A holiday thank you

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An important message for all PSN members

Hi everyone, Happy New Year! Since access to PlayStation Network was impacted during the holidays, we wanted to show our appreciation for your patience by offering all PlayStation Plus members that had an active membership or free trial on December 25th a membership extension of five days. The extension will be automatically applied, so no action is necessary to receive the extension. We will post additional information here on the blog when the extension becomes available. If your membership or trial ends before the extension is available, you will receive five days of Plus to enjoy once the extension becomes available (we will notify you when).

In addition, sometime this month we will announce that for a limited time, we will be offering a 10 percent discount code good for a one-time discount off a total cart purchase in the PlayStation Store as a thank you to ALL PSN members.

The discount can be used towards great content available on PS Store including blockbuster new releases, award winning indie games, game add-ons and season passes, and an enormous selection of TV and Movies.

In case you missed it, click here to read about the great games included in the January 2015 PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection lineup.

Thanks again to all our loyal PlayStation fans and welcome to our newest console owners. Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday.

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  • That gesture wasn’t necessary imho, but it’s appreciated. More importantly is to improve the infrastructure. Not that DDoS attacks could be entirely prevented, but … you know. ;)

    • For PS3 / Vita owners, the gesture wasn’t necessary.

      For PS4 owners who are PS Plus subscribers, it’s not a “gesture” – it’s necessary compensation for disruption to a service that they (we) are paying for.

      That’s what comes of making people pay to play online games. You can’t charge people for a service, and fail to provide it.

    • your right Golwar i wasn’t wanting anything for muck up just a reassurance they gonna beef up the security against this kinda thing in the future it would be different if it was a small time company and not keep us players in the wind if its fixed or not but its appreciated ty for taking some time to respond to us

    • @hackenbacker

      Actually if you read the TOS you’ll see they don’t have to compensate at all, as services are viable to failures and we accept them “as is”.

      Still, nice of Sony. Specially the discount code

    • Golwar you are the most reasonable PSN member I’ve heard all week.

    • What? It sure was.

    • Actually im a ps3 owner, But the service provided by Psn.and.Sony to allow you online. Does NOT. Grant the ” we must get conpensation” especially when it was down Time due to things out of their hands… Its also probably written in the terms and.conditions anyway that they dont have to pwe anything for these problems

    • @hackenbacker

      When did PS Plus become exclusive to PS4 consoles only? I’ve been subscribed to PS Plus for over a year now and I’ve only got a PS3. I have no plans to get a PS4 in 2015. There were very few games I could play during all the downtime. Most just wouldn’t work due to licences not registering as active. Pretty sure there are lots of Vita users that subscribe to PS Plus too.

    • 5 days is £0.55, less than the cost of a bag of sweets. Please, keep your token gesture and deliver the “stronger, more consistent” PSN that Fergal Gara PROMISED back in 2013.

    • I find it strange that PS4 PlayStation members think it is not necessary to provide reimbursement for the disruption to service. I am a PS3 user and pay for PlayStation Plus subscription fee just like PS4 users. I paid my Sony PlayStation plus subscription fee for 6 years now (How long have you paid for your PS4 subscription service? Think hard about this one!) I expect that when Sony is unable to meet its contract obligations that I get reimbursed for that period. I think that the 10% discount being offered is very good, this gesture ensures customers like myself remain with Sony.

    • Anyone know when the discount code is due? Im holding out on buying a raft of games until I get this. Dont want to miss the Jan sales though. How hard is it Sony to just hand it out now?

  • Brilliannt response. Can’t say I was too affected by the downtime as I was spending the time with family and I have games that can be played offline but I know some people who were very unhappy who will appreciate this a lot.

  • We should should be getting added time anyway for the days we missed so that was expected. That 10% discount would be nice if the store prices werent so high. A 10% discount wont even bring most of them games in line with online/shop prices elsewhere.

    A pretty meh thank you in my opinion.

    • in so many ways, this is the best console store that I know of, compared to nintendo & xbox. sure it could use some polish.

    • If you read the ToS you would be aware that they were not required to provide any additional time in compensation. The 10% discount can be applied to anything, and not everything is overpriced. I will use it towards RE or Grim Fandango.

    • ToS can’t override consumer law. Legally they would be on shaky ground taking money for a service, and then failing to provide it.

    • They have provided the service, just for 5 days it was down due to third party activities. The ToS would win here, guaranteed.

    • use the code on something first party. First party games are NOT cheaper at retail than on the PS store.

    • Well, here’s a thought.
      Why don’t you buy one month Plus with the discount? That way you get 3 free days as compensation for the 4 days it was down.
      9 days if you buy the 3 month plus sub or better yet, 36 free days if you buy a whole year.

      I would say that’s a pretty fair compensation, given that you could use it to discount the Plus subscription

    • @Tee_Doff I suggest you actually take the time to read up on consumer law before giving guarantees.

      Contracts with consumers (as opposed to business to business) have additional cover to protect them from unfair clauses, and the case can easily be made that having a clause which essentially says ‘we’ll take your money, but not necessarily provide the paid for service’ is an unfair clause.

      If it was something completely outside of their control, Sony might arguably have a case; however as there was warning that the event would take place, and there was a comparable service – Xbox Live – that experienced the same influence from an outside force, but did not experience the same length of down time, consumers would have a strong case to demand reasonable compensation.

      What Sony have done is to provide more than what I would deem reasonable compensation – so well done to them for recognising the reality of the situation.

    • Ikr, the 10% code is only worth it if we can use it during this January sale (or another sale in the future).

      10% of the normal SENstore prices are still scandalous prices.

  • My sub expired on the 25th and I can’t be bothered to renew, do I get the 5 days?

  • Well that’s a pretty good deal, thanks! :). Next time, proper communication through the blog and other official channels (not just twitter) would prevent a lot of annoyances amongst most of us I think. Here’s to a DDoS free 2015!

  • Wait….I can use that discount to buy a TV?

  • No one will buy anything now until they get there code

    • I’ll because if they fail to give the code before the january sale part 2 ends I have no choice buy buying the games!

    • I’ll be holding off since I was planning to buy something in anyway. But if it doesn’t get here by the 21st I’ll go ahead and use it in anyway since what I want to buy is on sale until then. Yes, I’ll be using the discount on already discounted items lol

  • Nice. Since my subs wasto end on December 25th (and therefore it active at the moment) I’ll waiting for my 5 days extensions.

  • ”In addition, sometime this month we will announce that for a limited time, we will be offering a 10 percent discount code good for a one-time discount off a total cart purchase in the PlayStation Store as a thank you to ALL PSN members.” What? discount code good for a one-time discount off a total cart purchase in the PlayStation Store? APOLOGY ACCEPTED!!

  • 10% discount sounds good to me.

  • It’s better than a copy of Knack…

    …OR IS IT!?!? Find out next episode!

  • What a bunch of easily pleased Sony fan boys, this gesture was the absolute minimum they could get away with, their failings destroyed the Christmas holiday for millions !

    Sony continue to fail to tackle hackers both in game and externally DESPITE players reporting countless times

    • I think they forgot it was down for 3/4 days so they getting 1 day free x_x & games going to cost more on the store then in local stores, So want have we made out of this? 1 day free PSN :p

    • “Destroyed the holidays for millions”? Hahaha so over dramatic.

    • If you can’t live for a few days without a games console then there is something wrong with you, something VERY wrong.

    • I sincerely hope that your happiness isn’t so reliant on PSN access. Please resolve to find more diverse pleasures in 2015.

    • I find your comment very representative of many modern gamers, entitled. ‘Destroyed the holidays’ is such a pathetic and way over reactive statement to make.If you have problems with it please go to Xbox Live, then I won’t have to see self righteous comments popping up here on the blog.


    • @URBAN: personally, they didn’t ruin my holidays, personally. Get a life, seriously.

    • lol if you guys think thats dramatic, you should have checked out the BBC story on it…. They had some guy who said he planned what games he was gonna play online for WEEKS before christmas… then cried when he found out it wasnt working.

    • Finally someone normal

    • The problems over the holiday had nothing at all to do with hacking.

    • I totally agree.. Spent hard earned cash buying the ps4 for Xmas and it was ruined..people are so easily pleased but should remember psn is needed for ps4 and Sony has a duty of care to protect its users and they have failed to do so.. A free voucher or money added to there wallets then they can decide what to choose..you did it last year on ps3 gave us that dead game.. Shame on you for treating loyal members.

    • am i missing something here……i think everyone who missed out on psn…ps4..should get £5 wallet credit aswell as the gesture already given…..compensation for frustration on the festive holiday when all the family sat around to play online gaming……#befairsony

    • I’m not going to pretend like that statement wasn’t over dramatized. However, there are people who purchased a destiny bundle with the tiny bit of earnings they had for their niece, nephew or child. Learning they couldn’t do anything with said bundle broke some hearts for the holidays. Sure, your experiences may not have been the same. But no one should sit here and pretend that everyone had an equal experience to their own.

  • The 5 days of Plus is expected, you did not provide a service for 5days. Either giving people 5 days free, or a 5day refund is common place and usually forcable by law. It’s not really a thank you.

    As for 10% discount, it would be helpful if your prices were not 20% higher than shops. I could buy the 5 latest releases from you, have 10 % off, and still pay at least 10 more than i would if i bought physical copies of games from the shop..

    I suppose it’s ok for indy titles, but since they’re always being put on ps+ anyway, it’s always a hit and miss whether to get them

    • Aha, but the US store is doing the same so decent prices + conversion rates from USD make that discount more valuable if you have a US account.

      Also, this is the only way I could possibly get that discount on my EU PS+ subscription renewal that I have been waiting for (Fred confirmed that there is no PS+ deal coming). Not nearly as good as buy 12 months get 15 but better than nothing.

    • to be fair some games are much cheaper than the shops….trials fusion for one….

  • Wow that’s great. Thank you! I wasn’t really affected by the impact as I spent my holidays with the family but this is very generous. Especially to those that did get affected.

  • An excellent response, and one that’s much appreciated, not that there’s much that can be done to prevent DDoS attacks.

    I do agree with others though that something needs to be done to improve the general stability of the network, especially as PS+ is now an essential component of online gaming on PS4. Routine maintenance should not bring the entire network down for an entire day, especially on UK bank holidays just because that’s when it best suits US customers. I don’t know what the solution is, except more servers and perhaps a more distributed network structure, so parts of it can be taken down whether by DDoS or through maintenance and upgrades while traffic is funnelled to other parts of the network.

    What I do know is for 2015, Lizard Squad or not, if SCEA once again decides to arrange for “important network upgrades” at the best time for their customers, and don’t actually give a damn that they’re taking the entire network down for a UK/EU bank holiday when everyone wants to get online and play, then there’ll be a few more voices raised. Let’s let that particular practice die with 2014.

    • In its current state, there may not be a lot that can be done about DDoS attacks. But fundamentally, the PSN exists to servce Playstation consoles. As Sony control the client platform as well as the servers, there are steps that they could take to shut out non-Sony devices – some of it could be implemented in firmware, some may need hardware as well. Steps that make it hard for non-Sony devices to spoof the requests. Even with packet-flooding, making sure the security layer is elastic and scalable with virtual devices, would mean they could cope. There may be some parts of the service that have to be sacrificed in the event of an attack – such as web access to the PSN Store – but rethinking the architecture could certainly make the network more resilient for its basic use; services for Playstation consoles.

  • Apology accepted <3

    • & your easy client for sony x_x You not made nothing out of this. Enjoy the 5 days you lost LOL

    • The problem was caused by an outside factor, giving us back the days we lost is the normal thing to do and they have no reason for anything more.

    • Rochala, If sony didn’t do nothing and gave people PSN back, Do you think people would go mad? or it as done as made sony be good people they don’t care about us, Its about rep and fans who have sony consoles happy to keep paying for server

    • “didn’t do nothing”? That grammar. Honestly, I didn’t expect anything from them. That would be more typical of a response of a company who didn’t care. idk if you noticed, but staying in business is by keeping your customers by keeping them happy. There are companies out there that care and aren’t all about the money. Like I said, they could have done nothing in return, but I rather have them make up for lost time that wasn’t really their fault then the alternative.

    • what apology? they gave us 5 days back, loads of people still couldn’t log in till now

  • Absolutely awesome gesture! Not really necessary but highly appreciated, thank you Sony!

    We are confident that you are also actively pursuing every needed measure to prevent a similar outage (your losses in missed sales, hurt image and frustrated employees are much more important than a few days not being able to play, so don’t worry about the harsh replies you also get)

  • Thanks. Despite what some people say this is a really nice gesture. Hugs

  • Thank you . Even though it wasnt your fault you are giving us compensation? This is a wonderful gesture and you have my respect.

    • It was ALL sony fault, There firewall is crap. Kids got into there IPS

    • And I could easily tap into your Firewall Luke If I had the time or was arsed. Go cry somewhere else. You can’t prevent a DDoS attack. Yes, Sony can increase the server capacity, but then the attacks will just increase the bandwidth.

    • Your reply made no sence want so ever… Of course people can ddos normal people we don’t pay for ddos crap. But sony/xbox are million $ places who should have power to make it hard to get IP’s & all that good stuff.

    • @lukerd1993: You don’t seem to know what you are talking about. Study a little about DDoS.

      I will use the discount to top a year onto my PS+ sub. :P

    • @lukerd is full of herp-a-derp in this thread.

      What about the ADULTS here teach you a lesson!?

      What Combatting says is the true.

      Mind your own business, no one cares about your pretend concern about the relationship between private individuals and mega corporations. Guys like you are not for the good of consumers, you think you are but you really aren’t, stop acting like you are. Guys like you go around everywhere looking for every tiny bit of crap to act like they’re the true voice of reason in consumerism, constantly making snide remarks, veiled insults and other crap to people who want to spend THEIR money as they see fit. It’s an arrogant and, in many cases, ignorant attitude.

  • If youre down for 5 days we should automatically get a 5 day extension that we are paying for anyway! However what is 5 days? Thats not really a bonus or a thank you. 10% discount on stuff already marked 10% down at your local gamestop or walmart is also not a big savings at all really. Thanks for saving me $3?

  • So what about those that didn’t have ps+ we lose out! Poor show!

  • That is rubish since I could not log on for 4 days so I only get one free day. Xbox one hear I come

  • Kinda crap put in mind PS was down for 3 days then came up for 24hrs then back down for another 24hrs that all ready 4 days & you only givin 5 days free but really 1 day free… Then you say you are going to give us 10% discount on games but they are still going to cost more on the store then in local stores x_x

    • You are a prime example of the “entitled generation”

    • Want? That sony taking adv of everyone with PS+ membership. We pay monthly/yearly for want? I all ways through it was to keep server up from guys that can ddos? Yes we can free games each month, But if anything i would want sony to make the server better. It’s nothing about “Entitled gen” it’s about saying a fact!

    • If you have a car and there are roadworks on a road that blocks you everyday, do you contact the government and ask for some road tax back because you couldn’t use that road?
      The gaming community is the only community I know of that constantly thinks they are entitled to something when anything goes wrong, no wonder the industry struggles to be taken seriously with so many whiners about, things happen (far worse than PSN outage) thats just life, at least Sony are offering something back which they don’t have to do, haven’t heard anything of the green side doing the same.

    • Then buy something that’s not available in local stores.

  • Thanks for reimbursing us for the Christmas downtime, much appreciated. The 10% discount code wasn’t really necessary, but I do agree with the fellow playstation community that it won’t even make a dent on the playstation store prices as we can purchase disc copies a heck of a lot cheaper. I am chuffed that we have full PSN access now and I would love it if you could tweak your servers to prevent any future attacks.

  • Remember people, the most you can have in your PSN wallet $150 to shop with if you go that route. Or you have a limit of ten items in your cart at one time… Guess I’ll have to use my credit card for this offer! I wanted to get 3 games and some dlc but it will be over the $150 mark for using psn cards. Thanks for the heads up on this 10% off offer because I was going to buy things tomorrow!

  • 5 days is to he expected. To make up for lack of communication and allowing this to happen in the first place i would want 20% off plus subscription. Its already been confirmed there will be no discounts soon on plus which is a disgrace. Ive lost around 2 weeks game play on ff14 over the year due to ‘maintance’ that wont be compensated will it?

  • ok i was angry… now… i am less angry… they are just giving me the days i payed and didn’t use and that’s fine, good job for sony… the discount… meh, the games on psn are still overpriced

  • Thanks SONY ;) I am just sorry that people do these attacks on PSN :( Oh well the most important thing is SONY(& MS) try and find a way to stop these attacks for the future because if not we should never have a always online gaming future really :-/ + is there any way in the future to view my Trophies on my PS4 when off line etc etc would be cool like the PS3 does(that is all i really care about when PSN is down) :D

  • Just to PSN Plus owners? What about US, the people that were affected with no Plus account? 10% discount is not good enough for me, and it is not specified that this discount will apply to all PSN users.

    • How can you moan? You don’t even pay to support sony! x_x Pay for PSN & you can have your say! Just saying!

    • It is specified in the above text that it will apply to all users… So, Erm, yeah?

      10% is not good enough for you? You lost zero €€ and now get a discount..

      Mind, boggled.

    • Sorry …..but stop having a go at non ps plus members if the bought a full game on the psn store like i did…..dragon age inquisition……they werent able to play it for 5 days they have a right to moan but ddos was hackers not sony so really they are moaning at the wrong people

    • Why, exactly, couldn’t you play it? Is your console set as Primary and did you disable the requirement for it to connect online in the settings?

      If you couldn’t play digital games then it is down to user error, in most cases, I’m afraid.

    • @lukerd1993

      What do you even mean, “Pay for PSN & you can have your say”?

      The PSN service, whether your account benefits from Plus or not, is still an integral part of the product he paid for. That product is called a PlayStation 4, and yes, people pay for it. I’d really thank you to remember that PS+ is not all you “contribute” with.

      For all you know, leozac1024 bought the console earlier and at a higher price than you so by default, he had already contributed sooner and better than you have.

      He is a customer. He purchased the product. He has every right to voice his opinion and be unhappy about this event.

    • he doesn’t support Sony So all that money he spent on his console and all the games none of that went to Sony? Just saying.

  • my gripe with this is the 10% and the sub extension, phones off the hook pretty much with so many people complaining… emails backlogged.. I have a wrong region code here I can’t use and this what it’s going to?? Sony should be more prepared with their servers peer-gaming is an abomination on this console..

    • Sounds like you know how to deal with DDOS attacks, please write your solution down and send it to Sony. Their lines would not have been blocked if people had just go onto the web found out the PSN was down, then they wouldn’t have blocked the phone lines, you also forget it was Christmas week, all those staff trying to answer questions who would have prefered to be at home, I doubt the phones were off the hook and their not going to be able to reply to thousands and thousands of emails.
      Plus there is nothing wrong with their gaming servers peer-gaming is not an abomination as you put it, a lot of issues in game are to do with peoples rubbish internet and gamers who have 20 devices connected to their router with a poor download and upload connection.

  • My ps plus was due to renew on the 25th but i couldnt do it so wots happening there and the 10% discount is a bribe for us to buy more and it costs more to buy games off ps store witch the 10% discount would bring the games down to the price of wot u would pay in the shops so its not a good deal once you think about it

    • Lol bribe, really? You do know you don’t have to use it? It looks like you won’t get any free because you were not a PS+ member when it went down. They cannot reimburse you as you lost nothing as you were not paying for plus when it went down.

  • Honestly I didn’t really feel I needed anything in return for it. It didn’t really affect me though so I wasn’t bothered (I typically play single player content on consoles most of the time and my sub is for the games each month) but 5 day extension is a good gesture :)
    Also that 10% discount may come in handy for me as I was intending to buy a couple of games on the store sometime soon. The sales for them end on the 21st soooo hopefully it comes before then and will apply to them. Was intending to buy Natural Doctrine (PS4) and Monster Monpiece (Vita) :)

  • I feel they don’t owe us anything but i certainly won’t complain so thank you. These attacks were’t Sony’s fault and people need to shut up thinking they’re entitled to this entitled to that, it’s pathetic.

    Yes it was frustrating, it was frustrating for me too but there’s nothing you can really do about a DDOS attack.

    • I have to respectfully disagree. Terms of Service do not, and cannot, override consumer rights. I’m not going to go on a rant and say they owe us this world and the next — frankly, I think what people got is decent compensation — but this by no means make it acceptable.

      Look, you’re clearly a very big Sony fan, and I respect that. However, keep in mind that being a fan is not accepting everything a developer or a company tells you. As a fan, what you (we) should do is to voice criticism to make sure we let the service/product providers know what we want. I realize Xbox One suffered from much the same and yes, I realize they might not have offered any compensation for it like Sony did, but we mustn’t build our arguments with strawman fallacies like that. It doesn’t matter what Microsoft did, it doesn’t matter how some people voice it and it doesn’t matter whether we (you) personally agree with or not. What matters is that, by law, when a consumer pays for a service, they are entitled to that service or equivalent compensation: This is very, very simple and there’s really no debate to be had about it.

      As for “nothing you can really do about a DDoS attack”, I suggest you research when was the last time Valve’s Steam service ever had an attack even remotely this bad. I think you’ll find that nothing of this magnitude ever happened. Why do you figure that is? I’ll let you take your own conclusions.

      Happy gaming!

  • egleast sony did something they could have said no we wont give you anything

  • 10% Discount on any game on PS Store is perfect for me, i will get Dragon Age Inquisition at a very convenient pirce.

    5 more days of Plus is good for people who had Plus expired, in order to download for free IGC of January, as for me I will not even notice because I’ve a 1 Year Plus (payed 35 eu).

    Anyway is an appreciated move, it could be not done and no one would have notice, but is a good small move to keep the customers.

    The thing is: make PSN more reliable or make it Free again like on PS3. Choose one and there will be no complains from us.

    • I will be buying a few films with the discount but they did offer 20% off codes that ended 24th of december aswell for those who could be bothered to read their emails sony are made out to be evil when they are just people doing their jobs….sorry about replying to your comment it was just random n not pointed at you

  • You guys didn’t really have to do anything…


  • If i were you playstation i would give a free game

  • I don’t really care about the 10% and extended days. how about spending some of your money on improving the servers clearly it can be taken down to easy. you cannot stop these attack but u can reduce them. It should not take u down for 3 days. and when will sony say we are sorry. Not seen it once so far. a lot of thanks but never we sorry. even if the attack not your fault it only right you said it as we are talking days of downtime.

    • How can they spend money when gamers constantly moan and want things for free.

    • People may moan that they want things free but they usually dont get itbecause thats a bad bussiness plan ps plus is paid for you get games as part of the sub they are not free and the multiplayer addition to plus was just to boost sales it wasnt neccesary im not a complainer i dont care that it was down i have every game released for ps4 i love the console in my opinion the blog should be for questions and answers only and transferring information not complaining about services or eve complaining about complainers

  • I really don’t get these comments. Sony offers a service…if the service goes down…their fault or not…it’s their responsibility to compensate for it. As for the 5 days…they’re giving back what we lost…nothing extra there. And as for the 10% discount…it means I have to spend yet more money in order to receive compensation. That’s not really how compensation works Sony!!! And their store prices are way more than high street or Amazon prices anyway….so just how have I been compensated?

    • You clearly have no idea what compensation is. Compensation is to get you back in to the same position you were in prior to whatever happened. If that isn’t possible then a monetary value can be given within set parameters.

      Here you are now in exactly the same position as before, only you also have a 10% discount, if you so choose. You could also be selfless and give the code away, but I’m not sure someone so entitled would do such a thing?

    • Legally they don’t have to compensate for anything as it was not foreseen so your comment is completely wrong. Try reading your Terms and Conditions instead of skipping through them next time.

    • Well you can look at it that way. Personally, being an old git in gaming terms at 44, and having had a life in sales and service, I don’t believe compensation is about simply giving back what was lost. Anyway, no rights or wrongs here. Just opinions. Up to Sony whether they decide to do anything about them…and given their track record I highly doubt it.

    • I feel the fanboy love in makes any rationale view near impossible, I own both consoles, XBox was running on the 26th, Sony late on the 28th. To gamers who have purchased digital games were left high and dry as no game plays, so while the blind ‘It’s not Sony’s Fault’, sorry it is. As many have said the 5 days to many is a fools offering as most lost 3-4 days so in effect get 1 additional day, and the 10% will have constraints, so when placed against any purchase will be negliable at best.

    • That is the legal definition. If you want to give good PR and try and get more sales, you can offer more, but that is up to you.

    • All my digital games played perfectly without connection to the PSN… Not sure what others were doing wrong.

      Can people not remember Sony already stressing this point at E3? Game DID NOT require an internet connection to play UNLESS you hadn’t bought them on your account. How is it Sony’s fault if you are trying to play a game you didn’t buy on your own account?

    • @Tee_Doff;

      I see you’ve commented on practically every negative criticism in this whole page and in a very arrogant fashion to boot; to wit: “You could also be selfless and give the code away, but I’m not sure someone so entitled would do such a thing?”

      The man was voicing his opinion. Regardless of what you want to believe, he is perfectly within reasonable boundaries, he wasn’t rude, he wasn’t even snarky. You, however, were. So I ask: Please, tone that down. As a fan of the Sony platforms since the very early PSX days, the last thing I want is to be clumped with that kind of attitude — and it is precisely why console players are getting more bad reputation with each passing year.

      Just thought I’d say that.

  • The attitude of some people is a damn right disgrace. Look in the T&C’s to see that Sony don’t have to compensate for any downtime, yet they did. Plus we get 10% discount to spend on the store.

    The way some people carry on here it’s no wonder that gamers get the reputation they do in the media and general public opinion.

    Get a grip of yourselves.

    • I agree. Some kids on this thread are pathetic thinking they’re entitled to everything (no names given) it really is quite laughable.

    • Well said, the gaming industry is trying to escape the (not a serious industry) attitude but many gamers really don’t help it’s cause.

    • I think the biggest flaw is bagging all negative criticism together as “people being entitled”.

      You know, froudouk — and this goes for Latiran as well — sometimes you just have to accept that you may not be right. And in the event that you’re not right, perhaps wording yourself in a way that shows a little bit of humility goes a long way.

      Latiran’s (I will assume repeated, since that’s usually the case) use of the expressions, “pathetic” and “quite laughable” to define any and all negative criticism is not showing humility. It is shielding Sony from any form of negative feedback.

      I am a gigantic Sony fan, and personally I don’t care that the service was down. I have other priorities anyway, but I’d really like to remind you two that Sony isn’t your friend. They are an international, multimillion-dollar enterprise that can stand very well on its own without Knights in Shining Armor — it did before you came along, and will continue to do so after you’re gone. If they need legal counseling or defense, they will promptly fall back on their team of lawyers, not you.

      You have a consumer-provider relationship with Sony, and that’s it. You pay them, they give you a thing. That is all. Please, remember that.

  • Would have been better if everyone had this given to them, both new and old members. As next to no-one could get on there from Christmas Day on-wards. Hopefully PS users won`t have to go through this again.

  • Not happy as being with you since the start for ps1 and 2 and yes 3 And been on plus b4 but not up to Christmas and on Christmas Day i got a ps4 and as you do more with ps4 about to yes go online and play games plus put a 12 th month plus member ship on but as we or no that could not be done so we miss out thanks playstation for not being any help

  • Cool might preorder Dying light when can we get the code

  • 5 dias xd? Jajaj eso no es nada para lo que compramos el año de plusxd

  • What reputation do gamers have in the media and with the general public?? I must have missed that! Lol

    • Spoilt brats who are easily guided by violence and go on killing sprees. Missed that did you? Fair enough, probably not allowed to stay up late to watch the news

    • Lol! I probably am…being 44!! I don’t care about 10% discount or a few extra days. The point here is a matter of principle and being able to see straight through the spin.

  • Right so what you saying is for all those children that had ps4s for Xmas and couldn’t play them for 4 days they get nothing in compensation because they couldn’t actually get online with PSN to set up a plus account ! Nice gesture

    • Great point…never thought about that…new PS+ users get nowt.

    • Finally!, the pure nonsonse posted in many above posts i had to read until i seen exactly what this whole ‘issue’ was and is really about, apart from those saying thanks, no thanks, or needed to do or not, everyone else seems to be in some zone i’m unaware of, reading the put downs and the entitled word, why do people forget about the ordinary people that will have made a ps4 the no1 gift for thier kids or whoever on Christmas, might of gone into debt or whatever to get one, then see the horror of it not working, would be interesting to see the sales figures for sold ps4’s bought as xmas pressies, (if thats even possible) instead all i read is put downs and dismissals, so, i have about five legit accounts, one is plus too, but never mind that, what about a gesture to the kids that got disapointed and the parents who’d of been ‘frustrated’ (putting it mildly) instead of all this greed, either from the ‘i wants’ or the ‘you cannot have’s’ both camps as bad as each other!.

  • This is a nice gesture and is higly appreciated. However, my two kids got their own PS4 for Christmas and I was unable to create a PSN account for them. The online facility was unavailable for them, so they were not able to play GTA, Fifa, PvZ and Driveclub. How will this be compensated since they didn’t have an account at that moment…

    • Sorry your five year old couldn’t play GTA.

    • Hahah seriously, please don’t put “my kids” and “GTA” in the same sentence, it’s going to be embarassing.

    • I dont get the problem, my mother calls me and my sister ‘the kids’ and i’m the younger sibling at 33 years old.

      He could have twin 18 year olds for all you know.

    • ^ how about trying harder.

    • Jesus… This is literally the first time I’ve ever visited the PSN Blogs and I’ve been commenting here for a few minutes.

      Are Sony fans usually this petty and snarky at people for no reason? Sleurhutje didn’t even say anything wrong and yet two hounds come out of the woodwork to snark just… because reasons.

      Really? This is what I’m getting into?

    • Hound? Moi? Please, try harder.

    • so your ‘kids’, different ages of course?, but even if not, whats so bad about underage gaming, and i Know you didn’t say one was/is 5 year old.. some places kids are taught to shoot guns, perfectly normal, and obviously your the Only parent in the whole world that allows underage kids on video games, bad parent, ok just off to shops, past the kids sellin the weed and other stuff!

  • Surprised that you are getting away this lightly. Happens every bloody year. Sort out your internal security so that you dont have to do this every time. 5 days for free and 10% off..are you kidding me?

    • Internal security means nothing, a DDOS attack is unavoidable, no matter how many servers they have the attackers will just make a bigger attack, sony was clearly targeted worse than microsoft as a ful on DDOS would have crippled microsoft aswell and it didn’t

  • Exactly!! ^^^

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