New Project CARS trailer makes its debut

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New Project CARS trailer makes its debut

Check out Slightly Mad Studios’ stylish racer ahead of its impending launch

Hi there guys, Andy Tudor here from Slightly Mad Studios. I hope everyone had a great holiday and New Year! Normally the holidays are a welcome time to relax with friends and family, eat turkey, celebrate over a couple of drinks, and watch some movies but there’s no rest for the wicked unfortunately – we were hard at work getting Project CARS ready for launch in just a few short months!

Having made the decision to get players like yourselves involved in the creation of the game right from day one, you’re finally going to get your hands on what we believe is truly the most technically-advanced, beautiful, intense and authentic racing game there’s ever been! YOU have tested it, YOU have guided its direction telling us what features, cars, tracks and much more to put in, and ultimately YOU have been approving it at every step of the way so that it’s truly the racing game of your dreams.

For those still wondering why they should get Project CARS, here’s a quick rundown of what to expect…

  • It’s got a huge variety of motorsports on offer. Our teams are based in over 18 different countries so cars and car culture all mean something different to us all. For me, it’s growing up in the ’80s with the Formula 1 days of Nigel Mansell and Ayrton Senna. For others it’s modern-day NASCAR, the German Touring scene, or European Endurance racing. So with Project CARS we wanted to ensure the cars in the game represented truly global motorsports with each of their rules and formats intact.
  • Project CARS has the largest track roster of any recent racing game: locations from all around the world from Australia to Dubai to Belgium, Japan, US West Coast, and the UK we’ve packed in over 250 miles of tarmac.
  • Lastly but by no means least, we’ve ensured that Project CARS is accessible, customisable, and tailored to each and everyone’s comfort and skill level with a huge amount of personalisation options. You can dial the handling to anything from a complete sim experience to something more casual. With Project CARS you’ll truly be able to make it your own.

But enough of me talking – check out our new trailer below to see what gamers like yourselves have been making over the last few years and why we’re all excited here for you to get your hands on it…

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  • The texturing artists need to change the bump map for the number plate as well! ;)


  • How many cars on track for online and offline races?

  • I want pancakes with this.

  • I really hope that this game will play as great as it looks (and sounds). Otherwise you’d disappoint one of my brothers, who forces me to watch some Project CARS regularly. ;)

  • I was exited to play this game on my ps4 but since I can’t use my logistics wheel there really isn’t a point trying to play a simple racer with a pad!!!

  • Yeah baby! That is Project CARS! ;) Thanks Doctor Baysted and Ed for this masterpiece. Especially for GTR 2 theme notes

  • Will this have a demo? I really want it but want to check it out first.

  • This prerendered CGI con has to stop. I got so fed up of Gran Turismo doing this.
    And is it 60fps?

  • I have a question, does it have offline play?

    • Yes! Career Mode, Solo Quick Race Weekends, and Free Practice! Oh, and Time Trials (if you don’t want to go online and try and beat other players – but where’s the fun in that ;o))

  • Hey Andy! Really can’t wait for this! One Question though… Will the game support stereoscopic 3d on ps4? I mean, If it works with Morpheus would the same apply to playing on a 3d monitor?


  • Logitech wheel support or no buy.

    • Do yo know that the game developers cannot make Logitech wheel work? It needs to be supported by PS4 first, its like trying to access peripheral without driver…

    • I think I will buy this. Not sure. Must look it up more. BUT I will not buy it to the PS4! ( I BUY IT TO PC! ) cuz of the greeeeeedy Sony not make my G27 wheel work whit PS4 !

      I WILL NOT BUY A PLASTICFANATIC CRAPISH WHEEL! Or whatever the name of the wheel’s that support’s the PS4…

    • I will not buy a PS4 until they support my Logitech DFGT. I will buy a PC, no looking back. And this is from someone that has more than 1500 USD worth of PS3 games… Sick and tired of greed and disrespect of loyal consumers.

    • Thrustmaster signed an exclusive agreement with Sony for the PS4 so there’s no Logitech support for this console. What I heard was a couple of years ago, Logitech were thinking of getting out of the PC/console controller game and turn their efforts more towards their multi remote control devices for TV/AV market.
      I believe Sony got ‘cold feet’ from supporting Logitech wheels at this news, hence the contract for supplying authorised wheels was turned over to Thrust master ? I’m miffed by lack of Logitech support as I use a DFGT on the PS3, but seeing as its getting old and worn now from use and abuse on GT5 and 6, its time I got something newer anyways.
      Saying you’re not going to buy a game just because a console doesn’t support your chosen wheel is IMHO, cutting your nose off to spite your face, so to say. Either invest in a supported wheel, or buy it on a different platform that will. Moaning about it won’t change anything !

  • If only the G27 works on PS4…

  • Odd, Project Cars has had more blog coverage in the last three months than Sony’s own DriveClub. Probably for the best, ignoring questions on Twitter is a lot easier than ignoring them here. There hasn’t been a single statement made on the blog or any other official channel since release day, even the open letter from Yoshida prepping for the PS+ version to be cancelled was handed to gaming websites rather than posted here.

    Where is the PS+ version?
    Will any of the removed content be put back into the Plus version to make up for the ever increasing delay?
    Has there been a rethink on disallowing the PS+ version from getting the free updates? We all know that of the 50 non-DLC cars the 10 that will be in this version will be from the bottom half, what’s the point of a demo that can play online if its deliberately designed that you can’t compete therefore won’t enjoy it?
    Where is the promised 50% discount on Plus for those who bought DriveClub? Had that offer actually been available I’d have considered forgeting (but not forgiving) the PS+ lie as the current £20 deal combined with 50% off a year of plus would have have given me the full game as promised and a renewal for Plus which I need any way.

    There’s some pretty big disappointments in the world of gaming, but very few compare to the story of DriveClub from its reveal at E3 2013 to 7 million people who have stopped caring.

  • Looks great, hopefully the AI won’t try to kill the driver like in Drive You of the Road Club. Does anyone know if project cars has a split screen mode? That would be awesome.

  • I noticed that the video runs on 60fps… but will the game run on 60fps on PlayStation 4?

  • Game looks exciting but would be boring to play without a wheel. Wont be buying another wheel just for PS4 and therefore wont be getting this either.

  • Would like to know the differences between the PC and PS4 versions, in terms of graphical fidelity and frame rate.

  • Can’t wait to play this on my Xbox one dc lol

  • So this is the next GT?!

  • I must be the only person who has a compatible wheel. It might be hard to find other semi serious players to race against.

    I hope the game is good,It would be nice to have a game to play on ps4 that uses my t300 gte

  • Don’t worry I’ll be there to race you. Sold my g27 a year and half ago as logitech pulled out of the wheel market and thrustmaster looked like getting the nod for the official ps 4 wheel. It’s amazing the amount of g27 owners who didn’t do enough research to see this coming and are now getting burned. Anyway, me and my t500 will be waiting ;-)

    • I’ll send you a friend request later when on my ps4 if you like ?. Most of my racing buddies haven’t even bought a ps4 let alone a new wheel so i have been a little pessimistic about my future of online racing.

      I had a t500 and absolutely loved it. The smooth dual belt 1080 rotation and better/less noisy force feedback were excellent.

  • Am I the only one who’s getting a very Gran Turismo-esque vibe from this trailer? The pacing, the Montage, the filters, the music

    If I didn’t know this was a trailer for Project Cars I’d thought it was an announcement trailer for GT7 :P

  • No logitech wheel support = No buy for this game, and it is a pity as it looks stellar!!

      Logitech got out of the controller market so what do you expect Sony to do huh !!

  • Hi Andy,

    Looks great! Can you confirm if this was captured directly from a PS4 or is a combination of PS4/PC/post processed imagery.

    If it looks this good on the PS4 at 60fps you have not just my money, but my family too.

  • Until you realise that racing sim enthusiasts already have a perfectly good wheels and don’t want to spend £300 on another just for PS4, that will likely have to be binned when PS5 comes along, PS4 is not a platform for racing.

    I got bored of Driveclub in a few days using the DS4.

    • I hate this stupid forum having no edit feature.

      Andy, can you as a developer push Sony in to offering wider support for peripherals supported on PS3? I really want this so much but don’t want to buy a Thrustmaster wheel because Sony says I have to.

  • Don’t blame sony, blame logitech. They stopped making console peripherals. They would have to make a new driver for their old wheels to work with the PS4 and they have zero interest in doing so.

    My T500 is ready and waiting for March. :-)

  • The game play on youtube for this look extremely poor!

  • As I undestand it, the issue is Sony’s overzealous security requiring peripherals to have an authentication chip. A cynic would say that security doesn’t extend beyond their licensing deal with Thrustmaster. It’s not just Logitech wheels that aren’t supported here, there are Fanatec and Madcatz wheels out there too. Wait until next gen, you’ll have another wheel to buy.

    • Its not about security, its about bussines. Eventually Sony will release their own wheels for a million bucks and you wont have cheaper alternatives.

  • As I’ve said about every other driving/racing game on this poor excuse for a console that I was dumb enough to buy at launch based on Sony’s ‘promises’ – no Legacy Wheel Support == No Purchase.

    Don’t care whose fault it is – sort it out.

  • Why not show actual gameplay, not video demo stuff to show off graphics will never actually see

  • About the wheel support, programmers can add support. Why on PS3 the “Logitech MOMO” is only useable on GT5/6 and not on other games ?
    Is’nt the same on PS4 ?

  • About the wheel support, programmers can add support. Why on PS3 the “Logitech MOMO” is only useable on GT5/6 and not on other games ?
    Is not the same on PS4 ?

    • One part of the french faq of the PS4 : “Est-ce que les périphériques PS3 comme les Sticks Arcade et des volants fonctionneront sur le système PS4 ?
      D’une manière générale, non. Cependant, au moment du lancement, les utilisateurs seront en mesure d’utiliser ces contrôleurs si un titre de jeu spécifique lui permet d’être utilisé dans le jeu. Cette décision incombe au développeur du jeu et varie d’un jeu à l’autre.”

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