The 12 deals of Christmas #3

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The 12 deals of Christmas #3

Battlefield 4 and Danganronpa 2 are up for grabs – make haste!

Three French hens anyone? No? Well, how about some more festive treats with our 12 Deals of Christmas then?

Jump on your sleigh and head on over to PlayStation Store to pick up a bargain or two!

Remember, all deals go live at 12.00pm (noon) GMT and end at 11.59am GMT 48 hours later.

Battlefield 4 Premium Edition
Was €69.99/£54.99/AU$99.95, now €34.99/£29.99/AU$47.95

Battlefield 4 Premium Edition
Was €49.99/£39.99/AU$69.95, now €29.99/£19.99/AU$39.95
Additional 20% discount for PS Plus members

PS Vita:
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Full Game
Was €39.99/£34.99/AU$54.95, now €19.99/£14.99/AU$24.95
Additional 20% discount for PS Plus members

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • Not bad… but I’m waiting for better SALE :)

  • Haha what a terrible deal on Battlefield. They stuck the Premier Edition to make it seem distinctive to what you can get in retail. Christmas deals continue to disappoint…

  • Any chance of the PS4 version of The Wolf Among Us going on sale during these twelve days?

    • I’m hoping for walking dead season2 vita. It was on ps4 black friday deal so got my fingers crossed it’s one of the deals coming up!

    • i was hoping for wolf among us today.
      It wasn’t in the last sale and the free episode on iOS seemed like a good game.
      Telltale have overprice their games. Telltale can’t afford to do that.

    • i would love for The Wolf Among Us to be on sale as well ( PS4 ) already own it on the PC but would like to add it to my PS4 library

  • A company really for the players would have addressed the game of thrones pricing by now.

    • It’s not Sony/Playstation that decide the price for digital games,mindless it’s their own.
      Digital pricing is down to the publisher, so you need to talk to Telltale.
      Better yet,mod what I did got GoT and TFTB. Get a $50 US card (cost me around £30) and by the season passes on the US store. GOT is $25 and TFTB is $20 so it ended up costing me around £25 for the pair, with a little left over.
      Problem solved.
      And you don’t have to wait for EU releases.

    • Except sony set the retail price. Telltale set a price, then Sony decide on a markup. If they decided they wanted to markup the ps4 more than the rest that explains price. Also if it was purely telltales fault then PlayStation should be protecting their players from that.

    • Well, no. There will not be a markup after the fact. Telltale will have to pay a percentage to sell on the platform.
      It’s not Sony’s job to protect you from inflated prices. telltale are hardly the first people to do this. Look at any price in the Coming a Soon section of the store and tell me they are not extortionate. That’s the actual RRP the game is being sold for. Sorry mate, it’s just how it is. It’s nothing to do with Sony, Playstation, or the store team. It’s all down to the publisher.

    • Problem is if you contact the publisher they tell you the exact opposite TroubleMaker, but with the inconsistency in regional pricing (crazily all over the show) that would make sense, I would like to think Sony weren’t that sporadic it what markup they put on things. It just comes across really bad.

    • True,mother publisher does say that. I know,move made a few of those calls myself. But don’t you think if PS WERE the ones with the insane markup, as in, SONY were the ones affecting their sales, the publishers as a whole would be very vocal about it?
      Obviously, this argument can go on forever, but I’ll leave it at this.
      Check the actual RRP of the disc based games you buy. Not the £35 you spend, but the £59.99 the publishers like EA recommend. It’s the same price as the digital copies we’re buying. The only difference is that Sony dont drop the prices to get business.
      And before the old “no box, no manual, no shipping” argument comes out, just remember, it doesn’t matter. Publishers get their £60 per game, no matter what. If there’s no box/manual/shipping, it’s just more profit for them.

    • Telltale set the wsp and Sony set the retail. Its Sony’s platform, don’t fall for the nonsense of them not setting prices.

  • what happened with the extra PS+ discount?

  • What? £35 for the ps4 thats not good for people that already own the premium content, will there be a single game price on BF4?

  • Am I the only one waiting for the PS+ discount ? for this 12 deals of Christmas sale ?

  • Any real deals happen this year.

  • nothing here for me, roll on deal #4

  • Meh… Previous deals were ok. This is Sony not even trying. Battlefield 4 + Premium on PC from Origin is 35€ as a default price, on a sale it would be some 10€

    • What are you talking about? At this point it’s 35€ on origin , but its in a sale. Normaly you would pay 49€

    • Why on earth are you comparing PC to PS4 prices? Different platforms, different price structures.

    • Why wouldn’t it be fair to compare them? It’s competition. If Xbox would have 20€ cheaper games, I’d make the switch immediately.

      And Wooouter, I checked and looks like you’re right. I just remember buying it for 35€. My bad, I was wrong. In that case, it looks like EA is to blame for the ‘meh’ sales price.

  • Sooooo….
    I originally did the PS3 to PS4 digital upgrade when BF4 first came out.

    In a previous sale BF4 I got Battlefield Premium PS3 version, and this was crossbuy with the PS4 version, which I happily use.

    When both PS3 & PS4 version of “Battlefield 4 Premium Edition” first came on the PSN store, both PS3 & PS4 versions said purchased under my account, presumably because I’d bought premium in the sale, and perhaps as I had the digital version of BF4.

    So my point is, is BF4 Premium Edition basically crossbuy? If so then all PS4 owners should get the much cheaper (almost half price with the PS+ discount) PS3 version and then the PS4 version will unlock too.

    Any one notice similar in their accounts?

    • A lot of those free upgrades were limited time. Otherwise I would def buy at 19.99. I’m only interested in the single player so the extras are a bit pointless to me.

    • i grabbed premium for the PS3 version just over a month ago when it was on sale as i heard it was cross buy and it is, should still be as far as im aware, tho im not sure if it’s crossbuy when bundled with the game

  • These 50% deals sucks.They are like the normal sales. 12 deals of christmas should be special and be 70% off.

    • By the time they convert for our region, times that by 2 or 3, it’s pretty much guaranteed you can pick it up non sale for cheaper or close to.

  • I think I bought Danganronpa 2 for that price in that last sale

  • Are we actually going to see any of the latest titles? TLOU is 6 months old & BF4 is great but it’s years old now? Serious gamers will have already owned these titles. What about the newer releases? Come on SONY actually gift the PS4 owners with some real treats – we showed loyalty upgrading didn’t we? we saw how the PS3 got amazing offers while the PS4 struggled for any games for nearly a year – give us some of the top Xmas titles like LBP3? FAR CRY 4? AC UNITY? GTA V? COD AW? FIFA 15? How about some real bargains?…..falling on deaf ears I presume!

    • “Years”, you mean, like, one years? Mate. You must be on crack to EXPECT games less than a month old would be on sale. If they are, then it’d be nice, but seriously, give them time to accrue some actual revenue.

    • Even gamers on crack wouldn’t say something that foolish.

    • have some patience, the last 2 years the final few deals have been really good and on fairly recent games, the first few deals aren’t usually that great tho people still want the games so why not put them on sale

    • @frimo_online – I don’t expect, I asked a question and voiced an opinion – clearly you comment on lots of people’s comments to make yourself feel good; just for the record last year on PS3 they had some of the pre-xmas games for bargains – all I was asking for was parity between platforms. Crack? like you even know what it looks like without the help of Google @supvic. Seriously, the idea of a forum is where people can express themselves; trashing other people’s thoughts just goes to show the sad state of things to come. If you can’t say anything positive then do the right thing, say nothing.

  • @Fred/@Chris/@ANYONE

    Any news WHEN Freedom Wars will get update 1.21 in Europe?

    We are waiting for it way too long already and sadly this patch is very important. We can’t play with American and Asian players… do any of SCEE employees tried to even play it?! You can’t imagine how big blow it is for European version! You are killing the game! Each day discourage more and more gamers to play it.

    • I can’t believe this is still an issue! It has killed the game, so glad I got rud of it when I did.
      Yet another reason why PSN should be universal instead of 3 regions.

    • @Archacus

      I like when I see your name on the blog, always fighting for us Vita users. For game where the online global leaderboard was supposed to be a key mechanic, published by Sony, you’d think they’d be on top of it. Sometimes, I don;t even know why SCEE pretend to acknowledge the Vita. They should just hand over all Vita services to SCEA where possible.

    • @ThugETH
      I do like Freedom Wars (even without multi it still is good game)… and I don’t commend re-selling games.

      But it is just me, everyone has the right to do with his/her copy of game whatever he/she want.

      Ya it still is the issue… and I’m having hard time actually believing that someone can mess up this much. Maybe they are not even aware that unless regions have the same version of game they can’t play with each other… it would be typical for SCEE :/ nowadays I get the feeling that all they can do is pat their’s backs telling to themselves how allegedly good job they are doing. :/

      I planned to return to Freedom Wars after whole week :/ and suprise suprise… my friend tells me that I can’t do that because of patch issue :/

      First lack of advertising… THERE WAS NOTHING! Now killing the game with this patch :/ I don’t know what the hell are those guys thinking…

      Thank you for your kind words, but I didn’t anything for them. I really didn’t.

      But you are right… due to poor choicment of panatopticons game is broken. The main thing for Freedom Wars was supposed to be fighting against other PC (or CONs like they are called in West version). It works for Japan… but here in West… is broken like hell

      There are hardly any changes in ranking, Hong Kong will stay on the top forever! Mainly because the most important factor is number of players, take a look at average numbers for
      1-10 – 5613 players for each Panopticon within range
      11-20 – 1798 players for each Panopticon within range
      21-30 – 747 players for each Panopticon within range
      31-40 – 230 players for each Panopticon within range
      41-50 – 90 players for each Panopticon within range

      Instead of 50 PC there should have been 8 like… for each region. Would make more sense.

    • This is horrible as I bought Freedom Wars on release but haven’t played much of it yet. So like Ragnarok Odyssey Ace can only play with people from Europe…nice since most of the friends I have who play this live in Asia and North America oh and 1 person from France. Is it possible to update by refreshing the live area?

      Well this completely puts me off the game…like Ragnarok Odyssey Ace or White Knight Chronicles 2 (this also meant only Europeans could play together unless those in Japan and US bought an EU copy. It’s nearly 2015 and we still get this herd division nonsense. IF…Sony can roll out global console updates then…never mind this is SCEE…

      Guess time to pick up a JP version of Oreshika

    • Don’t envy the Asian players. They don’t even get any DLC at all! When asked repeatedly, Sony Asia finally replied, “Fans, good news! The DLCs will be released on !”

    • edit: “Fans, good news! The DLCs will be released on [a date 3 weeks later]!”

  • Sony even trying to give us a good deal? this prices are madness they only look “cheap” cos the store prices are a a RIP OFF!!!

  • Stop complaining about Battlefield 4 and give Danganronpa 2 a chance – THIS is a good deal!

  • You have been spamming my inbox quite a lot lately..But you’re gonna have to better in order for me to even think of buying something. Especially when we’re talking about digital games and the so-called Christmas deals. Bottom line I don’t own yet a Ps4(don’t even when I’m going to) and I don’t care about battlefield. Next,,,not that I am too hopeful anyway..This all looks fishy to me.

  • Chris/Fred, any news on a discount on PS+?

    I know you won’t want to say yes/no 100% either way, how about a best guess (I won’t hold you to it). I’m floundering in the dark a bit here; my Plus has now expired and if you don’t think it’ll be in the sale I’ll just resubscribe now, and it’ll be an extra Plus purchase for you, simply by answering this post :) .Any hints/clues would be appreciated.

    • Does anyone know why the “+” symbol is still by name, it makes me look like a liar lol. My account expired yesterday — is there a delay on it? Would be nice if there was a delay on games too, but no, I can’t use those!

    • Well you might find that automatic update will take funds out of your account or make a credit card charge to renew. If you go into your account details and see if this has happened and make sure you don’t have automatic renew on your plus.

    • Thanks Izorpo, I’d already turned it off luckily.
      I can’t play the Plus games now, so it’s odd the symbol is still showing.

    • Why wait for a discount on it? If your subscription lapse, even for just a day, and you re-subscribe later, you will lose ALL your previous Instant Game Collection.

      I don’t know when they changed this quietly, previously you can re-subscribe much later and regain access to your former IGC.

      I would be very please if someone corrects me on this.

    • I hope that’s not true, Rocklance! I just tried to check Sony’s T&C on cancellation on the 12-month subscription page but it leads to a dead link, typical. Or perhaps it’s just me?

  • Nothing for me so far in the crimbo deals but hopefully something will peak my interest in the other 9 to come, some offers on dc universe memberships would be nice :)

  • And it got off to such a good start too

  • Pity Battlefield 4 isn’t just the standalone version as I already got a retail copy and the digital dlc for it. Was waiting for the digital version on it’s own or at least cheaper – compared to The Last of Us the deals are getting worse and worse. Hopefully, things will pick up or otherwise I think alot of people including myself will just pass on them :(

  • The deals have been awful. Jeez louise.

  • Bahhh why didn’t you guys did the same for last of us instead of F1 game for ps3? It was disapointing offer then for ps3 in my view…

  • Well, this was the last year I get myself HYPED for 12DoC

  • Everyone who has a Vita and don’t buy Danganronpa….you know that Santa kills a reindeer.
    For those who don’t buy a Vita for Danganronpa Santa just beats his reindeer extra hard :(

    Buy Danganronpa, save the reindeer and Santas soul.

  • Awesome. I was hoping Danganronpa 2 would appear on the 12 deals. I didn’t buy it when it was on sale before because I didn’t have the first one then.

  • These prices are hardly real ‘deals’ sorry to say.

    TLOU Remastered for 25 Euro with additional 10% discount was a good deal in the first batch. But after that… Lets hope the real deals return with the upcoming 4th till 12th deal.

    • I actually traded in a few games to get GTA5 1 which was TLOU for ps4 and i got 25 euro for it from extravision only got 5 euro for Watchdogs lol

    • I disagree. £16 for BF4 premium edition on PS3/£30 on PS4 is a cracking deal (especially with easily available discounted credit).

  • Back in August we were promised 50% off PS+ when buying Driveclub, when do we get our vouchers?

  • Maybe next year BF: Hardline Premium for 35€, but this is a lame deal. Come on Sony, give us something interesting like deal #1 !

  • So the last deal for vita was One Piece Unlimited World Red which had already been a deal of the week a couple of months ago and now Danganronpa 2 is the vita deal and yet on the 5th of November it was on sale…I know because I bought Danganronpa 2 then.

    Could you please offer items that haven’t been recently offered as a deal of the week? I guess Monday it will be Disagea 4 or one of the Atelier games…since they have all been on offer recently

  • Is an AC: Black Flag deal coming or should I go get it somewhere else?

    • I picked up Assassins Creed Black Flag on PS4 for around £17.99 at Grainger. I’m not sure if they ship outside the UK but its worth checking out if they do

    • I bought that in last years 12 deals and could then get ps4 version for £10, cost £19.99 last year in 12 deals, so if they repeat it would expect a few complaints, also got season pass for ps4 for half price ages ago in some sale they had, myself I am thinking they’ll have cod back on again, same as they done last December, PS3 vers but could buy upgrade if you wanted, different game now but still only been out same time as ghosts was last year, so I would say prob not for black flag, though as with cod you can’t rule out the newer one, lol at the ‘on crack cos it’s just come out’ posts above, dahrr. attitudes like that just help companies be mean, sheepish much?.

  • Wasn’t Danganronpa 2 the Vita deal of the week like a fortnight ago?

    ** that was a rhetorical question — it was! **

    Don’t get me wrong, the Danganronpa games are great and all, but come on Sony, put your minds to it and give us something fresh, please?

    • I actually kind of like that: I didn’t buy it then because I hadn’t played the first one. I’m happy to have another opportunity to buy the game on sale.

  • put Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment on sale please! it’s on sale in USA already

  • put Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment on sale please! it’s on sale in US already

  • Bring this deal; PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition!!!!

  • So was looking at buying a US psn code, for Christmas pressie to send to brother, the ones I seen that people here talk about looked a bit fishy, cd key saying they may need to do a fraud investigation before sending it etc, but just random, anyway if someone can point me in safest direction and give me idea of price for a$50 code I would be grateful…

    • Play-Asia is the easiest way (with no need to make fake addresses unlike Amazon US), but there’s a little bit of a mark up, not much though, and it’s stress free. You can just use PayPal or a UK card and you’re sorted.

    • I used, I had to wait about 1 hour to get my code but it worked great and I will use them again. Payment with credit card orpPayPal

  • Does this tell you if your post gets accepted still?, or do they just vanish now.

  • Game’s latest ‘sale’ looks ok, buy Far Cry4 , Driveclub and TLoUR (digital code) for £349.99 and they give you a free ps4, messin, but to buy those three games would of cost just on £160 on psn, so that would make ps4 worth £190? Or my math head on wrong today.. think there’s better options though, especially if you have a PS3/360 to trade in, at least some things ‘seem’ to have changed, now IF only psn pricing management got That memo…

  • could of been worse….could of been a C O D game

  • Hi.

    The 12 deals of Christmas is only for games or can we get a sale in Ps Plus Subscription?

  • Here to hoping that if they do put the new cod on it comes after Thursday as me and my girlfriend download games off the same account we dont buy many games so £30 for 2 copys would be great value

  • Danganronpa was already on sale last time

  • Already have the battlefield premuim :)

  • Dear staff, there is an error in PSStore PlayStation 20th Anniversary Theme for PS3 cant be downloaded via www or PS3 store, other versions works fine.

  • gonna get me some dangenranpen.

  • SO frustrating, why isn’t Premium itself on sale?

  • I’m tempted to pick up Danganronpa 2, but I’m getting the first game for xmas so I have no idea if I’ll like it or not :s

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