Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk arrives on PS Vita tomorrow

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Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk arrives on PS Vita tomorrow

Everything you need to know about Koei Tecmo’s cult JRPG

Hello PS Vita players! We’re happy to announce that tomorrow we’ll be releasing Atelier Ayesha Plus ~The Alchemist of Dusk~ on PS Vita via PlayStation Store.

If you’re not familiar with Atelier game series, it’s a Japanese role-playing game developed by one of our development teams, GUST, in Japan. Unlike the previous titles in the Atelier series, the setting for Atelier Ayesha Plus, the Dusk World, is on the verge of ruin, the glory of their civilisation based on alchemy all but lost. Additionally, Hidari’s role as illustrator serves to further deepen the presentation of the Dusk World.


Atelier Ayesha Plus tells the tale of a girl, Ayesha Altugle, who after the death of her grandfather and the disappearance of her younger sister Nio, now lives alone blending healing cures to sell in her workshop. Upon a vision of Nio appearing near her empty grave, Ayesha convinced Nio is still alive and begins her search to save her sister.



This enhanced PS Vita version will bring new features including dual audio (English and Japanese voices), new bosses, new costumes, a Hard mode and the Album missions which unlock exclusive costumes and gameplay features and the ability to change party members at any time. Additionally, the content from the original PS3 version can be carried over.

Atelier Ayesha Plus will be available on PS Store tomorrow and if you download it from 14th January to 10th February 2015, you’ll receive Bonus costumes as a bundle, including:

  • White Diamond (Ayesha’s costume)
  • Passion Cross (Ayesha’s costume)
  • Strawberry Swimsuit (Wilbell’s costume)
  • Little Garnet (Wilbell’s costume)
  • Modern Girl (Linca’s costume)
  • Bride Sapphire (Linca’s costume)
  • Flower Band (Ayesha’s hair accessories)

Bonus Costume 1

For more information about Atelier Ayesha Plus, please visit the official site:

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6 Author Replies

  • Wow, looks beautiful. Thank you for bringing this to other regions too!
    More games please :)

  • Why all this game series has no shadows in game??

  • More Vita love is always appreciated, especially from JRPGs. I’ll surely get around to this series one day, since there’s like four already on Vita hahaha.

    Hopefully there will be localisations from Tecmo Koei on Vita in the coming year. :D

  • What’s the price?

    • That would be £34.99 / €39,99. Thanks.

    • I love Atelier games, but that price for a port realistically not much different than the PS3 version that I already bought and completed about 3 times is just not good.

      But I know why it is £34.99, because of people like me that even knowing that will still buy it as soon as it is available on the store tomorrow.

  • Thank you for continuing to bring over the Atelier series, have been waiting for this. Would love some PSN avatars too though!

  • You know KT I love it when you guys support the PSVita. Little curious about the retail market though since this game is a digital only release.

  • Glad to see you guys having a blog post about this! Can’t wait to pick it up to add the collection. Hoping Atelier series will keep coming to the west!
    Absolutely love Ayesha!

  • Have you considered a physical release for this game? I’m gutted none of the vita versions of Atelier made it to the west in physical form.

    Would limited runs where you need X people to sign up and buy in order for a print run to be done be out of the question? I’d put my money where my mouth is and buy if that were the case. At least that way you could prove/disprove the demand for physical copies, those who want them could get them and you wouldn’t have to worry about not selling through stock.

    Just a thought

  • Yay, more massively overpriced digital-only garbage ! Can’t wait to not buy it.

  • that’s good however how come suikoden I & II isn’t available yet when its already in US psn store and have become one of the top seller game

    • Konami Europe said it’s coming this month, be patient. If not on January 14th, then on the 21st or 28th.

      Also, this blog post was posted by Chin Soon Sun, Community Manager at Tecmo Koei Europe. Bit rude to ask about games they have no involvement in.

  • Thank you for bringing this game out in dual language English / Japanese!

    I still need to finish the previous Atelier games before I get this one, though.

  • For your info, Atelier Ayesha Plus supports and will work on PlayStation Vita TV.

  • Shame no physical release… So far I was supporting KT, and trying to buy most of your games, but this time I’ll wait for sale. I was hoping at least Dusk Trilogy will get physical versions, but seems like it won’t happen. :/

  • As my friend Tony would say “This is Grrreat!”

    Btw, ever considered doing a series release physically on the Vita? As the one the PS3 is getting…. And I’m buying. Haha…it’s the fourth time I’ll be buying them. Import, PS3, Vita and now PS3 again hahaha….I’m a sucker for Atelier.

  • Forget about it. Not buying unless there is retail version on Vita. I’m tired of this kind of treatment :/

    I bought all 3 previous parts for Vita… played only 1. Digital games are just too big hassle, all that downloading/removing/copying ruins the fun of playing games.

    • And it wouldn’t hurt to do similar thing to what NISA did with PS3 version… re-released trilogy with physical form. Shame that NISA isn’t publisher for Vita version :/

      I would buy once again all Atelier games if there was retail version.

    • Just grab a bigger memory card. I have a 64gb myself.

  • Yahoo, been waiting for this for a long time.
    I can’t just enjoy JRPGs without Japanese voices that much =D
    Especially when there’s someone from my TOP 10 of seiyuus =D

  • Tempting, I do have Totori Meruru, and Rorona Plus. But unfortunately I don’t poop out Vita Memory card storage nor the funds to buy multiple memory cards, so I’ll have to pass this game up.
    I also have an ‘under £20 policy’ for digital games for me to even consider buying them. I can’t justify spending £34.99 for a game that has no box, cartridge or disc.
    What annoys me the most is that Tecmo Koei don’t even respond to fan feedback requesting a physical release with an explanation as to why they don’t want to produce Vita physically. Even if the reason may seem obvious it’s just good customer service to explain yourselves in these situations rather than to ignore it.

    • That’s what’s bugging me as well. They are very active on their Twitter and FB accounts, and yet they decided to ignore our feedback without any explanation. Lots of people – including me – are asking KT to release Atelier games on carts ever since they took the series away from NISA. A simple word of explanation wouldn’t hurt them…

  • As I noted under the North American blogpost, it’s good to see companies like Koei Tecmo and Idea Factory International making an effort to bring their respective Vita titles to the West. Hopefully the success of games like Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (which according to a recent interview has sold 450,000 copies worldwide, though apparently no specific European numbers were listed) will encourage others like Bandai Namco to bring more of their Japanese Vita games over also.

    By the way, I saw that Gust-chan, who had been originally created as a Masker character for the first two games in the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise, has more recently been re-purposed for use as GUST’s social media mascot. (In the Neptunia Re;Birth series of re-makes for PS Vita, Gust-chan’s spot has been taken up by Makers from other companies instead.) Is there any chance that GUST and Koei Tecmo might allow Idea Factory/Compile Heart/IFI to bring Gust-chan back into the mix for future Nepgames?

  • I have the previous Atelier games on the ps3, but I refuse to buy digital games for the Vita, especially for the same price when you don’t get box etc . Will a physical copy ever be released?

  • Call me when it is cheaper/on sale.

  • Any plans on adding the Japanese voice acting to the PS3 version. I don’t mind paying 40 € again, but at least you could have release a physical edition. I don’t like to pay that much for a digital one.

  • Bought it to play it with the Japanese audio. I really missed that in the PS3 version. The English version was decent but I rather play with the original audio.

  • And I just started playing Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana, at my pace, I wonder how old will I be, when I finish Atelier Ayesha ;)

  • Nice! So, how about a sale on the other Atelier titles? That might get more people interested in the franchise? ;)

    • We had the sale once now and then, for quite a lot of times. Make sure you follow the PlayStation Blog and see if there’s any sale and offer in near future.

  • So I’ve downloaded and played a bit of the game. It seems like quite a bit of the english voiced lines have been cut from the game or seem to be bugged? I’ll be almost done a cut scene and then all of sudden one line will be voiced and everything else is completely silenced.

    Was the this intentional or is it a bug in the game?

    If it was intentional, its quite a shame since I rather enjoyed the english dubbing. Hopefully its just a bug and everything will be sorted out.

    • I have sent the email to my team in Japan. I’m waiting for their replies regarding this matter.

    • I have received the confirmation from the dev team. The English voice is the same as PS3 version.

      However, some events don’t have voice, we will investigate this matter anyways.

    • Yes, thank you for taking me seriously in this matter. It was a bit of downer to find that many scenes were missing voice acting in english in this release; it relieves me to know that it just seems to be a bug.

  • Any news on a cross buy fix for the vita minecraft for owners of the retail ps3 version.
    It’s been 3 months and I still haven’t got my download still.

  • I’m very interested in starting this series because I find it has some great potential as a JRPG, but the prices don’t justify a digital only release:Why don’t you someway release past and future Atelier games in a physical format?

  • Is there a separate version for english, or do you just switch the language ingame?

  • Never played this series, but it looks interesting!

  • I see that you should be able to transfer from the PS3 version of Atelier Ayesha – but how do you do it?

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