Rocket League announced for PlayStation 4

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Rocket League announced for PlayStation 4

First look at the follow-up to PS3’s Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars

It was 2008 when the team here at Psyonix first combined soccer with racing and released the original Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars on PlayStation 3. Now, after six years of dedicated community feedback and more than 2 million downloads, our long-awaited sequel, Rocket League, is heading to PlayStation 4 this spring!


For us, Rocket League is more than just a sequel – it’s also a chance to improve on the first Battle-Cars in nearly every possible way, including:

  • Improved physics, faster gameplay, and infinitely better visuals
  • An all-new Season Mode with unlockable items, multiple arenas, and more
  • The return of two, three and four-player split-screen
  • More vehicles, new stadiums, and more than 100 customisation items
  • Dedicated gameplay servers
  • A broadcast-quality replay feature that enables players to create their own custom replays of entire games from any camera angle they want
  • Even more surprises that we’ll reveal closer to release

Check out our trailer above, and look out for more news as launch approaches.

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  • YES YES YES YES!!!!!!! One of the best PS3 games is getting a sequal for PS4! So many hours of enjoyment on the PS3 on both split-screen and online matches.

  • First we get a sequel/spiritual successor to Nitronic Rush, and now a sequel to Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars!? Christmas has come early! :D

    I loved Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars so much on PS3, and I still think it’s among the best multiplayer games ever made. It was just so chaotic and fun when you played against your friends, and even playing alone was quite fun (although regualar matches against AI opponents were WAAAAY too easy).

    Sadly, I don’t have a lot of people who like playing video games coming over anymore, so the most multiplayer I’ll get out of this game will probably be online. Sadly though, I don’t really play that much online… But if the AI has been improved, so regualar matches with bots get more challenging, I’m sure that and the singleplayer mode will be enough to make me a customer! Good luck with the game! :D

    • Our day has just been made it seems!
      welp, that’s 2015 settled for my racing-games fix.
      cannot believe such games are coming on PS4 only need “Next Car Game” aka. “Wreckfest” to join the party. then it’ll be a sweet, sweet 2015 we’re heading into.
      Also, HAPPY 20TH ANIVERSARY PLAYSTATION!!! ΔOX[] looking forward to the next 20 years ahead of us. ^^
      Roll on 2015 YEAH! XD

    • Hope you like the Season mode — we knew after Battle-Cars 1 that we needed to have more single-player options for sure.

  • That is absolutely brilliant. I loved the original! Cannot wait for this!

  • This is everything that’s good about gaming. Also, the guy who made the second quote in that trailer sounds awesome. That’s a damn good line. I bet he’s good looking, as well.

  • About time! Was tired of kicking around a normal ball as a lowly human!

  • Such gret news! SARPBC was my favourite game on PS3. Have had so much fun with it both online and offline with friends. Still one of the games I play the most when I’m with friends. So happy!

  • Loved the original and looking forward to the sequel.

    Only disappointment is that it is not 5 a side, but that is just me being a purist :P

    Can’t wait

  • no idea WTF this is all about, but it got my attention :P

  • That’s good news! I’m really digging the new improved menu as well. :)

    Really looking forward to the beta now.

  • I’m very much looking forward to this. The PC Alpha earlier in the year was fantastic so with a further 6 months of development it’s going to be incredible.

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