The 12 deals of Christmas #11

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The 12 deals of Christmas #11

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Ys: Memories of Celceta discounted

Christmas is just around the corner but there’s still a chance to sneak in a couple more deals! It’s time to grab your weapons and fall into line as we deliver savings on another one of the year’s top titles.

Remember, all deals go live at 12.00pm GMT and end at 11.59am GMT 48 hours later.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Digital Pro Edition
Was €99.99/£89.99/AU$149.95, now €69.99/£64.99/AU$99.95

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
Was €69.99/£54.99/AU$99.95, now €44.99/£36.99/AU$62.95


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Digital Pro Edition
Was €99.99/£84.99/AU$149.95, now €69.99/£59.99/AU$99.95

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
Was €69.99/£49.99/AU$99.95, now €44.99/£29.99/AU$59.95

PS Vita:

Ys: Memories of Celceta
Was €39.99/£34.99/AU$54.95, now €14.99/£11.99/AU$22.95
(Additional 20% Discount for PS Plus members)

Enjoy! We’ll be adding new deals throughout December so be sure to check PlayStation Store regularly.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • Click on one of the two comments below that corresponds better on how you feel about this deal.
    Please, click only one, so that the results are more or less representative of our feelings towards it. Thank you.

    • >> I enjoy this deal.

    • >> I don’t enjoy this deal.

    • I’ll click both cause Ys is nice but COD isn’t.

    • Wow. We already have a winner :)

    • Well, lets hope they don’t disappoint with the 12th deal.

    • Jeeze! It’s hard to ignore THESE results SCEE…!

    • Well, Activision always offers the worst sales, but Ys is a fantastic offer. So yeah, I enjoyed it.

    • I’m not surprised that people aren’t enjoying this deal.

      I AM surprised that this blog has more than 600 readers…

    • Wow… 760+ people… The answer is very obvious for everyone… yet SCEE will obviously ignore us all, so yeah…

    • Great idea, Alphaembryo :)

    • Cool idea.
      Please do a vote like this every month for PS+ games.

    • Incredible that you got 1000 likes/thumbs up.
      This is the PlayStation blog so I think we would get a different result if it wasn’t Call of Duty.

    • What’s surprised me most is the absence of that oft-cited, weasley disclaimer ‘all store content is subject to change’, as if they think that actually excuses SCEE from treating customers badly. So thanks for that at least!

    • So out of 11 people, only 1 person enjoys the deal.

      Woooooooooooooooooooow… Strange, where is the Sony Defense Force now? Usually they love to stick it up for them and telling us to quit complaining all the time when SCEE is making a mess of things.

      But yes, I agree. We need some dedicated posters F5-ing the blog to make sure that the first post on a new article is the vote poll, this way we can perfectly gauge whether the blog commenters are happy or not. SCEE is capable of doing great things with sales/discounts/PS+ titles, but they often need a wake up call and a kick in the rear.

    • I went with no due to CoD, but I’d just like to add in that Ys is great and at that price definitely worth it. Good idea for this poll though.

    • Well Done indeed. This has been one of the worst PSN sale in ages. $80 for COD here in NZ?…….Lame

    • This is a really good idea and ‘HOPEFULLY’ if they read these posts they will see that the customers (for the players… or is it?) are speaking and are unhappy…..

      If you can, do this for all of the posts related to games / specials – so the PS PLUS announcement coming soon do the same!

    • @zalwelgoedgaan Well done. Or maybe alot of people don’t like Activision and COD?????? Is that defensive enough for you? Its great to see people’s lack of enjoyment in something as the question was put. Still doesn’t give consent to “complainers” as you put it though, and I would still rather see less of you.
      Again, well done. ^_^

  • Better, but still pretty bad :(

    Good Job adding a PS+ discount for a second time though!

  • Only one offer left. Hope for DragonAge…

    • Wow, what an amazing deal! ONLY £64.99?! Thanks Sony! Merry Christmas!

    • Dragon age worth it’s retail price. I spend like 70 hours in the game and haven’T finished yet. just buy it lol don’t be a cheapstake. And even they have a discount on it you guys will say ‘it’s cheaper in physical!’. All I see is complain complain complain. It’s not about Sony developers put the price and Sony sells it. They don’t even have to make a sale lol.

    • @ preskerd341: Let me get this right, you’re moaning about the moaners. Hmm… nothing valid to say yourself that says to me so probably better off staying out of the chat if that’s the case. Plenty of people have said this as well in previous Deals of Christmas so, to reciprocate, stop moaning about the moaners, people don’t have to post here you know etc etc
      Leave a comment if you actually think that this is a bargain for gamers.

    • @Gotrek.

      Stop moaning about people moaning about people moaning.

      No, not really. Though this could go on for an eternity!

  • Heres hoping fingers crossed they are saving the best til last

  • When i tought it couldn’t get any worse…

  • Ys.. that’s all for me. I hope the last deal is batter for consoles

    • Y’s is a really epic game, probably the best offer in the whole promotion. Another Vita game we’ve had on sale before though :/

  • deal 12 better be a real “deal”, not whatever this is…

  • OMG it’s down to the final deal to hope that it’s GTA 5 ps4, lets hope deal 12 is lots of games that we all what come on sony end the deals with a big list of game discounts :-)

  • Ys is amazing I would get that if I hadn’t already played it.
    Today AC Unity is 25£ from Amazon and £25 from GAME for the X1 version.

    • I would have bought Ys if I buy Vita games digitally, but no, I will only buy physical copies unless the Vita starts supporting multiple accounts.

  • well at least your’e consistent. consistenly bad.

  • Anyone with a Vita should get Ys for that price. One more to go, i’m still hoping for The Wolf Among Us, but fearing it will be Murdered: Soul Suspect and P4G for the Vita.

  • 12th deal is Diablo 3 right? Right SCE?

  • I might get Ys but I’m still hoping for Freedom Wars to be on the last deal.

  • Already played YS :(

    Don’t miss this game.

  • I was hoping The Last of Us golden for ps3 even tho gotys arent too often on sale. But its not a new game, so lets hope for the 12th day :).

  • A brand new copy of the physical edition is cheaper than your sale price of the digital edition.

    So it’s not a saving, is it.

  • I am not 15, I don’t like Mp in general and I haven’t played a cod game since black ops..You see where I’m going with this?

    • also, same euro price for it on both consoles..That’s just wrong. You seriously need to take a careful look at digital pricing..Of course, it’s a win win situation for you so you don’t care much. Either way you sell your games. It’s just a matter of where we get it.

  • I’ve been waiting all month for Dragon Age. Highly unlikely now. It’s bound to be gta or big planet for #12. Oh well at least the January sale should start on Christmas eve

  • I was actually kinda hoping for one of the deals to be Advanced Warfare, but I won’t be getting it as the price is still too steep for me for a digital copy. I might as well get a physical copy for about 49 Eur with the added benefir of being able to resell it later. Shame.

  • Pricing once again Sony…

    You have a huge majority of PS4 gamers on these boards and we are consistently complaining about the retail price. So please listen!!!

    Employ someone to search online and gauge your pricing against your compitition and come up with a better strategy!!!

  • All I want is a) GTA V or b) Dragon Age. Everything else can burn in a puddle of flames.

  • really good sale on ys. Thank you sony!

  • Since this game has cross buy till march 2015 its an okayish deal considering what we got for last few deals. Well…, last year Deal 11 was GTA V (PS3) -> One more to go let hope for the best.

  • Advanced Warfare is £36 on Amazon. Just saying.

  • To all the people who keep complaining about these deals:

    It’s buisness. Sony doesn’t owe you anything. Sony and the Publishers can price their product however the hell they want. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it! If the retail prices are lower, buy the game at a retail store! Prices are never too high or too low. If the price is “too high” nobody will buy the game and Sony won’t make money. If the price is “too low” everybody will buy the game but Sony won’t make a lot of money, because that’s not profitable. Sony needs prices to be just right in order to make money. The opinion of its customers doesn’t matter to Sony, so don’t bother complaining here. Complain with your wallet!

    Always remember this: If there is a discount on the Store at all, it’s only for Sony to make more money. It is never a favor that Chris Howe is doing you.

    • Yes. I complained with my wallet. 0 deals on PSN, 5 deals on XboxLive. Anyway, you are right. If too high, no money. If too low, not much, but some. What do you prefer?

    • Wonder how stores can offer 50% off on their games during sale time?! Ever wonder how much stores pay for the discs which cost more to produce, transit and stock? Now consider how very little it costs in comparison to provide digital copies (like Sony for these so-called “Deals”). And Sony don’t owe us anything?! I beg to differ – without us they would not have got as far as PS4!! Without their loyal fan base they would not be leading the console race and making money on the back of this. And this is our reward? So-called deals which are better elsewhere? These digital copies have no sell-on value and are usually the basic/standard versions – yet we end up paying the equivalent of the game + DLC’s if purchased from store on a physical copy! The truth is, these deals are nothing more than condescending bull. Sony will make money on digital copies (even if properly discounted!). Don’t be so naive to think otherwise!!!

  • Call of Duty Advanced Warfare = crap deal!!!

  • I’d like to see Dragon Age on PS4 as next deal but I’ve got feeling it’ll be Far Cry 4 which I already own. So this year it looks like I’m not getting anything

    • I don’T think Far Cry 4 or GTA V or Dragon age or Little Big Planet 3 will be on sale. They are not even 1 month old lol

    • I very much doubt that there will be any Ubisoft games on offer as they are still recouping their losses from AC Unity.

  • Can you upgrade to the PS4 version of Advanced Warfare if you buy the PS3 version?

    • According to both Sony and Activision, all digital copies are cross buy ps3/ps4, great deal, think I might digital pro!

    • Been trying to find that out too, 2 ps3’s and 2 ps4’s in my house would make it a bargain.

    • Yes you can. I just done it. Purchase on PS3 for 29.99, turn off PS3. Turn on ps4 and start to download upgraded version. This will stop working after 15 March

  • Good vita deal, not even gonna comment on the ps3/4 deal

  • CoD is a bad price, a bad bad price.

    I will be buy Y’s though! Finally a good deal.

  • ys still shows the full price

  • Ys: Memories of Celceta is a good game but I bought it last time it was on sale, and I have no interest in advanced warfare.

  • gotta be worst sale day of the lot

    can only live in hope for tuesdays last one

    anyways can buy COD AV normal edition for a pound less on amazon for £35.99

  • Ys is fantastic, and everyone who has a Vita should play it, but it’s been on sale before as part of regular monthly knockdowns.

    Clone of Duty? Well, this is one of those games where fans would have bought it the day of release anyway. Everyone else avoids it as they know it’s the same thing they released last year, hastily reskinned by a couple of interns for the gullible masses – an awesome success for an amateur modder, but a cynical cash grab for a games studio.

    Seriously though, 12 deals of meh, I think you meant to say. Most of these sale prices have been higher than you can buy a physical copy of the game online or even in store. I’ve picked up some great sale deals throughout this year, but if you want more of us to buy digital as default you need to make sure that even the non-sale prices are lower than you can get a physical, collectable, tradeable copy of the game for.

  • CoD is a terrible deal …

    Ys: Memories of Celceta is pretty tempting though.

  • Advanced warfare is cross buy until March 15, that makes digital edition ps3 very tempting as upgrading to ps4 in about 8 weeks! Great deal, but complainers will complain! Thx Sony!

  • Awful price for a digital copy once again, can you at least acknowledge that your sale prices are not competitive rather than frustrating everyone by carrying on with the same thing week after week, year after year.

    The only thing I can hope for tomorrow is a sale on Plus subscriptions…

  • Ys is still full price here in Sweden…

  • Don’t forget that Advanced Warfare is a cross play title for PS3/PS4, meaning of you buy the PS3 version, you get the PS4 version for free.
    You have to manually go to the playstation store and download the PS4 version after buying the PS3 version.
    Anyone wanting to pick this game up on PS4 digitally should save themselves £5 by buying it on PS3, and that eay get the game for both gen’s.

    • do you have to download it on ps3 or can you just buy it from your pc without owning ps3 and still upgrade ?

    • It should work just the same, as long as you own the PS3 digital copy of the game, you should be able to download the PS4 copy for free, up to the cut off point (some time in March)

  • Just saw COD in my local shop for 30, the limited Edition was £32.99 (not comparable to the £70 one here, but still with a few extras for less than sony sell the basic)

    YS on Vita is a great deal, people should pick that up, but yeah, COD is just not worth it. It’s not a deal.

    Go anywhere in the next few weeks and get it at retail for the same price or less, and at least you have resale value then.

    These deals this year have been terrible, really really bad. Last year I spent roughly £60 on deals, being an adult with a young family I prioritise them, and don’t get many games for myself. So at Christmas I was given £60 towards getting games, and I spent it all on downloads for my VITA/PS3/PS4.

    This year, same deal, I have £60… I’ve spent £48 of it. All on my Xbox, where their deals have been good. TitanFall for £10, the Season pass for £8.99. Being a Microsoft game, They were able to give a great discount on it, so I dont get why Sony aren’t doing awesome discounts on Sony games. Why are we getting “Amazing prices” that don’t even stack up to RRP?

    If you really can’t get games that are months old to be knocked down to a decent price, throw in an older game. Like Thief. Currently on sale on Xbox One for just £10. Some people may complain cause it’s not a new game, but at least it is a bloody decent price.

    OR put some Indies on Sale. Xbox have put a ton of theirs on sale, not ones that were free as Games with Gold (before Sony start chucking all their PS+ games on sale) and they’re all between 40 and 75% off. That’s what a sale should be. A game like Nutjitsu on Xbox One, never heard of it before, but I bought it because it was just £3. A sale should do one of two things (or preferably both) 1)entice people, and please buyers who buy a game with a great price … 2) Raise awareness of a game with a price to tempt people to try it

    IF Sony can’t do #1, then hopefully they’ll try #2 next time they have a sale. Whatever they do, I just hope it’s better than this.

    For Deal #12, I’m hoping for a PS+ Discount as a bonus deal, and for the game to be… to be honest, I don’t care. I don’t feel like it will be a deal and I’ve already played all the big releases, but GTA 5 seems like it would please people so I’ll go with that.

    And any of the Atelier series on the Vita for less than £10.

  • A good deal would have been the chance to buy the standard PS3 & 4 versions bundled for £28. That’s just me thinking out loudly…However, I don’t play COD for the multi-player, just the campaign is my main interest. I heard the campaign on this is about 6hrs long? So, buying the game is not really worth it for me based on my preferences.

    Anyone who’s been through the store regularly knows Activision have never been too kind with discounts. I’m even surprised they got a shot at this.

    12doxmas 2014 has been really disappointing for me this year. 0-11.

  • Apart from the first The Last Of Us deal, all the others have been very poor! A deal should surely be of benefit to your customers right? So why charge more than the standard selling price of a store such as Game or even Amazon for the exact same game?!! Surely you have more clout than Game when it comes to pricing, considering you are the console manufacturer.I suspect however, your claims that you have very little say in pricing is purely bs excuses. It’s sad really. I think I’ll stick to paying full price at stores (where they are considerably cheaper than your so-called “deals”).

  • I must say that this is actually an OK deal for people with both a PS3 and PS4. Due to CODs cross bye deal you could pick up both games for £29.99

  • On a serious note, please reply Sony, have you actually seen the difference in your pricing compared to ALL other retailers? Do you genuinely believe that anyone pays the recommended ripoff price “RRP”? Surely digital content should be cheaper than physical, look at how mp3 / itunes beat CD’s by halving the in store price., you could mirror that in the gaming community.

    • I’ve always said this should be the case. The fact is most PSN store games cost around £49.99 to £59.99 and on day one quite often I can get it for around £40 out of a retail store.

      The advantages digital offer are minuscule and should be priced lower than the RRP.

    • The problem here is that the US store gets the same games for a much cheaper price than us. All AAA games cost 70 USD for those of us in the UAE. Not sure if this translates for everyone else connected to the EU servers.
      I’d like for games to cost the same for us as it does for Americans.

    • @progyr

      If games cost 70 USD I’d go all digital, but here in the UK we pay a minimum of 90 USD for standard versions and in excess of 100 USD for special editions. Its shocking really.

  • Woeful. The vast majority of COD fans or even shooter fans in general will already have this. I give up on this year.

  • Ys price is active now in Sweden, making it 111,20 kr with plus.
    I’ll buy it :)

  • typical,semi reasonable vita deal and they dont update the store…

  • it is getting rediculous

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