Ultratron blasts its way onto PlayStation platforms in early 2015

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Ultratron blasts its way onto PlayStation platforms in early 2015

Your first look at Curve’s new arcade action blaster

Hey all! Lucy from Curve Digital here, with the exciting news that action arcade blaster Ultratron will be coming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4 consoles early next year, and will be available as a Cross-Buy title across all formats.

The game marks the second time we’ll be working with original developer Puppygames, who are also the creators of Titan Attacks, another arcade reinvention which we brought to PlayStation platforms earlier this year. Ultratron isn’t a direct sequel, but just like Titan Attacks, it takes a classic arcade game and coats in a layer of modern polish, vibrant colourful graphics and addictive risk-and-reward play.


Where Titan Attacks was all about expanding on classic Space Invaders, Ultratron takes its cue from Robotron and other classic twin-stick shooters adding upgrades, two player co-op and adaptive difficulty that manually adjusts the pace of the game based on the skill of the player.

During the game, you’ll attempt to avenge the human race as you blast your way through over 40 glowing neon levels, avoiding Chasers, Turrets, Minelayers, Spawners, bombs and bullets before taking on the four evil ‘bot bosses of the Apocalypse.


Ultratron is a pure arcade experience that makes it perfect for portable gaming on the Vita and loud, music blaring big-screen TV sessions. We’re really excited to bring to console, and we hope everyone who enjoyed the PC version will be delighted to play the game on the big screen from the comfort of their living room.

Ultratron joins puzzle game Nova-111 in our 2015 PlayStation line-up, and we’ve got at least two more unannounced games coming to PlayStation 4 next year as well, so keep an eye on PlayStation Blog for more announcements!

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3 Author Replies

  • If it as good as Titan Attacks I’ll be all over this. I loved Robotron nearly as much as Space Invaders.

    • Trust me this is great I played loads of it on Linux, I cant wait to get it on PS4

    • We’re happy to provide retro gaming fans with arcade games that we hope they will love and it’s great to be able to bring another entertaining arcade experience to the PlayStation platforms :)

  • WOW! Robotron fanatic here, this has just made my year. For, erm..next year. Already!
    Fantastic work looking at those screens, I’m counting down the days already….

  • Yay cant wait Ultratron is awesome played it loads on Linux, I will buy it again on PS4 :D hope we get all the Puppy Games on PS4

  • Awesome, we’re glad we can make fans of the Puppygames games happy :)

  • Everyone who hasn’t played this is in for a surprise when it comes to the soundtrack ^^

    Tip: Blast that bass

  • All four releases from Puppygames are awesome so I’m very excited for Ultratron coming to PlayStation, especially Vita!
    Thanks for making it cross-buy too, I’ve noticed some recent releases neglecting this important customer friendly feature.

  • +1 for the Vita love. :D

    “Coming to PlayStation” should mean exactly that. PlayStation, not just PS4. I’m glad that Curve Digital get it right at least.

  • ‘Titan Attacks’ is BRILLIANT :P Not enjoyed a sort of ‘Space Invaders’ game since the brilliant ‘Return of the Invaders’ that was on the ‘Taito Legends’ PS2 disc(GOD i love that game) :D (wish ‘Taito’ or whoever owns them now would release all their games on the PS4) :P + Any chance of doing a sort of version of ‘Scramble’ the old Arcade game(LOVED that game to) :P (i just put this comment on the US Blog to)

    • I hear you Carl. Hey, especially after the godfather of arcade-cool, Jeff Minter, brought the fabulous TxK to Vita earlier this year, you know what’d also be super cool on Vita and PS4… Minotaur Rescue! Oh and Gridrunner+ and Super Ox Wars too for that matter. In fact, if you’re listening out there in arcade goatland Jeff, please, bring your entire catalogue over to PSN. You’ll have your very first sales right here :-)

  • Big fan of Curve. I have all their games they’ve released across PS4, Vita and Wii U, so I’m definitely looking forward to Ultratron!

    Hey Lucy, do you guys plan to bring Stealth Inc 2 to Playstation platforms at some point in the future? I certainly enjoyed it on Wii U recently :-)

  • so how many of you will actually by this on the PS4 but something is telling me you will get it free as a monthly ps plus game come on were are the future developers this stuff is garbage and will only be on the PS4 so sony can use it as a freeby

  • Will this be 60fps on the PS4 at least? It matters in this genre.

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