PSN members, claim your 10% PlayStation Store discount this Friday

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And 5-day PS Plus membership extensions rolling out now

Hi everyone. We hope your New Year is getting off to a great start! As promised, as a thank you to all of our PSN members, we are happy to announce the details of the 10% PlayStation Store discount.

The discount will be valid from 9.00am local time on 23rd January until 9.00am local time on 26th January. Simply use the promotion code for a one-time 10% discount off eligible items in a total cart purchase in PlayStation Store on PS3, PS4 or via

Some exclusions do apply, including subscriptions for PS Plus, Music Unlimited, rental video content, pre-orders and transactions made on PlayStation Store via the PS Vita, PlayStation TV or PSP content.  The code must be redeemed at checkout, either through your PS3, PS4 or online at Your discounted transaction must be completed before 9.00am on 26th January.

Use the discount on hundreds of thousands of items including blockbuster new releases, award winning indie games, game add-ons and season passes and an enormous selection of TV shows and movies to own. You will be able to find the code on PlayStation Store and we’ll also publish them on your local PlayStation Twitter channel.

Also, for those PS Plus members impacted by the PSN service interruption over the holidays, we have started to roll out the five-day PS Plus membership extension, no action is required on your part. You will receive an email in the coming days with a confirmation of details about the extension.

Thanks again for your loyalty.

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  • Too bad it is only during a short period of time. I was hoping to get some games that will not be out by that time :(

    • I agree – 3 days to use it is rubbish.
      That’s 2 days less then the service was down for me!
      I imagine they are trying to minimize the cost by offering it for a short period and before any big releases are due.

      #fortheplayers….. Apparently

    • Going to hijack your comment for visibility, sorry about that :)

      But will the users with no PS+ get the 5 free days? Judging from the article, nope. But a friend of mine couldn’t log in to PSN and therefore couldn’t get his PS+ subscription so is he just out luck? Also, the PSN was down for Christmas vacation: the only time in a long time I would be able to play. My subscription ends sometime in March. So just as there’s a ton of schoolwork going on. I won’t be really getting anything out of this compensation since I’m not really able to play during those 5 extra days… As opposed to the only time I have a huge amount of free time but PSN was down :/

      The discount is a nice compensation though, it just could be a bit longer and the prices on PSN store should at least try to match retail though.

    • 100% lame that we can not use it on PS Plus. Oh out of topic but please for the love of God do not advertise PS Plus as a service that you can upload your saves to cloud. Just found out last week that the limit is 1GB. I had to delete some save files to make room for other games. Terrible job Sony. Terrible.

    • The 1GB limit needs to be removed. I’ve had my PS4 for less than a year and it’s ALREADY at its limit, and I don’t even own that many games. The cloud storage is supposed to be a safety net, I don’t want to have to organize it.

      Either make save files smaller (most are above 20mb, some go from 60 to 100mb, absurd) or remove the upload limit. I’ve never had an issue with the PS3 and I own a lot more games on that console.

    • Yeah it sucks, PSN will hopefully stay on all weekend so we can actually use the codes!
      I guess it’s better then nothing, they must have made it only 3 days in the hope that some people won’t be able to use it. Save some money i guess?

    • They didn’t have to give a 10% discount so be thankful for 2 days. Better than nothing.

  • This is nice and all but why the short time frame??? Conveniently enough I think most people get paid (like me) on the 27th or later so this discount isn’t very convenient for me. I may have used the chance of the discount to buy stuff, but, right now, I can’t afford to, and when I can the discount will be gone. Any chance to extend this window to maybe a week?

    • If you’re financially irresponsible enough to be spending every last penny you earn before your next pay day, then maybe you have more important matters to concern yourself with than a negligable saving on a luxury purchase?

    • @MartinB105
      What are you smoking, im in the same boat as him, January is a long month, since most people get paid early in December, and have to buy presents, entertain people, etc.

      Also, if you have some money left, then your would prob need to spend your last penny on this offer, then are you still irresponsible?
      how about thinking a little? its not hard, give it a go!

    • You don’t NEED to spend money on games EVER. Games are luxury purchases. You don’t need them.

      If you spent more time thinking and less time spending your money on stuff that you don’t really need, then maybe you wouldn’t have this problem?

    • Ahahahahahahaha you made my day!
      Unless of course you get severly underpaid, just barely enough to survive and eat…
      LOL, consumerism.

    • Thanks again for your loyalty.

      Like you guys cared, since 10% discount for 3 days is just a joke. 5 days extension in my PS+ sub are not worth the same as the 5 days I’ve lost during my few holidays. I work my arse off every day, and I only got 5 days of holidays this year (24-28 Dec), and just when I could have enjoyed playing it wasn’t possible. Extra 5 days while working DO NOT worth the same as the ones I’ve lost.

      Disappointed and feeling not so loyal anymore.

    • Where does anyone here say need?
      Are people not allowed to “want” anything anymore? or take advantage of a special?

    • @aKaSoG
      You said “need” yourself, and I quote:

      – “Also, if you have some money left, then your would prob need to spend your last penny on this offer, then are you still irresponsible?”


      – “[…] then your would prob need to spend your last penny on this offer […]”


      – “[…] your would prob need to spend […]”

      Once more:

      – “[…] need to spend […]”

    • MartinB105, I’m not really sure what point you’re trying to make on this post. GTP_David wrote a very polite and entirely reasonable post. It’s not long after Xmas, most people are still recovering financially, and all David was saying was that he appreciated the offer but the time constraints mean he can’t take advantage of it…I fail to see a problem with the post and frankly I’m astonished you would want to accuse someone of being ‘financially irresponsible’ when in truth you have no idea whatsoever of the circumstances you condemn.

      aKaSoG holds the same view as David…perhaps a little cheeky at the end of his/her post, but considering your initial reply I’m not sure I’d lay blame. And regarding that reply…if you want to talk about things that are unnecessary…

      Yes, I agree, games are a luxury, as is any expensive hobby, but there’s no need to be so brash and presumptuous.

    • Good for you RedMustang72, a wholly accurate point, eloquently made and without prejudice. Ditto, aKaSoG and GTP_David.

      As for me, I won’t waste my time reasoning with with the likes of MartinB105 as to why 99% of the population are counting the pennies all month long, let alone at the end of the month (particularly those of us with families and mortgages, etc). Nope, instead I’ll just be a tad more direct…

      MartinB105 — Sony’s offer of a one-time 10% PSN discount to PS Plus customers is to represent an element of compensation to ALL subscribers who were affected by the service disruptions over the Christmas holidays. And you sir, are an ignorant and arrogant fool.

      There, parity restored :-)

  • Excluding plus subscriptions is a bit of a low blow ;)

    • Yeah, my Plus subscription lapsed a week ago and I wanted to renew it using the coupon. Oh well, guess I’ll do in in Late February instead.

    • Yeah, I wanted to use it for PS+ too… This is the one thing SCE shouldn’t exclude!

    • That was exactly what I wanted, Poki-3. $7 off a $AU 70 subscription? Yes, please. But then it’s forbidden. 10% off discount is now far, far less useful.

  • wow, this is proper bullsh’t… why dont you give out a 10% off coupon code that everyone can use whenever they want, but only once per account or something like that…

  • a 10% discount really thats a bit lame coming from a multimillion dollar company and the short time frame thats just so people cant use it that cant afford it how about you do something for the gamers that give you your bread and butter something they actually want. For a change

  • How will the promotion code be delivered? Bird? Message in a bottle? Owls? Perhaps mail?

    • It’ll be delivered by a stork at 8:57am GMT on 26th January, so you’ll have three minutes to use it

    • “You will be able to find the code on PlayStation Store and we’ll also publish them on your local PlayStation Twitter channel.”

      It’ll probably be found on the ps store. Maybe on the Twitter channel. Just a guess.

    • @ Deal-in how did u use that avatar o.o I found one on psn store and it said to be for ps vita but when I tried downloading it I always get an error message

  • Yes,what Rildiz said,how do we get the code?

  • “The discount will be valid from 9.00am GMT on 23rd January until 9.00am GMT on 26th January.”

    …Ok. Guess I’m not using it then..

  • Wait, on the US blog an official reply said it can be used in pre-orders. is this true? or false info?
    Cause if it can..then i’ll use it after all

    • It seems even Shuhei Yoshida says it’s true

    • Awesome. I’ll use it to pre-order The Order then.

      Though I do wonder how it’ll work, considering that right now the PS store does not support input of codes when trying to pre-order something. Maybe they are going to add the box in the next few days.

    • And can it be used on more than one pre order though? Like 2 or 3 games at a time?

    • I have no idea. You should make a try when the discount is available.

    • the discount is for your whole shopping cart. so it should work if you pre-order them all at once

    • If memory serves, on the US store the money is taken at time of pre-order, but in Europe it is only taken a few days before the release date, so it might not work the same.

    • Yeah the problem here is that pre orders work differently, they don’t even have a cart, it’s just a separate page and you as such you can’t even place more than once at a time, nor is there a box to input a code. Got a feeling europeans will get shafted out of pre orders for this promotion

    • im in the same problem i was waiting to pre order dying light but now im not sure it will even work :/

    • In america its the same it takes you to a different screen. And if it doesn’t give you an option to put a “code” in then I highly doubt they wanted it to work in the first place. Itd be like gettin 5$ off of a $20 gift card, everyone would blow it out the water.

    • The us blog has made a correction. it is not possible to use it for pre-orders.

    • damn ok thanks for the info

  • So we cannot apply this code to current January sale items which ends by 22nd, right? A bit disappointed, but I’ve finally purchased what I’ve been keeping on my basket without any hesitation for 10% discount.

  • Three days? Hey, why not go the whole hog and make it three hours? Sometimes I wonder if Sony just want us to hate them.

  • It’s all about the money. I like my Playstation and I like Sony, but they are totally destroying themselves with such limited vouchers. Whoever is your PR-Manger fire him and give this job who takes care about the company AND customers!

    3 days are a joke. Limitless would be great or a month! And surprise, the deals are ending and we got a voucher… how predictable…

  • Between the small window of time and the exclusion of PlayStation plus membership, you’ve effectively turned this very appreciated gift into a useless publicity stunt.

    The January sale will be over by then so basically all this useless code can be used for is getting one of the overpriced PlayStation games to only be 30$ more than retail instead of 40$.

    I’m very disappointed with this, i had 6 of the January sale games waiting in my shopping basket along with 2 years worth of PlayStation plus just waiting for the code to be given to us and now i cant get any of it.

    I knew there was something up when we had to wait all month long for it.

    • This. I was waiting for that to buy the danganronpa game and some others and to re subscribe plus. Guess I’ll just buy danganronpa. You just lost money, Sony! If you do a discount please just don’t do all these exceptions and time
      Frame. It’s ridiculous.

  • Nice, any chance we can get DBZ Xenoverse up for pre-order?

  • Another big letdown, again. Only 3 days, just after the january sale ends and we can’t use it for PS+ subs, which is precisely what i intended to do. I’m just so fed up with the continuous letdowns coming from you guys.
    I used to wait eagerly for updates, sales, IGC lineup on PS Blog but i just don’t care any more.

    • I agree they really screwed themselves not making plus part of it. Especially considering it would lessen the likelyhood of ppl using it on third party games which I’m sure Sony will take a hit for that. Its almost like someone in the background really wants Sony done doesnt it?

  • Does this apply to Vita purchases? Only PS3 and PS4 are specifically mentioned.

  • Welp, there goes my plans for using it to get 10% off Grim Fandango Remastered and Life Is Strange…

  • Is this a joke? I’m pretty annoyed, I never complain but this is beyond a joke. I sat with my brother through Christmas when he got a ps4 and psn cards and we couldn’t play anything, not even my games. Then you said about this ‘discount’ I was happy but even though I have bought “1633 items (including free stuff)” from the day ps3, vita and ps4 came out you make it until 26th?! Pure joke. I don’t get paid until the end of the month like a normal person.

    Thanks alot playstation. I will make sure to not buy anything but pre owned and certainly not of psn where I usually get my games. Such a disgraceful service.

  • any news on 15 for 15 ps4 sale?

    • If I remember correctly, that was the sale the US had in lieu of the 12 Days sale. So I wouldn’t hold your breath. In case you weren’t aware, SCEA (America) and SCEE (Europe) are completely separate entities.

    • Fire the team of SCEE and let SCEA do it here. SCEA does a way better job…

    • Clearly someone that only notices the scea side when they’re doing things right.

  • So many cry babies, although I can’t say I’m surprised, the comments section is always full of them.

    Anyway, I’ll hold off ony my purchase of Resident Evil until Friday :)

    • So many fanboys willing to defend their company, although I can’t say I’m surprised, the comments section is always full of them.

    • If you paid your own bills you would feel ripped off too.

    • I do pay my own bills and my own mortgage and I still don’t feel ripped off. Maybe I just lack the infated sense of entitlement that others do.

    • How is receiving 5 days less then the 365 days you paid for NOT being ripped off?
      Not to mention the lack of communication regarding throughout the whole incident…

      This “10% off” gimmick seems more concerned about saving Sony money then recovering the goodwill they lost.

      I imagine if some people hadn’t already sunk 600 bucks into the console (never mind the games) they would think twice about choosing PlayStation after seeing how poorly Sony has been treating its customers.

    • @Waikato_Pete

      I’m with adin. A few things here you seem to misunderstand…

      1) If you look through any of the T&Cs for purchases concerning the PSN Store, you’ll see that although we pay for 365 days, we’re entitled to NO refunds of any kind. So them giving us the 5 days back that we paid for is a courtesy. That’s where the recovery of the good will comes from.

      2) The 10% discount, they didn’t have to do that at all. People crying about the short time span may have a point if Sony/Playstation were obligated to give us some sort of compensation, alas, they are not.

      3) Following the above two points, everyone these days feels entitled about everything. Even when someone gives you something for free, it’s still not good enough. You don’t like it? Go kill yourself because you obviously have nothing better to do in life.

      4) Sony treat their customers pretty well, as do Playstation, as far as the company is concerned. It’s SCEE that take advantage of us time and time again. Don’t blame the many for the actions of the few.

    • @frimo_online

      If my steak was undercooked at a restaurant I would probably send it back – I’m not self entitled, I just like to get way I pay for.
      I know they’re not legally obliged to give us anything, but they are trying to win a war against Xbox at the moment, so they need to keep their customers on side.
      Offering a limited use voucher that is timed between releases and several peoples pay-cycles (see below for example) is either very sloppy work or is a blatant way of minimizing their loss.

    • @Waikato_Pete I do pay my own bills, and am also currently unemployed, but guess what? even I have money for this weekend it’s not hard to not spend EVERYTHING as soon as you get paid and then think it’s okay to moan when given something that they where under NO obligation to even give us in the first place, because YOU forgot to put something to the side.

    • @Pure_Mind_Games

      Mate.. you should write a self help book or something… what a truely inspirational story!

      I haven’t got any pay issues, its others that will be missing out due to timing. I feel bad for them.

  • Utterly useless, I don’t get paid till the 29th. Way to reward your fan base.

  • Thanks! I’ll be getting Atelier Ayesha on Friday, then. :)

  • Conveniently after the sale ends

    • Ever seen an actual voucher? like Morrisons? they all say “can’t be used in conjuntion with other offers” so it probably wouldn’t have worked anyway

  • You can shove your 10% discount. A three day window to use it is bloody ridiculous and an insult!

    What frustrates me the most is the Network was down for the last few days of the 20th Anniversary sale and rather than extend those prices when services resumed like logic would dictate and the US customers recieved on a similar sale you offer us this instead.

    I was ready to buy multiple games on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with PSN credit thats still sitting in my account. This poor excuse of an apology doesn’t cut it.

  • Sucks! Wanted to use it for Bloodborne, not Evolve.

  • 3 days?! wow…that sucks

  • Nowhere in both this post or the previous one does it says that the 10% code is an apology for the server downtime. They say this is a ‘Thank you’ gift for the new year. So yeah, it’s not an apology, just a marketing campaign so no need to complain.

    On a side note, it means that only PS Plus members get an apology, oh well…

    • Where it says “as promised” in this blog post, the link points to a blog post which specifically says in the first sentence: “Since access to PlayStation Network was impacted during the holidays, we wanted to show our appreciation”.

      This is their compensation for the outage, disguised as a thank you gift.

  • So as an apology we buy games off Psn at a slightly discounted rate ? This benefits Sony more than I, I did not have a plus account so we really get nothing while Sony gets a sale boost… Very good.

  • They don’t have to give us anything but people still whine about what they think they should be getting. I’m just glad that I can play.

  • This is nice and all…. but i think it seems not much thought went into this:

    1 – Were being told this mid January….. for most people, its the longest month due to early december pay, most people have already overspent for the month.

    2 – The window closes before the end of the month, i.e. your not taking advantage of people only getting paid then?

    3 – You give 3 days heads up… with the above in mind, would have atleast been nice to know earlier… i would have happily set some money aside.

    I rarely have a problem with PSN stuff, but i cant help but think how poorly this is handled…. do you guys not want the sales to be as best as possible?

  • On the 18th someone credited my account with a 30 day trial. I still had 16 more days of my PS+ left. I’ve resubscribed today for 3 months and now have 4 months left.
    Also several mates have had the same thing happen. I think SONY are saying 6 rays extra, but they surprising us with 30 days. Who else got 30 days? All go and check your subscriptions and transaction history.
    SONY are the only ones who can apply a 30 day trial to your account when your still in subscription. You can’t add a trial when your still subscribed, that’s a fact. You can however psy for note time while still subscribed!

    • Mine said a 30 day trial was activated, but my subscription runs out on 30.07.15, which is 5 days later than it would have. So I got the 5 days, not sure why it says 30 day trial, but good stuff if you actually got 30 days :-)

    • Something weird happened to me as well on the 18th..It looks like my sub has been extended. I don’t know for how long, I could swear it was due to expired mid February. But no charge, checked my bank account as well to make sure..But to be safe, I deleted everything cause you never know.

  • Seriously? Only 3 days 10 % off? Really?

  • “10% in your Shopping Card” was advertised. Now we getting it except PS+. How BS is that? You better be Happy someone extend to you use your Service. For me i will not extend the Service since Start. Sony this is ridiculous! “Oh we will loose 10% on our Service, no way”. Bunch of Marketing Id……

  • The short time frame is a bit weak, only 3 days. I thought it would be at least a week.

    Still, this suits me fine, as I belive Suikoden and Suikoden 2 are released on the Playstation Store this week. So I can use this 10% discount to buy these two really excellent JRPGs.

  • Can’t see 10% off games as being enough of an incentive to buying much at non sale store prices. All a bit pointless.

  • It seems the ability to use the discount is restricted to a similar window of time that PSN was offline over Christmas! Also conveniently timed to not allow me to pick up a few last minute items in the January sales… I was toying with buying a couple of games before that ends tomorrow but was hoping to be able to use the code…. now the dilemma of whether to buy them and use of this month’s game budget or hold in the hope there may be something else on sale over that 3 day period that I might want to buy instead and can save an additional 10% on….

  • Well, I’m getting REHD, so that can wait until the 23rd. However I had also hoped to use it on Grim Fandango… Someone above says it is good for preorders? So if that is the case, and we can actually preorder Grim Fandango, then I am pretty happy.

    3 day time period is a lot shorter than I had hoped.

  • No use on PS+ Subscriptions?! Sux!


  • Let’s hope the code works. Not like the free movie one.

  • I was hoping the discount code would last for at least one month. Not just 3 days. C’mon guys it’s just a 10% discount which you can’t use even on PSplus. I’m gonna pass on this one and hope for good deals in 2015.

  • Not too happy about the time limit.

    I wanted to use it on:
    2 years PS+ subscription – That is excluded now.
    Grim Fandango – Not available to preorder in Europe
    Suikoden I and Suikoden II – Not confirmed to be out this week.

    I had plans to spend a lor of money but it looks like I won’t be spending much.

  • PS+ Subscription – excluded
    Music Unlimited – excluded
    Rental Video Content – excluded
    All Games in PSN January Sale – excluded (Ends 22-01-2015)

  • Suikoden I and Suikoden II should be in everyone’s basket this weekend if it is released. They are the best classic RPG’s on the store.

  • Don’t really care, you can keep it. I was not affected then (didn’t play or was going to buy anything), and I am not gonna be affected right now..Using it in the future for a sub which runs out in less than man, could’ve been nice. But I’m not gonna re-sub to save a few euros. It literally makes no difference to me, and I need a break from plus anyway. I don’t think the next few months are gonna be good, so what’s the point.

  • @Eric Lempel

    Is this really the way you want to thank your customers for their loyalty?
    Man, when Microsoft was basicly eating up your marketshares in Europe and on the US market Sony was humble and took care of their customers, now when ps4 has made a huge impact and regained those lost marketshares, Sony gets greedy. Please dont make the same mistake as Microsoft did and take for granted your customers…

    If this 10% was ever intented as a true apology to us, your customers, you should really reconsider putting a time limit on the discount code and simple offer the 10 % discount to use during 2015, otherwise its just a transparent publicity stunt that doesnt fool anybody. Have you considered that people might not get paid until past the expire date? or that people might be on vacation?

    I could go on, but all i can ask is for you to look beyond mere profits and do the right thing for your customer base.


    A disapointed customer

    • Agree 100% Sony were great with the previous gen after a bad start, this gens customer liaisons has been pretty terribly managed so far.

  • So they are saying we can use the discount code on pre-order games like Bloodborne, The Order.. etc. But the thing is there is no section to use the discount code on pre-order games both in webstore or ps4. Can anybody tell me how we use them on pre-ordering?

  • So they are saying we can use the discount code on pre-order games like Bloodborne, The Order.. etc. But the thing is there is no section to use the discount code on pre-order games both in webstore or ps4. Can anybody tell me how we use them on pre-ordering??

  • So the 10% code will be valid for just three days despite the outage, by your own admission, lasting five days? Furthermore you’ve constantly stalled and stonewalled over the discount since announcing it three weeks ago, then drop the details just three days before it goes live? You may as well have just given the details to your media shills if you wanted to avoid discussion and feedback like you do with every DriveClub update.

    Only becomes valid *after* the January sale ends, the silence already told us this but without the combining of savings the 10% isn’t going to make much difference seeing as all of our games have increased in coat by some 40-50% since last gen, it’s a great deal for the US and Japan though who still pay last gen prices subsidised by us. So there’s no compelling reason to use it on a game, how about a PS+ sub? Oh, you’ve excluded that for some bizarre reason, so the code is useless to me right now, I’ll save it later. Nope, has to be used within 3 days for some other bizarre reason.

    Looks like this year is going to begin as last year ended. Right now we need a post from someone at SCEE taking responsibility to the failings of the last 14 months and detailing improvements in communication, store availability and pricing policy. European gamers are the last to be updated through official channels of they are updated at all, suffer constant delays and absences in store content and are the only territory who saw a price increase in games for this gen. I’d like to let this sort of thing slide but when you’re deliberately poor as toy have been with this discount code, these things need bringing up again.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more in regards to SCEE. Its like a bad joke if i’m honest.

      Take today’s launch of the Resident Evil HD remake as an example.

      No information on this blog anywhere about it, even though the SCEE team has known for a while now that there were/are very concerned players wondering if we could get the same pre-order deal as the US, then wondering if we would get anything at all.

      The US team by the way, did a great job communicating everything their readers needed to know.

      What did we get – Silence.

      I just Googled the answer in the end, which was surprising as if all this information is already available on the Internet “Capcom being the source so confirmed legit” then you would expect the team here to post something up and answer a few questions, but nope!

      So despite the fact an answer was know, and that this is supposed to be the place to come for information, and the fact that staff here said they would post up the information when something became known, nothing was ever posted. Its like they just couldn’t be bothered with this blog.

      Its the same in any post – just read the comments and watch how selective they are on what they reply to. Very poor communications efforts on this blog – its frankly quite embarrassing

  • at least I was offline during the downtime but this is no good to me either due to the fact that i waiting for either Virgin or BT to get me back playing online games. i been told (but not bank on it) it be Feb

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