DmC: Definitive Edition is coming to PS4 in March 2015

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DmC: Definitive Edition is coming to PS4 in March 2015

Dante returns in 1080p/60fps, with a fistful of new features and optimisations


Hello there PlayStation folks, Dominic Matthews here from Ninja Theory. Today we’re proud to be announcing that we’re teaming up with Capcom again to bring DmC: Definitive Edition to PlayStation 4 on 17th March 2015 priced at €39.99 RRP.

DmC: Definitive Edition does what is says in its name. It delivers the definitive DmC experience. We’ve revisited DmC: Devil May Cry and improved, optimised and added to the game. When creating the original DmC there were improvements that we wanted to make, but never got the chance to. In DmC Definitive Edition we have made those improvements.

We’ve taken on-board player feedback and implemented many of the most requested features. In addition, we’ve given DmC a full next-gen make over, with up-rezzed graphics and a silky smooth running speed of 60fps at 1080p. DmC Definitive Edition also comes bundled with all released DLC and a host of new modes.


Here are just some of the awesome new features of DmC: Definitive Edition:

  • 60fps and 1080p resolution – It looks and feels super smooth to play.
  • Up-rezzed graphics – Including textures, characters and cinematics.
  • Big bundle of content – The game includes DmC: Devil May Cry plus all released DLC: Vergil’s Downfall campaign, three Dante skins, three Dante weapon skins and the item finder.
  • New Skins – Two new character skins. Devil May Cry 1 Dante and Classic Vergil
  • Turbo Mode – Turbo Mode returns to the Devil May Cry series, with the game running 20% faster in this mode.
  • Hardcore Mode – Hardcore mode retains the experience of DmC, but with a throwback to the classic Devil May Cry games in terms of balance. In this mode, which can be toggled on all difficulty levels, the style system has been rebalanced to make ranking up much harder and ranks deteriorate much quicker. In addition, Devil Trigger doesn’t launch enemies into the air, parrying takes more skill and all enemies hand out more damage.
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  • Manual target lock – We’ve seen more requests for this than any other feature! The manual target lock works as closely to the classic Devil May Cry lock on as possible and has fully configurable controls.
  • Vergil Bloody Palace – Only second to Manual Target Lock in terms of the number of fan requests! This is a new Bloody Palace mode featuring 60 levels and Vergil as the playable character.
  • Must Style Mode – This is a hardcore modifier on an epic scale that can be played over any difficulty level. Players must be at an S rank or higher to deal any damage to enemies.
  • Gods Must Die Difficulty Mode – This is DmC Definitive Edition’s hardest difficulty mode. It takes DmC’s ridiculously hard Dante Must Die mode and adds a touch more punishment – all enemies spawn with Devil Trigger active and no items or health drops can be used.
  • Rebalanced and retuned – We’ve studied fan feedback and made a whole host of tweaks and balance changes. The style system has been rebalanced, as have bosses. Exploits have been fixed in combat and some of Dante’s moves rebalanced, such as the Demon Evade. Gameplay tweaks have been made following hardcore player testing; frames have been removed from Kablooey shots, Parry/Evade windows adjusted and collectibles, keys and doors redistributed.
  • Integration of popular community mods – DmC Definitive Edition includes community mods such as an optional timer disable for Bloody Palace Mode, a triple dash for Angel Evade and the ability to hit red and blue enemies with any weapon.
  • New cutscene – An added cinematic scene that never made it into the original.

It is not often that a developer gets the opportunity to revisit their game and improve it. We’ve grasped this chance and taken great care to bring DmC: Devil May Cry onto PlayStation 4 in the style that it truly deserves.

Until next time!


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  • 60Fps hack n slash with Dante?! Count me in! And its even at a fair price!
    Glad to see you guys adding more to it, and not just re-releasing it as the old game.

  • Don’t forget! It’s coming to XBOX ONE, too. At the same time, with the same Graphics. :)

    • you know this is official PS blog right? you can find launchbox news at their blogs

    • shame the xbox one doesnt play all games in the 1080p and 60 fps

    • @dragonsbane90

      Please don’t start this. PS4 doesn’t play all games in 1080p and 60fps either. Hell, PS4 doesn’t have a single game running at 144fps and there’s no possibility for a triple screen setup. (PC Master Race)

      Point being, don’t be an ass and brag about 1080p and 60fps when PS4 is still very outdated compared to PCs.

      I love my PS4 and there’s many reasons to own one. Latest and greatest graphics just isn’t one of them so Xbone being even less powerful (not by much though) is irrelevant

  • I’ll buy this one.

    Silky smooth frame rate and DMC are a match made in heaven.

    Lower rrp is also great, thanks guys it was a great game that I’ll be happy to play again

  • Any plans for updating the PC version?

    • I`m sure this version will be the same graphically as the PC version that was released the same time as last gen versions. The PC version had higher quality Textures and Characters than the PS3/360. The PC versions was also capable of 60FPS 1080p. And even higher resolutions and framerates (Depending on how good your PC is obviously) So i highly doubt they will release this version on PC. If they did release this for PC it would have to be priced at £9.99 maximum. You can buy the PC version for roughly five pound now on certain websites. There is simply no excuse for charging so much for the PS4 re-release.

  • 1080p 60fps hack and slash? Rebalancing? Manual target lock? All the dlc? Better graphics? New skins?

    Count me in guys! Didn’t play the original *that* much but with it being in 60fps it’s gonna be much more easy and satisfying to pull off those amazing combos

  • Excellent news. As much as I prefer the proper Dante, I loved this on PS3, will definitely double dip on PS4.

  • wow, so many improvements and then some ninja theory. great job

  • Marry me Ninja Theory

  • Cool, I never got around to getting this game for my PS3 but I’ll get it when I get my PS4 next year.

  • Great news. I will happily buy this again if it pushes us closer towards a sequel.

  • Now this the way to release a definitive edition! Must buy for me :)

  • Another last-gen port? No, just no.

    • And not to mention, if your concern is a lack of new games, it isn’t like this comes at the cost of new games either. That would be a false dichotomy.

      Enhanced editions and re-releases only come in addition to more new games, as an option for people who like even better editions of their already favourite games!

      I’m personally looking forward to the HD edition of Heroes of Might & Magic and I’m also always happy about more ports of great games coming to PS Vita! I like having good games available in portable format.

      Not to mention, Ninja Theory is making Hellblade as well! There you have it, it isn’t like there aren’t making new games.

      And not to mention, 2015 is shaping up to be one of the biggest years ever for the video game industry in terms of new game releases, so really I don’t think you should be worried about anything.

    • I never got to play the original DMC, so this is perfect for me.

  • Ooooooooh, this has been on my bucket list since it appeared on Plus. Might just pick this up instead!


  • Sorry, Ninja Theory, but I’m gonna buy DMC4:SE instead when it hits PS4 this summer.

  • Great game. I would recommend it.

    I had never played Devil May Cry before, but I did play DmC and thought it was a superb action game!

    I had a great time with the game on PS3 already though, I wouldn’t feel the need to buy an enhanced/improved version immediately, personally. The 60 fps is definitely preferable, but still I enjoyed DmC greatly in its form on PS3.

    Of course, for people that were looking for a improved version among consoles or for a PS4/XB1 version of DmC this is good news and I can only be happy for them.

  • So is the Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition actually included with this or is a separate product?
    The PR isn’t very clear!

  • Missed out when this was on the instant game collection & I don’t think we’ll see it again on the instant game collection for ps4.I will buy this game for sure

  • Wow. I had a feeling the Ninja Theory announcement had something to do with DmC! Hopefully that added cinematic hints to the sequel.. perhaps?

  • How about instead of all these remakes of make new games

    • That’s a false dilemma.

      A gazillion of new games are being made right now. Ninja Theory is developing Hellblade as well right now.

      And 2015 in general will probably be one of the biggest years for the video game industry with plenty of new game releases, so that should be the least of your worries. :P

      The Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Bloodborne, Batman: Arkham Knight, The Order 1886, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Star Wars: Battlefront, Assassin’s Creed: Victory, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six: Siege, The Division, Mortal Kombat X, Halo 5, The Legend of Zelda, Ratchet & Clank, Persona 5, Yakuza 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Battlefield Hardline, Dying Light, Final Fantasy XV (maybe), Resident Evil: Revelations 2…

    • It’s simply easier to have a team do an HD port of some old games seeing how next gen games goes far more to make than ps360 games Good way to recoup money while also making new games.

  • “Not in a million years”

  • Now if Capcom does this with the first four games we’ll be golden.

  • I would like to see the sails on re release games. As i keep my old systems there isn’t a big need to rebuy games.

  • It will be funny if DMC4: Special Edition is outselling the Reboot. Capcom will finally realize that the Reboot of DMC was a dumb idea

  • Played it on PC and loved it. Got it as a PS+ offering on PS3 and it was not a very good version of the game. Can’t wait to play this again with my DS4 and new TV

  • Hopefully we will get dmc1 and 3 too. Those 2 games were the best in the franchise.

  • I might buy this, I have skipped on the ps3 version simply because it was the worst available version (unreal engine 3 horrible engine for ps3) plus the character design change and a different developer studio. But with all the added features and included dlc on disc, it sounds like a good deal.
    Can anyone tell me if the manual lock on is an option? because if not then I don’t like this.

  • I love the new features!

  • this is perfect!
    i traded in my ps3 copy when this game was offered in the PS+
    now I can get the better version for collection

  • there is also rumours saying DMC4 Special Edition will come out on current gen consoles

  • Aww.. if only this also on ps vita but I guess ps vita isn’t that strong to even have the normal edition of Dmc, regardless I’m looking forward to see this game on ps4

  • I missed this on ps3, so i will check this one out on ps4 :). Thanks

  • I bashed on DmC as much as any long-time Devil May Cry fan, and then when I played it was pleasantly suprised. I thought it added stuff that the original series had started to lack – the level design and visual style (in general, not the character designs, although they also grew on me) was of particular note. The only problem was the lack of polish in the mechanics, and for a series like this, that was a disappointment. This could fix a lot of those problems, and the price is good. I’m not normally one for remakes but I might get this, and if you never played the original this has the potential to be a great purchase.

  • 1080p, 60fps for one of my favorite games of the last console generation? Hell yeah!

  • 100% this on everything except the most difficult setting if I remember, but still an excellent game. Sadly though (and if anyone gives a crap about my opinion) I will be skipping this for Dark Souls 2 remastered instead. If you haven’t played DMC I highly recommend it. Totally blows the original series out of the water and this new Dante quickly grows on you.

  • I was hesitant at first, but liked the gameplay enough to make DmC an enjoyable game, but still far from what it should’ve been considering the DMC series. Nevertheless, these changes make it clear to make that’ll be having this Definitive Edition no matter what. Haven’t bought the DLC yet, so this is just great to hear that the DLC will be bundled with it.

    Also…totally psyched for the DMC4: Special Edition which would feature Vergil!

    I also think this is some sort of test, so see what the future would hold for DMC or which direction it needs to go (not that we as fans need to be convinced in which direction in needs to be going anyway…)

  • So, if I’m playing as Dante in the “classic” skin will it be shown during the in game cut scenes as well? I was told it didn’t on PS3 thus, I didn’t buy it.

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