A closer look at The Banner Saga on PS Vita

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A closer look at The Banner Saga on PS Vita

Find out how the acclaimed tactical RPG will play on your handheld

The first thing we have to say is thank you to every single fan of The Banner Saga who has helped raise the profile of the game and has supported the Stoic team from the start. Your passion for The Banner Saga and the way you have helped ‘spread the word’ has been instrumental in the decision to bring this amazing and unique game experience to PlayStation 4.

We were also excited and honoured to have Sony announce that the game is also coming to PlayStation Vita at the recent PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas this past weekend. Our friends and partners in crime at Stoic (who just announced The Banner Saga 2 at the Game Awards in Las Vegas last Friday) are some of the nicest, most talented and dedicated game makers you’ll ever meet, and we couldn’t be happier for them. The team at Stoic took some time out of their busy schedules to tell you a bit more about the PS Vita version below.

Being able to bring The Banner Saga to PS Vita is especially exciting since the fans have been asking for it for a long time and it is a natural fit. The Banner Saga is often described as reading a good book, as players often get engaged in the story and have a hard time putting it down. PS Vita will allow players to continue their journey when they leave their homes.

Stoic initially designed the UI and the gameplay with the idea of mobile devices in mind, and the Vita is no exception as the gameplay, UI, and design all work extremely well on PS Vita. The idea of holding The Banner Saga in your hands and utilising both PS Vita’s PlayStation controls and its touch surfaces while being able to move about freely in the real world is something we’re really keen on developing and seeing in action in 2015.


Another thing that is exciting for us is to bring that old school style of gaming back to the modern age. We’re big fans of games such as Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics and The Banner Saga was heavily influenced by how those games operated. We wouldn’t be here without those great games that really proved handheld tactics games had an audience and a right to be there. We really love the idea of being handheld and paying homage to those classic turn-based tactic games of the past in addition to hopefully giving gamers a new take on the genre with our own game.

The award-winning art combined with the excellent story of The Banner Saga creates a wonderful world that we have seen capture people’s hearts and we hope to continue that on the Vita and PlayStation 4 in 2015.


Finally, we’ve got a lot of big things coming down the road for The Banner Saga and we hope you continue to interact with us via Facebook and Twitter. We really can’t thank you enough for all your valuable feedback.

That’s it for now, but we’ll be back soon! Happy holidays from Stoic and Versus Evil! ​

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  • cool. always good to see more games on Vita.

  • I would not have known about this game at the start if it was not for all that candy crush noncence, sorta worked out well for you guys in the end.

    Looking forward to buying this again are you doing crossbuy?

  • So excited for this on the Vita!

  • Bring it on!
    Day 1 for me!

  • The most important question for me:

    When will be released Banner Saga 2 on PS Vita? Will it be day 1 with PC version or will people have to wait another year (over year of waiting) for a port on Vita.

    After finishing first part on PC I got feeling that it was really unifinished game… after all it is just a first part of whole trilogy. I can deal with it on PC… But here is the case… if people will be forced to wait more than year for each of episodes to be released on Vita… than I don’t really see point in buying any of it for Vita.

    If nothing will change than most probably
    I part – early 2015
    II part – late 2016
    III part – early 2018

    Will Vita still exist in 2018? Dunno…

    So unless Vita version of Banner Saga 2 will be released the same day as PS4 and PC version… I don’t think that there is any sense in buying game. I really don’t. Vita owners are not second rate customers… it’s already bad that they were forced to wait over a year for a game that was released already even for iOS and Android.

    I’m just speaking my mind.

    Oh and any chance for retail version? You could buy one for PC… if there will be one for Vita than I will probably buy it… if not …. well… than I will have to think much much longer whether to buy it or not… most probably not.

    • You bring up some good points, also the game is like £3 atm on android. I can see it easily being £9.99 or more on Vita which would be a shame. It could also end up being a Plus game as it’ll be on PS4 and Vita, would be a nice fit.

    • @ThugETH
      Sadly as developers replied on US Blog… first they are going to release 1st part… and than they will see what will be next. So yeah… it doesn’t seem that it will be released day-1.

    • @archacus At it again, eh. Support vita – but only the games I’m interested in. Which are pretty much just all the obscure, slightly hentai Japanese games. But only if they have a retail release. In which case, don’t buy it. Coz that will really encourage developers to release new games for vita.

  • This is so great ^^
    People, do yourself a favour. Don’t snub this game. It’s one of the better ones since it’s release :)
    I can honestly say I had more fun with these smaller* games than I have any AAA since Kickstarter Happened, the few exceptions being DS2 :D

    *Smaller as in not AAA bloated budgets ^^

  • This is perfect for the Vita! Has to be a day one purchase, thank you so much for bringing this to the Vita! :D

  • Really looking forward to this! Have been holding off on the PC version in the hopes of a Vita version being announced, so I was very pleased with the PS Experience announcement. Strategy RPGs just fit the best on handhelds, and the art of the Banner Saga will look gorgeous on the OLED screen. Hoping the port will turn out good as well!

  • Great game! Can’t wait to replay it on the Vita.

  • Many people say that Sony doesn’t support the Vita with software.

    Well, they don’t make many Vita games themselves, but they definitely are doing their best to convince developers to make games for it, and usually with Crossbuy as well. There are plenty of games that I am looking forward to. That’s the kind of support I’m also okay with.

    There are plenty of other things that need improvement, though. Customers shouldn’t be forced to import a 64GB card from Japan. I caved in recently, but that idea in itself is just absurd. Sometimes I look at my kind of huge collection of games and think of the upcoming titles like Hotline Miami 2 and realize that the system could have done far, far worse given the amount it has sold so far.

    That being said, I’ll try this game out if it has a nice price, I never play these kind of games and this seems like a good title to test the waters with.

    • … I’d rather they would start doing their best on convincing developers to bring NEW games for Vita.

      Banner Saga is A OK game, it really is… though… I and probably many others already managed to beat it year ago. That won’t encourage anyone who is playing on both PC and consoles to buy Vita. Why would it? And those who says… “I’d rather to play it on mobile device”… sure… no problem… nearly all of them before being released on PS3/PS4/Vita were also released on iOS and Android.

      Majority of games that Shahid’s team is so fond of are just a ports of indie games released about year ago on PC. Those games already had many discounts on PC… you could buy most of them for just a few USD. On PS3/PS4/Vita every developer ask to pay like for a totally new game.

    • Yeah, a lot of them are ports. All the more motivation to support original Vita titles, right? :p

    • I’m with Archacus on this one. Though it’s nice to see such an inflow of games on the Vita (regardless of their origin), the vast majority of these releases are disappointing, because most of the indie games appearing on Vita in 2014 have already been on Steam for very, very, very, very cheap, ages ago (either directly on Steam in a bundle elsewhere). And, like Archacus put it so nicely, if we wish to play it on the go, there’s often an Android or iOS app available long before the game hits the Vita.

      At least Sony Bend is, allegedly, working on some AAA yumminess for our beloved Sony handheld…

  • This game looks absolutely amazing! And im a massive fan of tactical RPG’s
    Cannot wait until this gets released. Its good to see they are really supporting
    the vita, I love the whole cross buy/ cross save idea keep it up

  • I’ve heard a lot about this game but never actually played it. Presumably this game will be PS4/Vita crossbuy? Either way I’ll definitely be getting it. The narrative element looks great and it’s cool to see a game that looks like FF Tactics.

  • Game looks awesome – I held off playing this on PC as I prefer gaming (beyond grand strategy or RTS) on console, and very much look forward to getting into it on PS4 (it’s awesome it’s on Vita as well, but I’d probably play this on PS4 m’self) :).

  • Looking forward to this. I don’t use a PC for gaming, and I detest Android/iOS gaming with a passion, so I’ve never been able to play this before now. Vita will be the perfect platform for this, but please confirm it will be PSTV compatible as well.

    Being able to play it on the TV, then swap out the memory card and take it on the road would be even better.

  • Please bring the complete The Banner Saga trilogy to Vita!

  • I hope this is better port than on iPad 3, it’s virtually unplayable due to the lag and skipping. I’d also be nice if authors that duplicate their post on the US blog, whose comments they’ve replied to, did the same here.

  • This looks great, the art style reminds me of the animated Lord of the Rings movie.

  • I’ve been waiting for PS Vita version, and now my wait is over! Day one for me! And I really hope Vita will get the whole Banner Saga trilogy.

  • Can’t wait for this game

  • I have not tried this on any platforms yet but I look forward to picking this up for the Vita. I hope the sequel will make it to the Vita also.

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