The Last of Us Remastered gets deadly new multiplayer DLC tomorrow

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The Last of Us Remastered gets deadly new multiplayer DLC tomorrow

New weapons, items and skills detailed in full

If you were fortunate enough to attend the PlayStation Experience this past weekend, you may have played The Last of Us Remastered with some of our brand new Factions mode add-ons. Or maybe you attended the panel with our multiplayer team and learned about how this was developed.

For those of you who didn’t make it out to PlayStation Experience, there’s a lot of fun coming your way.

Clearly our The Last of Us combat designer has a soft spot for a good takedown and has designed some very visceral, very lethal Special Executions across nine different weapon categories. These sets of animations are available for purchase for €0.99 each.

You can purchase our new Tactical Weapons Bundle for €2.99. In the bundle you’ll get the Tactical Shotgun, Burst Pistol, Frontier Rifle, and Crossbow. Yes, a Crossbow. These items are available for €0.99 each if you prefer to pick your arms individually.

If you’re looking to avoid falling victim to some of these new executions and weapons, buy the new Risk Management Survival Skills Bundle for €3.99. In the bundle you’re getting Lone Wolf, a skill that grants you temporary survival skills when you are away from your team, Second Chance, a skill that gives you a free health kit when you have none and take more than half damage, Jack of All Trades, a skill that grants you grab-bag level 1 skills at discount, Lucky Break, a skill that allows you to get more ammo and crafting ingredients when you open supply boxes, and Lethal Efficiency, a skill that allows you to perform a faster, low-to-the-ground neck snap when performing a special execution. If you just want one of these skills, it’ll cost you €0.99.

Some of you just want to look your best as you’re surviving the post-pandemic life. We have you covered as the Misfit Head Item Bundle will soothe your style itch. Get the Viking Hat, Plague Mask, Smiley Mask, Outlaw Mask, Ski Goggles, Broken Gas Mask, Ballistic Helmet and Urban Camo Helmet in the Misfit Head Item Bundle for €6.99. Aside from the bundle exclusive Plague mask, you can buy these items individually for various prices.

Rounding out the content drop are our two new Gestures bundles. You’ll get Dust Myself Off, Evil Laugh, Game Over, and Intimidation in Gestures Pack 2. Gestures Pack 3 features You’re Done, Combat Formation, Stretch, and I’m Watching You. Both packs are available for $2.49 or you can buy individual gestures for €0.99.

All this fantastic content will be available when the PlayStation Store updates in your region tomorrow. Fire up The Last of Us Remastered and have some post-pandemic holiday fun this December.

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  • I remember when stuff like this was unlockable, not an excuse for money hoarding.

    • So sad…so so sad…
      It’s like the cheatcode that nowadays are sold as boost pack when a few years ago those were in the final page of my monthly games magazine.

    • Yeh…We got really excited when playing the TLOU MP, its just so great and well designed… then after a few games we learned that you have to BUY new guns and perks with actual money… Completely lost interest after that.

      I loved their games since Crash Bandicoot 1 but i refuse to support a developer wich pulls Pay2Win like tricks on their full priced retail games. My friends agree aswell.

      DLC fine but leave the wads of small annoying micro-transactions to the F2P games.

    • There’s nothing “Pay2Win” about it, the new weapons are all well balanced and have pros and cons just like the original range of weapons that come with the game. I never paid for the extra guns (of which on the Remastered version there are only a handful) and I never feel players with the new guns have an advantage over me. The new guns are more for variety as opposed to giving an advantage, they wont make you a better player….. that’s only achieved with practice and teamwork. People who know their stuff know that ND have a put a lot of time and effort into patching the MP experience to make it as balanced and fair as possible so nothing feels too OP

    • So you don’t think the ne tacticle shotgun is being used by a lot of players and that its range isn’t absurd. There was no doubt a reason as to why any form of shotgun was a purchase weapon on the base game and that it was not as powerful as this new one.

    • and i remember when everybody wasn’t complaining about something

    • You clearly don’t know the game very well. I decided to buy the weapons last night to try them for myself so I can speak from first hand experience. Anyway, the base game did have a shotgun(yes the purchase weapon one **to clear things up I don’t mean purchase with real life money, you add it to your loadout and you purchase it in-game with parts while playing online**) and at close range it is the most powerful weapon in the game as it’s an instant down with one shot, of course at distance it is pretty useless just like your average shotgun. The Tactical shotgun is very different, it has some stopping power but very little spread, instead the shots are concentrated into a smaller area hence why it has a circular reticle which explains why it has a far greater range than the original shotgun. Where you’re completely wrong is that the Tactical shotgun is not as powerful as the original shotgun, last night I shot a guy twice with it at close range and he still wasn’t down, he was wearing armour which absorbs some of the first shot but the original shotgun at close range would’ve put him down with one shot whether he had armour on or not. You see they both have pros and cons with Tactical shotgun being more useful from range… that my friend is called balance

  • Why would anyone in an EU region pay for execution animations when they’ve been completely gimped by censorship in the first place?

    • Even though I am not a gorehound and don’t care that the EU version is censored, this is a very good point.

    • And here I was, about to give TLoU multiplayer a go, but with all these “pay to win” add-ons, I don’t think I can be bothered. You got greedy, ND.

  • :( You made one of the greatest multiplayer experiences by design, sure it had some matchmaking issues but it was really well balanced. That was until you started adding new guns that threw off the balance a bit. But now you are adding even more things to unbalance it for players, terrific.

    A new execution that is quicker and lower to the ground just for those who pay for it. nothing like paying to get an advantage is there.

    I’m sure the high-ups want there money, it’s just such a shame it is at the cost of making the multiplayer worse.

    My feelings on the matter.

  • TLOU multilayer is amazing. Please don’t cheapen and insult the experience with all this dlc tat

  • You say these are “visceral animations”; does this mean they are now uncensored. or still the “happy-smiley” German ones that the entire EU region got stuck with.

    I hope it’s good news! :)

  • I hate TLOU MP. It’s an insult to the solo experience and it killed all the respect I had for Naughty Dog.

    • I agree. The Uncharted series dies for me once multiplayer was introduced. Only ones I ever properly enjoyed were Drake’s Fortune and Golden Abyss.

    • I disagree, TLOU MP is all about keeping quiet and not giving your position away just like the SP. As for Uncharted MP , the only thing wrong with it is when ND introduce new map packs which end up breaking the MP game, otherwise MP is a blast as there is nothing more hilarious than two people hiding behind a wall and one of them throws a grenade……seeing the other player run gets me every time.

  • Milk that cow ND, milk that cow.

  • Paid animations? This surely must be joke!

  • Really starting to lose my temper now Sony with your service how is it I am now paying for a service that is 100x worse then the service you offered free ? I refuse to update my PS+ Until you fix this because I work 9 hours a day and have a 1 hour journey back from work I come home and hope to get just 1 HOUR of gaming in and I can’t even do that it is getting worse and worse and at this point I feel like just giving up with Gaming altogether because I am wasting my precious time I have to relax trying to use your service.
    Tried phoning through to Customer support the other day was on the phone for 20 minutes without a reply the reason I was phoning was to ask why the Season Pass I payed £15 for for the Evil Within is nowhere to be found sure you made a great Console and when it works I have a blast but the effort you are putting in with improving PSN is pathetic you and Microsoft are charging people for these crappy services which are constantly being attacked by Lizard Squad and unless you sort it out people will just go to PC or quit Gaming for good because it is not acceptable for something we PAY FOR to be unusable this much.

  • A ps4 player has to pay for the game, the ps plus in order to play online and he still has to pay for new weapons and skills that will sure brake the game balance. This is not for the players, this is the same way a f2p/p2p is: pay or be prepared to frustration.

    • They don’t break the game balance actually, the point is lots of people play TLOU MP and these additions simply add something fresh to the experience so it continues to be fun. Of course the developers spend their time and effort creating these additions so it’s not as if they’re going to give it for free. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it. Jeez the people who post on here are obsessed with money-making conspiracies. Most games have DLC these days, that’s the way it is. Once upon a time games were released and when you finished them that was it… nowadays for people who really like a game and want more of that experience they can choose to buy DLC, Get over it… if you don’t want it no-one is forcing you to buy it. I’ve played against people with the new abilities and guns and the balance is spot on with the original options

  • Well this sure solidifies my decision to wait for the TLoU: Re GOTY version if there is any. Otherwise I won’t bother with this game on the PS4.
    I’m not really looking forward to put money on content that can unbalance the game and locks content from a full game owners just because some people think its a good business decision to rip some more money off from the customers.
    If we got to pay PS+ subscription to even access this stuff then I just see this as pure greed. Scrap this way of doing business please.

    • even only single player worth the price. It’s best game I ever played. who cares about multiplayer :S Single players is the best sp in history and it’s a long one

    • @preskerd341
      The singleplayer wasn’t that good. It was actually a really big let down for me considering the hype and expectations it gave me. The “survival through scavenging” mechanics were a big let down since the areas were straight forward and the scavenging was done alonge the path. You didn’t have to venture outside the story path to get items but to just slow down and a bit of side stepping along the path to pick up the ingredients. Hardly a survival experience but a annoying choir since it didn’t require much of an effort to do and it wasn’t fun to do.
      The AI wasn’t challenging as lead to believe. And you couldn’t even drag the bodies out of side. Ammo was given only when the player actually had low ammo by enemy drops or by AI companion “finding” ammo for you. I got only twice ammo given to me from Ellie and shotgun shells once from Bill. It was there to give artifical feeling of good AI companion and to “increase” the survival aspect of the game. And this happened in the span of 2 playthroughs (2 of the hardest difficulties).
      The game would have been better if it would have mimicked Deus Ex: Human Revolution hub worlds with big scavengable area with encounters with enemies and friendlies with a bit of moral decisions and moving forward with path based main missions which will continue the story taking the player to the next part of the story.

  • Too much monetization for this title, especially considering its a double dip plus a season pass for some. It’s not a $0.99 mobile game. Great game, but yeah, sours the experience somewhat.

  • Ok well, I do agree Sony needs to improve its customer service, but come on guys TLOU remastered is an amazing game, it was on sale the other day for 24 euro? Fantastic value? The game is more than complete, if a developer adds more support its ur option to buy or not. Ok I will agree the servers should never unbalance a game. IMHO

  • Here’s what I don’t get. All you people are still winning about splattered head animations being cut and claiming it’s censorship (it really isn’t) but not a single one of batted an eyelid at the EU version of LBP3 bring delayed by a couple of weeks to so that a day one patch could be created to remove a song from the game on the grounds that it *might* offend certain minorities.

    For it to be censorship actual content needs to be removed or blocked, toning down gore isn’t really censorship, the content is only being changed, not removed. It’s really hard to take any argument seriously when it’s application is selective like this.

    • I don’t mean to be funny……but what has that got to do with TLOU? Did you even buy LBP3? If not what is the relevance anyway?

    • TrueMurton, you are way off the mark with what you are saying isn’t “censorship”. The act of “censorship” is to suppress material deemed obscene, and that is exactly what’s happened here. Suppressing isn’t limited to items just being removed, but the overall changing of the initial product to make it “suitable”.

      And why so many assumptions on LBP 3? “not a single one of batted an eyelid at the EU version of LBP3 bring delayed” you state, well I, for one, won’t be buying ANY product that has material removed. I generally agree with the posts you make, they are usually intelligent, but making such a sweeping generalisation on how everyone has taken to LBP3 edits does you no credit whatsoever.

    • Have you seen any comments regarding the removal of that song from LBP3? I’ve seen maybe four total, that is proper actual censorship, content has actually been removed, making an actual artistic change, someone chose that music, approached an artist, made an agreement and then wove that song into the game, that hard work, and more importantly, exposure for the artist has been removed because someone may choose to be offended by it. That, personally is a worse form of censorship than what happened with TLOU, where basically, some blood and gore effects were switched off, and only in MP. The violence remains intact, the entire SP campaign remains in intact, the artistic vision remains largely intact.

      The point in trying to make to the people above who are complaining about censorship is that there are degrees of censorship and this really ranks quite low compared to what else has been censored. South Park for example has entire scenes from the storyline removed, that was a much bigger deal, the LBP thing, when you consider the actual facts, way bigger deal, this though, its a big deal obviously, any form of censorship should be argued against, I’m just saying it serves no good to be selective. If you’re going to argue against it here then you need to argue against it everywhere else as well.

    • I agree with you on LBP 3. I hate to admit that even I didn’t realise a song had been taken out… the first I saw of it was the post you made recently. It instantly went on my “don’t buy” list. Same as South Park!

      The thing that irks me the most with the TLOU issue, is the blanket cut for the whole of EU… just to appease one country. I try and kick up as much fuss as I can over it as I feel it’s important that companies understand that we won’t respond well to lazy releases that punish a whole territory just because one country (as normal) kicks up a fuss. Most people I know who have already purchased TLOU weren’t even aware of the edits, and that’s mostly down to Sony trying to word their way out of the edited release. At least they were more transparent with Beyond Two Souls, but the problem remains; we’ve been shafted because of one country… and unless we make some noise, it’ll happen again and again.

      It’s such a shame about LBP3 though; seriously, the current generation of people have turned into a nation of overly-sensitive whiners!

      Cheers for the clarification, TrueMurton. All the best to you :)

  • Will this coincide with a new patch?

  • They do state that the new dlc is not possible on ps3 so how last nyt whilst on line playing last of us was i taken down with 1 of the new executions any body have any idea on this ? i stumped

    • And why persons say it best game ever is beyond me, you don’t live for ever so it not logical to say that, it a great game yes but I would be right in saying there will be better and bigger games to come in the future don’t ya think 8) and by that i mean mine or your future ,,

    • “Best game ever” refers to the best game ever up until this present moment…. If in future a better game comes it will then take the title “Best game ever” from this game

  • Sesame Street was brought to you by the word “SURVIVAL”
    That was the “hook” of both Story and Multiplayer [Factions] modes for me in TLoU. MAKING MY DAY ONE GUNS AND LIMITED AMMO COUNTS was the “Joel uttered” mantra that kept me playing non-stop back then

    Naughty Dog and other gamers can cite “balanced gameplay” and “optional purchases” all life long in their support of the added DLC, but in my humble opinion, it has changed the game from its former glory for the “best” for some and the “worst” for others namely myself

    I’ve heard both sides of the coin so to speak, and as a once ardent fan of the game [PS3/PS4 owned] I feel the devs didn’t have to work that hard to implement the Scoped Weapons and the latest bundles on offer, by simply not adding them at all.

    Cosmetic micro transactions and maps on offer, that I can stomach. but like I said in a comment regarding the first DLC package offered, that I am weary of ND’s potential DLC packages for the eagerly awaited Uncharted 4, but like TLoU, millions will be sold by day one and would be somehow foolhardy not to take full advantage by the once beloved company.

    It’s hard to explain my journey from playing TLoU HARDCORE, to having difficulty putting the disc in the console these days, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way about this once wonderful game.
    The “if it aint broke” adage remains in my head with this game, and I only hope that with Uncharted 4 that I don’t have to post the same comment of sorts, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • o_O erm…. you do know you’re talking about computer games right? the idea that you’re “having difficulty putting the disc in the console these days” over some personal ethical beliefs is a little pathetic. For example If you decided to boycott Primark because they use borderline slave labour to manufacture their goods then I’d commend you but this is just daft…. The term “1st world problems” doesn’t even cover this level of patheticness

    • I believe what is meant when saying that there is difficulty putting the disc in, is tht it is not a fun experience for much of the time and very frustrating when something you enjoyed very much is altered for the worse. This is certainly how I feel. The made a balanced multiplayer centered around stealthy gameplay and then they add things that throw it off.

    • What he means exactly is subjective, he is however over the top with what he says. He says he went from playing “TLoU HARDCORE, to having difficulty putting the disc in the console” and going on the rest of his comment, it is all because he doesn’t like DLC and the fact they charge you for it and because he *believes* it has unbalanced the game.
      The balance of the game is still spot on and best of all on Remastered all the maps are in one playlist. Riddimworks and yourself seem to believe the DLC unbalanced the game and changed it for the worst but the truth is that it’s the players playing it who have changed the game. Players have evolved and are playing the game differently, some go with stealth, others go with all out offence and the skill levels of some of the teams and players out there has reached a very high level. You say they made a balanced MP centred around stealthy gameplay but that’s incorrect, it was centred around teamwork! Whether you decide to play stealthily, offensively, defensively or whateveris up to you the player, but to succeed, teamwork is the most important factor.
      I play with a few friends online and we make a good team, we win a lot of our matches but on the odd occasion we also get slaughtered by a superior team who are tactically and skilfully better than us. It really has nothing to do with DLC and new weapons. To be honest Factions was starting to feel a little stale when I used to play it all the time on PS3 but it’s the new content like maps and new guns in DLC drops that have kept it fresh and fun to play so I’m all for it. As long as the new DLC is optional it means it’s my choice whether to buy it or not and ND have done an excellent job in getting the balance of all the new weapons spot on, not once have I ever felt at a disadvantage because of the weapons other players are using, they just add to the variety if anything

    • Wow, as to RTLF’s first comment and subsequent reply to Kandrecar. I thought that I had articulated my “personal” opinion based upon my experience with the TLoU game from day one, hearing the majority’s acceptance of the additional DLC and the minority’s difficulties in accepting the micro transaction issue with TLoU. without a “call to arms” “placards” “sit ins” or “hunger strikes” RTFLMAO [oops pardon the pun]

      To suggest my statement is pathetic is his/her right and opinion [more subjective than mine in my humble opinion] RTLF and many others via several various gaming forums, have given near pitch perfect instances of matches with friends and such where the element of play style can differ between stealth and all out offence and remains balanced.

      Those elements have been there since day ONE. with all out offence borne from “runners” “spawn campers” “shotgun wielders” et al. That was and is not my issue, [frustrating, but not my issue]

      My issue…and it is still MY issue, is that MY interpretation of TLoU is a game of “survival” with the emphasis on “DAY ONE LIMITED WEAPONS” for our use and DAY ONE SPECIAL WEAPONS as a reward for skills and kills. The suggestion of added various weapons making no difference to the balance is not a cut and dry thing for me. Kandracar’s comment NAILED exactly what I meant

      I just think that the day one weapons were sufficient bordering on ample. I was simply satisfied with that. I don’t speak for RTFL or TO RTFL in my disagreement, my only reference was to Naughty Dog and gamers like RTFL citing “balance” and “optional purchase” as their view and choice and me simply hearing that. and reaching my own conclusion. if RTFL still thinks my comment was feeble, heartbreaking miserable pitiful, poignant, sorry or woeful, then I cant help him/her – thanks for the feedback.

  • What about your PS3 customers, let me guess… zero bucks given.

  • Ok does anyone understand that as time goes on things become more expensive? Yes there was a time where you buy a game and you can unlock everything no dlc but compare that to the games out now. I mean cmon call it it milking or w.e you want but people have to make money you know. This game been out since what 2013, a $5 bundle for guns a year later is not going to leave you broke.

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