New discounts added to PlayStation Store January Sale

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New discounts added to PlayStation Store January Sale

Save big on Assassin’s Creed Unity, Hohokum, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, more

As promised, we’ve a number of new additions to our January sale today, including the likes of Assassin’s Creed Unity, Hohokum, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, Tales of Xillia 2, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty and EA Sports UFC. Check out the full list of deals below!

All discounts run from 7th January 2015 until 21st January unless otherwise stated.

On a connected note, there will be no PlayStation Store post today. The only new updates this week are these discounts and the January PS Plus line-up, as detailed last week. Normal Store updates will resume on 14th January.


Assassin’s Creed Unity (discount ends 14th January 2015)
Was €69.99, now €49.99

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes
Was €29.99, now €9.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

EA Sports UFC
Was €69.99, now €24.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty
Was €20.99, now €10.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Was €18.99, now €7.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Outlast: Whistleblower
Was €8.99, now €3.59

Just Dance 2015
Was €49.99, now €34.99

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
Was €39.99, now €14.49
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

The Golf Club
Was €34.99, now €14.49
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Was €14.99, now €4.49
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition
Was €10.99, now €4.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Styx: Master of Shadows
Was €29.99, now €12.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Hotline Miami
Was €9.99, now €2.99

Was €12.99, now €6.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

The Unfinished Swan
Was €12.99, now €6.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Was €18.99, now €10.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Was €14.49, now €6.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Defense Grid 2
Was €24.99, now 12.49
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Castlestorm Definitive Edition
Was €14.99, now €7.49


Assassin’s Creed Rogue
Was €59.99, now €39.99

Far Cry 3
Was €19.99, now €9.99

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes
Was €19.99, now €4.99

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z
Was €29.99, now €14.99

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
Was €29.99, now €12.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Tales of Graces f (Knight Edition)
Was €39.99, now €9.99

Tales of Graces f + Tales of Xillia (Combo Pack)
Was €44.99, now €14.99

Tales of Xillia (Discovery Edition)
Was €44.99, now €9.99

Tales of Xillia 2
Was €54.99, now €19.99

Slender: The Arrival
Was €9.99, now €4.99

Just Dance 2015
Was €39.99, now €29.99

Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord
Was €39.99, now €19.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F
Was €44.99, now €26.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Ratchet: Gladiator
Was €14.99, now €4.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

inFAMOUS Collection
Was €34.99, now €12.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Earth Defense Force 2025
Was €24.99, now €9.99

MotorStorm 3D Rift
Was €9.99, now €4.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

MotorStorm Apocalypse
Was €14.99, now €6.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

MotorStorm RC
Was €5.99, now €2.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Soulcalibur II HD Online
Was €19.99, now €4.99

Was €14.99, now €3.99

Was €19.99, now €6.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Was €4.99, now €2.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Was €14.99, now €3.99

PS Vita

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z
Was €29.99, now €12.49

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Was €39.99, now €14.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

MotorStorm RC
Was €5.99, now €2.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

Lemmings Touch
Was €9.99, now €4.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

CastleStorm Complete Edition
Was €14.99, now €7.99

Toukiden: The Age of Demons
Was €39.99, now €14.99
10% additional discount for PS Plus members

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14 Author Replies

  • oO some pretty good deals like Bayonetta (supports custom soundtracks on ps3).

    But where is the $0.99 Flash Sale please bring a 1 Euro Flash Sale, or ddos from my PS1 thankyou.

    • And if you like shooting giant insects and robots get Earth Defense Force 2025.

    • For the love of god, DO NOT buy Bayonetta on PS3! Unless you enjoy awful versions of games. WiiU>360>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PS3.

    • For the love of god, if you have no WiiU or Xbox 360, buy Bayonetta on PS3.

      The loading screens take two seconds extra each, and in side-by-side comparisons the graphics look slightly less crisp. To notice that, you’ll need two TVs and two consoles side-by-side. And if you use more than three save slots, loading and saving becomes very slow.

      Still an awesome game. One of the best games on the PS3. Ridiculous and over the top, with oh so smooth combat madness. If you don’t own it, buy it now.

      The WiiU version suffers the same framerate drops during out-of-body fights and when fighting multiple super-enraged enemies, by the way. I don’t know if the Xbox version handles those better.

    • @MrEibmoz they patched the game years ago and got rid of most of the major issues it had. The game plays fine for the most part on PS3.

    • Ignore mike_291990 and HeikeStagBeetle; they have no idea what they’re talking about.

      I’ve completed both the PS3 version of Bayonetta with the patches, and the Wii U version and there is a day-and-night difference between the framerates of each version that significantly affects enjoyment of the game. The Wii U version is smooth as silk, rarely dropping below 60FPS, whilst the PS3 version averages around 30FPS and never comes close to 60FPS unless you’re pointing the camera at empty sky or a blank wall.

      That said, I’d still recommend getting the game for 3.99 if you don’t have a Wii U or 360. The game is so good that it’s still definitely worth playing even with the problems that it still has on PS3.

  • Puppeeteer at only 7€ is a sweet deal too :)

    • PS3 owners should just hurry up and buy it already. It died like Tearaway, but at least Puppeteer was a Plus title so it got some exposure I guess…

  • Click on one of the two comments below that corresponds better on how you feel about this sale.
    Please, click only one, so that the results are more or less representative of our feelings towards it. Thank you.

    • >> I enjoy this sale.

    • >> I don’t enjoy this sale.

    • I don’t understand your obsession with other’s opinions.

    • @Lance_87 He is hoping to get heard from Sony.

    • * He said that he do it for the community. Whatever I voted I don’t enjoy.

    • @UAV: heard for what?

    • @Lance To get a poll for sony and be heard whether we enjoy or don’t enjoy.

    • Voted “enjoy” again (shock, horror!). Keep up the voting posts. Sony may well not scroll down and read each and every comment, but an “I like” or “I dislike” poll is a fantastic way of collecting the general opinion in one post, that many people get involved with.

      Sony’s own poll at the bottom of the article only shows the positive votes, which means someone at SCEE has made the conscious and deliberate decision to hide the negative votes! Post like Alpha’s are reinstating the ability to show BOTH sides of the poll.

    • Sure but do we really need to see the negative votes? As long as Sony does.. This way Alphaembryo is getting a hell of a lot of upvotes either way, and your activity on the blog matters as I’ve once won a digital game here for being one of the most active that year. So I’m no longer voting on those user votes as it isn’t fair to the rest of the blog users. Maybe the blog can eventually have a better voting system, not to mention an edit function?

    • @Stonesthrow

      You uncovered my dark plan to get all the prizes offered from blog competitions, and then… conquer the world…!

      Well, no. Greece is among the countries that cannot participate in any prize related contest. So, no prize for me I’m afraid…

    • Technically it wouldn’t count as a prize related contest, more like an off-the-book show of appreciation (I got a PM with a code for a game). In any case, while I appreciate the gesture, I don’t think it’s something that should be done by users and maybe the blog team could come up with a clearer voting system in a future blog update :p

    • Stonesthrow, are you for real?! This is one of the most useful posts, it gives us an idea of what others are thinking and sends a message to SCEE. If you actually think he’s doing this for himself to get votes for himself (which is meaningless) it speaks volumes about YOURSELF. Is it really hard to comprehend doing things for the wider community and not yourself? I can’t believe you actually think he’s doing this for props or a prize, SCEE would never acknowledge this publicly regardless of whether they notice it or not, but of course they do, every company needs genuine feedback. Plus when SCEA/SCEE does do polls they almost always keep the results to themselves, so Alpha is finally giving us the power back.

    • >> I really don’t give a short flying toss either way

  • Plus games are up on webstore!

    • Except Infamous: First Light… Seems to have disappeared :-/

    • Yeah the best is always last lol, I see it but when I click it it says I’m not eligible to download it, probably being added right now.

    • I can see it too. Hopefully will be available soon enough. Heard people mention they have theirs so many everyone is trying at the same time for that one. lol

    • Woops. I meant maybe. Damn it! Need that edit button!!!! Come on Fred, hurry with the edit button!! lol

    • I can confirm Infamous: First Light is now available and free for ps+ users.

    • Got mine now. On laptop store it still wouldn’t add to the basket but it shows up in the PS+ section now. I went onto my PS4 and it had the price on it but when I clicked on it, it started to download. Didn’t get charged so all is good now

    • Infamous has arrived here, but not Prototype 2:

      Fun fact: the complete edition of P2 is on sale at the moment, and its a separate item.

  • First of all Happy new Year everyone!

    Some good deals there, Bayonetta will be mine for sure, still i am thinking for some others too.

    • If you get burned on Bayonetta, you will need a Wii U to get Bayonetta 2! I have to say its da best,seeing gameplay over and over on youtube.

    • Getting a Wii u is something I am considering for a long time now and of course Bayonetta 2 is on my wish list.

    • You should get it as it is a beautiful console and it has one of the best gamepads in my opinion.

  • I know it’s off topic but is the 10% discount code gonna work on pre-orders?

    Nothing on this round for me, was hoping to double dip on Alien if it went back to the price it was in December (my fault for not getting it then). Guess HDN is all i want from this January sale

    • Yeah it should work for time of purchase the cart should show the 10% deducted, even if they charge it later.

      But did they send out the codes already??

    • But 10% of 70€ is still not a good deal :D A 20% or 25% discount would have been fine.

    • For something they didn’t have to give, 10% is a great offer. Not sure if another one of your troll accounts like Mario__4__Life should be given anything though ;)

      Does that mean your other closed down troll accounts BaneyFunny, AlemanGC, gta5rockt all get discounts too? Not a bad offer then is it mate? Oh wait, you don’t have Plus on any of those accounts since they are what I just said they are, used solely to troll, including your current one you are using.

      Seriously mate, if you actually do believe you aren’t here to troll, then why is it that you don’t come on here with your real true PSN account and say the things that you say then? Exactly, you won’t do it and I am right.

    • Don’t feed the troll…

    • We’ll confirm more details about the 10% discount offer asap. Sorry I can’t be more helpful at present.

    • Well i’d just like to know if that info will come before these deals end or not..
      I actually don’t intend to use them on the games currently on sale but rather to pre-order The Order 1886. However those plans would change if the code happens to NOT work on pre-orders.

    • I’m fairly certain that, according to Murphy’s Law, the discount code will come after the 21st…

  • Any chance for PEACE WALKER price drop on PSP/VITA?

  • Are Ubisoft having a laugh with that AC:Unity price?
    It’s £25 at most online retailers already for a physical copy due to poor sales and the negative press it got because it was released in such a buggy state

    • I was looking to get Unity but just found out that my local retailer sells it for 29 bucks.

    • I got it in boxing day sales from amazon for £20. Started playing it last week, have made 4% progress but it’s crashed and frozen well over 10 times so I have given up on it for now and am playing Far Cry 4 instead.

    • Sounds like Skyrim was on the PS3 :D

    • @ThugETH that’s shockingly bad. I’d been hearing good things about Unity after the patches too. Thanks for the heads up.

  • I’m considering picking up Styx: Master of Shadows, Hohokum, Bayonetta, maybe MGS V on PS3. Really great deals this time around! :D

  • Hi Fred,

    I am wondering why first Metal Gear Solid isn’t available in Croatian Store?

    I know that this isn’t really a theme of this post, but can you investigate? Also my friends says that it was available on Croatian Store in the past but now it isn’t.

    • You better tweet him, because he rarelly reads the blog and answers questions. I really really wonder what the hell is his job, other than that.

    • That would have been a decision made by the publisher, Konami. I’ll do my best to invesitgate.

    • Well, if it is Konami’s decision then I don’t understand the logic behind it because every other MGS title is available – even the PSone Classic MGS: Special Missions.

      Please check if maybe there is some technical hiccup on Store.

    • False. Fred has answered several questions I’ve asked across a fair few blog posts.

  • No UK prices? I thought they were coming back?

    • just click the game it will show your currency…

    • “Hi there folks. A quick note to apologise that this post doesn’t list the deals in their entireity and doesn’t list £ or AU$ prices as we normally would. I won’t make excuses, other than the realities of putting together a massive sale post 2 days before Christmas when the team is not at full strength. We’ll be back to normal service for the January 7th sale update.”

      What’s to blame now? Week long New Years hangover?

    • £ and AU$ prices will return next week. Jawad takes care of tracking regional prices and he’s out of the office this week. Sorry for making you jump through a hoop, but if you click through the link you’ll be able to see the price in your region.

  • Does Hohokum still come with he free Sound Shapes DLC?

  • i hope see DMC next sales

    • i think part 2 BE LAST part of christmas sale – so that part more like kick2ass for PS4 users bcz part1 was more better

  • Is Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc still incompatible with an EU account on the PlayStation Vita TV?

  • No news about the “10 percent discount code”?

  • Defense Grid 2 & The Unfinished Swan on sale!

    These made my day! :)

  • Do you know when customers will receive the additional 10% discount code?

  • Recommend VANQUISH on PS3 at that price, cracking mental shooter.

  • Cool. Buying ToX 2 and Bayonetta for sure.
    Not so sure about AC: Rogue, is it any good (loved Black Flag a lot, pretty much disliked AC 3 though)?

  • Was hoping for a freedom wars sale again, since I couldn’t grab it due to network shortage. Also some destiny/dlc sale cmon guys, the first part was way better.

  • Can’t find Toukiden anywhere :o

  • Oddworld: New n’ Tasty for me.

  • Will there be a third round of games added? I’m still holding out for GTA V, but hey, if you don’t wanna bring it down from $99.95(AUD) then I’ll happily pay $60-70 for it in store with a chunk of that going to the retailer instead of into the PS Store

  • Pants! I was really hoping for Vita Project Diva to show up on sale again since I missed it in the 12 deals. :(

  • What a weak sale … I thought part 2 would be much better … oh well…

  • Toukiden shows full price fix it please

  • Still no time for £? And assassins creed unity is £22 at john lewis

  • The release version of Bayonetta got a lot of critics for techincal problems. Were there patches that solved these problems or is the 360 version still supperior?

    • xbox360 version is still superior. PS3 version has extreme framerate issues which are apparent especially in boss fights. But I guess you can toss 4 Yuropoor coins for that.

    • I had the disk version on PS3 and it was perfectly playable. I’m not the most picky player though (when it comes to graphics and slight framerate drops).

    • All that was fixed was the most debilitating disc issue: the game was not installed to the HD, so each loading screen took 5 seconds. The HD install took that time down to 2. Of course, a discless version is installed to the HD.

      I’ve played the PS3 version many times. The 5 sec loading times were debilitating (every time you picked up a book, or a tear, 5 seconds pause – that was annoying), the hard drive install made it go under my annoyance threshold.

      I’ve never noticed FPS issues during boss fights. They are there during out-of-body fights and when fighting super-enraged enemies. The same FPS issues exist on the WiiU. (Loading issues, not so much.) The 360 version, which I haven’t played, is probably better. The PS3 version only reaches 99% of perfection.

  • When can the UK pre order Resident Evil remastered? America can pre order it but nothing on Europe.

  • Great sale however Toukiden (which I want) not showing the correct price, not even included on the Jan Sale link on the PS Store. Please fix.


  • Hello Fred.

    I have a question:

    Can use multiple 10% discount codes on a singles purchase?

    If i’m getting a game, can i use more than one code?

    Thank you

  • fix toukiden price it still shows ful price

  • Still no psp games? They still exist you know :)

  • Couple of good deals there, don’t want to buy any till I get the 10% code though.

  • AUD prices wouldve been nice, thought you said you were going to be back up to 100% in the new year?

  • Prices in £ would be useful please. Living in the UK I tend not to buy things in €

  • Why in Russian Store we have Gravity Crash Ultra instead of Duke Nukem???

  • That’s all very well but if Sony can take the time to put all this stuff on the store why can’t they take some time to fix the missing DLC issues with LBP3 on PS4?
    It’s been almost 2 months now and we still can’t access our previously purchased DLC. Would you like to explain why Sony are doing nothing to sort it out?

    • It’s been nowhere near 2 months, LBP3 came out in late November here she to censorship.

      By all means be disappointed that something is taking longer than it should but don’t exaggerate about his long you’ve been waiting, it just makes you look impatient and foolish.

  • Literally hundreds of people have asked the same, simple question on this blog, twitter, facebook, etc – When are we getting the 10% discount code? If you don’t know, just say that, rather than ignore everyone and give the impression that you’re not interested in your customers. Good sale BTW, I’ll buy Nidhogg, UFC & Golf Club…..once I know about the discount.

    • they already said ‘this month’. I think it’s pretty clear

    • It’s a bit vague & not clear at all. The discounts on the games I want to buy finish on the 21st hence why I (and hundreds of others) would like to know the actual date when we will get the discount.

    • It’s not like Sony or this blog to ignore things is it? :)

    • It’s only an assumption but I guess the discount code will be made public once the sale is over.

      Still I hope it will be made available before that as I’m also tempted to buy one or two games and saving some additional bucks is better than saving nothing at all. :D

    • Sorry to keep you folks waiting. As above, as soon as I have an update I will pass it on.

    • Thanks for the reply at least.

    • I’m failrly certain Murphy’s Law will be used for that discount.

      Which means, expect something after the 21st.

  • I’m probably getting only Ground Zeroes and Motorstorm 3D Rift from this sale. Yeah i have money to waste, so don’t ask.

  • SCEE really really need a company wide reform

    Guys are getting worse and worse

  • Some ok deals there I suppose, the AC prices are a disgrace, but really disappointed we didn’t see some of the titles that our PS cousins across the pond were offered, namely Tales-Borderlands season pass, Borderlands TPS and Diablo 3…and a couple of others.

  • Fred, tales of xillia (discovery edition) is unlisted and can’t be purchased.!/games/tales-of-xillia-discovery-edition/cid=EP0700-NPEJ00249_00-B000000000000802

    Only through the link can you find it, the search function can’t find tales of xillia discovery edition, there is also no purchase button.

    Please fix it, thanks in advance.

  • Hi,we will have a part 3 of discounted games after this one,please?

  • Oh and by the way, Fred… since there’ll never be a Store Update this week, i’m gonna post this here and today:

    I know it’s probably not going to work, but it doesn’t cost anything to try…

    Do you know if/when Konami and/or Kojima Productions are going to resume all the DLC for “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots”? Maybe by releasing it on Playstation Store, since it used a different system (you could download all content from within the game, in the “Extras” menu… there were 49 items between camos and audio tracks). I’m asking this because apparently the server was shut down a couple of months ago (without a notice, and they used to post something months before) and i’ve just noticed that like two weeks ago. The game was released in digital format but the addons weren’t included. The shutdown has nothing to do with the “Metal Gear Online” shutdown that happened years ago, or the “Metal Gear Solid 4 Database”, the app available in the Store (NOT a DLC!)

    Please don’t ask me to “contact them”: i’ve already tried, and they just don’t reply. Being a mainly Japanese company doesn’t help. I wonder if you guys can get in touch with Konami or Kojima Productions and maybe “solve” this problem once and for all.

    • Alas, my short answer: I don’t know. It’s a decision that lies with the publisher, not with Sony. Should Konami choose to release the DLC, we’ll let you know. Sorry I can’t be of more help on this one.

    • Heh, typical… and forever away it goes another batch of digital content. Bummer.

  • The PS4 game prices on UK/EU store are ridiculous. Who would pay 50-55£/70€ for a digital game? I don’t know about other countries, but in mine I can buy a new release for 50-55€+delivery. And it’s no real difference in the UK, you can get almost anything for 40-44£. If the prices would be the same as retail it would be a little better.
    Or why can’t we get the US prices? On the US store every new game is 60 dollars. And 60 dollars right now is 50€(it’s really bad, a few months ago it was 42€….)

  • I was going to wait to see if Ground Zeroes would be included with Phantom Pain as a bundle, but at 7 quid i think i’m gonna bite.

  • Nidhogg, Surgeon Simulator and Hohokum for me :) I’m actually pretty impressed with both January Sales if I’m honest! Thanks Sony….

    Also, what’s the news on the 10% discount code please?

  • Any reason the UK and other non Euro/€ countries aren’t included in these discounts?

    • Fred mentioned it will come back next week. However I don’t think he mentioned why.

      Anyway, for now you can see all the games in your currency (£) if you go to the store and under the section of January Sale. That is how all us the other people does, whom don’t have our currencies shown in the blogs. Like Denmark we use DKK. Or we just simply make some rough calculations which isn’t that hard :)

  • Tales of Xillia (Discovery Edition) is currently not presenting me to the option to purchase? No price or Purchase button on the store page.

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