Fat Princess Adventures announced for PS4

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Fat Princess Adventures announced for PS4

The princesses return in a sequel to the 2009 PS3 adventure

Hey, this is Chris Miller and John Mundy. We’re the studio head and creative director of Fun Bits Interactive, and we’re here to announce our latest game, Fat Princess Adventures.

This new Fat Princess is bigger and badder than ever, with tons of fast-paced hack ‘n’ slash action. Up to four players can play together online or on the couch to save the world in this casual co-op RPG adventure.


The warring kingdoms from the original game have signed a truce and joined forces to battle the Bitter Queen and her army of hungry Gobblings. Your epic quest will span the length and breadth of the land of Great Bitten, from the pinnacles of the Salt Mountains to the depths of the Mines of S’morsia. Along the way you’ll fight dozens of new enemy types ranging from sticky cake golems to dreaded pirates.

Fans of the original game will instantly recognise the classic character classes: the Warrior, the Archer, the Mage, and the Engineer. This time however you can upgrade your character with new armor, weapons, spells and other accessories. Each class also has a suite of sweet new combat moves, including an Awesome Sauce ability that temporarily transforms you into a cake-fueled engine of earth-shaking destruction. Just like in the original game, switching between character classes is as easy as switching the hat you’re wearing.


The princesses are back as well. Although they still need you to rescue them from time to time, now they can also fight alongside you, using their rainbow magic to tip the tide of battle in your favor. It’s a good thing too, because you’ll need all the help you can get to defeat the Bitter Queen and keep the world tasty and sweet.

All of us at Fun Bits are excited to be working on Fat Princess again, and excited to be collaborating with the original FP production team at Sony Santa Monica. We’re working hard to give you a new Fat Princess that remains true to the character, charm, chaos, and irreverence of the original.


We hope you enjoy this brief taste of what we’ve been cooking up, and we’re looking forward to sharing more details about Fat Princess Adventures in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to the PlayStation Blog for more info – and cake!

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  • If it is f2p like the original then not interested.

  • Will there be an online Castle vs Castle?

  • Brilliant! I was thinking that I would very much love to jump back to the world of Fat Princess when playing Piece of Cake this morning and PSX reveals this game tonight. What a perfect timing (although I realise the game will take a while to come). And, icing on the cake, it is couch co-op, which means I can play it with my girlfriend (who likes the universe a lot more than gloomy co-op RPG). Really interested.

  • Maybe they could include the PS3 version for multiplayer matches for free, or just include a new multiplayer mode.

  • Best announcement this weekend! “Cake please” #Awesomesauce

  • After this trailer I’m dissapointed with graphics and game type.

    This is so common (in other games also):

    People ask for
    – new levels
    – remake on new hardware (PS4)

    What developers do
    – create new engine
    – create completly new game

    I play on PS3 version few times a week and what I want is a remake on PS4 that
    – will have same Peer2Peer feature as on PS3 so that no one will stop the servers in the future because of costs
    – will have same cartoon graphic style (please forget this 3D we just saw)
    – will have more maps
    – will have some small improvements (like larger maps, more players, more characters, more hidden gems, better collision detection with map objects) that will not destroy the balance of the game (PS3 version balance is great)
    – still have the possibility to disable blood and gore so that I can play it while my kids are watching

    Is that hard. Making remake should be cheaper than creating new game – isn’t it?

  • Can someone please explain if this IS an adventure game or is it gonna be or have the classic game style like the original one? When i saw news about a new Fat Princess ive got really excited, now after seeing the trailer things just brought me down a bit. The graphics and the gameplay doesnt fit me in like the previous one. Well i can always play with my paid with expansion of the PS3 Fat Princess. I think il have to pass on this one :(

  • The graphics look amazing. The gameplay looks interesting so far. Trailers can be deceptive, so I will wait for more videos.

  • Looks fun, really looking forward to it, hope it also has a offline single player story mode.

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