MUBI online cinema app arrives on PS4

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And the PS3 experience gets updated too

We’re MUBI, an online cinema made by people passionate about film, and we’ve just launched a brand spanking new PS3 experience and our first ever app for PS4. As you can imagine, we’re pretty stoked. We’ve been working like crazy to build an app that’s completely different to other streaming services and now we’re ready to share it with you.


A hand-picked selection of the best films

If you haven’t met MUBI before, we’re a subscription video-on-demand service. We hand-pick the best films out there, the unforgettable, the wonderful, the classic, the cult, and streaming it right to your TV. MUBI is like a never-ending film festival bringing all the wonderful discoveries of international cinema right to your living room.

The new MUBI app on PlayStation 4 and also on PlayStation 3 and it is not just an update — it’s a completely new movie watching experience. If you’re overloaded and overwhelmed by the thousands of terrible movies clogging your online experience, MUBI has the solution for you.


A great film every day, 30 days to watch

Every day we bring you one great new film, hand-picked by our in-house film experts and you have 30 days to watch it. This means that our online cinema features 30 exciting, moving, unexpected, beautiful and all-round wonderful and unforgettable films to watch whenever you log-in. It’s a dynamic way to discover movies you might not know yet and to be surprised again by those films you love. No more endless scrolling, no more lists of mediocrity. MUBI brings you unforgettable films directly to your PlayStation.

Stop scrolling and discover great movies

Maybe you’d like to get your blood pumping with Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive or a fantasy fix with Pan’s Labyrinth; or maybe you’d rather slip into a dirty underworld of crime with Sean Penn and Benicio Del Toro in 21 Grams?


Beautiful films, beautiful experience

Whatever you’re on the hunt for, we brought together the finest films in one beautifully designed place. Our selection of films is displayed in a simple scrolling grid — there’s no ugly DVD covers, or posters from the ’90s, but our pick of the best high-res stills. Flick through the selection in full screen, watch trailers and read ‘Our Take’ where we tell you why we think the film is worth your time.

So let’s get down to business…

This is the best bit, a subscription to MUBI is just €4.99/£2.99 a month, (or €26.99/£16.99 for 6 months, or €34.99/£23.99 for a whole year of brilliant films.)

  • A new film every day.
  • Each film available to watch for a month.
  • Always 30 films.
  • €4.99/£2.99 a month.
  • 20% off  for PlayStation Plus Members.
  • MUBI is available on PS3 and PS4 in: Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Osman, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Rumania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

Happy watching!


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  • The app won’t even launch for me: just shows a logo with a background of a pixelated car. Tried closing it and relaunching, nothing works.

    • App have some problems. Just wait for 1-2 minutes on that pixelated car screen and it goes to “Get Started” page as shown above.

      My problem is when i click “Get Started”, it says there are some connection issues with “Try Again” button. When i click “Try Again” it goes back to “Get Started”.

      Thus this cycle continues.

      Dear MUBI team, i love you, you’re doing an amazing job on Desktop but please fix your PS4 app.

  • What is the situation with subtitles? Take Oldboy for example, could i have the option of English subtitles as well as the official languages of the country i live in?

  • Only classic unforgettable cinema….. like resident evil.

    I actually quite like this and was thinking if cutting my Netflix sub anyway sooooo……

  • It’s Romania not Rumania

  • Actually… I’m impressed! The idea looks great, the films exposed here seem a fantastic selection. Great move & thanks for making it available in Poland. Well done!

  • im living in middle east .. we still can’t get movies sony :(

  • Seems interesting. Someone mentioned 720p and that’s not that bad if bitrate is high enough.

    What about frame rate? Is it 30p/60i with pulldown or 24p?

  • People need to be careful when signing up to the free trial as when we are previous members and when we selected the “Try Mubi For Free” option on the website it took a 12 month payment from our registered card without informing us.

    We’ve emailed support and hopefully they’ll sort it out quickly for us, really frustrating though. :(

    • An update on this, all issues remedied within an hour of me contacting them.

      Very happy with the way they dealt with the issue, it was apparently caused by the fact that we’d previously used a free 30 day trial sometime in the distant past so didn’t qualify again. They refunded the payment and because of the error also sent me a free 30 day code that could be used.

    • Can current web and mobile users just sign into the MUBI PS4 app normally, or is it a separate subscription for PS4? I couldn’t’ see anywhere to sign in normally. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough.

  • cant see it lasting theres no HD and most of the films have been shown on freeveiw like film 4 its just not in the same league to compete against other providers

    • Really? With plus you can get this for under £20 per year. The other streaming services cost over a hundred.

      Also comparing to free view is madness. On freeview I have to watch the movie they chose at the time they choose, with this I can choose from one of thirty when I have the time. Free view will interrupt my movie for adverts or even the news depending on the channel, this won’t. Also I can pause this if I need to do something, can’t do that with free view.

      Yes, I know that some expensive free view boxes have these features, but if we’re gonna bring value for cost into it a £20 per sub trumps a couple hundred quid PVR.

  • I love cinema and have been trying to get back to watch movies on a regular basis, this sounds great. Great price point as well. I’ll definitely try it.
    And guys, Oldboy is one of the best movies ever, a true masterpiece, please watch it anyway.

  • Nice to have option, myself i’m up for the trial and maybe a few monthly subs after that, though that will depend on upcoming content, i like the variation from Resident Evil to other stuff, is Pan’s Labyrinth on this month?, not seen it for a while and be nice to see again, also though i’m not really a subtitle fan, there are obviously exceptions, just missed the channel4 Jet Li film last week, caught last half hour and was gutted when checked it wasn’t back on in foreseeable future, can’t quite remember name, one where he attempts to assassinate China’s Emperor, Got to see whole of that soon,so as i say i will make exceptions for right film, though what i might miss with that attitude?. good luck with service and hope it’s a smooth launch.
    also agree with above, Oldboy is very, unique! well worth a watch.

  • Low price and old boy and PS + reduction?…..Well it is pretty convincing :). It seems like various movie from various countries will be there (korean, chinese, japanese, …) . I really hope anime movies will be there too. Original language + multiple subtitles off course.

  • Can I subscribe using money from my wallet?

  • Happy to see this return, but give the PS4 (and your content) a little more love by getting that interface up to 1080p. It’s standard now, not a luxury.

    Also, try to do something more interesting with the What’s New stream than putting a honking great logo in the stream that says I CLICKED ON YOUR APP. Something like “I watched Film X on MUBI” (with explicit permissions granted obviously) would be useful to everyone while still getting the name out there, instead of it just coming across as the unsolicited ad spam the feed often appears to be.

  • While we’re on a roll: You should not lose your place in the stream when the app is backgrounded, and ideally it should remember how far you were through something no matter what. The touchpad could be used for more flexible timeline scrubbing instead of the laborious hold to fast forward method. I presume it’s a web app now which limits all this, but if you go native or at least manage to replicate the benefits of doing so, people will notice and appreciate it. Best of luck for the future~

  • Application shows only white screen after loading, can’t watch anything ((

  • Cant get the app to run!!!

  • This is the cheap version of sky tv lol

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