New video shows PS Vita exclusive Flame Over in action

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New video shows PS Vita exclusive Flame Over in action

Check out Laughing Jackal’s fiercely addictive portable roguelike

Hey everyone, I’m Al from Laughing Jackal, producer and designer of our latest title, Flame Over out very soon on PS Vita!

In this first ever ‘Let’s Play’ video I’ll demonstrate all the basic gameplay elements of Flame Over: the controls, how to find and extinguish every fire in a level, how rescuing people and cats is both awesome and beneficial, explaining a little about side missions and how to permanently upgrade your fireman, Blaze Carruthers, between game sessions.


Although it’s a fast-paced action game, Flame Over is firmly built upon roguelike principles. You’ll certainly be dying a lot to begin with, but fear not! You’ll learn from every death and – by completing missions to earn upgrade tokens – you can permanently upgrade your abilities as you go! Who said learning isn’t fun? ;)

To add some well-charred meat to the experience, Blaze’s equipment and power-ups have some interesting properties that let you experiment in your approach to any given situation.


For instance:

  • Do you risk a run through the fiercely burning rooms ahead to cut the power and disable those pesky electrical fires?
  • Do you make a dash into the next room to rescue a cat and regain some health, even though you’re low on water and down to your last heart?
  • Do you equip your reinforced boots OR your gas mask to make it through a corridor filled with chemical spills and gas leaks?
  • Do you use your last water bomb to try and put out a fire instead of going back to refill at that hot tub you saw?

Those are just some of the split-second decisions you might face when playing Flame Over and those decision NEED to be split-second! The game only gives you a starting time of 5 minutes; after that you’ll need to earn time for yourself. Each person rescued provides 1 extra minute, while completing missions also throws a precious single minute your way. You can also buy or find time pickups during gameplay, but even so you’ll need to hurry!


If time runs out things become even more deadly as the Grim Reaper appears and chases Blaze around, moving through walls and doors and totally unaffected by the inferno. One touch from Grim means instant death! :S You should also be warned that an even tougher foe awaits those fire fighters who are less than honourable…

So, when can you play Flame Over and see for yourself why fire fighting is some of the most fun you can have on your Vita? Well, we’re currently well into the submission process and it’s my hope we’ll be able to release the game in February 2015. More news on that as and when we get it!


With that in mind, you can keep up with all Flame Over developments via our website. You can also follow us on Twitter and on Facebook. You may also want to follow my own personal Twitter feed for an insider view of the goings on at Laughing Jackal.

Right, that’s about it! I hope you enjoy the video! I can’t wait to share more Flame Over info with you, and hope to be competing with you all on the Best Time and Best Score leaderboards very soon. ^_^

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