New Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 video debuts PS4 gameplay footage

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New Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 video debuts PS4 gameplay footage

Find out what to expect from the latest in Bandai-Namco’s manga tie-in series

Heads up adventurers, fighters, gamers! There’s never been a better time to dive into a Storm game. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, the final chapter of the Storm saga, is heading to PlayStation 4 in 2015!

World-renowned developer CyberConnect2 is creating their most comprehensive and electric game ever – check out this very promising early game development video captured on PlayStation 4!

What you’ve just witnessed is how boss battles will play out in the game, with story and drama interwoven with frenetic gameplay. Watch as the friendship between Hashirama Senju the First Hokage and Madara Uchiha the legendary leader of the Uchiha clan crumbles through the epic fight. Their ideals clash and emotions run high as they both understand there is no turning back!

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The battle happens on two levels: between the two fighters, and later their summoned giants. The power unleashed between those two individuals shatters the surrounding mountains!

Fights get pretty dynamic, through the insertion of occasional quick time events to keep you on your toes. Jump and dash sideways to dodge incoming blows, and counter-attack with terrible force. Interact with the environment by using your enemy’s fallen weapons against him to gain an edge in battle. You’ll need to use all of your skills and think on your feet to get through encounters in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.

This is just a small taste – there is still so much more to tell you about the latest in the Storm series, and we’ll be back soon with more information as we get closer to its release. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter and don’t forget to check out the Storm League for all your Naruto games e-sport needs with weekly tournaments!


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  • This is a day one buy for me once we get a release date in the UK. On a random note I wanted to know if there was any update on digimon story cyber sleuth localization? since as far as I know the petition hit the target.

  • I’m definitely keeping an eye out for this but PS4 is getting many games this year so Ninja Storm 4 may not be a day one buy for me.

  • i do hope it’s more like their 2nd naruto game that was released cause the last 2 games were nothing more than boring when it came 2 single player.

  • You’ll be seeing my money this year Bandai Namco!

    This game and J-Stars Victory VS + are just 2 of the games I’ll be getting a PS4 for. :)

    I will also get Dragon Ball: Xenoverse eventually and try out Godzilla.

  • Looks like a most have game for me

  • I am definitely going to get it. I have the others. Probably day one buy from me.

    It would be so awesome if you guys could make a different type of Naruto game, with more open world, and also more RPG elements in it. But that is just wishful thinking from my part. The last couple years I have had an idea building up about another type of Naruto game but yea not going to happen.

  • I just hope its not as bad as Naruto Revolution. That game was so bad, no content, no story, no balance at all!! and the cherry on top, that broken counter mechanic that ruined everything.
    Lets just hope this one is good and not another cash-grab by Nanco. -_-

  • why are they glowing? I hope they remove that and it’s not necessary to see those messages whenever we break his costume/weapon

  • BTW, localise more games you have seen the huge success for Naruto and SAOHF. You win and the players win.

  • Been eagerly waiting for this!
    Add open world elements to the story mode and I’m game!!! :-)

  • Looks awesome, but this absolutely has to have a decent single player mode, I also really hope you’ve dropped the “mode” select from revolution (Ultimate Jutsu, Support or Awakening) I realise this adds “tactical options” for online play and “e-sports” but it really sucked the fun out of normal play. The majority of your buyers aren’t “e-sports” players don’t ruin what could be a brilliant game to satisfy a minor selection of your fanbase.

    This wasn’t meant to be a moany post, I am really genuinely happy this is coming to PS4!!

  • This looks bloody amazing! Roll on the release date! :D

  • Naruto for ps4 finaly im geting day 1 edishen

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