The 12 deals of Christmas #9

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The 12 deals of Christmas #9

Need For Speed Rivals and The Walking Dead: Season 2 go on sale today

Nearly there folks – only three deals left in our 12 Deals of Christmas promotion. Let’s check out the next set of offers coming your way today!

Remember, all deals go live at 12.00pm GMT and end at 11.59am GMT 48 hours later.


Need for Speed Rivals: Complete Edition
Was €69.99/£59.99/AU$99.95, now €34.99/£29.99/AU$47.95


Need for Speed Rivals: Complete Edition
Was €49.99/£39.99/AU$69.95, now €24.99/£19.99/AU$29.95

PS Vita:

The Walking Dead: Season 2
Was €19.99/£15.99/AU$29.95, now €9.99/£7.99/AU$14.95

Enjoy! We’ll be adding new deals throughout December so be sure to check PlayStation Store regularly.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • nothing here for me, roll on deal #10

  • Thanks for The Walking Dead Season 2, just what I wanted, Merry Xmas!

  • Not even sure why I still bother looking. On the plus side, some great deals on the US store ;)

    • No there isn’t they are quite meh on there as well.

    • @Mr_Writer
      They are equally meh
      At least I bought one game that was on sale… Which was also on sale on US PSN for cheaper

    • Advanced Warfare for £30, Sleeping Dogs for £20. Need for speed is also a tenner cheaper if bought from the US store. Also The Crew and Unity bundle for £60

    • For £104 of topup into my US account, i got Far Cry 4, CoD Advanced Warfare and The Crew and that still left me with over $15 left. So i’d hardly say the US sale has been Meh!

    • There meh deal would be a great deal over here…

    • @zaphoduk

      You ever hear of discretion? Why not just email sony direct and tell them your breaking their terms if service. Go on. Get it shut down for everyone.

    • May have to look into setting up one these US accounts. It’s outrageous the way we get treated over here! People make perfectly valid comments on here which are ignored on a daily basis. I’m sick of it

    • @DeagonsGash

      Lol, chill out. Even Shuhei Yoshida is totally honest and open about having multiple region accounts. Trust me, it isn’t a big deal. Sony really don’t care as it’s money in their pocket however you look at it.

    • It’s not sony that’ll shut it down, it’s the tax office that’ll do it once they realise that eu folk are buying stuff from us and vice versa. Sony have to say you can’t do it due to tax regulations. The more public people make it the more likely something will be done to stop it.

  • How about the wolf among us for vita or Disgaea?

    1/9 so far for me.

    • Disgaea 4 on Vita had a sale less than 2 months ago

      I’m also hoping for TWAU on PS4

    • Well, I got SAO so I guess that’s a goo-Oh wait US had it on sale too for much cheaper as well

    • PHEEliNUX you should see yourself lucky. Most of the people haven’t got a single games from thr start. Personaly I only buy SAO too. When I look at the other sales I feel lucky SAO was one of the 12

    • Damn, I missed Disgaea’s 4 sale, they should introduce a instore wishlist like steam.

      As someone who already bought DA:I, Far Cry 4 and GTA, there’s nothing major to wait now I suppose.

  • My wish list for next deals : Bordelands 2 ( vita ) A Wolf among us ( ps4/Vita ) and any JPRG for Vita :)

    • I’ll second Wolf Among Us on PS4! I don’t get why that is more expensive by default than even the SIX episode Game of Thrones.

    • Plus it’s [Wolf Among Us] is usually about a fiver on PC.
      The PS Store is a complete and utter rip off 95% of the time.

  • Let’s wait for the next time.

  • Bring me FiFA 15 in the next deal please

  • Easy ones

    Splintercell blacklist
    Batman arkam origins

    Come onnn make it real!

  • nfs rivals are 30$ in usa promotion this week, this 35€, you’re stolen…???

    • I was actually thinking about buying NFS since the price in Polish retail stores just won’t drop. But when I saw you’re comment I immediatelly abandoned the idea. Thanks, mephistodante. Not cool, Sony, not cool…

  • Are we getting a Christmas sale as well? Or will the next sale be Jan sales?

    • we are the EU we never get sales so dont hold your breath for any sales ever.. These are a pure and simple disgrace. And before anyone decides to tell me companys have input blah blah, please explain to me why USA gets call of duty advanced warfare for £28 something pence. They are so pathetic that a normal sale price for most games are cheaper in the US than it is for us to buy on these SO CALLED SALES. This is not a sale at all its an insulting stunt. I have lost alot of respect for sony recently and it seems its only getting worse I have had every console since the ps1 and i feel betrayed the next console you do i will be taking a long hard look at this insult before i even think about buying.

      I feel like just buying second hand, hurt sony like it has hurt most of us for a while now in the EU. Or just buy off the US store i guess.

  • Ouch. If publishers don’t play ball then you could at least get some discounts on first party titles…I hope there’s another sale announced today.

    • Deal 1 – TLOU: Remastered. £19.99. Just saying

    • i am not sure it is the companies as such because the games in the US are so much cheaper than they are here, and they make money on those games, so the markup can only be deducted as SONY’s greed. Such a shame always loved sony but EU again get a shafting.

  • Twd season 2 thanks. Really want borderlands pre sequel for£20

  • Last christmas I bought several games during these sales, but so far this year I’ve not gotten anything. The deals simply aren’t good enough compared to the insane Black Friday deals to be found this year. I have already purchased all the games I was missing at a way higher discount than is being offered on here.

    Here’s to hoping the last couple of deals have anything for me.

    Also I don’t get why the PS4 version has to be so much more than the PS3 version. I mean physical stores sell both versions for around the same price – sometimes even 1:1 on the price. I wish that was the case here as well and I’d consider NFS Rivals on PS4.

  • wow NFS £35 vs $30 on the US sale. That’s a bargain…..NOT!!!

    • There is no reason to compare those prices. It’s just not how the world works. I’m quite happy with the Walking Dead deal. Great game.

  • The wait for Diablo 3 UEE continues.

    • It was in the Black Friday deal two weeks ago. I’d rather want deals that have not been done so recently.

    • I know, but so was Destiny and the price was 10€ lower during 12 days of Christmas compared to Black Friday.

    • That being said, Destiny was also a Black Friday special & Christmas deal.

      The later also being a bit cheaper, Its Sony’s digital equivalent to the middle finger :D
      Just Joking, 2 duplicate specials are better than none :P

    • Besides, I wouldn’t consider 40€ on PSN a deal when it’s 32€ for a brand new physical copy. ^^

  • Will there be any new additions to the anniversary sale?

  • I know you don’t add PSP deals to this but, Just in case anyone notices this
    Corpse Party going on sale anytime soon? Or is it safe to pick up the first game at least right now

  • Nothing for me. Hoping for an update of the anniversary sale.

  • Maybe they are saving the best until last? There is literally nothing else that I want, I would probably buy the Wolf Among Us Vita if it released for the same price as TWD SE2. Apart from that I have already bought all the best games from this year!

  • Come on, theres got to be a GTA5 ps4 deal, well I hope there is, I hope it’s not the last one, on deal 12

  • Batman arkham origins

  • Come on…. Destiny Season pass would be really nice….
    Since the first one is out, and 80% of people have purchased it.. now is the chance! Quickly, while the hype for 3 maps and 2 story missions is still alive! :P

    • They already did this but bundled with Destiny itself. They won’t be offering just the DLC after this.

    • Well, you cant exactly say they have done it already… if you read my post correctly, you will see im pointing out for them to target the people with the game, and who on earth would buy the game again for the season pass?

    • And if you read my post correctly you would see that they have done this already and won’t be offering it again. I will place a personal wager with you should you wish?
      Trolling isn’t what this is about so don’t get offended when people try to respond to you and try your schoolboy tricks on posters.

  • WHAT A JOKE these prices are. Haven’t seen a deal the whole time the feature has been happening. The first one of the Last Of Us was the best but every single other one has been so high. wouldn’t consider buying this for £20.

    Why did Sony do so well with publishers during PS3 era, compared to PS4 so far? On PS4 the prices are insanely high. I really wish they’d support digital customers more and when having a ‘sale’ put things on at decent prices.

    Whoever is in charge of the pricing (and I understand that publishers get involved too, not just Sony) is really off the mark in understanding the appropriate pricing.

    • Really the price should be lower to encourage people to DL rather than go to the shops and buy a game.

      No need for a box\artwork – Blu-ray disk – Shipping – stocking – store overheads. Yet taking this all into account you can go to a shop and buy the games at the same price or cheaper than you can DL it for, or you can buy a limited edition of the game for a few £\€\$ more in store

  • Drive club on ps plus is the same price, another crap deal.

  • Walking Deas S2 is a pretty good price but NFS is a con. Was tempted by a physical copy the other day at £19.99 but even that wasn’t enough to tempt me!

    Why can’t you do DriveClub or Diablo 3? I just know if I go and buy a physical copy they’ll be in the next deal :(

  • Poor sale so far – been waiting all day for this announcement and feel disappointed. They clearly listened about TWD Season 2 on Vita (if it wasn’t already planned), but seeing as Season 1 was on sale this year despite being on sale for less last year, it is still very poor if they expect people to buy both.

    The only worthwhile deal so far was The Last of Us on PS4…

  • I hope for Murasaki Baby and Killzone Mercenary

  • Second and one year old EA game that be on deal and im sure on retail cost less than 35 euro. One on my guess was wrong lets see the other three LBP3 Far cry 4 and crew but nah… the deals so far is awful to be so good at the and. Oh well still dreaming for Far cry 4 at 35 euro lol

  • woohoo walking dead!
    Oh wait Vita version….darn
    See you Friday!!

  • I’d love to know why Sony EU seems to think that these are deals. We can get all of these ‘deals’, and those which have gone before (with the exception of The Walking Dead for Vita), at better prices on disc. 60% of the retail price at three to thirteen months (NFS Rivals was released in November 2013) after a release is not a deal, it’s standard pricing, and that’s being generous, without the ability to recoup some of that money back by selling it on again in the second hand market.
    When you come to realise this Sony EU you will make even more money out of us but until then, go and boil your corporate, ungrounded from reality, heads. I have half a mind to consider litigation on the basis that you are not using the words ‘Christmas’ or ‘Deal’ correctly in your advertising. Make your last two count or feel the wrath of gamers even further than you did when we became unhappy with your PS Plus content. And yes, Chris Howe, we are looking at yo; this is your responsibility.

  • Just a heads up guys yesterday I saw Tesco are selling Wolfenstein PS4 for £20 and Watch Dogs for £23 for PS4 up until the 25th. That’s in store.
    Just thought I’d mention it in-case they are in the last 3 ‘deals’.

    • And Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil for £30.00

    • Nice, let’s all do each other a favour and tell others about any bargains we see. online or otherwise.

      Here’s mine:
      Anyone who is a member of should have received and email today giving them £10.00 off a £40.00 spend. I’m unsure if this will work for non members but register on the site and see if it works. Simply enter GIFT40 into the voucher code box below the item details for your tenner off. This would make GTA V on PS4 for example a mere £36.98 after the discount. Better than any deal you’ll see on PSN right now and you can trade it in for a decent price again should you wish.

    • Tesco is grocery store, where they have bigger margains/profit….this ps4 they don’t make money at all.

    • Seen wolfenstein (ps4) for £15 , got a new copy of watchdogs last week for £14.50(ps4), I haggle with the staff in shops to get a better price for games, I always pay cash no cards and arm myself with saved net pages on my phone of the game i want at a lower price ( if i can find it lower). most times you get something may but if you don’t ask you don’t get. These sales suck on PSN, every year deals been good always put extra cash in the account for december. What they should be doing: take wwe 2k15 (example), sell it for £20 ( realistic sale price), without dlc then have some money knocked off the season pass, some people will buy just the game for £20 and others will think ” I only paid £20 for the game, may as well buy discounted season pass as well. To be honest i have given up with psn deals this christmas and will save some cash for january retail sales unless psn pull there finger out in the new year.

  • Roll on the next sure-to-be-crappy deal.

  • Time for some sport game like NBA 2K15.

  • Nothing for me today either, might have gotten the Walking dead if they included a 10-20% discount for plus members…

  • need for speed is £20_£25 in the shops ps+ sucks!! crap deals. ps+ is 100% rip off

  • 3 to go! Still nothing for me. Unity wasn’t really a sale price.
    I’m hoping for LBP3 and The Crew

  • Nothing for me. Wallet 9 Sony 0. Said it before, digital prices should not be higher than£34.99 to start with. More people would buy new at this price and then sales would not matter as much but bargains could then be had for say £19.99. This gen solar is just fleecing the UK consumer. Would have bought loads more if the prices were sensible.

  • Plants vs Zombies for the Vita, please!
    I don’t think it’s ever been on sale.

  • I am on the fence. TWD-S2 is tempting, but I played S1 on PS3 and the saves are not compatible.

    Decisions, decisions… >:D

  • another deal i wont get :/
    I was and still am expecting the walking dead season 2 for ps3. I bought season 1 at halloween sales and now i regret not buying season 2 as well…

  • Come on!
    GTA 5, LBP3, Lego Marvel Superheroes, The Crew,…

    It’s not that hard to make a good deal!!!

  • Deal #9
    NFS:Rivals (ps4): £29.00
    NFS:Rivals (ps3): £19.00


    NFS:Rivals (ps4): £22.00
    NFS:Rivals (ps3): £12.00

    Some people may even turn down the CEX prices, just because something is labelled a “deal” does not mean it is so. Each to their own and all that, if people buy, so be it. Maybe create a shared account on ps3 with a good, lifelong, trustworthy mate and split the cost of the ps3 games in half.

    • ** CEX is pre-owned btw

    • I’m not in any way saying this new deal is great, because it’s not, but it is the complete edition including all DLC. The prices you are comparing to are not.

    • “I’m not in any way saying this new deal is great, because it’s not, but it is the complete edition including all DLC. The prices you are comparing to are not.”

      That is a fair point. But for me (everyone has their own opinion) , new cars, skins, map areas are not worth it…all filler, that should be free!

      For me DLC is a trophy list with a new story line, races, challenges etc.

      Technically yes it is “content”, but not for me…

    • £7 saving!……… HOWEVER!

      1) Pre-owned = Not supporting developers
      2) No DLC extras
      3) Convenience

      Weigh it up!………. Why is it people are never bloody happy on here? Always moaning! We’re gamers who should enjoy games and supporting devs to continue making great games! If it’s not PS+ content moaning it’s moaning about deals :|

      On one hand everyone wants games at less than £5 and on the other they complain about devs having to push games out quickly due to budget constraints. It’s a business and a economy people x Lighten up!

  • Just to inform people, I got the TWD S2 deal and there was no no download option for it, but I found it at Ep. 1

  • Funnily enough I got the PS3 version of TWD Season 2 for cheaper than this, when it was ‘Deal of the Week’ months ago. It was £5.99.

  • I have all of the Walking Dead on the 360, and I was able to resist getting a Vita copy for a portable replay yesterday though it was very hard. Today isn’t any easier. Definitely recommend it to anyone who’s never played it before.

  • Dragon. Age. Inquisition.

  • It seems like Sony is trying its best to not get my money.
    The 9th of 12 “deals” and so far nothing interested me in the slightest.

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