PlayStation Blog 2014 Game of the Year Awards winners revealed

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PlayStation Blog 2014 Game of the Year Awards winners revealed

Find out which games came out on top in our annual global poll

First, a thank you. With nearly 400,000 user votes submitted to date, this year’s PlayStation Blog Game of the Year Awards was far and away our biggest and most active yet. Thanks for speaking your mind and supporting your favourite games of 2014.

But enough talk. Read on for the full list of winners and runners-up, plus some Editors’ Choice picks from some of your friends here at PlayStation. See you next year!


Best PS4 game 2014

A tight race, with Dragon Age Inquisition taking an early lead in voting until Bungie’s sci-fi shooter Destiny surged ahead for the coveted Platinum spot. Honourable mentions go to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, which both saw muscular support.

Destiny Dragon Age Inquisition inFAMOUS Second Son Far Cry 4

Editors’ Choice Picks

Alien: Isolation
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
Creative Assembly clearly did their survival-horror homework, proving they could craft a lean, terrifying machine in the grand tradition of System Shock 2. A 2014 standout… if you’ve got the nerves for it.

Far Cry 4
Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
Like going on the most messed-up holiday imaginable, for my money Far Cry 4 was the most fun you could have in a videogame in 2014, and I loved every insane, eagle-punching minute of it. Bring on that yeti DLC.

Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
The ambition behind Bungie’s space-faring epic is matched only by the dev team’s willingness to tweak and shape their universe based on the feedback of its most passionate players. Four months later, I’m still raiding every Tuesday with pals from around the world.

inFAMOUS Second Son
Ryan Clements, US PlayStation.Blog
The combat in Second Son felt fantastic, but you could have just as much fun traversing the world using Delsin’s abilities and leaping from eye-watering heights. Incredible experience from start to finish.

Nick Suttner, PlayStation Developer Relations
Hohokum hits on the curiosity that lies at the heart of all games, but brilliantly marches it front and center in a technicolor, multi-instrumentalist dream. Hoon around a while, get lost in a labyrinth of child-like discovery and joy, and feel like a grownup all over again with an impossibly cool soundtrack.

Don’t Starve: Console Edition
Dan “Shoe” Hsu, PlayStation Developer Relations
You know you’re dealing with excellent game design when you’re as frightened of hunger pangs as you are the mysterious creeps crawling all over the alien landscapes of survival game Don’t Starve. I couldn’t get enough of the unique art style, deep crafting, and constant tension — just writing this makes me want to go back for more.

Best PS3 game 2014

RPGs dominated voting in the PS3 category, with Dark Souls II in a close dogfight with South Park: The Stick of Truth for the Platinum. Honourable mentions go to FIFA 15 and The Walking Dead: Season Two.

Dark Souls II South Park: The Stick of Truth Destiny Far Cry 4

Editors’ Choice Picks

Dark Souls II
Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
While Drangleic wasn’t quite a match for the beguiling concertinaed world of its immediate predecessor, Dark Souls II was never anything less than totally absorbing – not to mention brutally uncompromising. Can’t wait to punish myself all over again when it hits PS4 in April!

South Park: The Stick of Truth
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
Fulfilled an impossible mission by faithfully complementing the legendary show while carving out an appealing identity all of its own. One of the most enjoyable and subversive games I played this year on any platform.

Nick Suttner, PlayStation Developer Relations
While they’re all wildly different, it’s easy to find commonality in the inspired design and super-polished/hilarious presentation of the four (or is it six?) local multiplayer games included. Sportsfriends is the most fun you can have with four friends and a PS3, this year or any other.

Dan “Shoe” Hsu, PlayStation Developer Relations
I love the relentless, 360-degree arcade-shooting action that usually ends sooner than I would like. (This game is tough!) But Luftrausers lets you get right back into the fray with new ship parts that dramatically change how you can take down the next round of enemies. Tons of fun for such a small package.

Best PS Vita game 2014

Heated voting in the PS Vita category ultimate saw Ubisoft Montreal’s platformer-RPG Child of Light score the Platinum, edging out early favourites Freedom Wars and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for top honours. Honourable mentions go to Velocity 2X, MLB 14 The Show, and Fez.

Child of Light The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Freedom Wars Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

Editors’ Choice Picks

Nick Suttner, PlayStation Developer Relations
Like the great Spelunky before it, Luftrausers feels like one of the games Vita was built for: teeth-grittingly tense dogfighting through the lens of Vlambeer’s screen-rattling arcade mastery. This is where bullet hell goes when it dies.

Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
This one came out of nowhere last January, heralding the arrival of a major new talent in developer Roll7. Expect their outrageous follow-up, Not a Hero, to be in with a good shot of taking this category next year too.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
The lure of this addictive dungeon crawler grows stronger and stronger after repeated playthroughs, reminding us that a masterfully crafted game doesn’t need state-of-the-art production values to be a knockout.

Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
A magical, ethereal experience, Hohokum feels like a well-deserved vacation. Honeyslug’s joyful controls act as the glue (or is that guano?) that marry Ghostly’s sublime soundtrack to Dick Hogg’s bizarre, beautiful world.

Freedom Wars
Ryan Clements, US PlayStation.Blog
Imprisoned and stripped of any semblance of power, players in Freedom Wars face a sense of morbid wonder at every misstep. It makes progressing through this stylized adventure all the more rewarding.

Best digital release of 2014

In the digital category, Sucker Punch scored a decisive victory for the standalone follow-up to inFAMOUS Second Son, though competition raged amongst the other finalists. Honourable mentions go to The Walking Dead: Season Two, The Wolf Among Us, and Transistor.

inFAMOUS First Light The Walking Dead S2 Outlast The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Editors’ Choice Picks

TowerFall Ascension
Ryan Clements, US PlayStation.Blog
TowerFall can build or break relationships. A superb multiplayer experience with supreme confidence in its gothic style. The wide range of options and modifiers keeps matches fresh and crisp.

Secret Ponchos
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
A fresh twist on PvP thanks to tight gunplay, appealing characters, and seductive art direction. 2v2 Domination is one of the most compulsively competitive games I’ve played in years. A clear standout for the competitive crowd.

Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
I can’t think of a more well-rounded, complementary crew than the team at Supergiant. Darren’s melancholy soundtrack pairs perfectly with Jen’s breathtaking art, and it’s held together by drum-tight, play-how-you-want combat — and Logan’s velvety (but sometimes unsettling) narration.

The Swapper
Nick Suttner, PlayStation Developer Relations
Since I can’t sanely choose between the mighty Sportsfriends/TowerFall/Nidhogg PS4 triumvirate, I’ll take this opportunity to show some love to The Swapper, one of the moodiest, smartest, most subversive puzzle games I’ve ever played. Limbo by way of Moon. Loombo.

Rogue Legacy
Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
I played Cellar Door Games’ roguelike platformer more than any other title in 2014 – and it wasn’t even close. Over and over I plummeted its bewitching depths – and New Game+++++++ was every bit as fun as the first playthrough. Sequel please.

Best PlayStation Plus game 2014

BioShock Infinite proved to be the definitive favourite for PlayStation Plus members in 2014, though PS4 fighter Injustice mustered a commanding second-place showing. Honourable mentions go to The Binding of Isaac, Outlast, and Dragon’s Crown.

BioShock Infinite Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Batman: Arkham City Tomb Raider

Editors’ Choice Picks

Don’t Starve: Console Edition
Dan “Shoe” Hsu, PlayStation Developer Relations
You did download this when it was free for PS Plus subscribers, didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU?? If not, don’t fret. It’s cheap and so worth your money and time.

Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
A great year for PS Plus offerings made this my toughest category. Ultimately, I have to hand it to Outlast — it’s the only survival horror game I’ve ever had to stop playing out of sheer heart-stopping fright.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
“Sure, I’ll give it a shot,” I uttered as I descended into Edmund McMillen’s dark, demented (but confusingly cute) basement for the first time. Weeks later, I’m not quite sure I’m actually back in the real world yet. Send help.

Velocity 2X
Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
It was great to see some big digital titles debut on PS Plus in 2014, and Futurlab’s frantic shmup/speed-run/platformer hybrid was a real high water mark. Few other games in 2014 were quite so elegant, sticky and flab-free.

BioShock Infinite
Ryan Clements, US PlayStation.Blog
The breathless jumps between rails, the exquisite attention to detail, the razor-sharp gunplay; it’s impossible to forget the best moments of BioShock Infinite, and it made for one hell of a Plus game.

Most anticipated game of 2015

Easily the most active poll in this year’s awards. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End dominated community voting early. Honourable mentions go to Bloodborne and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which both mustered impressive showings.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Batman: Arkham Knight Persona 5 Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Editors’ Choice Picks

Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
Hidetaka Miyazaki could release a domestic budgeting smartphone app and I’d be first in line.

Batman: Arkham Knight
Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
The Dark Knight makes his PS4 debut this year, and he’s never looked better. Featuring seamless transitions between gameplay and cinematics, a new villain created alongside DC Comics, and the freakin’ Batmobile, Arkham Knight promises to be one of 2015’s showcase titles.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Ryan Clements, US PlayStation.Blog
The team at CD Projekt Red has a near-unnatural passion for fantasy. There’s no other explanation for Witcher 3’s massive open world, robust lore, gritty combat, and realism.

Nick Suttner, PlayStation Developer Relations
Such a tough choice, but I have to give it to Metanet – their deviously difficult action-platformer N++ just gets better every time they give me a tease of it, and the multiplayer race mode is the best thing since sliced bread that chases you like a missile controlled by one of your friends.

Dan “Shoe” Hsu, PlayStation Developer Relations
Oh man, this was so tough to pick, but based on the few matches I played over E3 2014, I’d say Evolve will end up being my most-played game of 2015. The asymmetric four-on-one-big-monster gameplay is full of fist-pumping thrills. I can’t wait.

Studio of the year

Fans turned out in droves to support their favourite studios, with Naughty Dog and Rockstar North duking it out for the Platinum spot. Honourable mentions went to Monolith Productions, From Software, and Ubisoft Montreal.

Naughty Dog Rockstar North Bungie Bioware

Editors’ Choice Picks

Monolith Productions (Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor)
Sid Shuman, US PlayStation.Blog
The superior Shadow of Mordor sees this veteran Kirkland-based studio reaching into exciting new terrain. The Nemesis system alone is the most satisfying gameplay innovation I’ve experienced this year.

Square Enix
Justin Massongill, US PlayStation.Blog
I could expound on the ways Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a triumph in MMO design, but instead I’ll praise the team behind it for continually listening to (and communicating with) their fans, constantly adding new content, and most importantly: visibly loving every moment of it.

Ryan Clements, US PlayStation.Blog
Leave it to such a legendary crew to pull together and build an awe-inspiring universe that will undoubtedly be home to many adventures for years to come. Bravo to everyone involved.

Nick Suttner, PlayStation Developer Relations
Yay, a loophole to work Spelunky into this year’s awards! But seriously, BlitWorks did an incredible job porting it to PS4, as well as Fez, Don’t Starve, and OlliOlli to extra PS platforms. Basically, they’re the reason why many of the raddest digital games play best on PlayStation. Respect!

Fred Dutton, EU PlayStation.Blog
Much was made of how Dark Souls II was made by the studio’s ‘B team’ while Miyazaki and co readied Bloodborne. If that’s any indicator of the strength and depth of its creative team, I’m chalking them up as game dev’s Pixar equivalent… albeit with added dread, horror and relentless misery.

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  • A great year for gaming. Most of these do not match my choices, but vox populi. It looks like the competition in 2015 will be even greater.

    • Its been a terrible year for gaming. Poor games, broken games.

      None of last years top 5 games will even get near this years top 5.
      Witcher, Batman, Uncharted, MGS5. The Division, No Mans Sky, Bloodborne,

      GOTY on here is pointless. Destiny is the GOTY yet its only the third best PS3 game. Makes sense….

    • HereComesDizz, why so negative? It’s not life or death, just GOTY on a blog. No offense, ps blog.

    • The Division? lol. good luck with that one. Replace it with The Order instead.

    • @HereComesDizz The solution is pretty simple. Don’t buy games you don’t like or are broken and you’ll have a better time.

  • Yay, Persona 5 getting some representation! :)

  • So, even if I kinda don’t agree with some Platinum winners, why the hell is Naughty Dog the best studio of 2014?! Makes no freaking sense, they only re-released The Last of Us.

    • Now that I look at it, what is Rockstar doing there also?!
      They re-released a game… From Software in 1st then Bioware, and the rest would be random selected I guess…
      Seriously, I like to give credit were it’s due, but, this is ridiculous … honestly…

    • They also released the amazing Last of US DLC “Left Behind”

    • The Last of Us: Left Behind was a new release in 2014.

    • Well, I forgot they did that this last year.
      Ok, I can agree with that, but still, 1st place for a DLC, it’s pushing.
      Cmon, Dark Souls 2 and it’s DLC are glorious.

      I know this is a community driven vote, but these votes are pure fanboism. I can agree with almost if not all of the Editors choice picks, for a freaking reason, they know how to judge >_>

    • As you can see above, it wasn’t quite my pick – but any studio that makes something of the calibre of Left Behind deserves to be in with a shout, IMHO.

    • Have you ever considered that some developers (like Rockstar) actually did allot of work on there remake?
      enough to actually warrant second place? its not just a strait port.

    • Dark Souls 2 is easily the weakest of the Souls games and launched with another god damn season pass. Maybe thats why they didn’t win.

      Roll on Bloodborne.

    • @Fred, that is true, and as always, Naughty Dog delivers with everything they create (even if I would rather have a new Crash from them instead of Uncharted… lol), still, there were better options for the top 3 of 2014.

      We’re talking about mainstream right now, but honestly, the company that impressed me the most this year was Idea Factory on their Vita releases, including Hyperdimension Rebirth1 and how they are aproaching European market. Finally a niche japanese company who is really trying to make EU gamers happy, even if they started with digital releases, they now make physical releases of their games (on the freaking VITA! yay), and the quality of Rebirth1 was amazing.

      Anyway, this is on a non-mainstream level, for mainstream, I think From Software deserves, even if DS2 wasn’t the best one, it was still one freaking hell of a ride, Bungie shouldn’t be there, period, it just shouldn’t. As a company they failed to deliver, and the changes weren’t enough to make it worth. (I kinda don’t think Rockstar shouldn’t be there, but, I guess everyone wanted GTA FPS).

      Don’t get me wrong, Destiny is a .. good game (that was difficult to say), but, it just wasn’t what was promised. Square delivered way better the content on ARR, and has a really great MMO, and I don’t even like FF franchise.

      Anyway, that’s my opinion. If I could, CD Projekt would receive always the best studio each year, they are and will always be the best studios overall, since The Witcher 1 on the PC that they are always on the side of the gamers.

  • Good year with great games. Hopefully, 2015 will surpass it….

  • Destiny lol ……. Hahahaha … liars !!!

    • I know plenty of people who are OBSESSED with Destiny ;)

    • If you look in the American blog you can see a lot of hate on it. Everywhere I look people are hating on it cos it’s so over-hyped. Cant help but be suspicious someone has changed the results. Perhaps been bribed to do it and over-hype it some more. ;) Any chance we can actually see the numbers of the votes?

    • We don’t rig votes, period.

    • @dark_angel69 the internet is full of hate and no surprise that Destiny gets it’s fair share. I’ll agree that it was WAY overhyped. BUT, negative emotions like anger are more powerful motivators when it comes to effecting change. And since that has served us so well in the past… People will act far quicker and more forcefully when they think something is wrong, not to mention that the people that don’t feel the way you do will be spending there time playing the game then blogging about it. Looking at blogs to test the waters is not an accurate way of seeing how well a game was received.

    • Being obsessed with the game doesn’t make it good though, just addictive. In fact I’ve read comments by quite a few people in the lines of “Destiny isn’t really fun, but why can’t I stop playing it?.” Does that sound like a GOTY to you? Sure doesn’t to me.

  • I’m amazed that Bungie is there, how can you say “yay” to a studio that didn’t delivered on their promisses?! Something the Square did the other way around by delivering a really great MMO experience and listening to the fans.
    Seriously, I like to give credit were it’s due, but, this is ridiculous … honestly…

    • This is a community driven votes. Destiny is one of the most popular titles this year so it’s a given it would have a shot at the title. Stil very active Online community aswell so alot of people like it.

    • Bungie has done more fan requested tweaks than most companies, and in the soonest time frame? i think that deserves something?

      Studio award is not just about the game they brought out… otherwise they might aswell have 2 game of the years.

  • I would’ve guessed that at some point during the process of this, they would’ve realized that Arkham City wasn’t the PS+ game and instead it was Arkham Asylum. Oh well, glad they “double checked”. lol

    • Hey there Sadodee. So, Arkham City was in fact a Plus game in North America in 2014 (we had it here in 2012). We wanted it to be a truly global poll, so any title was fair game for the vote.

    • That must IMHO be the comment of the year, (all 8 days of it), now IF only ‘we’ could get more ‘truly global’ regards most Everything else psn related, erm price freeze’s or even realistic exchange rates instead of the present 1for1 rate, (€.£for$’s) still, baby steps? best way i guess, to begin the journey to fairness to everyone else outside USofA..I do hope you can actually see how that reply to Sadodee actualy reads, when looked at?, no offence to you Fred, i do know that if choice lied with you we’d be in a much more happier and globally satisfied state.

  • Like I said on the US blog, the only thing I agree with is the 2015 list.

    Bioshock Infinite being a better game than Arkham City is laughable. I liked all four of those games but Bioshock is easily the weakest of the bunch in my opinion.

    I think we should have had a separate category for Vita 2015, since any Vita titles in the 2015 thing are just going to be unfairly overshadowed by PS4 releases.

    • Hourses for courses – I would have picked BioShock out of the two!

    • True enough. For me though, Bioshock Infinite was great at the start. It had great atmosphere, they built this really awesome world and it really feels alive. Then that all disappears after about an hour when you try to save some slaves and all the character gets sucked out of the world as everything tries to kill you. Then Elizabeth brings some of it back briefly and then it’s gone again. It just didn’t feel as special or as poignant as the original Bioshock either.

      I think 2015 is going to destroy 2014 though. Arkham Knight, Persona 5, Uncharted 4, MGSV, Axiom Verge, Hotline Miami 2, Severed, Persona 4: Dancing All Night.

  • A great year with a lot of great games and new things! Lets see that 2015 kicks even more butt! :) Congratulations to the winners!

  • Seems more or less like the results you would expect from a community-driven popularity contest (the PS4 games at least, with Destiny being platinum especially).

    Surprising to see Persona 5 on the list of most anticipated though for me. (never played a Persona game, personally, maybe I should start to get into it)

  • Yay! Child of Light! I loved that game to bits. I’m very happy it got some recognition. I would’ve thought either CoL or Danganronpa as PS Vita GoTY.

    And also put me along with the others on that Persona 5 hype train. I CAN’T EVEN!

  • My choice of Game of the Year Award 2014 would be Shadow of Mordor…. getting platinum was so much fun ;)
    Are we going to see a sequel at some point?

    • I’d imagine so, seeing as the ending of that game is one of the most blatant sequel-teasers I’ve seen in a while. Loved the game to bits though, and am really loving the DLC too.

  • Haha Fred, you just won me over by that Bloodborne comment ! :D
    Anyways, I am also glad that Persona 5 made it so high in the list, so I am not the only person around here that is extra hyped for it. :D
    2015 seems really promising altogether.

  • For me, 2014 was not a memorable year for new games. Having said that, well done to all the winners.

    I’m surprised Tomb Raider wasn’t a top pick for PS Plus. BioShock Infinite was good, but I preferred Tomb Raider by far.

    Velocity 2X is quite awesome as well. Shame they didn’t even get an honorable mention.

  • What no love for Warframe or Digital Extremes? They had a solid game for the entirety of 2014 while the world waited for the big devs to release they products (and many were broken/unfinished upon release).

  • For me and for many others,the game of the year for the psvita is Freedom Wars.

  • I’m sorry to bother you Fred but do you know what time of the month we’ll be getting the 10% voucher? I’d like to pre order Dying light ;D Btw I’m not american, this is my secondary account. Sorry again for bothering you.

  • Destiny is the best game on ps4? Funny, really funny

  • I agree with @herecomesdis. Being a lifelong Playstation fan I’ve been frankly cheesed off with how poor the execution of new games on PS4 has been. All top games put back, server issues, poor ps+ releases..and not to mention the complete debacle with Driveclub and Evolution studios!

    I appreciate games have teething problems but it seems developers are releasing half finished games with so many issues it really is depressing, seen as we have to wait extra time while these games are put back even more from release date. In my opinion it’s scandalous how this can happen.

    I’m trying to stay positive but Dev’s are making it very hard atm.

  • So many negative comments, 2014 was a great year and 2015 will be even better with the likes of

    Arkham Knight
    Dying Light
    The Order
    Uncharted 4
    Metal Gear Solid 5
    The Division
    Witcher 3

    Those are just the ones we know of

    • 2014 was a terrible year IMO, I got so bored of my ps4 I traded it in.
      I spent much more time on my PS3 & Xbox one, I have since bought a nice white ps4 but till now I still own one game for it the last of us remastered but next month I will finally be playing my ps4 again when the order 1886 arrives :)

    • Each to there own residentsteve

      I’ve enjoyed the games on the PS4. Yes there have been some disappointing games and releases along the way but I’ve surprised myself with the likes of Outlast, GTA V (again), The Last of Us Remastered, Infamous Second Son, Watch Dogs, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age Inquisition and I’ve also enjoyed Destiny.

      There has been other games I’ve enjoyed along the way and am still enjoying Resogun. There has been some really disappointing launches which I didn’t think could get worse than the next gen version of BF4 however sadly we’ve had AC Unity which has died a death and Driveclub which albeit a great game the launch was atrocious.

  • Destiny is a good game, but it has not very much content, that is the problem. AND the content of the DLCs are real jokes. 2 strikes, 1 raid and 3 mission. That is why I never buy Destiny 2 or the third DLC.

  • If Destiny had been the game they promised and hyped for so long, then sure it would have deserved GOTY, but seriously – people voted for that cut down, gutted shell of a game? I played this for two days on a friend’s PS4 and just felt let down.

    Story – gutted. Whether to sell to you in pieces later on or whether to keep its T rating in order to be able to flog the game to the parents of 10 year old casuals, I don’t know. All I know is, look at the footage of the pre-release story content and you see just how much they have ripped from it.

    Lore, fleshing out of characters, voice acting, world – gutted. The lore is kept outside the game on the Bungie website, which of course no-one will go searching through to get what should have been in the game. Storytelling is nonexistent – sure, people can make their own stories by killing the same mobs over and over and over again. Peter Dinklage phoned in his lines, and these so-called beautiful open worlds are empty, with nothing to do in them save kill the same mobs over and over again.

    Satisfying content – gutted. The same missions over and over again, praying to the RNG God each time. Missions are so simplistic and the story content is the laziest mission design you’ve ever seen. Get to door, Peter Dinklage says guard me … point defence horde mode – over and over again. The RNG loot system uses the same exploitation of human addiction triggers as freemium clicker games on iOS, with just enough reward to keep people going back for more without a truly satisfying conclusion.

    It’s so, so disappointing from the game that it could and should have been from the creators of HALO. Is this the future of AAA gaming – complete games ripped into little pieces and sold to people over the course of 4 or 5 DLC releases? The promise of more content down the line does not excuse a game that was simply incomplete at launch.

    Borderlands 2 has a more satisfying story, more satisfying side content and a better loot system. My 3 year old copy of Skyrim has more satisfying open-world content. Look to Bethesda if you want to know how to properly do DLC – release a fully realised, complete game at launch, then launch satisfying expansion packs that build on that game which people are happy to buy.

    Rant over – my PS4 arrives at the end of January, Destiny not included.

    • Gotta agree with you sadly, but unlike you they (Acti’s pr/mind controllers) have already gone and caught me, i HATE Destiny, but cannot stop playing it, really getting me down, am even wondering should i be concerned, i mean seriously? i feel like i seen one of those test commercials the cia invented to do whatever, but were used in cinema’s during interlude to make you thirsty or peckish, seen a interesting view on the tube that rang a bell or two for me, someone was just posting how they could implement trading without breaking the supposed intent of acti, which is, according to a few i watched now, solely to keep people playing, Forever, as according to pr types at acti (other places) the longer someone is on a certain game the more chance said game will sell more, as what better advert than seeing a friend playing same game all the time?, i think theres truth to that, but either i’m one in a small pecentage of ‘losses’ on other ‘ventures’ or it’s a age thing, ie aimed at younger people for some long term/next generation of spenders, but it is working too well, for thier own good, i (sadly) forked out for Gaurdian ed after the beta, by the way what a move, who’d of thought they or any publisher would let people play one fifth of a full game for just under a week, great, until we remember we never knew back then it Was one fiftht! by time rumours turned to truth most of us were allready making excuses, ie surely that was (lol) ‘the smallest 1fiftht’ bit of the full game. anyway as i said sadly i bought game and dlc, now i bought Shadow of mordor with it’s season pass in psn sale, black friday?, grabbed Evil Within before christmas for half price from game, Shadow has had about 30 minutes attention, Evil Whitin is still in wrapping, IF thete intention was to keep us playing Destiny by using ‘methods’ they do, am afraid they done it too well, with one exception wich brings me into ‘acceptable loss rates’, i won’t be buying any more of thier dlc, or for that matter thier other games, in fact whats the point of buying anything else ever again, not like i can ever play it until i finish Destiny, oh, i can’t, well i suppose i will just keep on playing this, at exclusion of Everything else under the sun, and, when/if my ps4 breaks (explodes) i won’t even buy another one of those! as i said earlier i am wondering if i should be concurned, and wasn’t joking, have seen people write ‘essays’ about this, just finish with what a shame, if only acti stayed out of it.

  • For me Destiny is a disappointment of the year not goty.

  • And justice was served. Was worked that Drive Club would somehow walk out with some sort of award, that game was utterly broken and should have failed cert and been blocked from release. That and literally everything that was ever said about that game since it was revealed had been a lie, absolutely not a GOTY contender regardless of category.

    • It’s the best racer on next gen platforms. So no, justice was not served.

    • @porc

      Doesn’t matter how well it plays, it wasn’t and still isn’t what was promised. Go back and watch the original 2013 reveal and you will see the following:

      In game weather (added after a patch that took weeks to arrive)
      Instant replays (that still aren’t in the game)
      Clubs and challenges to give you something to do (only just working now)
      Ruahy the Liar telling us that the PS+ version would include the same content as the main game. (cut down significantly since)

      Then the game launched with the entire online segment not working to the point that they had to switch off the online stuff to make the offline even work.

      No, it didn’t deserve even a nomination for GOTY, no matter what you think. I seem to remember you telling me to “stop spreading baseless rumours” back in early November when I said the PS+ version had been cancelled, then Yoshida posted that open letter about two weeks later that confirmed it had been cancelled until further notice. Given that win/loss ratio I’m gonna sit back and see if can give any actual reason as to why DriveClub can be considered for GOTY other than simply being better than Forza (not a huge achievement, Asphalt Airborne on Android has better car physics than Forza)

      Go ahead Porc, make my day.

    • The PS+ version was not cancelled, and still hasn’t been cancelled. You were wrong, as I said you were, and remain wrong. It’ll come when it can come. I also don’t care about it as I have the full game.

      Weather was still out in 2014, and it was never promised for launch; they explicitly said it’d come later. Clubs started working a long time ago, still in October in fact. Challenges also in 2014.
      Only thing still missing are the replays

      PS+ version does include the “full game”. Not my fault people are unable to understand what these things mean. You can access all the game’s modes and features. You simply can’t use all tracks and cars, that’s all. Nothing else is locked out. So no lying there.

      Keep raging if you want. Meanwhile i’ll be enjoying the best racer Since Motorstorm 1 and PGR4.

    • Gotta love the ‘debates’ about this one, apart from what’s mentioned already i just really loved the way, as a system seller in start of console ‘pre order’ race, ie people that mainly play racers were wowed enough by footage to go order ps4, just for that one game, have read people who done it, then it was used as another carrot towards both upgrading to ps4 And buying plus, cos hey, at least there giving a ‘top’ triple A brand new ‘version’ of it, those both alone not bieng bad enough the icing for me on this tale? was when they announced thier brilliant ‘scheme’ of ok, yep IF you buy the full game with plus discount, not talking about the free plus version but the ‘upgrade/unlock’ from that, well then you get locked out if you let plus lapse, even when not playing mp part, hilarious, The best laugh i had Ever regards a games pr/announcement, the turnaround was truly a work of art to, fairness where it’s due though, it looks very nice from what i seen, but not sure thats really what i would be wanting without other stuff, for a racer, seen it in Game before christmas for £19.99 new, never even thought twice, bout bothering with it, guess, like unity? a bad start even after ‘supposed’ patches/fixes really matters IF your avarage consumer, anyway, what about the supposed reason for Driveclubs woes, any truth at all in em?, that a certain ‘other racer’ put ‘requests’ into what ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ be done by DC devs? or is that the internet gossip mill hard at work, IF theres truth in em, then it is different story, what was funny becomes sad.

    • The game still wasn’t delivered in an acceptable state, the fact that some, some things have been fixed since doesn’t excuse that.

      As a studio Evo have been proven to be liars, let’s not pretend that “same full content” applies to just the game modes, or are you going to try and claim that tracks shouldn’t be considered content in a racing game? Further to this Evo showed a distinct lack of care by stone walling the fan base about the MIA PS+ version so Yoshida had to come out and do what Evo lacked the spine to do.

      Still not seeing any valid argument to give DriveClub any awards at all and certainly not Evo Studios who more than anything right now need a change of management if not breaking up to get rid of the people who allowed this game to go out in this state.

    • What stonewalling? Yoshida didn’t say anything we didn’t already know. Evo had already said it was on hold and Shu said the exact same thing. The only reason he did it himself was that people would stop asking so much. Evo updated often before then, then they stopped, probably because there was no point in repeating what Yoshida had already said.

      “Still not seeing any valid argument”? Then play the game and see for yourself. That’s all the argument the game needs.
      And yes, same full content obviously refers to those things. Usually demos, betas, previews, free versions etc remove features. Such as online play..or specific game modes. They said what they said because they did not remove any of that from the PS+ edition. So there were no lies.

    • So you agree that same full game with same content would mean that the game should have all the tracks and cars, but when they were removed a few months later that doesn’t represent a cut in content or a lie at the original reveal? Logic.

      Also, no. Evo gave absolutely zero updates between the failure to launch the plus version and Yoshida confirming it was cancelled until further notice. Now that the game is apparently working you’d think we could get an update on progress but that’s not happening.

      I’ll play the game when the game that was promised is available. Until then Evo definitely can’t be considered for anything other than closure at this point and DC shouldn’t be considered for GOTY after that launch.

  • Not like my votes at all…but that’s hardly surprising.

  • Couldn’t agree more @TrueMurton. I waited so long for that game and was such a bag off guff from release. One of the biggest anti climaxes in the history of gaming! But never fear..Project Cars is released in March and that looks like an absolute beaut. I’m just praying it doesn’t follow the hideous path DriveClub did… fingers and toes are crossed in anticipation!

  • Oh man, Persona 5. Can’t wait to see the trainwreck that the (potential) european release is going to be.

  • Shame about the poll being global. Thought this could show that we want Persona 5 in europe too. Guess Atlus will screw this one up too.

  • I didn’t think Persona 5 would be that popular in Europe, hopefully we get a quick turn around between the US and EU release dates

  • LOL @ the ‘Editors’ choice picks’ for ‘Best PlayStation Plus game 2014’.:) The readers obviously voted for AAA titles the most, while the editors only included one among their ‘choice picks’. So fake.:P Sad but true, fellas, your customers want actual VALUE from their PS+ subscriptions.

    • There’s really no conspiracy here. Different people like different kind of games, it’s as simple as that. You don’t have to believe that I enjoyed Velocity 2X more than any other Plus game in 2014, but I can asure you it’s true!

    • You don’t speak for everyone. I voted for games like Velocity 2X, Transistor, Strider etc. These were all better than 99% of the AAA games released IMO. In fact, other than Alien, Infamous and Driveclub, I hardly enjoyed any other AAA in 2014.
      V2X was the best PS+ title
      Transistor the best downloadable title

      Also funny that you speak of value. Let’s see here… They gave Bioshock Infinite for PS3… which I had already bought on Steam with the season pass for 7.5€ about 5 months earlier.. versus getting V2X, a 15€ game, AT LAUNCH, for free…. Hmm… I wonder what’s better value…
      hint: V2X. New indie games are more valuable than old AAAs that you can buy cheaper than a burger.
      The whole community list for that category was disappointing. You could pick up all those AAA games somewhere else for really low prices (~5€), versus getting Mercenary Kings, V2X, Road not Taken, etc at launch (no way to get them cheaper than ~15€).

    • I get more than enough value for PS plus, just because you think you’re entitled to the lastest games for free doesn’t mean everyone wants them, i got games i wouldn’t normally play from plus and loved loads of them

      Velocity 2x and don’t starve gave me more playtime and fun than games like destiny could ever give me

      If you want big AAA titles go out and buy them

    • Take off your tinfoil hat. It’s ugly.

  • Hi Fred,
    I’ve got one question regarding the recent launch of the Slovak PS Store. It’s great that you finally launched it (what took you so long? :) ), but since it wasn’t available for a very long time, most of gamers here in Slovakia already have Czech or UK accounts. Since we have already bought a lot of games on PSN, making a new (Slovak) account isn’t really an option (not on the Vita, due to single-account lock). So my question is, could you probably let us have an option to transfer our accounts to Slovak Republic? Is it possible in any way?

    • Also, if we could transfer our accounts, it would be possible to use our credit cards to pay on PSN, which in turn will make giving you our money much easier, so it isn’t totally unreasonable from a business standpoint. :) I lost count of the games I didn’t buy because I would have to go to a store to get a PSN credit coupon

    • That’s not something I can directly help with, but I appreciate your frustration and will certainly pass your feedback along to the relevant team.

    • Thank you for the reply, but could you please point me to someone that could help with this issue? I have a hard time finding any contacts regarding PSN administration in the SCEE countries

  • Hey, Fred, I came here in case you don’t see what I said to you on the American blog: I’m with you on FromSoft as studio of the year, and your Pixar analogy is apt, but if you don’t think Pixar also traffics in misery, you didn’t see the first few minutes do “Up!”.

  • im really glad outlast was on there, it deserved a award

  • Best Feature in 2014 – Day One Patches.

  • Signed in to come and laugh at Destiny being selected as PS4 game of the year. So … ha.

    Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Dragon Age Inquisition >>>>>>

  • Haters gonna hate. It’s a “People’s choice” GOTY award. It is true that you won’t like what others liked but a game should be enjoyed. It is what they’ve enjoyed playing that they have chosen and voted. Some may have chosen what they haven’t played but think it is good and some may not think about it and just chosen a random one. But hey not all things are fair.

  • I hope we will have some big discounts on these games……

  • I hope we will have some big discounts on these games

  • I find it so funny to see people trash Destiny receiving the GOTY just because it didn’t live up to their standards. For me, and obviously most people, it delivered enough to still be amazing, and the game mechanics got their hooks into me enough that I haven’t played enough of Inquisition to fully appreciate it.

    So just because you don’t like something it doesn’t mean that anybody who does like it is wrong.

    And also many if my picks won: Destiny, dark souls 2, binding of isaac (runner up), bioshock infinite, and Naughty Dog

  • My account got hacked what should I do?

  • My account cot hacked what should I do?

  • Really ? destiny goty ? for me look more like disappoint of the year … and the new dlc ? real shame

  • I got hacked pls help

  • Shows how poor the ps4 lineup still is, if Destiny wins. Such an half assed attempt to make an fps mmo.

  • Here’s my story on why Destiny doesn’t deserve game of the year:

    On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I sat down to enjoy a rollicking game of Destiny. I had a wholewheat bread toasted cheese with me, and an orange juice on the side. As I played, toast crumbs littered my top and juice stained my innards.

    I leveled up slowly until Destiny wanted me to start grinding to meet the correct level requirments for a mission. “Okay.” I thought to myself. “Should I grind for another two hours, or make another toasted cheese, this time with pickles?” I sat quietly in the kitchen eating my pickle bread as I contemplated my next move.

    Later in Destiny, cookie-cutter enemies with nil intelligence rushed at me as my boring gun whimpered off shots. Online people joined my game, saw my struggles and quickly sped off on their hoverbikes to what they believed were more important missions. I approached a button, pushed it and prepared for another three waves of enemies. Ten minutes later, and in another mission, I had to fight another three waves of enemies. I went to make another toasted cheese.

    I pondered on what I had done, and what was to come. Should I continue this pointless task of no-fun grinding or load Shadow of Mordor, Binding of Issac, Far Cry 4 or even perhaps bathe my pug? Instead I heated up three slices of pizza from last night’s dinner.

    Destiny is a chore. An empty, meaningless grind with no story, no fun and no point. How it became so popular is anyone’s guess but for me, a gamer who’s been playing since he stepped out of the womb, I hate it. So much potential, wasted.

  • Ah destiny gets game of the year…
    The nothing new in any department (graphics, sound, mechanics, story)
    except pushin a dlc based game model…
    Even with extreeme marketing it has a 76/100 metacritic (with probably many paid reviews).
    The metacritic user score is 6.2…

    On a side note I had most fun with far Cry 4:) Nothing new but hell, so much fun and bang for your buck!
    Anyways go PS4 and 2015! Just got it this xmas, so I’m hyped:)

  • Don’t agree with the Destiny vote; it’s an online generic shooter with no real new creativity in it that happened to design wise appeal to the masses (seems to be voted for being more of a case of widely played good game as opposed to being the best game, so in that respect well done to the advertising team). There were much more imaginative titles out this year that should have had that, oh well.

    On a plus I’m glad Binding of Isaac Rebirth did so well, I personally would have put that well above Child of Light (a beautiful game to look at although quite a generic rpg at the base of it) although BoIR itself is an updated remake the game play and huge amount of content unlocks is much more appealing.

  • It’s a pretty sad reflection of how poor 2014 was for gaming if Destiny can win GOTY. It’s ok at best, and while I would concede that there are many that are obsessed with the game there are equally as many, if not more, that see it for what it is…a boring grindfest with generic aliens, a dull loot system, an even blander upgrade system and a ‘story’ that amounts to shoot aliens in the head…because reasons! Yeah, it’s fun with a fireteam…for a while, it looks great, gunplay is tight…and that’s part of the problem, it could have been so much more…

    I know it’s just a poll and doesn’t really mean much but there are so many more deserving games, all three of the runners-up are better games…Transistor is a better game, Valiant Hearts is a beautifully crafted little game, Velocity 2X, inFamous FL, Alien…

    It’s not that I want to dislike Destiny, I bought it, I wanted to like it, I wanted it to be a great game…it’s just not that good.

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