Venom table arrives in Zen Pinball 2 tomorrow

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Venom table arrives in Zen Pinball 2 tomorrow

Spider-Man’s notorious foe gets his own stage this week

Spider-Man’s symbiotic nemesis gets his own pinball table! Our latest creation based on a Marvel Comics property stars Spider-Man’s archenemy, Venom. Venom pinball releases tomorrow for Zen Pinball 2 for €2.99/£2.49! Purchase the table on PS3 or PS Vita first, then import to PS4 to enjoy on all three platforms!


As Eddie Brock’s journalism career spiraled downward, he always blamed Spider-Man for his own failure. A symbiotic organism from an alien world sensed his rage, and having itself been rejected by Spidey before, shared his hatred of the web-head. Thus, the Symbiote chose Brock as its next host, and together they are – Venom.


The Venom pinball table features Eddie Brock as the Symbiote-empowered villain as he faces not just his mortal enemy, Spider-Man, but also the threat of his twisted offspring, Carnage. Can Venom and Spider-Man team up to defeat a greater threat?

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  • Nice price on this.

  • I’ll be getting this, as I’ve got all the Zen Pinball 2 tables so far. One thing, though, for the developers: the menu screen to choose the table is too crowded, making it hard to see which icon is for which table. I’d like to see it changed. Either a scrollable list of all tables, or a choice of 4 categories of table to choose from (Marvel, Star Wars, Zen Pinball, Zen Pinball 2) so that the icons can be bigger. The game must be getting close to the limit on how many trophies it can have, too.

  • Why are we still having to wait for our chance to purchase the 20th anniversary PS4

  • Again, I DO like this game, in fact it’s been on my system since last December, just wish they gave us option to customise what games auto update when turning on system, instead of just ‘All or none’, not saying I don’t want more stuff made for This mind, but why must every game that gets a add on update?, some of them are large files too, is it a case of well, they’ve Got to download the update, now that’s half the battle for them buying the small unlock key.. (Again Not having go at this title) wish dev’s/publishers started catering more for us, or is it really a impossible feat to Not need a update to a dlc your not getting, but still play signed in thinks it is possible, if they wanted to.

    • Totally understandable! Many times when we release updates for Zen Pinball 2, the update contains fixes for other tables or features, not necessarily just the new content.

  • why are there never discounts for the older tables?

    • During Halloween they said they would work on a european sale cause they couldnt offer free tables in EU (they could everywhere else (xbox US/EU psn US .. just not here at SCEE).

      Dunno when they plan to hold it though.

  • This table looks amazing! Love your work, Zen Studios!

  • i love zen pinball. Ive bought around £20 of tables and I love it but i cant justify buying all of them at full price. are you guys planing on doing a sale anytime soon? Youve done them on other platforms but none that i remember on playstation.

  • I used to play so much Zen Pinball on PS3. I just couldn’t get enough. I played it on my Mac too, on my Vita, on my iPad and iPhone and then the PS4 came along and I decided to upgrade. Now I have Destiny to play; I have Drive Club, Shadow of Mordor, GTA V, Battlefield 4 and a whole host of other incredible games, yet Zen Pinball still eats more of my time on my shiny new PS4 than all of those combined. Never change Zen. I’ll be picking this up tomorrow.

    • Wow – thanks! Glad to hear that we can keep you interested even when there are so many other awesome games to play :)

  • Sony, please add crash team racing to the 20th anniversary discount like crash bandicoot 1 & 2

  • Nice! Looking forward to play the Venom table and also dying to see a sale on previous Marvel tables. Last time a Marvel table was discounted it did not include the PS3/Vita versions penalizing PS4 owners who bought the discounted item leaving them without any kind of Cross-Buy feature.

  • All you Zen pinball fans get over to the PlayStation forum and show us what your made of in the Zen pinball tournament

    Look forward to seeing you.

    And to Zen I’m all over this table the second it’s on the store

  • I’d like to try this but every time I try to download the demo from the store it just throws up an error! The Store and PSN in general lately on PS4 is absolute crap!

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