Free-to-play shooter Loadout hits PS4 on 17th December

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Free-to-play shooter Loadout hits PS4 on 17th December

Larger-than-life multiplayer mayhem beckons in less than two weeks

Hey, PlayStation fans! Greg Bauman here from Edge of Reality, the dangerous lunatics behind Loadout. Last week, we told you that Loadout was going to launch on PlayStation 4 in the near future, but today I’m here to tell you just how near the future is: you’ll be able to download and play Loadout for free via PlayStation Store on Wednesday 17th December.

We’ve put together a launch trailer that shows off all the incredible stuff that PS4 players are going to get this month. Seriously, we’ve got a lot in store for everyone. It’s not just the billions of guns – we’d feel downright rude if we weren’t including the billions of guns. No, there’s way more that we’ve packed into Loadout. Take a look at some of it here… and pay attention near the end for an extra treat!


We agonised for weeks over what we ought to get you guys for the holidays. I mean, we were already giving you all these guns and all the ammo to go with them – so what do you get for the PlayStation fan who has everything? That’s when it hit us: you help them to be a PlayStation fan.

The launch of Loadout on PS4 is going to include the SuperFan Bonus Pack for PlayStation Plus members as a free gift from us to you! Slather up your character with some stylish and only slightly radioactive body paint in the classic PS4-themed blue and whites. Heck, if you get some red splattered in there – just saying, it’s a possibility – it becomes patriotic. See, it works on lots of levels!


You’ll be able to experience the ventilated torsos, burnt body hair, and embarrassingly huge gun collections of Loadout in just about two weeks, rendered in all the gruesome detail that the PS4 can provide. We can’t wait to see all of you running around in our world and leaving little pieces of your friends all over it. Don’t worry – the levels clean right up between matches, and we brought enough body bags for everyone.

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  • I asked before I ask again.
    Will the smexy outfits be in? Vega’s Twist for all the people!!

  • And possibility version in psvita?

    • PSvitga couldn’t handle this game. It’s a PC game that’s been ported/developed (not sure which) for PS4, so I can say with confidence that it will not be on PSvita, unless you play it on remote play.

  • As a Greek, the red splash will only ruin the patriotic theme for me :p
    Like all Free to Play, I’ll give it a try but to be completely honest I am afraid for hidden pay walls. I am not talking about skins or other cosmetic stuff, you have to make money too of course, but anything pay to win will be a major turn off.

    • from all the vidz ive seen there is no pay to play aspect and definitely no pay to win bullsht. i despise pay to win players in my opinion paying to win is a form of cheating. but yes from everything ive seen the only purchasable items are just braging right cosmetics only

  • How long is the SuperFan Bonus Pack going to be available for PS+ users? My subscription is running out tomorrow and I’m waiting to see if it will be part of the 12 Days deals before subscribing again.

    • well..there is PvE if you want to be a pro in no time…you will start with nothing…unlike PvP..the items to craft the gun/Rc/CQC/Rifle … anything you want will not be available to purchace with blutes (blutes are the game currency only taken by PLAYING the game not pvp blutes can be used to buy the items and thats it .. you wont have to upgrade it … unlike pve….ahhh..too much to say… you will learn in time xD)

  • love this game on steam, cant wait to play it on the PS4 :P

  • I REALLY hope this game does not get banned in UAE…..they banned almost…everything..:( from ps store
    GTA (series)
    God Of War (series)
    some CoD series
    Farcry 4
    Dragon Age series
    Deadrising series
    Mafia 1 & 2 … maybe 3 as well if it came
    The Godfather 1&2
    Red Dead Redemption
    Watch_Dogs (at the first they banned it .. now its here)


    • why not make a US account? i myself have 3 a US, a EU, and a JP account… but of course if you want to buy anything say from the JP region you will need to go to amazon and buy JP PSN card codes …same with EU and US. however on PS4 they have region lock so you can only play EU or JP games through the account you got them from… PS3 was boss! they did not have region lock, if you got a game on your JP account you could play it on your US account. i just recently learned this, i got a EU specific F2P game called Invoker tournament (not very good) but still i cant play it on my main US account even tho it is on my PS4… i have to switch between accounts.

  • Why us on 16 dec. and eu on 17 dec. and what time it will be availble ffor download in the store?

    • if im not mistaken the US store updates on TUEs and EU on WED

      regarding the times it USED TO be from 19:00 cet ( 18:00 UK ) and i said FROM not at ;) but expect it between 18:00 -21:00 (UK)

  • Can someone please please tell me when loadout comes in the store for Australia

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