Voting opens in the PlayStation Blog Game of the Year Awards 2014

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Voting opens in the PlayStation Blog Game of the Year Awards 2014

Let us know what your favourite titles of the year were in our annual poll

It’s that time again! As of today, voting is open for the annual PlayStation Blog Game of the Year Awards. It’s your chance to voice your opinion on what constituted the cream of interactive entertainment on PlayStation platforms in calendar year 2014.

Study the categories below carefully (note, we’ve added two new gongs this year: ‘Best studio’ and ‘Best PS Plus game’), and make your choice from the list of nominees. In the event that your choice isn’t listed, worry not – just write your pick in the space provided and we’ll make sure your vote is counted.

You’ve got until 31st December 2014 to cast your vote, after which we’ll add up the totals and publish the results in early January, alongside our annual Editors’ Choice Awards. Get to it!


Best new PS3 game

What was 2014’s best new PS3 title, disc or digital? Vote from the list below or write in your pick if it’s not listed here. Note: Remasters or re-releases of older titles from earlier PlayStation platforms are not eligible. We had to draw a line somewhere!

Best new PS4 game

What was 2014’s best new PS4 title, disc or digital? Vote from the list below or write in your pick if it’s not listed here. Note: Remasters or re-releases of older titles from earlier PlayStation platforms are not eligible. We had to draw a line somewhere!

Best new PS Vita game

What was 2014’s best new PS Vita title, retail or digital? Vote from the list below or write in your pick if it’s not listed here. Note: Remasters or re-releases of older titles from earlier PlayStation platforms are not eligible. We had to draw a line somewhere!

Best digital release

What was 2014’s best PlayStation Store debut? Vote from the list below (we went XL given the huge digital line-up) or write in your pick if it’s not listed here. Note: To qualify, title must have launched first on PlayStation Store.

Studio of the year

What was 2014’s most extraordinary achievement by a creative team? Vote from the list below or write in your pick if it’s not listed here. Note: Any developer qualifies for nomination provided that they launched the title in question in 2014.

Best PS Plus title of 2014

This one’s just for fun. Which was your favourite title offered free via PlayStation Plus membership in 2014? Look back on our 2014 PS Plus lineup here.

Most anticipated of 2015

What’s your most anticipated new title for 2015 for any PlayStation platform? Vote from the list below or write in your pick if it’s not listed here. Note: Only titles that have a publicly stated 2015 release timeframe are eligible. No speculative write-ins, please!

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5 Author Replies

  • Frozen Synapse Tactics was renamed to “Frozen Synapse Prime” a long time ago, you might want to update that.

  • Voted for Velocity 2X/FuturLab almost everywhere they were relevant. Expecting good things from them in the future (in the Futur?).

  • It’s strange that you forgot all of Koei Tecmo games when they really released A LOT this year.
    I mean, even Toukiden is missing from the Vita choices, as well as Samurai Warriors 4 for PS4.

    • They “forgot” about lot of things -.-

      There isn’t even Bandai Namco… but included buch of indie studios (which isn’t bad… but to include them, and ignore bigger developers o.O?)

    • Hi folks. There’s only so much space in the poll unfortunately. If your choice is not listed, just add it in the ‘other’ field and your vote will be counted.

    • lol. Those Dynasty Warriors-like games from Koei Tecmo are not really as awesome as you think they are.
      All they do is just add a few new features to it, most of the textures would be the same for years to come and the animations are still outdated and it’s not surprising.

    • @Fred
      Aye, but majority of people will choose only out of answers already given by you folks. Sadly that’s how it works… this list is result of preferences of the one/those who made that list, and all options included have bigger chance to be selected than games within “other” option.

      King Oddball? Really… did it really have to be included? Why not go for.. I dunno… SSD, Tales of Hearts R, FFX instead?

      So yeah… in my opinion some of those titles/choices are on the list… not because they deserve the spotlight… but because someone within SCEE was very fond of them.

      But hey… it’s only my opinion.

  • My votes, though I played 3 of those games on the PC :P

    PS3 GOTY: South Park: The Stick of Truth
    PS4: Far Cry 4
    PS Vita: Luftrausers (sorry FutureLab!)
    Best digital release: The Binding of Isaac Rebirth
    Studio of the year: Bioware
    Best PS Plus title of 2014: Tomb Raider
    Most anticipated of 2015: Persona 5 (followed by The Witcher 3)

    • PS3: South Park
      PS4: Infamous SS
      Best Digital Release: Valiant Hearts: The Great War
      Studio of the year: TellTale Games
      Best PS Plus Title of 2014: Bioshock: Infinite
      Most anticipated 2015: Metal Gear Solid V and Uncharted 4

  • It wasn’t Arkham City you gave us in 2014, it was Arkham Asylum.

    We had Arkham City in 2012.

    • Lol I was just thinking of that because I remember subscribing to the service when I got my PS3 in 2012 and one of the first games I got for PS+ was Arkham City. Still voted for it anyways because both Asylum and City are great games either way. ;p

    • They are great games, agreed :)

      I didn’t vote for it though, as while Arkham City (2011) was a stellar Plus game for 2012, Arkham Asylum (2009) was a poor choice for 2014 as most people would have already purchased it, being it’s a 5 year old game.

      They are great games, though.. no denying that :)

  • Wow… that list…

    PS3 actually I had hard choice
    Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
    Tales of Xillia 2 <- Picked up
    Final Fantasy X/X-2

    • Gaaah…. why did it send not complete post :/

      PS3 actually I had hard choice
      Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
      Tales of Xillia 2 <- Picked up
      Final Fantasy X/X-2

      Tales of Hearts R <- Picked up
      Final Fantasy X/X-2
      Freedom Wars
      Child of Light
      Ys: Memories of Celceta
      Demon Gaze

      Best Digital release
      not interested so I didn't vote…. but if I would SAO

      not voted… but had urge to vote for Tetris Ultimate

      Studio of The Year
      After picking up 2 games from Bandai Namco… it was pretty much obvious to me that I had to pick them… I mean write them down, because someone didn't even include them :/

      Best PS+
      Don't care anymore about +

      Most anticipated of 2015
      Type-0 Vita… yeah… I know… I am mean.
      After that… Witcher 3, Tales of Innocence R (won't come), Oreshika retail, God Eater 2 retail…. oh and new Ys

    • You’re such a man for refusing to vote for a best digital game.

    • @NorthernFusion
      I’m not refusing. I just didn’t vote because I’m not interested in digital games.

      It just wouldn’t be fair, like voting for PS4 game when I don’t have it, right?

    • Why not try some of the brilliant digital games like rogue legacy, child of light, valient hearts or velocity 2x, all of them are more enjoyable than 90% of AAA titles i’ve played this year

    • @man_utd_xl
      Child of Light is not digital only. It was released with retail in Europe. And yes I love the game (I even mentioned it in my own post)… I’m suprised that Fred didn’t know that (-.-) did he just copied it from USA blog? For Vita we had full retail release, in case of PS4/PS3 we had retail with digital code.

      Rogue Legacy -> played over year ago on PC. It is so-so, nothing great.

      Valient Hearts -> again played on PC, it’s good… but it can’t compare to Child of Light (imho)

      Velocity -> nope not interested, there are better shmups than over hyped Velocity

      And no… I just don’t like digital games on consoles, why can’t you understand? For me it’s like throwing money out of the window to pay for something which doesn’t even exist. With physical you are the owner of the thing you bought… in case of digital games you just rent them.

      I’m suprised that some of the usual crusaders are so offended (I don’t mean you) that I didn’t vote. I don’t like digital games and I’m not buying them… so why should I vote? It’s like voting for games on console you don’t own… rational.

  • Hard choice between most anticipated game of 2015 between Arkham Knight, Bloodborne and No Mans sky.

    Bloodborne just edges it, but I am so excited about the other two also.

  • Here’s the blueprint. Feel free to copy:

    PS3: Dark Souls 2
    PS4: Alien Isolation
    PS Vita: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
    Best digital: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
    Studio of the year: From Software (every year)
    Best PS Plus title of 2014: Outlast
    Most anticipated of 2015: Bloodborne

  • Voted for The Last of us remasterd PS4,INFAMOUS the First Light,Don’t starve:console edition PS4

  • Best Playstation 3 game: South Park: The Stick of Truth

    Best Playstation 4 game: Dragon Age: Inquisition

    Best Playstation Vita game: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

    Best Digital Release: Rouge Legacy

    Studio of the Year: Bioware (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

    Best PS+ game: Bioshock Infinite

    Most Anticipated game 2015: Persona 5 (ps4)

  • Best studio question should be deleted. Everyone knows it is Naughty dog

    • They’re just money hoarders, so no.

    • Oh sorry i thought people in the gaming industry worked for Free and we were payng just taxes when we buy a game -.-‘

    • ElDonn, perhaps you should take a look at ND’s latest “DLC” release where they offer you the luxury of paying for new execution animations. The EU version has censored executions anyway, so if you fancy shelling out your hard earned £/€/$ for the teen version of these animations then go right ahead.

      Earning money and making profit is one thing, but taking the P out of people is another.

    • Naughty Dog hasnt released anything in 2014 besides their remastered version. Same goes for Rockstar and i think Square, only remakes or PS4 versions of games released in 2013. Doesnt make any sense if they would win in a contest based on 2014.

    • KaneTheGoth, I wouldnt say this for any other studio but for naughty dog… if needed to create a new IP i can afford the crappy DLCs.

    • I work in the game industry and I work for free. We all have to start somewhere.

    • Naughty dog should’ve told people in advance that that they were going to release TLOU on PS4 too, they cheated!

  • I picked Freedom as best Vita game and [other] Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment as best digital game.

  • A great year for gaming! Some of the choices were quite hard. My biggest surprizes were the new Wolfenstein, Child of Light and Velocity 2X (after Ultra I expected it to be good, but the game was on another level).

    PS3 GOTY: Wolfenstein the New Order (I actually got it on PS4, but I wanted to give this game an award)
    PS4: Infamous Second Son
    PS Vita: Freedom Wars
    Best digital release: Velocity 2X
    Studio of the year: Bioware
    Best PS Plus title of 2014: Puppeteer (I got the game on release date, but I’m glad more people got to experience it
    Most anticipated of 2015: Arkham Knight.

  • Wait…. we didnt get Dragons Crown for PS3 PS+ did we????? did i miss that??? i know we got it for PSV, and its not cross buy.

  • Some really tough choices to make this year, but for me, Dark Souls II and Rogue Legacy are the best Retail and PSN games of 2014, respectively.

    The toughest choice for me to make though was Most Anticipated Game of 2015. Batman: Arkham Knight, No Man’s Sky and Uncharted 4 were snapping at it’s heels, but I just couldn’t not plump for Dark Souls II: Father of the First Sin on PS4.

    Finally, Best Playstation Plus Game of 2014? That’s easy, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth takes that accolade all day long!

  • No DriveClub or Evo? It had a rocky launch but it’s now a fantastic game, a Sony game, one of the best PS4 exclusives and my GoTY on any platform. Seriously not even listed? Wow.

  • Just vote for vib ribbon everywhere to make your decisions easier.

  • PS3: Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
    Vita: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
    Digital: Velocity 2X
    Studio: FuturLab (Velocity 2X)
    PS+: Arkham City
    2015: Arkham Knight

    • That said, there were some great games this year. Not as good as last year at all, but there were some gems if you knew where to look. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and Child of Light were also highlights for me this year. :o
      On the other end of the spectrum, I was less impressed with Freedom Wars and LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham than I wanted to be. =/

      For 2015, the big one for me is Arkham Knight. Otherwise known as the reason to buy a PS4. ;)
      Also looking forward to Persona 5, Persona 4: Dancing All Night (which I really hope we get), Hell Divers, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Shovel Knight, Severed. Hopefully Danganronpa: Another Episode gets localised too. =D

    • @madmanwithabox12
      It’s not “Danganronpa: Another Episode” :)

      it is Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo: Danganronpa Another Episode

      So yeah “Danganronpa” is not the name of game, only subheading. I know that it is nit-picking :P but again the game is named “Zettai Zetsubō Shōjo”. I can’t understand why West press just decided to focus on subheading, most of them don’t even mention the full title.

      But yeah I agree with you, I’d love to get it here in EU with nice retail… or maybe even collector edition? Though that NISA shop is kinda… expensive :/

    • Maybe because Danganronpa is the only part that 99.9% of westerners would recognize and we aren’t all pretending to be fluent in Japanese.

  • Best ps plus game?


  • PS3: Dark Souls 2
    PS4: Dragon Age Inquisition
    PSV: Sword Art Online
    Digital: Child of Light
    Studio: Bioware
    2015: Bloodborne

  • PS+: Puppeteer

    Could i change most anticipated 2015 into an edit button, please :)

  • I have voted for the Walking Dead Game! Im a HUGE fan when i played the Season 1 of the game, and now with Season 2. Its still amazing!

  • This poll was very easy this year. Reason for that was because many of them games are either buggy or gets boring too fast (I’m looking to Destiny (for being so boring and overhyped) and AC Unity (such a buggy game) at this) Last year I struggled to make my choices. For this year I have chosen.
    PS3 – The walking dead season 2
    PS4 – Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (If I could make a second choice I would picked Wolfenstein: The New Order)
    Vita – Freedom wars
    Digital – Not for me
    Studio of the year – Naughty Dog
    Best PS+ – Tomb Raider
    Most anticipated of 2015 – (This is the only tricky one) Uncharted 4. (Could only pick that one but if possible I’d like to give No Man’s Sky, The Witcher 3, The Order 1886 a vote too)

  • Pretty depressing looking at all those average games that came out this year compared to the most anticipated list hahaha

    • Tbf it does take devs a few years to get used to the new consoles, some of the games we’ve had this year have been surprisingly good, tho looking at next years ;line up i think any past lineup of games would look average in comparison

  • Dragon’s Age Inquisition PS4 GOTY by a clear mile and No man’s sky as most anticipated, because we know everybody is going to choose U4.

  • esperemos que ganen los mejores ¡¡

  • Cant wait for next years will be a good year

  • I voted for
    PS4: Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed
    PS3: Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F2nd
    PSVITA: Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus
    DIGITAL: Senran Kagura: Bon Appétit
    PS PLUS: Tomb Raider (I wish I could choose Ōkami but it was on last year’s PS+, now this service is bullsheit :()
    2015: Persona 5 (……MAJORA’S MA—-)

  • Best game on all platforms: Far cry 4, hands down

  • Sad the “Studio of the Year” list doesn’t include Guerilla Games for their great long-term support for Killzone – Shadow Fall
    or Evolution Studios for their already amazing support for Driveclub with free cars, tracks and the stunning weather update.

    • Personally I don’t think merely not listing Evo isn’t going far enough, there should be a line in the order officially disqualifying them from the category. Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

      E3 2013 – announces the “full game minus a few assets” free to all PS+ subbers on PS4 launch day. Also showed the game with dynamic weather.
      Oct 2013 – announces that the game will be delayed to the new year
      Feb 2014 – stripped back the PS+ version to merely being a generous demo
      Mar 2014 – reveals that if you buy the PS+ upgrade but let your sub lapse you lose the game, forced to reverse this decision a week later.
      Sept 2014 – finally sets a firm date, also announces that PS+ version won’t get free updates and there’s £75 worth of DLC
      US release day – PS+ version mysteriously absent, preorders of the full version can’t connect to online at all.
      EU release day – Evo comment on the missing PS+ version, claim to be working to fix issues with the online.
      Two weeks after release – Evo admit to not having tested the game properly, also admit that its a netcode issue and not a server problem. PS+ version not mentioned in any announcement and omitted from all interviews.
      Five weeks after release – Shu Yoshida is called in to do what Evo lack the courage to do and make an official announcement on the PS+ version. Shu sends his ICE team from Naughty Dog HQ to Evo Studios to see what can be done with the shambles.
      Eight weeks after release – online finally working, PS+ still absent
      Present day – PS+ version still not been mentioned.

      And you want to call them Studio of the Year? Really? You need your head examined because I think the multiple facepalms from Evo’s failures may have given you a concussion.

    • But if someone got this game last week all those points become invalid….just saying.

    • So only buying the game last week means that over a year of lying to every PS+ subscriber is okay? Buying the game just last week means that shipping a game you know is broken and taking months fix just bits of it is okay? Releasing a game without promised features then adding those features months later is okay?

      I hope you’re looking forward to more of this next year because in my experience if you excuse such behaviour not only do you invite it to continue but you actively encourage people to try and find just where the line is.

  • Dragons Crown was sadly only available for VITA in EU.

  • Good luck to all :)

  • My vote goes to Driveclub: PS Plus Edition.

  • Any year that has a release by Supergiant Games is a year where they have to win all they can be nominated for. Transistor was pure brilliance and the music is some of the best I’ve ever heard in a game.

  • Would put Final Fantasy XV on there, but no idea when thats due. It could…possibly come to Japan in 2015 at least, but no idea.
    KH3 too, but probably 99.9% won’t be out for at least 2 years.

  • Really tough choice for my most anticipated game of 2015, it was between dying light and Until Dawn. Had to go with dying light though as it looks beast from what I have seen so far. Best PS Plus Game is Tomb Raider, best game studio is telltale games for making great story driven games that are enjoyable to watch like a film. Best PS4 game is COD AW and best PS3 game is Watch Dogs. Can’t wait to see which wins the votes from each category.

  • Just leave the best PS+ game “Stick It To The Man” right off the list.

  • PS3 – I’m gonna go with South park SoT, for keeping it so authentic and just bringing a completely different experience in terms of humor and art.
    PS4 – Destiny obviously, which set the benchmark for the current gen shooter genre, especially on a technical and graphical level, and makes most other shooters feel a bit outdated again (for example, in Far cry 4 it really bugged me that you can’t see your legs etc when looking down, like some of the better modern shooters do now).
    VITA – With all the will in the world, I can’t answer this. The lack of content (AAA content in particular) is abysmal. When are the games coming for this pretty portable? I didn’t buy it to be a complementary device like a smartphone, I bought it to get games that resemble console games, games like Gravity rush and Uncharted. A bunch of launchtitles, Tearaway and Killzone, that’s it, that’s the Vita library.. Shameful to say the least!
    DIGITAL – Tough choice for me, there’s the Killzone co op, any of the Telltale projects or Valiant hearts.
    STUDIO – Going to have to go with Bungie, because you know.. Destiny.. Rockstar in general :p
    PLUS – Although I appreciate AAA coming in with Injustice, I’m gonna have to go with Mercenary Kings. One of my fav digi games so far, and I knew nothing about it so it blew me away.
    ANTICIPATED – HARD choice between MGS, Uncharted and Witcher 3. Think I’ll go with MGS because of the story etc..

  • Yakuza 5 should be in the “most anticipated of 2015”.

  • PS3: Dark Souls 2
    PS4: Dragon Age inquisition
    PS Vita: Rogue Legacy
    Best digital: Don’t starve
    Studio of the year: From Software
    Best PS Plus title of 2014: Don’t starve
    Most anticipated of 2015: Bloodborne

  • PS3: South Park: The Stick of Truth
    PS4: inFAMOUS Second Son
    PS Vita: Velocity 2X
    Best digital: The Walking Dead: Season Two
    Studio of the year: Naughty Dog (Hard one between Rockstar and Naughty Dog)
    Best PS Plus title of 2014: Bioshock Infinite
    Most anticipated of 2015: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt But Uncharted 4 is on a very strong second place.

  • PS3: Gotta agree with Gamespot, Left Behind DLC. Phenomenal experience, how dlc should be done.
    PS4: Transistor. Beautiful, captivating with deep and rewarding gameplay. Not just a great indie game but a great game period.
    PSV: I don’t have Vita but err gave my vote to Murasaki Baby because it looked neat… :p
    Best digital: Transistor. The game that keeps on giving weeks after weeks.
    Studio of the year. Monolith for the nemesis system in SOM, it’s as next gen as they come. More devs need to adopt and refine.
    Best PSPlus title ’14: Dragon’s Crown. Tremendously fun game that everyone should experience, no excuses now.
    Most anticipated ’15: Bloodborne: Words cannot describe how much I want this game.

  • Just giving a shout out to Y’s Memories of Celceta which was a really awesome game, with fun, fluid gameplay, great tunes, cool side-missions and no DLC :)

  • all these games are good but a few stood out to me like Uncharted 4, and no man sky

  • PS3: The Wolf Among Us
    PS4: Destiny
    PS Vita: Murasaki Baby
    Best digital: Don’t Starve
    Studio of the year: Bungie
    Best PS Pus title of 2014: Injustice Gods Among Us: Ultimate Edition
    Most anticipated of 2015: Uncharted 4

  • thanks for a great year on ps3 to all the developers I hope some of you keep developing of gamers like me who cant afford next gen yet

  • Dark Souls

    Amazing year!

  • PS3: The Wolf Among Us
    PS4: InFamous SS
    Vita: Velocity 2X
    Digital: Valiant Hearts
    Studio: Naughty Dog
    PS Plus: Tomb Raider
    Anticipated: Witcher 3

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