Brand new The Order: 1886 story trailer makes its debut

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Brand new The Order: 1886 story trailer makes its debut

Plus, Ready At Dawn’s PS4 adventure has gone gold!

Well, it took a few years to get here, but I’m happy to say that The Order: 1886 went gold last week!

It’s almost hard to believe that the game is wrapped up. There are definitely times when we miss the madness that takes place when finishing a game. From our first initial pitch of the project back in 2010, to growing our team over the last four years, we have poured all our energy and passion into this game and we can’t wait for everyone to experience it.

Back at the PlayStation Experience event in December, we were able to finally show a long demo of the game that encompasses the many things we have revealed until now: Neo-Victorian London, The Order, its Knights and their weapons and technology, and their struggle against the Rebellion and the Half-Breeds.

We still have a lot more to tell you before the release but today we’re presenting a brand new trailer that we hope will whet your appetite; a glimpse into the conspiracy that has been slowly brewing in the city of London.

From the whole team at RAD, a very big thank you for your support and encouragement. We’re looking forward to the launch on 20th February and for everyone to be finally able to get their hands on the game.

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  • still not too sure on this game
    although playing daxter and GOW on the psp i was very impressed at the game RAD produced on such a tuny console

    i just hope im wrong and the game turns out awesome

  • This game has been getting a bad rap on message boards and gaming sites when in reality people have played 10 minutes of it at events and seen maybe 5 minutes of alternative footage online. That isn’t enough to just write a game off imo.
    I have faith in the pedigree of the developers and can’t wait to play it for myself.

  • Congratulations on having finished the game!

    Great trailer. The game looks great in my opinion. And I’m happy to see in the trailer that there’s more nuance and depth to the story than just “good guys trying to stop evil werewolves”. The story might be something special that I would really enjoy.

    The graphics and art are just fantastic. The weapons are so meticulously designed. I hope those different weapons each with a certain speciality will allow for multiple gameplay scenarios.

  • sounds like itll have a cool story to it, nice going dudes :). looks like its going to be a fun game, very pretty looking and hopefully lots of action, guns, shooting and stuff in there too 8D.

    bit of a mystery where all the bronze trophies are though hehe :D

  • Congrats on going gold! I’m looking forward to this game and will get it day one. Good or bad I will decide for myself when I play it. Don’t need any reviews or views of others to tell me how it is as I’m already set on buying this. Looks amazing to me. I’m not going to watch the trailer tho because I’m avoiding all videos of it to prevent further spoilers. But I do have one question which I would like to know, and it is, how long is the story in average play (not rushing through it. Just enjoying the moment)?

    • Yep, this is a good mentality to have imo.

      Unfortunately, I can’t resist watching the trailers. :c :P But I agree nonetheless, it’s better to avoid watching the story trailers.

  • To add to my previous reply:

    I hope that the lycans (half-breeds) will be a prominent enemy in the game. And I mean, fighting multiple half-breeds simultaneously. I hope that if they’re prominent that they’ll have really good AI and feel like a tense struggle to combat.

    And slightly more off-topic, but I played Ready at Dawn’s God of War games on PSP and PS Vita not too long ago.

    God of War: Ghost of Sparta is amazing and in terms of visuals it holds up incredibly well for a PSP game. I was really impressed at times. And just because I’m talking about the graphics only, doesn’t mean that the rest wasn’t great, the game as a whole was great imo.

    I think Ready at Dawn doesn’t seem to get enough credit for their great PSP games. So imo, they have a good track record.

    • The trophy list was leaked the other day (no bronze trophies) and there is a silver for killing 10 Lycans, so there are a few at least!

    • @ ThugETH

      10 doesn’t seem like that many. Might mean that they’re more some kind of mini-boss.

    • I wouldn’t take away much from that trophy. There’s also one for incinerating 15 enemies, and one for doing 7 silent takedowns. I’m pretty sure we’ll be doing a lot more than 15 and 7 of those… Any enemy can be incinerated with the thermite rifle, so if you do things right that’s 15 enemies in like 2 minutes? Or so. Some of the trophies are clearly meant to be easy because there are no story related trophies, so these easy ones kinda replace those (instead of dinging Finish Chapter X, you’ll ding these)

  • It’s looking really good.

  • Feb 20th hurry up, cannot wait.

  • This looks amazing! I can’t wait to play this!

  • Looks great!

    After almost an hundred hours in Dragon Age Inquisition, this game will be great as a shorter, cinematic, action oriented adventure!

  • This looks like my personal GOTY… 20th Feb can’t come soon enough

  • Still undecided as to whether or not I want this game. Can someone please convince me?

  • Congrats to Ready at Dawn, this new trailer looks spectacular!

    Great mix of new footage, new character and story elements, different weapons and locations.

    Looking forward to the game. HYPE!

  • This looks & sounds AMAZING :P I can’t wait to play it ;)

  • Looks good, but I would not pre-order, without confirmation it’s uncensored.

    SCEE have a bad habit of EU wide censorship, and also have a habit of hiding it. Burned once, won’t be again.

    • Yeah clearing that up would be nice. Gore seems to be a great part of this game and it better be there in the EU version.

    • Now that I think about it, wasn’t TLOU censored because of the MP (pvp violence)? If so it shouldn’t be a problem here as this game is SP-only.

    • Having no mp doesn’t solve it. Last Of Us was censored because SCEE just don’t want to risk more sensitive regions rejecting it (Germany probably), so don’t even try and just per-emptivily cut the game.

      God Of War Ascension
      Twisted Metal
      Beyond Two Souls

      All censored by SCEE, all are single player. The ps2 God Of War games were censored as well, by SCEE. Having no mp means nothing. SCEE just go around censoring stuff.

    • Mistake in last post, I’m aware two of them have mp, but it was the single player that was censored.

      Twisted Metal has a huge amount of cuts to the single player story vids.
      Two Souls was cut because SCEE wanted PEGI16, not 18.

      Just a farce. Doesn’t help that they hide it. Even Ubisoft let us know before release that South Park was censored. When Ubisoft do something better than you, you know you messed up.

  • I think I’m the only one on this planet who specifically bought a PS4 to play this game. To say I’ve got high expectations is a major understatement. From the first promo pictures (not even video) I instantly felt that this was something I badly wanted to play.

    I hope I’ll enjoy it.

  • @Hilaveli No, your not alone, i instantly fell for this game too, it ticks a lot of my boxes. The only difference is that i was always getting a PS4 either way. I am really looking forward to this game, i was gutted when it got delayed but its actually coming back around quite fast and delays are something we are all getting used to with generation.

    Actually i do have one gripe with The Order and that’s the annoying aspect ratio they have chosen to go with, i hated it playing The Evil Within and in my honest opinion i do not believe it adds anything positive to the game play at all and i bought a 50 inch TV for a reason so please add an option to switch the ratio to full screen.

    • This game does not have the aspect ratio of Evil Within. Evil Within looked weird because it added the black bars artificially to a regular 16:9 aspect ratio. The Order has a 2.35:1 aspect ratio.

    • @Porcupeth00 Pretty sure it has gone for cinematic look with the black bars. Type The Order 1886 aspect ratio into Google and you will see.

    • That’s what I just said..
      It’s different from what TEW did. That game had the same aspect ratio as any other game but with black bars slapped on it.

    • Ok lets make it simple then. I hate the those black bars and i hope they offer an option to switch to full screen. But im pretty sure the Evil within actually had an unusual ratio of 2.50:1.

    • @Porcupeth00 So what difference is there between the two? Does the solution implemented in The Order result in a different fov?

  • It’s going to be one of those games we “watch” it’s Dragon’s Lair 2015 style, I will still play this game at some point

  • Still not convinced, the graphics look great but I haven’t seen anything gameplay wise that will set it apart from other cover based shooters, not that the gameplay will matter much as we might be watching more then playing this cinematic game.
    If the reviews tell me different I will be sure to pick it up as I love games that don’t jump on the MP bandwagon

  • Still hate those borders, it’s an invalid ‘artistic’ choice. The view is too constricted as a result, and the framing looks like it was supposed to be a proper 16:9 game which now has the borders slapped over the top and bottom.

    • I hear ya. I hate them with a passion too. I don’t like them with movies either so i usually change the ratio myself but it don’t work so well with games, i tried it with The Evil Within but it didn’t really help much cause the field of view remains the same and the subtitles and parts of the hud etc get chopped off too.

      I don’t get it! surely everyone has widescreen tv’s these days. Do we really need super widescreen?. Its so annoying splashing out on a 50″ TV to have a third of it blanked out

    • “framing looks like it was supposed to be a proper 16:9 game which now has the borders slapped over the top and bottom.”

      No, The Evil Within looks like that. The Order has always been a 2.35:1 game.

  • Can’t wait to play this game I have found most of the big games so far infamous & killzone disappointing IMO and after a whole year still only enjoy playing one game for my ps4 the last of us remastered.
    But finally next month I can add this game the order and being a rad game I know it will be good :)

  • Still not sure about this one.

    Sure, the setting, steampunk style and graphics look amazing, but the footage we have seen from early access previews by various reviewers are just not at all promising. QTE buttons looking like they pop up every five seconds, on-rails corridors and insta-fail stealth sections could ruin this game, especially when you look at how close it is being released to Bloodborne.

    I hope that all developers get the message early on in this generation of consoles that mechanics like this, especially QTEs, have absolutely no place in modern gaming action sequences any more. They were a failure of a mechanism last gen, and they’re even more so now that developers no longer have the limited power of the PS3 console as an excuse.

    Also, those super-widescreen borders, if they aren’t able to be turned off in the game options, will put so many people off. I did not buy a large widescreen TV to go back to the days of black bars – it’s an awful stylistic choice.

    • Aspect ratio is still a thing, even with widescreen tvs being in most homes now… The Dark Knight literally changes as you watch it due to the changing over of regular film cameras to the sequences that were filmed with imax ones.

      I don’t see the problem in some games making use of wider aspect ratios too especially the more cinematic ones like this.

  • let hope it works on day one and doesn’t need a load of patches to work. give the state of Little Big Planet 3 on the PS4 its been out 3 months and still cant get online.

  • EPIC, just EPIC! Really looking forward to The Order. This studio knows how to make great games.

  • This needs to be good.
    It looks stunning and i’m well up for a single player focused non open world experience.
    I just worry about the game length. If it’s anything under 6 hours i’ll be disappointed.
    I expect it to be around 6 hours but to be honest i’d hope for 10-12.
    We shall see.
    Hopefully it’ll be supported with DLC in the future, the fact it was delayed is encouraging. Shows they have faith in spending the extra cash on development and missing the christmas window.

  • Lmao at the beginning of the trailer it had the label X rated.

    Years and year of fighting for an R rating in aus and now we get our first X rated game too damn awesome!!! Haven’t seen much sex in the marterial so far though? Does this mean only people in Canberra will really only get to play it?

    Funniest mistake ever…

  • Looks amazing, don’t listen to the naysayers ;). I think this game gonna be epic, this kind of games make me love playstation.

  • My ps4 hungers for this.

  • Aside from Arkham Knight and Uncharted 4, 1866 is by far my most anticipated PS4 game right now — just ahead of Dark Souls II and The Witcher 3.

  • Everything I’ve seen looks sumptuous and makes me want to play it. As ever, I won’t be taking any notice of message board critics who preach their word with little or no basis what so ever.

  • We want our arabic subtitle in the order 1886

  • All languages ​​countries is in the game other than Arabic .. why ؟

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