Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition hits PS Vita & PS3 tomorrow

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The classic FPS returns this week, packed with features and extras

The seminal first-person shooter Duke Nukem 3D originally crashed onto the scene in 1996 and forever changed the genre with tight gunplay, a new level of interactivity and a sense of humour then unseen before in games.


Now your benevolent amigos at Devolver Digital, Abstraction Games and General Arcade have brought 3D Realms’ legendary shooter to PS3 and PS Vita in the definitive collection — Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition. This kickass compendium of all things Duke Nukem 3D includes:

  • Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition — All four officially released episodes of the iconic shooter with carefully restored visuals, timeless gameplay, and all-new PlayStation Trophies.
  • Duke Caribbean: Life’s a Beach — Grab your water gun and sunscreen as Duke battles vacationing aliens in beach side hotels, tropical lagoons, and even a cruise ship!
  • Duke It Out in DC — Duke takes his special brand of politics to Washington D.C. to turn back the alien invasion set against the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and even FBI headquarters.
  • Duke: Nuclear Winter — Take a brutal walk through this winter wonderland as Duke gets into the holiday spirit by bringing the battle to the North Pole!

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition launches on PlayStation Store tomorrow, and is available at no additional cost to PS Plus members throughout January.

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  • I played it a bit during the 90s, guess I’ll try it out seeing it’s a Plus title and all.

    *looks at article writer’s avatar*


    • Hello there. I am the 2nd main poster in this thread and as of now I have 2 likes and you have 1 like. Considering that I posted after you did, it is obvious to the world that I am a much better contributor to the community. Thank you. Have a lovely day.

    • Hahah! ^^


    • *looks at article writer’s name* that’s not a name, that’s a euphemism. “I hear he’s one of them fork-parkers, if you catch my drift”

  • I hope it plays well on the Vita.

  • Got this back when it mistakenly slipped onto the store last year… I played through the first episode a little and have so far got stuck twice… Goddamn old school level design and the hand holdy nature of current games. How the hell did I complete these games as a kid? (I think the answer is probably with cheat codes…)

    Such nostalgia though… happy to have paid for early access lol. At least I know I’ll be able to play it with my brothers come tomorrow.

    • How and when? Did you purchased it? and it plays well?

    • *does it plays

    • Sometime towards the end of last year it got put up by mistake early… and I insta-purchased it.

      It runs fine… I don’t have the PS3 version but I imagine exactly the same as that. The change weapon is part of the touch screens (front one I think) which can be a little annoying but not the end of the world.

      Haven’t really tried the multiplayer section of it.

      It’s Duke Nukem 3D on a Vita. Pretty much as you’d expect! :)

  • Great game!! Will look forward to the MP being populated now :)

  • Is the PS3 version going to be free tomorrow for Plus?

    • Wondering that too. If it is I might actually consider getting plus. So far the plus games haven’t been the best since I bought my first PS3 in November. No worries though, I have a huge catalogue of PS exclusive games to catch up with!

    • Okay mate. I suppose it will be free, because its crossbuy with PS Vita and since both versions releasing at the same day.

    • @Tveilor Us Plus have both versions available for download, so I think it is safe to say that we will get the PS3 version too here for free!

    • Because something is happening in the US doesn’t mean it will happen here, that’s the Sony way. Remember that promise that games wouldn’t increase in price with the release of the PS4? Games still cost 60 dollars there, but we’ve had to swallow a bitter 40% price hike to fund that.

    • Yes, the PS3 version is free. There’s only one item to “buy” on the Store, and includes both versions. PS3 version is obviously tied to PS+ as well.

  • Superb news – when I first saw the announcement I thought it was Vita only. However as it’s PS3 as well I can’t bloody wait.

  • Enjoy the game :)

  • Hey guys now I just went through some comments on US blog on Duke Nuken 3D, and it pushed back to 13 of January for release, so we might have a change on the line-up here too.

    • Nevermind, it got fixed for them, and the PS3 version is free for them too, so Bothe versions are free!

  • This be an absolute classic :). I look forward to playing it again on Vita, the more recent adventures of Duke may not have gone so well, but the early stuff is well worth revisiting. Cheers to Devolver Digital for bringing it (and other great games) across :).

  • Why is this news, I bought this last year on PS3, about October ?

    • You bought an early version of it that was uploaded to the PS Store by mistake. It was removed a few hours after going up.

      This is the ‘proper’ release date, and it’s a PS+ game.

  • Is this only going to be available to PS plus members today because i remember reading from Pocketgamer that it’s going to be available to all next week and only PS plus members starting today? if that’s the case, it’s stupid as hell.

  • The ps+ games are now live. Downloading them as i write this.

    • Prototype 2 and Infamous First Light aren’t free here, yet :( the latter doesn’t even exist as of now)

    • Indeed, there is a problem with First Light. Its not available yet it seems.
      The other games are in my download list, so they are good to go.

  • I can confirm that the PS3 version of Duke nukem 3D Megaton Edition is free, I am downloading it now.

  • Ok, maybe i overreacted but since i don’t play games online on my PS4 or Vita and i don’t usually care about free games on PS+, if i would now buy PS+ so i could download Duke Nukem for “free”, in the long run that game could cost me 60€ per year, if you know what i mean. So i gradly pay 10€ for it and i can play it without having to worry about keeping PS+ active since i really don’t need it.

    • Ok, looks like Duke Nukem is available to non-subscribers as well… …now i can happily pay 10€ without having to pay for PS+ :)

  • Why Duke Nukem was replaced by Gravity Crush in RUSSIAN PSN Plus when blog says only about Germany? You just ruined my Christmas.

  • Yes, this is my most wanted title of 2015! :D


  • Why Duke Nukem don’t added in Russian PSN?

  • No Duke Nukem on the New zealand psn store???? Gravity crush instead…. Not happy

    • Blame your country restrictions, not Sony.

    • Yeah. I’m seriously disappointed. It was the ONE game I was looking forward to this month. I didn’t read anything about it not being available in NZ.

    • Whoa, really? That has to be a dodgy mistake from SCEE. Australia got Duke Nukem, so I don’t see why New Zealand would miss out on it.

    • If it’s out in Australia, then I think you should be asking Devolver Digital questions. If I recall correctly Hotline Miami was only released in NZ many months after most of the SCEE terrorities received it. I guess you just can’t trust the company to do timely NZ releases. Where SCEE is to blame is their lack of communication on this matter – they typically don’t seem to consider NZ (and Russia, amongst other countries) as that important to them, which is a real shame. In any case I don’t consider Gravity Crash Ultra to be an acceptable subsitute. (Unless we get Duke for free later…)

    • Why they promise something that isn’t going to happen is beyond me, communication is really poor

    • @MaxDiehard whoa dude, we are very liberal with our game content here, i think your thinking of australia? anyway, im not blaming anyone, i just said its not there and im not happy about it ha. but thank you for your “input”.

    • Yeah same here… and I’m pretty sure Sony’s done this many times down the road, because I remember getting games that weren’t advertised as replacements without any mention… I just thought it was a glitch but now it’s just getting out of hand when we don’t get the games we want. Especially when they’re not good replacements.

    • @Jordy yeah like last month, when they took half a month just to put deadly premonition up for us

    • Yep, not happy here either :sadface:

  • Why Duke Nukem 3D is not available in Russian PSN? We got Gravity Crash Ultra. But Gravity Crash Ultra instead of Duke should be only in Germany!

  • Is Duke Nukem : Megaton edition compatible with PSTV ?

    you should really make things like this clearer.

  • Really enjoying this game, great job with porting it over guys. It runs so smoothly! I never even played the original but loving this great bit of retro goodness. The only thing I don’t understand is, why isn’t there a platinum trophy? There’s so much content and the game is really difficult so I just don’t get it? I can understand with games like Titan Attacks for example as there isn’t a lot to do, but for full size games like this it makes no sense at all. Since I realised it has no platinum I’ve lost the will to continue as I have plenty other games on the go right now with platinums to work towards. Even Hungry Horde has a platinum and it’s a much smaller and cheaper game than this, if it wasn’t for the platinum I wouldn’t have stuck with it and realised what a cracking little game it really is…

    Can someone please explain the reasoning behind why some games get platinum trophies and other’s don’t? and guys if you could update this game to have a platinum trophy it really would make the world of difference as I really like the game

    • at the end I meant to say: *it really would make the world of difference as it’s a great game and deserves to have one

  • i got this back in October and NOW its FREE!!! also it crashed a lot, too the point my ps3 had to do a harddrive scan because I did not shut down my ps3 properly.

  • Welcome to Vita, Duke… …you have been missed! Duke missed out xmas, probably was totally wasted and too many babes to handle, but now he’s ready to kick alien asses once more! Hail to the king!

  • Superb port, hope to see some more classic shooter ports come to vita in the future (hint: DOOM, Quake, UT) I’d be more than happy to pay for this quality of work next time ;D

  • What is the official line on New Zealand and Russia not get this even though it was reportedly part of the PS+ monthly games for January for these two countries? What is the plan to rectify this?

    • Knowing Sony, there most likely won’t be one. :|

    • The official line will be “lol whoops”

    • The silliest part is that this wouldn’t have been half the disappointment if the blog staff or Devolver had said this before hand rather than build anticipation and make it a problem.

      Also, who thought a thrust based game was a good replacement for an FPS? At least keep some kind of parity with genre.

  • Thanks again Sony, for not delivering the game.
    Firs it was CS:GO, now it’s Duke Nukem.
    Perhaps I’ll consider buying it on GOG, rather than extending PS Plus subscription.

  • Thanks again Sony for not delivering the game.
    First it was CS:GO, now it’s Duke Nukem.
    Perhaps I’ll consider buying it on GOG, rather than extending PS Plus subscription.

  • What happening with Duke in Russian store? Wait for this game. It’s not available in +.. OK. But why it’s not available in store? I’m ready to buy it…what happen with this title?
    BTW it’s already in UK, UA, US store…

  • No Duke Nukem in the NZ store?! I thought it was only Germany that was missing out… This is disappointing.

    • Yeah, it totally sucks. It was the one game I was itching to play.

    • I feel your pain dude, i was so disappointed I couldn’t revisit this bad boy. Especially after getting hyped to download it then it never came

    • It’s similar to what happened with South Park: Stick of Truth earlier last year – it was reported NZ would be getting the uncensored version then lo and behold it’s ends up being the heavily censored European version (not even the Australian one) – it’s a sad day when the censorship threshold in America is less stringent than in New Zealand

  • Looks like Devolver Digital really want to release Duke 3D in all other countries.

    • Top-notch BS. Russia has no rating system for games or movies, so in RU region rating issues literally cannot exist. Like at all. It’s just another f**k up (probably by Sony, again). DD just saying ‘nothing we can do’ by that post.

    • Weird, Fred said in the sales thread Russia was a ratings issue (but nothing about NZ). It would be nice if someone clarified the situation properly.

    • Russia had ratings for few years now (no one cares about them though) and because of that we don’t get some games in ps store. At least it is not that harsh comparing to Germany and Australia…

  • Plays great on the Vita, but why no color lighting and proper shadowing? My x486 PC in 1995 could do that…

  • Has anyone played so far in the in the game and then it crashes it froze up on me when I got to “episode 2 mission 5 occupied territory”

  • Has anyone played so far in the game and then it freezes? it happened to me when I got to Episode 2 Mission 5 “Occupied Territory” a minute into the game and it crashes.

  • I get the freeze/cat-up situation, where the game freezes and I frantically press controller buttons and then the game catches up to me. This happens a lot when I pull up the map and 3D map. Weird a PS1 game operating on a P1 can function better than a PS1 game operating on a PS3.
    I can’t pull out the game and clean it, usually that works on PS1 games on a PS1.

  • Found a bug on Lunar Apocalpyse Fusion Station; if I start the level, go through the first door and work my way to the next door (with the revolving airlock and green door) when I go to open it the door scrolls up like crazy until eventually stops frozen and completely blocking access. I tried it a few times until I found it works fine if I turn the Run toggle off and try the door while at walking speed.

    That’s the only prob I’ve seen so far, otherwise it plays great :)

  • So no one is disappointed this port does not contain Mark Knight´s enhanced soundtrack from DN:Total Meltdown edition released on original Playstation?
    Or at least Devolver Digital could implement custom soundtrack option into the game.
    Such a shame…

  • Plays well on vita, such a shame no PS tv support… Please patch as touch screen use is minimal!

  • how do you install it on vita

  • Episode 1, stage 4, has a problem. The screen freezes in the middle of the stage, forcing off the playstation 3. With anyone else is happening?

  • Plays very well, looks smooth and still a ton of fun. Port the classic Doom’s please. :D

  • Please make it PSTV compatibel :) I sold my PS3 and my Vita doesn’t do big screen. I’ll be pleased with a PS4 edition too btw ;)

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