New on PlayStation Store today: Far Cry 4 DLC, Joe Danger 2, Atelier Ayesha Plus, more

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New on PlayStation Store today: Far Cry 4 DLC, Joe Danger 2, Atelier Ayesha Plus, more

Plus, Assassin’s Creed: Unity DLC, Fat Princess: Piece of Cake, LBP3 costumes

A warm welcome to 2015, one and all. I’m sure we’ve had a number of new users entering our cosy PlayStation family over the holiday season, so a massive hello to you all. We hope you enjoy what’s to come this year (personally I’m looking forward to Bloodborne and the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo), but also be sure to spend some time with the awesome games you may have missed from last year.

To get cracking, the first publish of 2015 brings all new Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed Unity content to sink more hours into, stunt action arcade game Joe Danger 2: The Movie now for PS Vita, new LittleBigPlanet 3 costumes based on Disney’s Big Hero 6 (so excited to see this!), and new song packs for Rocksmith 2014.

The January Sale is also on for one more week, with great deals on the likes of Far Cry 4: Gold Edition, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Danganronpa and plenty more.

See ya next week, with Resident Evil and new deals.

PlayStation 4


PlayStation Store Update
MXGP – The Official Motocross Videogame COMPACT

Peggle 2 Magical Masters Edition

Rabbids Invasion: Gold Edition

PlayStation Vita

Atelier Ayesha Plus with Bonus

Fat Princess: Piece of Cake
Price: Free

Joe Danger 2: The Movie

MXGP – The Official Motocross Videogame COMPACT

PlayStation Mobile

The Lost Kids

3D Reversi for PlayStation Mobile


Appli Archives Nippon Ichi Software Mini Game Pack 1

Pathetic Cube

Journey of the Wind


Appli Archives IDAC Escape Game Pack 1


Solbrain VII – Dungeon


Chopper Diver


Bomb Drop

Green Island

Out of Mind

Flappy Retro

Mini Golf Mundo

Ambition of the Slimes


Alien: Isolation

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

  • Hot Rod Exo Pack (DUP) (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.35)
  • AUS Exoskeleton Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Australia Exoskeleton Pack (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Barong Exo Pack – [R/P] (DUP) (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.35)
  • CAN Exoskeleton Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Creature Pack (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Creature Premium Pack -E/A (DUP) (£3.49/€3.99/AU$5.95)
  • ESP Exoskeleton Pack – [R/P] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • FRA Exoskeleton Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • France Exoskeleton Pack (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • GER Exoskeleton Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Germany Exoskeleton Pack (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • ITA Exoskeleton Pack – [R/P] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • JPN Exoskeleton Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Lightning Pack (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Lightning Premium Pack (DUP) (£3.49/€3.99/AU$5.95)
  • Magma Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Magma Premium Pack – [E/A] (DUP) (£3.49/€3.99/AU$5.95)
  • Nanotech Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Nanotech Premium Pack – R/P (DUP) (£3.49/€3.99/AU$5.95)
  • NED Exoskeleton Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Panda Exo Pack – [R/P] (DUP) (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.35)
  • Steampunk Exo Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.35)
  • UK Exoskeleton Pack – [R/P] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • USA Exoskeleton Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)

Far Cry 4

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

LittleBigPlanet 3

Rabbids Invasion

Rocksmith 2014

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

  • Blood Hunters Warband (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Orc Slayer Rune (£0.79/€0.99/AU$1.45)

The Crew

WWE 2K15

  • Hulk Hogan Pack (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.55)
  • Sting Pack (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.55)
  • New Moves Pack (£3.29/€3.99/AU$5.95)


Alien: Isolation

Assassn’s Creed Rogue

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • Hot Rod Exo Pack (DUP) (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.35)
  • AUS Exoskeleton Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Australia Exoskeleton Pack (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Barong Exo Pack – [R/P] (DUP) (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.35)
  • CAN Exoskeleton Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Creature Pack (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Creature Premium Pack -E/A (DUP) (£3.49/€3.99/AU$5.95)
  • ESP Exoskeleton Pack – [R/P] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • FRA Exoskeleton Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • France Exoskeleton Pack (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • GER Exoskeleton Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Germany Exoskeleton Pack (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • ITA Exoskeleton Pack – [R/P] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • JPN Exoskeleton Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Lightning Pack (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Lightning Premium Pack (DUP) (£3.49/€3.99/AU$5.95)
  • Magma Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Magma Premium Pack – [E/A] (DUP) (£3.49/€3.99/AU$5.95)
  • Nanotech Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Nanotech Premium Pack – R/P (DUP) (£3.49/€3.99/AU$5.95)
  • NED Exoskeleton Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • Panda Exo Pack – [R/P] (DUP) (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.35)
  • Steampunk Exo Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.35)
  • UK Exoskeleton Pack – [R/P] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)
  • USA Exoskeleton Pack -[E/A] (DUP) (£1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95)

Far Cry 4

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

MX VS ATV Supercross

  • Honda CR125R (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.55)
  • Honda CRF250R (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.55)
  • Honda TRX450R ATV (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.55)
  • Honda CRF450R (£2.49/€2.99/AU$4.55)

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Pinball Arcade

WWE 2K15


Atelier Ayesha Plus

  • Alternate BGM Pack (£1.19/€1.49/AU$2.55)
  • Flower Band (£0.79/€0.99/AU$1.45)
  • Passion Cloth (£0.79/€0.99/AU$1.45)

Destiny of Spirits

  • 500 Orb Pack with Kichipee (£17.99/€21.99/AU$32.95)
  • 1000 Orb Pack with Kichipee (£30.99/€36.99/AU$55.95)

January Sale

Far Cry 4 Gold Edition (PS4) – Was £74.99/€84.99/AU$135.95, now £59.99/€69.99/AU$105.95
Far Cry 4 Gold Edition (PS3) – Was £69.99/€79.99/AU$129.95, now £44.99/€54.99/AU$89.95
Far Cry 4 (PS4) – Was £54.99/€59.99/AU$99.95, now £44.99/€49.99/AU$69.95
Far Cry 4(PS3) – Was £49.99/€59.99/AU$89.95, now £29.99/€39.99/AU$49.95

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7 Author Replies

  • Why does PSN not have an automatic 2 hour refund after purchase/download like Google Play? If you dont like the game, controls, or just rather play something else, its kinda stupid to still keep the customers money? On the long run this will work against you as people just buy less and are more careful reading (bought) reviews first if at all. I mean Google must be doing somethn right with 50 times more gamers on Google than on PS4. (1 Billion vs 20 Million, LOL)

    • More people are casual gamers on smartphones because phones are more widespread and have daily uses.

    • I take it you don’t think the price might have something to do with the sales difference? You know, the fact that console games are 10 or 20 times more expensive than mobile ones. No, no, it’s about the refund policy. That’s it.

    • Does this guy ever shut up about his 1bn Android install base. Seriously mate, give it a rest, it’s getting extremely boring. Android runs on PHONES (that almost everyone has nowadays), not powerful, new-gen home consoles! Oh and the fact that most Android games are FREE might also have something to do with your precious 1bn vs 20m stat. Sheesh. Now go and annoy someone else.

    • All phone games are trash.
      It’s like calling Bon Jovi “metal”
      Those arn’t games, those arn’t even Gamers…

    • It’s completely moronic to compare install base on phones to dedicated game systems. The vast majority of phones are bought for that purpose, as a phone. Plus phone numbers are hypeinflated due to the fact that many people replace their phones when their contracts come round to being renewed which is typically 6-12 months. Someone who gets 6 month contracts often could add 10 phones over 5 years to that count whereas someone who bought a PS4 would have it last just as long.

      Bottom line is phone hardware sales have always been insanely high even before they were used for gaming. People like getting their new phones on a somewhat regular basis.

    • Why didn’t you make a comment on the Fat Princess Piece Cake game announced yesterday for Vita and your precious phones????
      I thought that would be right up your ally but no of course, here you are, so dedicated to troll, that you copy and pasted your comment so you could be first YET AGAIN on the store update post, regardless of what was in the post. Can we please get a ban on this account once and for all Fred/Jawad?

    • Seriously, what a pathetic troll.

    • And this is exactly why I ask the Mario__4__Life account get banned. Take a look at the reply to the first comment on this post (of course nothing to do with the person he is “replying” to, he just had to get to the top of the post)
      It so funny how he posts things like this, insulting the store teams and then a week later pretends to be on Jawad and co’s side. Oh and somebody tell him that Sony do have mobile devices with Android as the LEAD PLATFORM on them.

    • Excluding the comparison with Android, I agree with Mario. People should be able to test a games performance before they pay.

      PSN already has a full game trial system set up, so they just have to make sure all games use it.

    • Yeah, but 95% of phone games aren’t worth playing.

      The terms & conditions are there, you know them; if you don’t like, don’t buy. Simples.

    • I like that everyone is quick to jump the guy on the comparison but didn’t really get the point of the post, I agree with what you’re aiming at Mario

    • You’re right, neil, Mario is a victim of the system. Poor him!

  • No games deals added to January Sale for Vita? :-(

  • £30 for DoS DLC? You guys really know how to take the ****.

    • Sorry to hijack your post but wanted to get in a noticeable position to ask why the addition of a PS+ discount on DRIVECLUB UPGRADE EDITION (NOW £19.99) hasn’t been stated in this store update.

      and to make sure I typed that in bold so people were aware of it. :-)

    • thanks but why would I buy it if the game’s still broken online? Isn’t that the reason for the PS+ Ed. delay? If the game is in fact working now and they’d rather discount the PS+ upgrade instead of releasing the free PS+ ed. then it seems like this whole delay was only to maximise profits. It’s been 3 months, if the game is STILL broken then I have no reason to buy the PS+ upgrade, even if it is on sale.

    • Hey buy it or don’t. I’m not an ambassador for the game or anything. Just wanted to add so people were aware of it.

      Honestly though I don’t think there was anything disingenuous with the delay or with the faults with this game because honestly how the hell would creating a disaster of a launch like that be a great advertisement for a game. It just wouldn’t.

      As it happens though. If you have a PS+ subscription and £20 quid and want a bonny looking racer that feels kinda like Project Gotham/GRID, then this really isn’t a bad choice

    • I`m not gonna say the free version is being hold but I`m certain it isn’t the priority (probably never was) for SCE;
      this is because almost everybody is praising how beautiful this game looks after the patches; and Sony knows that more and more people are buying it;
      I guess the PS+ version of DriveClub wont come out until June/July after the last wave of DLCs….

  • When is Suikoden planned to come out?
    Im looking forward to playing Suikoden, please

  • So you’re not giving us the option to pre-load Resident Evil HD? Despite the fact that the US store can already do it? Thanks PlayStation!

  • When can we pre-order the Resident Evil Remaster?

    • Just in case that digital version runs out of digital units to digitally sell? Digital pre-orders are the biggest con publishers have cooked up in years. Pre-ordering a physical copy, sure I can understand that. But pre-ordering a digital copy? Give me a break.

    • The Resident Evil pre-order includes cross buy with PS3 – So those of us that actually want to take advantage of this for whatever reason are interested to know why we are still unable to pre-order with the game arriving in 6 days time and the US PSN store has had it available for well over a week at this point.

      If Pre-Orders dont interest you – good for you – move along and don’t annoy those of us who are actually interested in further information as to the pre-order details

    • Soon as I get any news I will let you know.

    • I’ll just pre-order in the US Store, at least im certain i’ll get crossbuy and it’ll be cheaper aswell.

    • it’s getting beyond a joke now, there is 5 days left and nothing on the store, the preorder is available to uk xbox one, us psn, and japan, but good old uk are left behind like always.

    • We’re getting cross-buy for the first 2 weeks after the release of the game here.

    • Any news yet Jawad? Not long now to the games release date – and while our fellow PS gamers in the US are as always fully aware in advance of what is going on, how to pre-order etc, we are once again left in the dark.

      It isn’t a secret that resident evil is coming out – we have known for months…..and you guys have known for months………. How ye can be so unprepared is frankly beyond me

    • ^ are you friggin’ kidding me? It’s written anywhere now.

  • Still no pinball arcade season 2 I see :(
    Any news on when to expect it?..

  • Still no Suikoden hopefully next week

  • 2.5 years since Starhawk B&B DLC was introduced. Could we get it for 1€ per building/vehicle soon/now?

  • MXGP – The Official Motocross Videogame says £49.99 in the store?

  • Will we be getting Resident Evil HD pre-order with crossbuy if you pre-order? Or are we gonna be screwed over?

    Also, Suikoden, next week or in 2 weeks? The wait is killing me!

  • @Silent_Gig: I second that! Didn’t have high hopes of Suikoden being released with this update but hoping for next week (maybe?)

  • I see Resident Evil REmake has been added to the store but no purchase option. Can you confirm when/if we can preorder and pre-load this? Thanks.!/en-ie/games/resident-evil/cid=EP0102-CUSA01067_00-BHRHDPS400000001

  • Hi Jawad!

    Do You have any news on the price change of the Escape Plan DLCs? US got it ages ago…

  • When will we get the 10% discount?

  • Cheers Jawad. Don’t suppose there’s any news on when the Rocksmith Import Pack of the songs from the original game will be available for the PS4? They’ve already got it in the US apparently but not here :( Thanks!

  • Is it possible to get Bloodborne and Uncharted 4 preorders on the store in anticipation of the 10% discount code?

  • Only Far Cry 4 for January Sale??? Are you kidding???

    • I’m not even sure Far Cry 4 can be said to be ‘on sale’ when it’s nearly twice the price of most physical copies.

  • I noticed Driveclub was put into the Janurary sale (standard £34.99 and PS+ upgrade at £19.99) just before this was posted but it isn’t included in this post.

    Is this an error somewhere?

    Also… close to caving in on buying something and ignoring that 10% discount. I’m becoming too impatient D:

    • It’s part of the January sale. Part 2 of the sale should start today and by the looks of it, the store has already updated before the blog post. Anyway I expect that there’ll soon be a post here in PS Blog about that sale since it’s already scheluded that the sale starts today

    • Part 2 of the January sale was last week. It started on the 7th as they said when Part 1 was announced and has a lot more in it.

      Mildly annoying they discounted it now. I gave up waiting for the PS+ version and grabbed it when I had a few mates round over the holidays. Hey ho, them’s the breaks.

      Would have been nice if they’d stuck the Season Pass in the sale but it doesn’t look like they have.

  • Will PSN EU have a Playstation Anniversary Sale like PSN US ?

  • Was hoping to see both Suikodens today. It’s either the 21st or the 28th so.

  • Are there any plans to release Puyo Puyo Tetris in Europe?

  • I was hoping for resident evil remaster pre-order since it is due out on Tuesday 20th. Any chance this may appear or do we wait until Wednesday for the store to update?

  • Guess no Resident Evil Remastered Pre-Order and cross-buy bonus. We pay more and we get less.

  • “Did you enjoy this?”

    I clicked on the sad face

  • All i want is RE HD avatars and Miku avatars.

    • Your outta luck there when it comes to capcom avatars. One of the guys who deals with the avatars has been laid off so we won’t be seeing them anytime soon. As for the Hatsune Miku avatars your gonna have to contact sega for this since the staff here wouldn’t be bothered writing to companies about avatars. I wouldn’t expect those avatars to land on our store anyway.

    • I demand for REHD and Miku avatars because US store had them a few weeks ago. I’m sick of the lack of many contents in our EU store especially avatars.

      I can’t ask too much for ex the JP store library of avatars, but c’mon, EU store always put some such expensive non-sense avatars as a price of 1.19 euros.

  • Is Grim Fandango pre order coming and is the game going to be released in the last week of January.

  • Hello Jawad, could you tell me if Croatia will ever get all of the pre-2010 content on the Store?

    A good chunk of DLC and games (like Mana Khemia and Prinny 1), that were released prior to the opening of the Store here, are not available for purchase.

    Would greatly appreciate a response on this.

    • Some content may trickle out every now and then, but other than that there is no commitment to when/if everything will be released in new territories.

    • So, basically, the chances of getting any of that content is close to null.

      Well, thanks for the reply.

  • No pre-order/pre-load for RE HD Remaster like US got :/ Would have liked to pre-order and pre-load it already so i would be ready the moment it releases… …EU lost to US again.

  • So you only just got Driveclub working for those of us who purchased early on and you decide to discount it by £15 already?

    Now that’s a kick in the teeth

    • I upvoted your comment because I feel your pain, but this is why you should never pre-order a game.

      Don’t reward companies for rushing an unfinished product, wait until it’s released and make sure you know what you are buying.

  • It seems like such a long time since there was a demo of any game. Have all the publishers got together and collectively decided they’re not doing them any more?

  • New Year’s resolution to self, Keep posting until SCEE replies..

    Any new information on Cross Region Gifting.
    Like steam have had for years.

    It would really fit whit the season too now rigth? a easy way to gift someone a spesific game for christmas.

    I do mean gifts would have to be purchased as gift. (not transfearal of used). Like how you can get physical copies from abroad, you should be able to get digital ones too.

    How soon are the following titles getting on the SEN store?
    Final Fantasy Crisis Core
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone Complex
    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (yes I know of 2.5 hd remake, but thats not playable on portable device is it? ;) )
    Tales of Eternia
    Tales of the World Radiant Mythology
    Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

    Digimon World
    Digimon World 2003

    Why I keep asking (for the PSP ones), I got most of these on UMD, but I do not want to have to drag the PSP whit me in adition to the Vita. And for those that do not get (portable ie, Vita) remakes, it would be sad that people would not get to play them in the future. I adition, soon these could be fun to play on PS TV device. You know that poor device will need all the games it can get, just as the Vita.. Also added some games to the list by request.

    Oh, and to anyone complaining about me reposting, if they (SCEE, Not other people) would just take time to reply, something like: We have brougt your suggestions to the correct people/departments. Id shut up (about the things in the post) for atleast a few months.

    Not easy to rewrite this all the time, shortened it a little now..

    Temporary of the list until February as it have been said to have releasedate in January PS1 title Suikoden II

  • I wonder if SEGA+Sony plans to release digitally Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition in English…

    Nothing for me this week. But the next one looks great (Suikoden).

  • Hi Jawad. Is Resident Evil HD going to be Cross Buy on PS3 and PS4 next week? :D

  • I am sorry to say this but despite the assassins creed dlc, this is a terrible sale. I mean how is Sony going to make money be selling stuff that will not appeal to all gamers. I know the very old popular games like suikoden need a copyright thing but this kind of sale is not going to make them a lot of money.

  • Think you have made a mistake on pricing. You put the higher price in for the 6 track Linkin Park pack for Rocksmith, but the Soundgarden pack is only a 5 track and you posted it at the same price…

  • When will the price be revealed for Resident Evil (The remake) and when will I be able to pre-order it. Just says “Overview”.

    • The price is 20 euros for all platforms, 30 for the physical Asia PS3 version. I guess no preorder, as it’s coming out next week…

  • Hi jawad!

    A request for you, is it possible to mention which Vita games are compatible with PS TV when you write about store updates, please?

  • Is the Pinball Arcade DLC also available in the Vita? They usually come out at the same time.

  • The 3 cars for The Crew listed above arent available for purchase till next week. They are only available for season pass holders this week, which has been known for months. I guess nothing changed in 2015.

  • Atelier Ayesha Plus for me. I can’t believe Ubisoft is releasing DLC for The Crew while they still HAVEN’T fixed the bugs or even released a patch :/

  • Why so silent on Resident Evil (The remake) information?

    We will be able to pre-order it or we wont?
    We will be able to avil of the cross buy deal or we wont?

    Whats the big secret?

    • Knowing their previous story, Capcom will NEVER treat Europe like the States.

      When they delisted MVC2 and the MVC3 DLC, they slashed their prices in the States, on all platforms.

      It didn’t happen at all in Europe. Yeah, not even for the 360 versions.

      I guess the same happened with MVC1 last year.

    • Could be technical problems?!? That would explain the silence… …i really hope it appears to PSN with pre-load this week. Sick and tired of the fact that US almost always gets studd earlier than us or we don’t get it at all :/ I know one problem is the localization here in EU and that it takes time but still… …ah, this is pointless.

    • I doubt, that it has something to do with Capcom since the Steam and Xbox versions are up for pre-order in Europe. I heard it was on the PSN Store a couple days ago, and yesterday I saw it myself (even got a screen shot) but only the PS4 version. You couldn’t buy it though. You could open the page on a PC, and there wasn’t anything mentioning cross-buy, as opposed to the US page. We (and Australia I think) are the only ones who can’t pre-order the game, and I think it’s Sony’s doing.

  • I think there will be more purchases in the January Sale if the 10% discount is given out before the sale ends, it certainly will with me! Make it happen Sony!

  • Any news on that 10% discount code promised to us at the beginning of the month? Could use on this new content.

  • Hi Jawad,

    Will we be able to preorder Grim Fandango ? I saw online that apparently it’s up for preorder for Europe today, but when I check the store it’s not there *sigh* is this another US only thing : (

    Also, any idea if Joe Danger 2 Vita is cross-buy with the PS3 version ? I checked hello games twitter and couldn’t find an answer so I’m guessing it’s not :(

    Thanks :)

  • Driveclub (for Plus) is 25€! I want to buy it but I would like to try the game before. Just release the Plus Edition because many are in the same position as me.

    • I have the game Plus Edition upgrade from launch, at that price it’s worth it no matter what anyone says…..if not, go and purchase Need for Speed for more money…..LOL, seriously I doubt the PS+ edition is coming while at this price, but if it does that’s cool.

  • When is project cars available to ore order on store?

  • When is poject cars available to pre order on store

  • so RE HD remake for pre order x buy then? Well thats a screw thanks crapcom or sony for being so useless at false information, same for Double fine and grin fandango, they give a PSN pre order link on their website but the store doesn’t load as it not there…this is frustrating, its a con job as the x buy thing is not gonna happen for UK or EU for pre order…

  • Why are we never getting new themes?

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