The 12 deals of Christmas #7

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The 12 deals of Christmas #7

Assassin’s Creed Unity and Sword Art Online are next up

Seven swans are swimming their way over to PlayStation Store to make sure they pick up the latest bargains on offer in the 12 Deals of Christmas promotion! Check out the new deals below.

Remember, all discounts go live at 12.00pm (noon) GMT and end at 11.59am GMT 48 hours later.


Assassin’s Creed Unity
Was €69.99/£54.99/AU$99.95, now €44.99/£39.99/AU$62.95


Assassin’s Creed Rogue
Was €59.99/£49.99/AU$89.95, now €34.99/£24.99/AU$44.95

PS Vita:

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
Was €39.99/£32.99/AU$59.95, now €24.99/£19.99/AU$37.95

Enjoy! We’ll be adding new deals throughout December so be sure to check PlayStation Store regularly.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment.

    It’s mine.
    Get ready for the penetration.

  • Yeah… Let’s spend 40 quid for a broken game this Christmas and support Ubifail. No thanks. Another disappointing one for us all IMO D:

    • So maybe 6 months down the line it won’t be so broken? This more than anything else puts me off AAA games because they are always released broken with bugs. Any of these publishers want to hire gamers as testers is one thing…paying for the “pleasure” of being an unpaid tester is not.

      Now considering that both Ubisoft and SCE provide supposed testing (QA for third party games) you would think that with seemingly that much testing games would work on release day. This is something people who buy AAA games on release should consider. Personally I think releasing and selling broken games should fall under some lemon law. Would anyone buy faulty appliances or a car without brakes? Yet people keep throwing money hand over fist to AAA game making devs and publishers. This only encourages the behaviour of releasing broken games as they already know loads of people will buy it regardless.

    • Assassins Creed Unity is broken and therefore under developed, all the problems that have been reported would’ve been reported by game testers for Ubisoft long ago eventhe devs themselves would’ve known the problems…but the decision to publish was not theirs. When Ubi announced that they were cancelling the season pass and giving people that purchased thenpass a full game as compensation for its brokenness, the first thing that sprang into my mind is that UniSoft has given up in this game and I highly doubt it will be fixed or optimised EVER.

      Don’t buy broken games, thanks for the Christmas discount but this game is worth £17.99 in its current state.

  • Pls mordor of shadows to ps4

  • I appreciate you’re doing your best to get the best prices you can, but bragging about getting the price of digital titles down to *slightly* above their fully-priced physical version isn’t going to win anyone over.

  • Good deal on Sword Art Online~ Just be aware of the horrible translated subtitles.

  • Unity? Ubisoft should be paying US to play this game, not the other way round. Anyway, pls playstation actually charge a price that is cheaper than the retail disc version…


  • I’m looking forward to the Wolf Among Us for deal 8 (???)

  • You guys are really making it hard for me to throw money at the screen. Good selection of games but bad pricing. It was supposed to be the “deals of christmas” not the “let’s match retail prices deals” >.>

  • Can anyone tell me what kind of a game is Sword Art? Is its gameplay like Soul Sacrifice or closer to Phantasy Star Online?
    I am thinking to get it, but I can’t really decide yet.

    • It’s an action RPG based made by Bandai Namco based on an Anime TV show. It’s a really fantastic game which has countless hours of gameplay, crisp clear graphics, barely any load times and it even autosaves once you enter the next area. Don’t let the title fool you as it’s not an online game. It’s a really fantastic game worth checking out.

      And just to warn you, the game is over 3GB.

    • I have empty space, that wont be a problem, I suppose there is no Physical version, right? Couldn’t find anything specific.
      Also you say “next area” that means is more like PS and Ragnarok than Soul Sacrifice?

    • Its set up in a similar structure to an MMO, its nothing like Soul Sacrifice, so very large maps that you are free to enter and leave whenever you want and promotes exploration.

  • Thank you for listening and discounting sao!

  • I honestly can’t say this is close to being a good deal…..
    Keep them coming though, cya Monday!

  • Another poor christmas deal. Please get Infamous First Light on offer.

    • I hope not, its coming next month for PS+

    • it will be free with ps plus next month for god sake!

    • I want to buy the actual game. My subscription ends tomorrow and i won’t renew it.

    • then buy 1 month ps plus it will be cheaper than sale price. besides the game only 5-6 hours lon. you can finish the game like 20 times in a month easily. if they put first light on sale people will riot and burn the sony building believe me. because it’s stupid as hell to put ps plus freebie on special christmas discount

    • Then you should buy the game cos the next deal is in two days and they can’t just give us what we want. Those 12 deals are already planned so for us it’s really just get lucky for something we want to appear. But doesn’t look like Infamous First Light will have a good chance with it being PS+ next month.

    • first light Its free on ps plus next month.

  • I wanted to buy unity, but not at this price, when it’s the same price as amazon

  • I’ll buy the sword art online ofc but why didn’you give use %20 ps plus discount you already gave it on USA? seriously I don’t understand

  • No thanks for AC: Unity fail!!!45 euro

  • OK Sony let’s get something straight here!
    A) £54.99 is not the RRP for any new release ever!
    B) Saying £39.99 is a reduced price is a joke.
    C) Saying £39.99 is a deal for one of the biggest launch failures in the games industry is an absolute joke.
    D) Steam on PC sells digital titles including new releases for £29.99. What do you guys do better that gives you the right to charge almost double?
    E) Prices for most of your “12 days of deals” have been cheaper online already for weeks and then we have trade in value, which you and developers do not like!
    F) Fire the [MODERATED] who seem to sit on your board of directors, who clearly do not play games and have no idea what “value” means to your customers!
    G) I will never ever buy a full retail release game from the PSN store because you are basically robbing people hand over fist.

    If Steam, Origin and Uplay are able to sell the new release games for reasonable prices then so can you, I do not give a [MODERATED] what anyone says! With digital sales, you are basically selling air, nothing physical at all, merely allowing packets of data to be transfered from your server to my machine!

    • A) RRP is £54.99. You can’t argue it isn’t, because it is. Just like last gen RRP was £50. Most retailers won’t try and charge that much though.
      D) PC games are cheaper due to competition (and a hint of piracy) whereas if you want digital games on consoles there is only one supplier. They also don’t want to undercut shops as them going out of business would be bad.

      I agree with everything else though.

    • Actually EU is the only place (maybe plus Canada now who got shafted) where digital games are way more expensive than retail. US has the same prices for both, Japan has digital games cheaper yet in Europe this isn’t the case, why so?

      I read some interesting article on eurogamer some time ago, according to Ubisoft (although its Ubisoft so… they might be lying =x), Sony is the one who ultimately sets the final price on the store, which could mean that SCEE just likes to earn some extra money out of poor EU chaps.

  • These supposedly epic Christmas deals are definitely not #4theplayers. Cheaper buying elsewhere.

  • I want to buy the actual game. My subscription ends tomorrow and i won’t renew it.

  • Not great prices unfortunately for unity. Rogue is priced pretty good but it was on zapping for that much yesterday

  • Too expensive for Sword Art Online, I was hoping to be 20€ maximum. And again no PS+ discount…

    • me too. But I suggest to buy it because bandai games don’t go sale easily and this is a popular game. you might don’t want to wait 5-6 months for 5€

    • Yeah I was hoping for a £15 or lower price point. Bit of a stingey discount considering it was really overpriced to begin with. Not even a plus discount. I’ll sit this one out.

    • X_Blood_Curse_X why do you think it’s overpriced? it’s probably the biggest game (content) in vita. it has the same price like most of new games. I can’t see the reason you said that’s overpriced. Also as much as I love to get it for 15 euro it’s pretty impossible. But I believe it will be like 20 euros at some point but this game clearly worth it’s full price

    • I dont think £33 for a digital only, poorly translated, mixed reviewed, subtitled only game with no online multiplayer is worth it. I want the game but £20 is too much to take a chance on it.

  • Sad sorry state of affairs when your sale price is higher than retail. I disencorage players to stand for this when the cheaper retail copy has more benefits ie. Trade in option etc

  • I’m tempted to get AC Rogue but I’m still holding out for a PS4 version someday. If it never happens then at least it will be cheaper the longer I wait.

  • C’mon Sony, where’s the PS Plus discounts?

  • Rogue is also 24.99 in amazon

  • The price is too high. It doesn’t convince me buying this ‘broken’ game.

  • Woo SAO, thanks! Shame there’s no PS+ discount like in the US :(

    Now if HDN Rebirth 1 goes on sale I’ll be sorted for this Xmas :P

  • I’m 0-7.

    I wanted Assassin’s Creed, but not at this price. As someone mentioned in the previous post, we got good deals on ‘Black Flag’ last 12doxmas. £28 for both the PS3 & 4 versions I think?

    Memo to self: Don’t top up wallet in anticipation next time. Wait for a game you want, at a price you want, then top up wallet.

  • Well done sony just got my Christmas wish

  • SAO on sale at least, Probably going to pick it up

  • no PS+ discount huh…

  • The stupid thing is me allowing myself to look forward to these deals coming up. Bar the first PS4 day on the first day they’ve all been awful and AC beats the lot for a ridiculous deal. Steam sale starts soon at least and they know how to do it!

  • Please discount Battlefield 4’s premium itself, I already have the game!

  • AssUnit huh? No thanks. But some Tales games would be cool.

  • Can you discount Battlefield 4’s premium by itself, I already have the game!

  • This article will have been viewed by thousands already but doesn’t have a single “like” yet.

    The silence is deafening, as the saying goes.

  • *pauses life*
    *looks at PS Store special*
    *rolls eyes*

  • I’m both sad and happy about not buying anything so far in the Christmas sales. I don’t think the selection or pricing is too bad, I’m just overbooked or not interested.
    Would go for SAO since the price isn’t that bad, but I still have Disgaea 4 waiting to be played on my Vita, with DA: Inquisition is claiming all of my gaming time these days.

    I may not be able to resist a good LBP3 discount though, just saying.

  • Not sure if it is just me but the selection of games so far has been poor then their is the price…which is ridiculous.
    Who is setting the choices and prices Ebenezer Scrooge… Sort it out Sony!!!

  • I think I’ll pass on all these deals and just get yakuza 4 instead.

  • This deal will have been viewed by thousands already but hasn’t got a single “like” yet. Says it all.

    And notice how the dislike stat is hidden from us. I wonder why that is?

  • Deal? Sorry have read this three times and can’t see it, is it hiding behind that pile of Ubishaft broken junk? Might as well call it “12 games sensible people traded in or avoided in the first place at prices that are still beaten by every retailer in the world”… fa la la la la, la la la la.

  • Assassin’s Creed Unity is nowhere near as broken as people make it out to be, at least not anymore. I picked it up after the third patch and I’ve not encountered any problems so far, Unlike Dragon Age: Inquisition which while a great game is pretty much broken with game breaking bugs but somehow seems to get a free pass. If you like the Assassin’s Creed games don’t let all the BS online put you off it’s a great entry in the series.

    Having said that, the game has been available since launch for £39.99 on disc (sometimes a bit cheaper) so this sale price sucks. It’s not really a sale when you’re just price matching the standard full price on the U.S PSN.
    I’v had £30 in my psn wallet since this sale started and it’s looking like I’ll still have it when it finishes at this rate.

    Here’s hoping they include some digital only titles in the sale so there’s a hope of a half decent deal.

    • I’m 90 hours into Inquisition and haven’t had a single serious bug. They are out there, but not as common as you think. Unity launched as broken.

      The difference between Ubisoft and BioWare in terms of approaching their audiences is enormously different. That’s why one great company gets a more favorable reaction while the other greedy company gets a more negative one.

  • I shall buy this immediately, oh wait common sense kicked in, that price is shocking for a “Deal”

  • I just started watching Sword Art Online, can anyone let me know if there a certain episode I should get to or if I should finish first before playing this game?

  • Still cheaper in retail – and I’m not even talking about preowned. Seriously, you guys aren’t even trying :)

  • Prices are garbage yet again. Would have got sword art online since I’m enjoying the animal but that price is just to high.

  • Assassin’s Creed Unity isn’t the broken game people who haven’t played it are making it out to be (at least not now). I picked it up after the last patch and I’ve had no problems with it so far at all. If you like the AC games you should like this one.

    That being said, the game has been available on disc for £39.99 (sometimes less) since launch. I wouldn’t call price matching the U.S PSN’s full price for the game a “sale”. this is what it should have been at launch.

    I’ve had £30 in my PSN wallet since before the 12 days sale started and I still have it there now, Looking at the deals so far I can see myself still having £30 when it finishes.

    I’m hoping for some digital only titles on sale so there’s the chance of an actual discounted price but I expect we’ll end up getting Far Cry 4 and Shadow of Mordor for the same or more than they available for on disc (£40 & £25 respectively). Watch this space.

    • Very true @Grimmy11 , games on disc is always a better deal, sadly i’m getting a bit tired of keeping a huge number of disc and swapping them when i want to play. If the companies would make it possible to install the game and dont force you to have the disc in the console i would always buy the disc version but as it stands i am moving toward digital only. Although i only buy when there is a sale going on so that the prices are somewhat more humane, its crazy how much Sony charges for digital version. You would think it would cost less but nope, welcome to the digital age where monopoly rules :/

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