Transistor dev’s Bastion is coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

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Transistor dev’s Bastion is coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

The acclaimed action adventure will have Cross Buy support

It is the year 2013: Supergiant Games, a small game studio based in San Francisco, California, is showing its forthcoming video game, Transistor, for the very first time at PAX East, a video game convention in Boston, Massachusetts. That was seven commas in one sentence.


Everything is going better than expected. Game players are waiting upwards of three hours — three hours! — just to play a brief demo of the game. Afterwards they say various nice things to the development team.

But then! Along come representatives from Sony Computer Entertainment America, a large division of a large international electronics corporation known for its PlayStation brand of game consoles. The Sony representatives also play the Transistor game and afterwards they also say various nice things.

The following week, the Supergiant Games team is at Sony Computer Entertainment’s California headquarters to discuss bringing Transistor to Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation 4 console…

…That’s more or less how it all started with us and the PS4. And if it sounds a little surreal, I can assure you, it has been. A matter of months after we first revealed Transistor to the world, our studio director Amir and I found ourselves up on stage at Sony’s E3 media briefing, announcing that Transistor would be making its console debut on the PlayStation 4. Then, on 20th May earlier this year, our team delivered. And the response to the game from players around the world has been everything we could have hoped for. We’re grateful to everyone who tried Transistor — it’s always great to hear from you about your experiences with the game.


Something else came up in when we first started talking to the folks at Sony about bringing Transistor to PS4: our first game, Bastion.

Bastion’s shown incredible staying power for a game originally released in 2011. That year, Bastion earned more than 100 industry accolades, and to date it’s sold more than 3 million copies. But for one reason or another it had never come to PlayStation. We realised maybe it wasn’t too late.

That thought lay dormant in our heads, as we focused on making Transistor as best we could. If all went well, we could look into bringing over Bastion afterwards. And, here we are, announcing that Bastion’s coming to the PlayStation 4 and the PS Vita next year!

Some quick facts about Bastion for PS4 and Vita:

  • Bastion for the PS4 and Vita will be available sometime in 2015. Stay tuned for more-specific details on pricing and availability.
  • Bastion for PS4 and Vita will support Cross Buy, so if you purchase either, you’ll be getting both those versions of the game. We’re looking into supporting Cross Save, where your saved data transfers seamlessly between devices.
  • We’re working with the team at BlitWorks to create these new versions of the game. BlitWorks is behind great PS4 and Vita translations of great games like Spelunky and FEZ, and we couldn’t be more impressed with the work they’ve done so far.

If you’ve played Transistor before, you’ll find that Bastion was created with the same set of values: It’s a game you can pick up and start playing immediately, designed to draw you in with rich atmospheric storytelling and tight responsive gameplay. Other than that, though, the experience of Bastion is very different — an action role-playing game with an emphasis on the action, and whose reactive narration system makes for a memorable and personal tale.

Here at Supergiant, Bastion will always hold a special place in our hearts. We hope it can do the same for you.

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  • Awesome I’ve completed it twice already but I’d happily play bastion again. The soundtrack is so awesome.

    Loved transistor too!

    Looking forward to whatever new game you make in future.

  • OK…. that’s nice…

    ” But for one reason or another it had never come to PlayStation. We realised maybe it wasn’t too late.”

    Here is the thing IT IS TOO LATE

    I already completed it twice, gaining every trophy on steam there was. I love this game… but what makes you think that people will buy it again? Majority won’t. Unless there is something new for us on PS… don’t count on miracles.

    At least try to release retail for PS4/Vita… that way sure… I would buy it.

    But digital only version of game I already “mastered”… no thx.

    • I’m in the minority here as I haven’t played it but I’m quite happy to have the opportunity to try it out on my favorite platform (Vita, I’m mostly a player on the go) in the near future. I may end up not buying it but at least it won’t be because I can’t.

    • Please ignore this person who thinks he speaks for the so-called ‘majority’. Truth is most console gamers don’t own a gaming PC, and most people that own a PS3 don’t also own an Xbox. So yes, this port makes a lot of sense. Having it on the go on the Vita, a proper handheld gaming device, will also be really cool :)

    • @NSR_Apathy
      You speaking about yourself buddy?

      That’s called rationalism, game was massive success it was even included few times in various bundles for few dollars. Unless you live under the rock or you are a clown refusing to play the game because it is not on PlayStation platform than most probably you already played it.

      Even on notebook the experience with this game is great… Korb’s and Kasavin’s music, Rao’s plot, Cunningham’s narration and Barett’s voice… everything is great.

      But again.. it doesn’t make much sense to release it now on PlayStation. 3 years after PC release and 2 years after phone ports. It IS too late for that, unless they add something new than I doubt that more than 20k people will buy it. Not when you already can even buy it on steam for few $ during sales. Do you think that they will ask for just 5 EUR? Doubt it. It will be probably about 20 EUR.

      And I understand that they are small studio… but here is the case, it won’t be them who will make port of a game… I can’t understand why nobody from PS team asked them first week after release on PC.

      You want to play Bastion? Do yourself a favour and buy it on PC as soon as you can. Game is just that good, that it is better to forget about fanboyism and play it on PC even if it is old notebook.

    • I haven’t played it…not everyone has a gaming PC.

      I’m looking forward to trying this! Hopefully it’ll come out at a good price

  • Buyed Bastion on PC and iStore.

    Buying Bastion and Transistor on PS4 next year.

    It’s all.

  • Awesome news…. Love Transistor but still need to finish it.
    Great style and it made me google Bastion and I was gutted to see it wasn’t on PS.
    So top work for bringing it over…..
    Any chance of a Vita version of Transitor too??

  • This is the best :)
    Always wish the Kid would grace my Vita


  • Nice! Transistor was awesome, now is the time to dig up its roots! :)

  • Are we sure this will be Cross-Buy?

    10Tons said CrimsonLand would be cross-buy.
    The blog said CrimsonLand would be cross-buy.
    The store said CrimsonLand was cross-buy

    But if you bought the PS4 one you didn’t get the Vita one like you’re supposed to and we’re still waiting on that being fixed.

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to play it on my Vita :)

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