Celebrate the season with a new trailer for The Order 1886

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Celebrate the season with a new trailer for The Order 1886

Check out a festive clip from Ready At Dawn’s forthcoming PS4 adventure

Our last showing at PSX was an amazing experience and a great opportunity to meet some of you. First and foremost, we wanted to thank you for all your support. It’s only a couple of months until the release of our game and we’re really looking forward to having everyone play it.

With Christmas and the New Year upon us, we wanted to send everyone our best wishes and leave you with a little something special from 1886. Happy holidays!

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  • Merry Christmas to all playstation fans everywhere!

    This game looks truly amazing, I predict I won’t be feeling well when I buy this on its release which may mean I won’t be able to go into work…..

    • Hi. Just want to know if psn EEUU Still Downey dame as psn europe.? Sistema Still Down here from25th. Also Sony Will paybacak the costumer for this days?

  • Awesome video! Happy holidays and best of luck in the new year Ready At Dawn! Looking forward to the Order!

  • Can’t wait for this game I will then finally have 2 games for my ps4, 2015 is going to be a great year for gamers.

  • why is psn down? when will it be up again?

  • good games,but psn has been for two days down, what about that? besides at christhmas since 25 until now, it is ridiculous, sorry but i’m paying for a good quality and service.

  • FIX PSN PLEASE! Currently the only way to play online is to pay for a premium service, we have a contract/agreement that enables online play, and currently you guys are breaching this contract!

  • NW-31194-8… is all I get for €7 a month.

  • Psn still down. Would love to play something before the new year.

  • now Sony just obyaazany , firstly give as an excuse for rotten defense or game or that there be anything else , we have a right to demand , and secondly to put a better protection at Steam, if this will continue Playstation 4 with such protection is not needed and it is better to buy or upgrade your computer or X box huang

  • I’m not playing online games at the mo any way I’m still playing my PS3, just get the network sorted for uncharted 4’s mp I can’t wait to see what that will be like :)

  • And this is how i spend the worst way my money .If i knew that they are so weak with the server protection i would invested in a PC. I bought this console in September and since then i have problems with their PSN server .I’m starting to hate PS

  • sabırsızlıkla beklıyorum ayrıca turkce olması cok güzel

  • ohhh,,,, Yeahhh…. DriveClub PsN+ is avaible from 25 December to….. while psn is down!….

  • New PS4 and its basically a brick, online is really the way to go, not.

    Way too much downtime on the Playstation Network.

  • PS would be nice if we got some updates on the EU Blog.

  • Imagine my delight Christmas morning opening my presents and getting a ps4.
    Now imagine the sheer frustration that I can’t fully enjoy my new consol because I can’t even sign into PSN.
    I’m back in work tomorrow and the last 4 days have been torcher looking at my ps4 and not even being able to play it. Can someone at least tell me the problems nearly redolved so I can get online, setup and sorted.

  • Xbox only down for a few hours just saying my ps4 long gone as its Crap for everything

  • this looks AWESOME! but you now what would be nice and make my Christmas better if the servers would come back online for everyone and these NERDS stop hacking and let everyone get on with they gaming. MERRY CHRISTMAS

  • Can’t play my new games online and can’t play my old games cos they are digital.why am I paying for a service that I can’t use and why can I play my ps3 digital games when the network is down but I’m totally locked out of my this how next gen is going to work cos if so I will be cancelling my ps+ and in the future I won’t be buying anything off psn

  • Yeh nivekw1 i agree!! I cant understand why my PS3 sighns into PSN ok, but my PS4 doesnt!! I think someone ows us all a BIG explanation to why we are at this stage AGAIN, the long termers will no what i mean!! I thought when the PS4 came out, and started charging use 4 online gaming it would give us a more reliable and better service like XBOX. When PS3 had an OUTAGE, we were all promised when it was fixed that they would make sure it was more reliable with alot better Protection!! Some times i wonder why ive been so loyal 2 playstion over the past years, as ive had every console they’ve produced!! I THINK THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE 4 OUR SERVICES, OW US MORE THAN WHAT WE RECIVED FROM YOUS WHEN THE OTHER INCONVENIENCE TOOK PLACE ON PS3!!

  • Yeah now this is beyond a joke I have had both Xbox and playstation since they have been released have had more problems with a ps4 than any of the previous consoles. Again can do stuff on ps3 but can’t do anything on ps4 what is the point of having a ps4 and paying for psn that in my opinion has got worse than online on ps3 I am not happy with how u are treating us lot who have been loyal customers to you and your business I also have Xbox 360 & Xbox one and they are certainly worth while paying for since there servers are many times more better than psn. So as loyal customers to your business font you think that you owe us all an apology and some type of compensation? Like a year or 2 free internet for ruining people’s Christmas and loyalty of opting to choose SONY’s PLAYSTATION CONSOLES certainly some type of compensation is due! Thanks for listening to my opinions

    • A FULL YEAR PS+ sounds reasonable to me CAPT_MARVELis, along with some other stuff ………….. I think that us long term loyal people would agree (WE DONT WANT OR NEED MONEY OF DEALS 2 COMPENSATE US) we want 2 feel that every EXPENSIVE pound or euro we have put in when buying any console or related item e.g the games, is actually contributed to the safety and reliability of the service use are right now SUPOSE to be providing us with. Come on People get a grip of what is supose 2 be the most powerfull games console out!!

  • Anyone got info on wether they are able 2 sighn in 2 PSN on their PS4 yet?? Or maybe there is info from the people responsible 4 the maintenance side of it all, if someone could tell me were i can look it up????????? This is like a busy time in an NHS AE waiting room, PLEASE HELP!!

  • Still Can’t get logged in. Any word from sony? The Customer service is awful

  • I managed 2 sighn in when i got in from work at 8:30am today, and now wish a didnt sighn out!! Came back 2 my PS4 half an hour later, 2 find the same problem AGAIN!! Come on sony dont leave us hanging!! Can anyone add 2 this, some info if any LOL!!

  • Well thats me semi sighned in!! I can now see my friends on my list as if im properly connected, but when i do a connection test in network settings PSN still fails!! It seems 2 be starting up bits at a time, inless we are still being hacked away at!!

  • Message for SONY if they actualy read any of this!! Im needing 2 start my PS+ back up, so i can play some of my new games online!! I PONT BLANK REFUSE 2 PURCHASE ANOTHER PS+ if this situation is not completely resolved!! Again my LOYALTY strangely still stands, as im not turning my back like alot of other people i know!!

  • Erm, hey guys.. have you forgot to announce the january games?

  • I’ll be F5ing the blog page, maybe I can try to get a vote going. Unless they’re gonna post it tomorrow. :x

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