The 12 deals of Christmas #8

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The 12 deals of Christmas #8

Next up, The Evil Within and The Walking Dead join the promotion

Festive cheer is starting to take hold here at PlayStation HQ and in this season of giving we can’t wait to release the next set of deals!

If you are a fan of horror or just great games we have some amazing deals coming your way across all consoles.

Remember, all deals go live at 12.00pm GMT and end at 11.59am GMT 48 hours later.


The Evil Within
(Not available in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE)
Was €69.99/£49.99/AU$99.95, now €29.99/£24.99/AU$39.95

Bound by Flame
(Kuwait, Qatar, UAE only)
Was $54.99, now $19.99
(PS Plus members save an additional 10%)


The Evil Within
(Not available in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE)
Was €59.99/£39.99/AU$79.95, now €29.99/£19.99/AU$39.95

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
(Kuwait, Qatar, UAE only)
Was AU$19.99, now AU$6.79

PS Vita:

The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season
Was €19.99/£14.99/AU$24.95, now €7.99/£6.49/AU$11.95

We’ll be adding new deals throughout December so be sure to check PlayStation Store regularly. Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • Repeating deals from last year? We got TWD for the Vita on one of last year’s christmas deals and it was around the same price then as well.

    • Looking back at it, it was actually cheaper when on offer last year due to the PS+ discount.

    • It was actually cheaper with a PS+ discount in 2013. ;)

    • it’s been cheaper in prior sales though (TWD vita has been on sale for between £4-6 previously)

    • Man this is ridiculous! Was cheaper last year lol and why isn’t it season 2? Literally the only Vita game I wanted from these deals and it’s the wrong game lol.
      So bad it’s almost funny!

    • I bought it this year for PS3 for €5.

    • More importantly, is it still an unplayable mess of a port? Or did it get some hefty patches to fix it?

    • @VictorAnalogy It’s very much playable. It slows down during heavy action moments, but it’s not something that will take away from the experience too much. I actually beat both season 1 and 2 on the PS Vita. The Vita is a perfect fit for those kind of games.

  • *waits for everyone to say they bought The Evil Within for £2.79 during Black Friday*

    • Thanks to tip off in last deals post, i grabbed limited ed from Game for £22.99, really happy with it, has some 3d effect cover and includes a dlc of some sort.. Obviously scee are not stupid here, they offer us a ‘epic’ sale But then stretch it out over 24 days, most of the deals are going to be not so good, then people will post negative, without noticing just how scee Are running this ‘sale’ normal people are going to believe the negative posts is a state of entitlement, so, kind of two birds with one stone scenerio, for scee damage control that is, ie get away with milking pr, offer one, maybe two ok deals, make most people look like moaners and themselves like all sweet n innocent, though most people only grasp a part, not the whole when playing the ‘entitled/whiner’ card, (not saying your doing that btw, ps soz for hijacking your reply).

    • +1 to you both

    • hey solarwind glad to be of help !!!!

  • Hmmm. Getting there I think. Best deal so far, but you can do better Playstation!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the last few “deals”. Cheers sony.

  • I would rather have the MGS deal in UK, the Evil Within deal is a joke.

    Oh and I bought TWD for less than that about 18 months ago

  • Hi chris what is happen to rogue download deal their is no file size on the download

  • Any news on AC Rogue? I Still can’t download it!!..

  • Hmm, GAME were offering their Limited Edition version of The Evil Within for £22.49 on PS4, yesterday.


  • I hope there will be more indie games for PS4 on the 12-day sale. As a hardcore PS4 gamer I already bought most of these deals on disc (so did most PS4 owners I know). Most deals are good for people who recently got a PS4 but not so much for hardcore gamers unfortunately.

    I hope we’ll see more discounts on indie games and DLC besides digital copy’s of retail games. There are a couple of indie games that interest me and would definitely buy them if they were on sale (Defense Grid 2/Unfinished Swan/Castlestorm).

    • The Unfinished Swan was offered last year in the 12 days of crap sales albeit in a bundle that came with another game (that most people bought on release so most people were locked out of the sale)

      Buying the PS3 version of Unfinished Swan meant the PS4 version was free

  • Hi Chris what happened to rogue download no file size

  • I really want to get on board with digital but even your sale price for The Evil Within on PS4 is more expensive than the standard price from Amazon and that’s been the case with just about every deal so far.

  • Wrong? Same price The evil within ps4 and ps3… I have ps4, but less 25 will pick up ps3 version…

  • Season 2 or The Wolf Among Us would have been a more inspired Vita deal.

  • Ok got it, you’re just going to repeat everything from the Black Friday sale aren’t you?

  • Still not Diablo 3 for the PS4 as a Christmas deal?

    • It was in the Black Friday sale at the end of November. But it’s probably coming in these deals, seeing as they’ve been repeating Destiny, Alien: Isolation and The Evil Within from that sale already…

  • The Evil Within £22.49 retail at way pay more for a download copy with no resale value

    • I went into game today and the price is £54.99 for The Evil Within on PS4, So really it being £24.99 isnt to bad, with it being £30 off retail price.

      I really want to see GTA 5 ps4 on one of these deals its still £54.99 in-store at game and its the same on psn i think. so if they do a discount and sell it for £24.99 I would so buy it, as I had it digital on ps3 im not going to pay £54.99 for a game I have already had

  • I know, it’s off-topic but:
    When will you fix the Costume Club-pass for Project Diva F 2nd so people can download the DLC they actually paid for?

  • The Evil Within is £22.50 on amazon right now :/

  • Happy with the evil within deal – I can still get it (slightly) cheaper on amazon – but for ease of owning it digitally – I’m there. This is up there with the day 1 deal :)

  • so far, out of the 7 deals there was practically NONE that even made me consider a purchase, lol. Come on guys, you can do better than that!

  • still time for a few more games though. :)

  • You want us to buy more games after the assassins creed rogue does not show up in download list and does not download?
    many reported this and zero feedback…
    I did not complain with driveclub because of some feedback but nothing?

    • “You want us to buy more games after the assassins creed rogue does not show up in download list and does not download?” – Bolton_Nor_ks

      This more than anything else is why buying digital fails. If I buy a game from a retailer or online retailer and there is something wrong with the disc etc I have recourse to return and replace the item. Buying Sony digital means I do not and as a result I’m at the mercy of SCEE to sort the issue.

      As Sony sends emails stating “thank you for your purchase” there should be an id number for the item in that email. Write it down, call and give them that number (its your proof you purchased the item) oh and ask to speak to a supervisor.

  • Bloodborne for a tenner, please?

  • nothing here for me, roll on deal #9

  • Do you actually plan to put items on sale that haven’t been offered over the last few months and priced cheaper in those previous sales?

    Also offering digital games that match the pricing of physical sale items at Game isn’t really a bargain as I could buy the games at Game and…check this out, play them and then sell or trade them in at Game, Grainger… or oh that nifty place ebay for other games

  • Wow, what a bad day for sales.

  • US week 3 sale tomorrow. Hope there’s something good on there.

  • Walking Dead? I’ll pass. Already beat it and owned it. I’m still waiting for Shinovi Versus to get the discount.

  • ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

  • Yawn… AGAIN!! :-(

  • Cheapo Driveclub please!

  • I’m getting sick of hearing the same complaints on every sale.
    “I’ve already bought it for a lower price!”
    “You can get it cheaper at [insert retailer]!”
    “WTH, that’s not the game I want!”

    Guess what? Then this sale is not for you. If you already got the game, or you’re not interested in the game, it’s not for you. You can get it cheaper at, for example, Amazon? Good for you, buy it there then.
    You act like Sony have committed to put on sales with THE BEST GAMES and LOWEST PRICE guarantees.

    Hint: They haven’t. Get over it.

    • I liked your comment.


    • I think people are upset because these deals are supposed to be special deals and so far they’re just very average at best.

    • The thing is everyone is entitled to complain if they want to, (especially on the interwebs!) and if people comment saying you can get a game cheaper from somewhere else then surely that is a good thing to let other gamers know.

      Lets say I was going to buy Evil Within for £25 in this sale and I notice that someone has posted above that you can get the limited edition version for £22.50 the way I see it this person would have done me a favour by not only saving me some money but also upgrading to the limited edition version.

      Either way just ignore (Reading not hearing unless you are using a text to audio program) the complaints, and just concentrate on looking out for bargains that suit you and ignore everything else. :)

    • spot on, there is no way Sony can keep every user happy! If it ain’t for you, move on. You expect to buy each and every deal, is that the expectation? We are on deal #8 now, only 2 have suited me, am happy out.

    • They don’t have to be the best or newest games, but charging higher for digital than physical IS a slap in the face. The only benefit of digital is not having to change a disc… Great. Not worth an extra £3 and no resale value/ability to share with friends.

      Bar the first deal, the prices have been above retail for pretty much every game. These aren’t epic deals and they shouldn’t get a free pass…

    • you can’t please everybody. I only got one game out of 8 and that’s Sword Art Online. it was %37 of even for that I am happy because I am luck its one of the 12. You cannot satisfy everyone you know. Sony is not suppose to deliver newest games for cheap

    • “there is no way Sony can keep every user happy!”

      Which group of users are happy paying more money for a worse product, exactly? This isn’t one of those issues where there’s a reasonable trade-off between two competing positions; a ‘special deal’ that costs more than the normal regular price, or a download that’s more than a disc, or a standard edition that’s more than a special edition are just bad deals. Why would or should anyone be happy with that?

    • “Which group of users are happy paying more money for a worse product, exactly?”

      “exactly?” How would I know..exactly.

      But at a guess…the group that are buying these games…that group…whoever they may be. There is no way that every deal has 0 sales.

      #19: “Happy with the evil within deal – I can still get it (slightly) cheaper on amazon – but for ease of owning it digitally – I’m there.”

      So the person who posted #19 might fall into “this group”.

    • Well I buy games usually at day one with full price so I really can’t complain about sales

    • Wow,what a fan boy.

    • I’m sick of hearing it too and guess why. Because these are not deals; they are tools to try and get gamers to purchase digitally at inflated costs and they are advertising them as bargains. I am over it as well, thanks for asking, but if you are happy with paying extra and being ripped off in Europe then carry on slagging off your fellow gamers who maybe don’t have as much disposable income as you.

  • I’m hoping for a sale on GTA 5, but I have a feeling that won’t happen.

  • What’s next??
    Fifa 14 £19.99 with 1% ps plus discount
    ohh!!!! The anticipation is killing me

  • £22.49 in game, and you have the luxury of being able to sell it if you want to get some of your money back.
    $ony are so out of touch it’s laughable now.

    • I don’t think it’s just down to Sony (although they will take a cut) as in fairness they have to answer to the game companies who actually produced and own the games as they have to agree the prices with Sony for their games. The online price of some of the games on the PSN are out of touch, but there are still quite a few bargains to be had from time to time.

  • So far the only REAL GOOD deal was The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 in sale nr. 1

    After that a lot of lackluster discounts, where the games were even cheaper on sales before. Whats up with no PS+ extra discount lately BTW?

    Hoping the last 5 deal updates will become better again… What would be great is if PS+ year subscription would be under the deals, 12 months for 37.50 Euro would rock. I got just over 40 Euro in my account and need to renew around the 20th this month!

  • I bought The Evil Within on Wednesday from Game for £22.49 on Disc & the difference is I can trade it once I’ve completed it….. so £25 for it Digital is clearly not a deal!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Evil Within PS4 cheaper at GAME and Amazon but i know the sheep with find a good excuse to say this is a good deal :P

    #4theplayers ( just not on the PS EU Store )

  • Awww, I rather buy the MGS V… :(

  • Can someone tell me this deals its for what psn? Bcuz i check on America and i don’t found any of this deals. Even the deal for alien i wanna to buy it and i don’t found it. Its for all psn or only for specific country?

  • I don’t see this deals on my psn why?

    • Dude, why would you even WANT these deals?

    • Maybe because you got an American PSN/PS+ account and you’re commenting on the EU blog with EU Xmas deals?

      If you want these, go create an EU PSN/PS+ account, get some prepaid cards to put credit on it and start buying.

    • Yeah i can’t see Bound by Flame for some reason.

    • That’s becuase Bound by flame is only for Kuwait, Qatar, UAE only as its a replacement deal for The evil within as its not available for Kuwait, Qatar, UAE has it been banned in Kuwait, Qatar, UAE or something?

  • Please fix the Assassin’s Creed Rogue download. I paid for a game I still can’t play, what is this?

  • I bought TLOU Remastered for £20 at the beginning but underwhelmed since then. I just bought The Evil Within Limited Edition in-store at Game cheaper than this deal. Time’s running out…

  • Bought for 10% cheaper at Game UK last week…personally advanced notice would be better as we know we should have Far Cry & Drive club, (going by the advert) so hoping for “Little Big Planet 3”.

    I would have played the extra if I knew what was next up as prefer digital download… So again sort it out Sony, send us some sort of survey???

  • got excited about ground zeroes for a minute, but not available here

  • Then evil within is a broken mess but for some reason has charm. I like it.
    …but I already have it, bummer.
    See you Wednesday!!

  • SCEE is just plain awfull! Thank god, that u dont enforce IP restrictions on USA PSN, so we can buy games without outrageous prices. I really want to know, why PS4 prices went to 69,99€ while in USA and Canada they are priced the same as PC and PS3….

    I am Playstation player since 1996 and i love it but European prices are just plain steal this gen!!!

    • I read somewhere a while ago that in the US some sort of contract was signed to keep all the prices at $60 while in Europe there was nothing like that so the publishers have free reign. That’s how we get ridiculous prices like 90 euros for a special edition.
      As you say, luckily we have the US store but don’t give them any ideas with the IP restrictions…

    • Dude, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :D

  • And yet another disappointment. Remember never to top up wallet BEFORE “discounts” are published. It’s a 0 out of 8 for me.

  • I thought this was the 12 deals of Christmas, not the 12 deals of Black Friday.

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