo-mo effect to land that second stage. You’ll soon be double jumping under or over electric beams, making massive blind leaps and using magnets, bounce pads, teleporters to advance.
      A New Breed of Hero?

      It is hard to be critical of such a smooth game, that is so pure in what it does, with its steady progression of new tricks through the levels. Yet, there’s remarkably little interaction between the duo. I suppose doing so would have risked having them labelled as a would-be Ratchet and Clank, or Jak and Daxter, but is that such a bad thing? Also, you find a Special Gear on each level, but rarely do they provide anything “special” beyond the odd costume change.

      If I was being picky, there’s little reason to go back and search for that last missing cog, except for completeness’ sake and the trophies I guess. But, there’s nothing like the replayability of a Mario level, and little in the way of alternate routes. Also, across 45 levels, they are perhaps just a touch too similar in look and overall design to each other.
      That said, Kick and Fennick is a gorgeous, challenging puzzler that perhaps isn’t quite ambitious in the gameplay stakes as it makes out through the superb graphics. Certainly a bigger, better, badder sequel would be something to behold (where’s the speed run option?). And it proves that you don’t have to be Naughty Dog or Nintendo to create a new generation of lovable gaming characters that could happily sit atop their own franchise.

  • It looks nice and I’ll try it, but as far as I learned it has no PS TV support. Any plans to patch it for it ?

    • Just out of interest, how are you finding your PS TV?
      I was tempted but there aren’t any major video services and the games list is limited, so I was put off.

    • I never cared about Video service on consoles tbh.
      It’s not that bad, still lot’s of games to play, but of course you must reduce them to only those that are interesting for you. For what I wanted it was a great buy.
      Also here is a list that may help you : http://www.vitaplayer.co.uk/list-of-playstation-tv-compatible-games/

    • Thanks for posting the link to our PlayStation TV Compatability Guide. We’re trying to add more games to the list as fast as we can test them but we’re limited to what we can do based on our own collections and the fact that only two of our team have PSTVs right now (we’re working on getting more soon!).

      However, we are testing more all the time and we actually added about a dozen more to the list this morning with more hopefully by the end of this week and we constantly re-check games for patches and updates to keep the list as accurate as we can. We’ve also been talking to the PSM Developer Support Team to check with regards to PSM titles as there have been a few issues there but we’re trying to keep on top of things on that front…


    • 2/2

      We do know that we’ve got a long way to go but we’re trying to raise money for the site to allow us to invest more in the guide so we can get more PSTVs so we can test more games, bring in more writers to help with the site, and to get more games – physical and download – so we can aim to test even more games to make the list as comprehensive as possible.

      We just hope that it’s of use!

    • Vincent Bonefaas & Laurens Bruins

      Thanks Rochala. No plans yet, but you’re one of many to ask for it, so we’ll definitely think about it!

    • @Maximalcheetor
      I follow you on tweeter for some time and I am really happy with your work!

      I can tell you for sure that: Demon Gaze, Ragnarok ( not Ace ), Kung fu rabbit, Sword Art Online and Atelier Rorona Plus work for it :) ( All EU versions )

  • This looks really good! And I love platformers so I’m really looking forward to playing it tomorrow!

  • Congrats! Seems like a very nice game. Will definitely download it :)

  • I didn’t even notice this was coming to PS+! I didn’t look at the PS Vita section properly on the PS+ post. Thought it would be more Vita games I don’t care for. lol. But this post has caught my attention and now I can’t wait to play it! Looks really good!

  • The game looks awesome, I really can’t wait to play it tomorrow!
    I had not heard anything about this game before the PS Plus announcement, however it’s the one I’m most excited about. I’m very intrigued as to how it’ll play.
    Congrats on getting it released! And don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be great :)

    • Vincent Bonefaas & Laurens Bruins

      Thanks Soraking. We went easy on the press stuff before, because we wanted it to be a bit of a surprise release. Hope you’ll enjoy the game! :D

  • I doubt it but does this game have a platinum trophy?

  • Looks great, and well done on releasing it for vita exclusively. Hope you stick around on the vita for whenever your next even bigger project is planned.

    btw any info on resolution and fps?

  • Really looking forward to this!!! It looks absolutely awesome and I’m sure you don’t have to be afraid of not delivering a great and enjoyable game!!!

  • I’ve been waiting for this game for a very long time, I’m very glad you guys are gonna furfill the goal you were reaching for, releasing you’re very first game on PS Vita. Good luck, my body is ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vincent Bonefaas & Laurens Bruins

      Thank you, mate, and thanks for all your emails during development. Really lifted our spirits when we needed it most. Hope you’ll enjoy the game!

  • Looks really good, can’t wait to try it out.
    Does it have a platinum trophy?

    • Vincent Bonefaas & Laurens Bruins

      Thanks Thug! Unfortunately, no platinum trophy, sorry. We have 1 gold, 1 silver and 13 bronze trophies. :)

  • WHY ISN’T THERE A VITA VERS–oh, nevermind.

    Looks like a nice mix between action and platforming. The stages also look impressive, one area had a background that went pretty far. Will definitely download it!

    • Vincent Bonefaas & Laurens Bruins

      Bedankt, zalwelgoedgaan! ;)

      It’s a 2.5D game (so 2D gameplay, 3D graphics) with a dynamic camera system that we think really helps bring out the depth in the environment. Hope you’ll have fun!

  • Hi whats the file size so i can ensure i have that = 415mb for rouge legacy before tomorrow so can play on the way home :)

  • “Any normal boy would leave the gun for the big kids to play with”….would they?

  • Looks like someone is going for the Laughing Jackal and Futurlab reply records, you might have third place already in fact.

    Looks great and I hope to get the chance to try it, have to clear space on my Vita card first, if only Sony would let me buy a 64gb officially rather than importing one from dodgy resellers…

    • Vincent Bonefaas & Laurens Bruins

      Haha, too much? We really appreciate all the support! :D

    • I ordered mine from the UK Amazon Store. The seller is High-Spec of Japan, they are very reliable.

    • As Sony reckon UK gamers will pay up to 60% more than American or Japanese gamers for games and accessories it would certainly be cheaper to import, (once import prices return to normal, a lot of optimistic resellers bought these to profit from the PSTV launch)

      My import concerns are mostly born out bad experiences with long waits, failed delivery of the items and lack of valid warranty if it turns out to be a lemon.

  • I’m seeing an obvious influence from Ratchet and Clank here.

  • This looks swell…but man now I want that futuristic laser/stuff on air jumping pogo stick….where can I buy it? ;)

    • Vincent Bonefaas & Laurens Bruins

      Thanks Rildiz, it’s available today on the US Playstation Store, tomorrow in Europe and Australia and a bit later in Asia and Japan!

  • cant wait to play it while i wait for hyperdimension re;birth 2 :) definitely need more platformers. too many games focusing on openworld gameplay which i dont mind but i need me some platformers :P

  • It looks very good! But I am disappointed about the trophies :( Why no platinum trophy? A lot of indie games have platinum trophys too…

    And still disappointed that we EU gamers get it after the US gamers… but this is a other story.

    hope it has a lot of playtime, cam you tell us something about it? But good to see you here and reply to us!

    • Vincent Bonefaas & Laurens Bruins

      Sorry Dante, both the launch date and trophies were out of our control. Hard to say how long the game takes to finish, I think about 6/7 hours if you’re not worried about getting a perfect score on all the levels. Of course, that depends on your skills though, my wife takes about 20 hours. ;)

    • I thank you for the Vita support guys :) it just a great game and look a bit like Mighty Number 9 so I am very excited about your game! I hope your are very successful with Kick & Fennick and give us a PS4 version with maybe extra content and platinum trophy too! I think you can a earn money there :)

      Nice sentence about your wife ;) she just enjoyed the beautiful textures and environment!

  • Looks great! I’ve been itching for a good 2D platformer. Will get it tomorrow!

  • Looks like a great platform/adventure!Don’t use my Vita much but will be sure to d/l tomorrow!

  • Damn, why does Vita keep getting all the best games whilst PS4 gets nothing but rubbish?

  • Apparently you really nailed the idea of the vita. simple graphics, interesting gameplay. I will download it as soon as it out. :)

    • Vincent Bonefaas & Laurens Bruins

      Thanks, den_rick. We’ve tried to make the graphics pop on the small screen while keeping it all readable. Glad you like what you’re seeing!

  • This actually looks really good! Smooth gameplay, great animation and stylized graphics, that’s a much better balance than super-realistic graphics, lousy framerate and bad animation, say. ;) I really hope my 6yo boy will love this too, he’s getting quite good at things like Rayman and LittleBigPlanet, and this looks almost perfect (perfect would probably if there were robot-dinos in there … )

    • Vincent Bonefaas & Laurens Bruins

      Thanks niwrA, the recoil mechanic might take some getting used too, but I think your son should be alright! And if the analog sticks are a bit too hard, he can always use the touchscreen to aim and shoot. Hope you two will enjoy the game! :D

  • So excited for this! Thanks guys, this looks like a cracker of a game :D

  • This looks fun. I often wonder how you shape your business model to work as a free PS plus game on release. I can see the draw with widening the audience etc. but is it a lucrative decision or an all out gamble?

  • I do not have a Vita so will not be getting this game tomorrow, but I just wanted to say that it looks awesome. Gameplay looks really fun with what you have done developing the recoil mechanic. Hopefully I will get a chance to play it in the future.

  • I love colourful platformy games. and good that it’s running in native res. uncharted had great graphics that couldn’t be appreciated cause it was a low res blury mess. I’d be much more satisfied with lower poly higher res games that run smoothly. looking forward to give this a try.

  • Looks interesting, looking forward to playing through this. It’s about time the vita got something new like this. how are the controls? is there any fast twitch precision aiming involved? Or can you use the touch screen? Only asking as it’s my only gripe with the vita. I thought platform/adventure games would be perfect for the vita but the relatively unresponsive sticks, especially when compared to the ps4 have made it slightly tiresome to play classics like the ratchet and clank trilogy on that platform.

  • Vincent Bonefaas ? wauw ! Ik heb gewoon exact dezelfde achternaam. Echt toevallig.

  • One thing I take away from this thread:
    The ratio of developers answering to queries vs. actual PS blog staff paints a terrible picture of Sony support yet again in another medium… I’m eagerly awaiting the next big social media thing that Sony’s gonna expand to and then cease communication with their customers in ;)
    Also, the game looks nice, unfortunately, I already sold my Vita…

  • this is looking awesome, cannot wait to play this. I still love my Vita big time!

  • This looks cleeeeeean

  • Downloaded and started this game and sorry to say but it has completely frozen my vita after only being open for about 3 seconds, no buttons are working to close or turn the power off, a weird noise is repeating itself every couple of seconds and the ps button is lit up blue… Which is a little annoying

  • This is very addictive and I enjoying it alot :)

    I am using the touch controls to control the gun – it works a lot better than the RS+R combination, especially for the double shots.

    My only complaint is that sometimes the camera is either too close (making where to aim tricky) or too far (barely able to see the gun ‘guide’).

    Hope to see more of this (DLC or sequel) or even console :)

  • I agree,camera can be a pain at times but I am absolutely hooked on it!haven’t played much on my Vita until this game came out,now I can hardly put it down! Please sir can we have some more?:)

  • This game is a really good game but it really kicks you in the butt when you get to chapter 3. It gets really frustrating. In the post they said they want it to be easy going and not frustrating lol

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