New videos introduce the story of PS3 JRPG The Awakened Fate Ultimatum

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New videos introduce the story of PS3 JRPG The Awakened Fate Ultimatum

Find out more about NIS America’s latest Japanese export

Just another day in the life of a high school student — wake up, go to school, walk back home, get stabbed in the heart by some demons, become a god… No big deal.

If that sounds familiar to you, then you must live quite an exciting life. But for those who haven’t become a god, you can in NIS America’s new PS3 game The Awakened Fate Ultimatum, coming out on 20th March.


Guide ordinary high school student Shin Kamikaze (super epic name) as he learns the ropes of being god in The Awakened Fate Ultimatum. While sleeping on the school’s rooftop, Shin has a cryptic dream with a mysterious girl babbling about fate and saving the world, but is suddenly woken up by his friend.

Thinking nothing of the weird dream, he heads home, but gets stopped by a group of demons flying down from the sky. One of the demons looks at him, apologizes, and then proceeds to stab him in the chest. As he’s dying, an angel swoops down to fight off the demons and takes him off to a place called Celestia. Awaking to a red-headed scientist named Ariael, he is told that the Awakened Fate crystal has been shoved into his chest to save his life, which has made him a god. Now it’s his job to fight in the war between angels and devils, and determine the fate of the world!

This story-based roguelike RPG looks and feels similar to its predecessor, The Guided Fate Paradox. As Shin, you will jump into randomly generated dungeons, battle angels and demons, and collect items to survive each grid-based level. In these dungeons, every move counts. Your enemies will move when you do, so strategizing your approach to each level is key. Just don’t die — when you die, you’ll start from the beginning of the dungeon and lose all the items you were carrying.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

After fighting through all the levels of a dungeon, you are forced to make “Ultimate Choices” and must live with the consequence of those choices. Depending on the decision, you will be granted either angel or devil Choice Points (aka CP), which are used in the wing-shaped skill tree. In addition to equipping different items, you are able to customize Shin’s permanent stats and special skills by applying CP to either side of the skill tree. Go all angel powers or all devil powers — it’s your choice!

The amazing art for this game is done by the one and only Noizi Ito, the artist behind anime like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Shakugan no Shana. Characters are high-resolution 3D sprites, perfect for the ridiculously over-the-top special attack animations. Not only will you see these gorgeous images in the attacks, you’ll get to enjoy them featured in the special scenes throughout the game.

While being a god is cool, do you think you can make the ultimate decision? Will you side with the angels, lead the devils, or toe the line? And in the end — when faced with the death of the two girls you’re closest to — who will you save and who will fall?

Make your ultimate decision on 20th March. For more information about The Awakened Fate Ultimatum, please visit the official site.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

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  • Been keeping an eye out for this. Gonna buy it up at a later point though, as i have way to much to play already!
    But always awesome to see some more Japanese love in the west!

    Also, i’m suprised. I’m normally against english dub, but this dub dosent sound that bad for once.

    • Same here, but has for Dub, since its NISAmerica they will make it Dual-voice hopefully. (Else I boycott the game without a second though =3 )

  • I’m really glad this game is coming westward, even though I’m personally not that interested in it. The original Guided Fate Paradox, however, that one is awesome. I seriously hope a Vita port of that is in the works.

    • If I can Ask for one too, I would like to bid for Mahoka Koko no Rettosei/The Irregular at Magic High School from Bandai. <3

  • I love NISA and try to support you whenever I can…

    But I would like to ask…. is there really no chance for limited release of htol#niq for Vita in Europe? That was my most anticipated game in 2015 :/ And I won’t be able to buy it.

    I can’t even import it because you are selling it only in your own shop :(

    There was reason why similar game – Child of Light – was released with retail in Europe but not in NA. Simply this type of games sell better here.

    • That made ma angry too, the sudden discrimination from them. Kind of turned me off from buying their games…

      But if you want, play asia have the regular physical edition. I pre-ordered mine there.

    • They lost my support after that $=£ pricing nonsense on their EU webstore after closing their NA store off for international costumers. I missed the Ar noSurge LE thanks to that crap.

      I’m glad i managed to score a Japanese LE of htol#NiC when it was released in Japan.

    • @Dizzy
      Yeah I understand you! LE prices are sick joke.

      But after I asked them they added standard edition to their shop. Many of them cost 19GBP and from time to time there are sales coupon that let you cut 25% off the price. So yeah, those make prices even lower than in majority of shops.

      But still that 11 GBP for postal service makes me want to wait till I will have bigger order to make. So yeah, at least they are trying.

      And like I said, just after talking with them they added standard edition to shop. Which other shop listen to gamers?

    • I contacted their support because I wanted the physical release too. They said it was not possible at all to send it to europe. In the end I’ve had to sign up to a mail forwarding service and will order it through that.

      Its really unfair that not only do they not sell the physical version in the EU but they also will essentially try to stop you getting it.

      Not cool NISA

    • @DizzyQViper

      well compared 2 SEGA,ATLUS, ARC SYSTEM SOFT and others they are saints atleast they give us a physical copy and mostly dual dub.

    • @Archacus
      Woah, never heard they give away 25% off coupons. Where are you received it?

    • @dgnfly: When did Atlus release something with dual audio? =D
      P4A maybe, but that’s because it was collaboration with Arc =D

  • will be buying this like with all NIS america releases sadly i still have 2 play most off your company’s published games but i will buy them criminal girls for Psvita soon.

    also why in gods name was it decided that your upcoming game Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy had english dub only. i know it was said they could only implement 1 language but why lame english dub and not just the original voice so i won’t be buying that one.

    • This might come as a shock to you, but not everyone who plays these is a bigot with an irrational hatred for english voice-acting, like you.

      I’ll definitaley buy it just to support them taking a dump on closed-minded idiots.

    • Come on, be a little more international. There’s so many great languages in the world, don’t be stuck to English voice acting. This doesn’t only count for Anime games, but all kinds of games/movies/music from all over the world. The subtitles helps us understand what they’re saying.

      With that said, I’ll buy this if it has the original voices, but I’m sure it will include it, as NISA are releasing this. Americans are great at dubbing cartoons, but they’ve no idea how to dub Anime. There’s far more experienced actors in Japan, where the voice acting industry is huger than any other place in the world.

    • Yeah, i’m not like that other guy, i won’t boycott a game or an anime because it’s in japanese. Don’t put me down to his or your level. I just avoid it if i can because i’m sick of hearing the same generic anime voices over and over again in every game. And americans do know how to dub anime, but you wouldn’t know about that since you’re so close-minded that you’ll never try it ( and no, some crappy dub from the early 90’s doesn’t justify your blind hatred). So follow your own advice about being more inernational.

    • @gfffgg: You may be sick of hearing it, but it just shows that the TOP seiyuus are still the TOP.

    • @SatoshiOokami

      I don’t really see how tons of different voice actors doing the same boring voices for every character archetype shows how “TOP Voice actors” are still “TOP”, since they’re mostly interchangeable.

    • @gfffgg

      i’m just giving my opinion towards NIS america there are enough ppl who won’t buy it if it’s japanese dub only i’m just the opposite. unlike english dub only complainers cost these company’s more money.

      and that’s the whole reason a lot off games are digital only or don’t get released.

    • Thank you for warning.

    • @gfffgg: Popular seiyuus are selling ;)

      Still, I never understood the need for English voice. The voices say exactly the same thing as the text translations. If you don’t have Japanese voice, you don’t know the original.

    • @SatoshiOokami

      Popular voice-actors sell because of fame, not talent, got it.

      I don’t see the need for japanese voices, they’re just unnecessary noise, since the subtitles are your only way of understanding it…

      Normal people don’t share your unhealthy obsession with japanese voice-acting, and might also find it annoyingly repetetive, or just don’t care what language it’s in. Companies shouldn’t exclusively cater to close-minded, intolerant, hate-filled individuals, under the flimsy excuse of “japanese voice acting is better because it just is (without any valid arguments of course)”. Being open-minded won’t kill you.

      Also, if you want a real authentic experience, learn japanese and import. But that takes too much effort, am i right?

    • @SatoshiOokami,
      The Japanese voices do not say the exact same thing as the text, do you understand what localizing is?
      Everything is translated to sound better/fluent in English dialogue and conversations.

      Also you Eng dub haters make me laugh so much. Not every dub is awful you know.
      Though I do agree with you guys that not having Japanese voices is a bummer.

    • @gfffgg: Nope, it’s not as much effort as you make it to be :)

    • @SatoshiOokami

      And yet, 99% of the people who obsess over japanese voice acting are too lazy to learn it, and prefer to hate all other voice acting for no real reason, other than sheer ignorance. Funny isn’t it?

    • @gfffgg i know quite a bit off japanese that’s why i am complaining cause i can actually tell if the translation are spot on or just made up when they are converted 2 english same for Tales of hearts R right from the start you can tell the subtitles in the game don’t reflect what is being said.

      so that means japanese games that are fully english dub are straying away from certain subject all together like i stated with yokatta in Tales of hearts is converted in english into Oh, thank God! You’re okay, I’m so glad you aren’t hurt!

      while it could have just been thank goodness as a translation instead off the army off made up text that wasen’t even being said. i can understand it but i can’t read it you ape.

      and most fans who like japanese dub pick up a few words while playing the game that’s why direct translation are so important insteado ff made up one’s

      and when are you gonna pay those import games for me i’m still waiting considering you seem 2 have a big wallet.

    • @gfffgg: They may be too lazy to learn the Japanese fully but you seem to misunderstand the people who want Japanese voices.
      They want them because they have at least a bit of passive knowledge of the language :)
      Why would anyone want to hear something they cannot understand at all? :)
      99% is a bit of a overkill, and you are right that most won’t learn Japanese but they still know a bit, I believe :)

  • hmm, never did play the first game.
    Have it in the backlog, standing on the shelf just waiting…and this one will be joining that shelf ^^
    Anyway, does it matter? Or can I play them in whichever order I feel like?

  • Only recently I bought a PS3 for those many good jRPGs it has. THough I still have a lot of them to play, this is most certainly one I will buy!

  • I’d love to see that released on PS4.

  • I’d love to see a load of JRPG’s on ps4.

  • That trailer told me absolutely nothing about the actual game and how it plays. And if you were trying to put me off with the atrocious voice-acting you succeeded *shudder* Not sitting through that if you gave it out for free.

  • Asmodean What’s the name of ur avatar?!?!?

    • Looks kinda like the raincoat killer from Deadly Premonition, however I can’t see the avatar on the European store so I’m not sure.

    • Actually correction I was searching for Deadly Premonition, but if you search for Raincoat you’ll find that avatar in there.

  • Pre-ordered the ltd edition for the Yousei Teikoku OST CD. :D

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