The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited launches 9th June on PS4

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited launches 9th June on PS4

No game subscription fee for Bethesda’s epic fantasy RPG

We are excited to announce that The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited edition arrives on PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, 9th June! This marks the first time in the series’ history that you’ll be able to play an Elder Scrolls game on the console with your friends.

Tamriel Unlimited features all the major updates that the game has seen on PC over the last year plus many important changes that will be rolling out in the coming months.

The biggest change coming with Tamriel Unlimited is that you will no longer need a game subscription to play! Because we are removing the requirement for a monthly game subscription, you will now need to ensure you have an active PSN account with PlayStation Plus to play ESO as long as you like.

3D Boxshot Wizard LHS v1.1

If you’ve played ESO on PC or Mac, you’ll immediately notice the major changes made to the game’s user interface. The game now caters to your Dual Shock 4 controller, and feels closer to experiences you’ve had with past Elder Scrolls games on consoles.

One of our biggest changes arriving in time for ESO’s PS4 launch is addition of the Champion and Justice systems. The Champion System is a totally new progression system for max-level characters, while the Justice System, which allows you to steal, murder, and be brought to justice if you’re caught! Stop there, criminal scum!

Tamriel Unlimited also debuts ESO’s new optional membership package, ESO Plus. With this premium membership service, players will be granted free access to all of the game’s DLC game packs; bonuses to XP, gold, and crafting; and a monthly allotment of Crowns to purchase items from the Crown Store.

What’s the Crown Store, you ask? This is an all-new merchant store to ESO game full of optional cosmetic and convenience items you can purchase for Crowns, a new currency allowing you to buy content directly from the from the PlayStation Store. You’ll be able to fully enjoy ESO without being a member, but we think you’ll really enjoy the benefits if you have fun playing the game.

Those that don’t enroll in ESO Plus can still expect free patches that implement fixes and other improvements along with optional DLC offerings you can purchase to add more adventures to the already-enormous game.

Between now and the game’s release, we’ve got plenty more to share on Tamriel Unlimited – including details on when you’ll first be able to play the game in beta. Until then, sit back and enjoy the fourth, and final part of our ESO cinematic trailer.

On behalf of everyone at ZeniMax Online and Bethesda, we look forward to having our Elder Scrolls fans in the PlayStation community join our adventure. See you online in June!

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9 Author Replies

  • Great! Now i may actually try it :)

    • Oh btw can you please, clarify something.
      If I dont pay the ESO PLUS can I still buy the DLC and access them?
      The reason I am asking is that some “free” MMOs won’t let you play the bought DLCs/Expansions i you don’t pay the premium subscription.

    • Rochala, yes if you do not have an ESO Plus membership, you can chose to purchase the DLC game packs you want and you’ll always have access to that content.

    • Thanks!
      I tried a game, dont want to name it at my PC and i had to buy the Expansion and a sub in order to play it.

  • Nice! Got my attention now!

  • Noted. I just hope the devs got rid of all the issues that ruined the PC version.

  • Excellent news. Will definitely try this now

  • Great news.

    What about the PC > console cheap upgrade offered in May 2014 because of the intial delay ––update – does that still stand?

  • Well it’s about bloody time! Can’t wait to play it!

  • This has actually given me an incentive to buy now. The subscription had put me off entirely before.

  • It’s a terrible game. Like a cut down version of Skyrim with less to do, level-locked areas and a chatroom. Add the new ‘real cash shop’ to that and you may as well just burn your money. I cancelled my PC sub before they announced it was going free to play because it’s just trying to be a Generic-Levelling-MMO in Tamriel and it fails miserably to be fun.

    FFXIV is actually more fun to play, but that game has issues too.

  • Now get on to Fallout 4!

  • Is it really launching on a Tuesday in Europe?

  • Now this is interesting. I’m not big on games for which one must keep paying. So yes, this is an improvement! Hopefully, it’ll have been worth the wait. :)

  • You now have my interest with no monthly fee!

  • 100% getting this now!! Now get a shift on and make a new fallout game :-)

  • I got the PC version at launch. Am I still entitled to the PS4 discount on the store once this releases?

  • Yes, you will be!

    (Clarification: I was assuming you were referring to the PC/Mac to console transfer promotion we held last year. As long as you signed up for that before it ended on June 30th, 2014, you are eligible for the character transfer and discounted console version.

  • Is there going to be a digital version of this game that is available for pre-order on the PSN Store? Or will I have to buy a disc copy from another retailer?

    • We will have a digital version of the game on the PSN Store, both for pre-order and for straight purchase.

  • You guy’s ROCK!!! Can’t wait!!! Can i place an order right now ;) Finally there’s something for the players ;)

  • Thanks, DreamChild85! You can actually pre-order on PS4 now. :D Here’s a page on our site to help you do so:

  • Wow this is great news before i heard you need to pay a fee it put ESO off my list of games to buy now after this its back on! Is a ESO Plus like a season pass or something

  • That’s a good way to think of it, yes. ESO Plus is very similar to a season pass for console or our current subscription on PC/Mac.

  • Dear Bethesda, please…and I say really please…JUST MAKE SKYRIM LEGENDARY EDITION FOR PS4 ! You guys are kiling me on this wait, just release it already!

  • wardenxx – If you signed up for that offer before it expired, you will get an email letting you know when the transfer option is open. Once it’s available, you’ll be able to purchase the upgrade via our website at

  • “What’s the Crown Store, you ask? This is an all-new merchant store to ESO game full of optional cosmetic and convenience items you can purchase for Crowns, a new currency allowing you to buy content directly from the from the PlayStation Store.”

    Convenience items? What does this entail exactly? I’m not bothered at all about optional vanity/customisation but when you start selling boosts and all that other type of stuff, it’s generally not a good sign. Are certain things going to become tedious or lengthy to grind to “push” people into buying this stuff?

    Otherwise, I’m curious. Also, it’s nice to see a blog poster from a company that actually stays around to answer questions. Far too many post and don’t actually interact, so thanks for actually making an effort.

  • Going to pass on this one until I’ve seen at least 3 or 4 Let’s Plays and some reviews from people I trust to see if any improvements have been made. Seeing Angry Joe’s review and playthroughs on initial release was just laughable this game looked so awful, both graphically and playability-wise, especially when it was lined up against FFXIV.

    I hope this surprises me, but given how disappointing and buggy it was at launch, and with the in-game economy and gold drop rate deliberately broken to guide people towards the collectors edition, I’m not holding my breath.

    Now, if you mention Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls VI, especially if you make them Morpheus compatible, then we’ll be seeing some hype. Hell, I’d love to see a vastly upscaled version of Skyrim on PS4, especially if it has future VR compatibility.

  • What an AMAZING trailer once again! Seriously the best trailers I have ever seen in the span of 3 decades. Wish we had cutscenes like that in our games. For all the technical advances gaming keeps making, it seems like gamers nowadays dictate on having an almost “all playable” experience and don’t care much for cutscenes.. That really saddens me.. Even Metal gear solid won’t sooth my urges in that aspect anymore.. My eyeballs thank you for this brilliant trailer yet again.

  • I had this pre-ordered. Then cancelled, as I don’t do subscription-based games.

    With this news, I have re-pre-ordered! Fantastic news, and well done for taking on board feedback.
    I’m now excited all over again!

  • elders scroll online was one reason i got a ps4 so i was not too pleased to put it lightly and crossed it of my list of must have games and it seems alot more gamers had done the same but thankfully you have i think saved this game from been a disaster when its launched on console which the elders scroll series does not deserve to be a disaster

  • If i preorder this, from say amazon for example will it be the tamriel edition or will i need to preorder this edition from sony?

    • If you pre-order the PS4 version of ESO from your preferred retailer, the game will automatically update to Tamriel Unlimited when we launch on consoles.

  • Its a shame this game just doesn’t feel like a TES game though. Why do I say this? Is it something that the 1000s of people have complained about over the years of development? Of course not, I always go that one step beyond.
    Its the lack of a soundtrack by Jeremy Soule that has tainted this game for me since the game’s launch and revelation last year that he was only doing the main theme track. How can you say that this a true Elder Scrolls game without him ???????

  • Free to Play but you have to buy it. I’ll pass, it is a silly practice that needs to stop. Developers / Publishers need to pick a model and stick to it. Don’t sell me a free to play game that your supporting with micro-transactions that also has a tiered subscription model. Either make it 100% free with micro-transactions or other free play and subs and the game is still free or offer me a full game for £50 and optional DLC if you really must.

  • Hey guys just wondering with the pc to ps4 transfer u keep saying aslong as you signed up for it. I thought all u had to do was redeem your game code before the cut off date n u were eligible, it never said u had to sign up for it, does this mean im going to miss out on that promotion.

  • Oh n do we have to re sign up for the beta

  • What provinces of tamriel will eventually be in the game with the expansions / dlc’s . / how much of tamriel will I be able to acsses wat dlc and expansions are you guys making ?

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