Everything you need to know about PS Plus newcomer Final Horizon

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Everything you need to know about PS Plus newcomer Final Horizon

Take a closer look at Eiconic Game’s PS4/PS Vita strategy game, out tomorrow

This is Si at indie games developer Eiconic Games in the UK. We’re very proud to announce that Final Horizon is ready for launch for the PS Vita and PlayStation 4 in Europe from tomorrow, Wednesday 3rd December.

Building on the success of our arcade action game Total Recoil, we wanted to make a tower defence game our own way, with our own blend of action and strategy. We’ve really levelled things up for this game. The killstreaks are crazier, the enemies are smarter, the weapons are cooler and we’re really happy with the result.

Final Horizon_20141022043738

We have spent a lot of time developing, testing and refining the enemy AI so it feels like alien behaviour. The Swarm will rush forward in spider-legged tanks and launch rockets from distance in their Skorpion heavy assault vehicles. They’ll swoop in with airbourne Hornets and Mecha-Wasps that will flock together for maximum impact. Then you meet the Scarab. The Scarab tunnels underground and breaks the surface behind your defences. You will really need to learn and adapt to complete the game.

We would like to announce to the readers of the PlayStation Blog that Final Horizon is a Platinum trophy game! With 100 objectives to complete you’ll be playing and replaying the 50 levels to unlock the Platinum trophy.

Final Horizon_20141022045111

We are also very excited to announce the launch of the Dark Galaxy add-on pack. More than just extra levels it’s a standalone galaxy with more advanced weapons and enemies. Here you will have to think faster and move quicker than ever before to power up and detonate the EMP towers. And you will get hands on with the most powerful tower in the game – the Plasma Cannon. You are going to need these new weapons while you are overrun with SpiderBombs, Dark Hornets and other bigger and badder machines from the Swarm.

Final Horizon_20141022063215Final Horizon_20141022062813

We would like to challenge only the toughest players to enter the Dark Galaxy. It’s going to be faster, harder, darker and you will need to bring you’re a-game to unlock all the trophies here.

Final Horizon: 3 Galaxies, 50 Levels, 100 objectives, Platinum Trophy
Dark Galaxy add-on pack, 1 Galaxy, 20 levels, 7 extra trophies

So, Final Horizon, out exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita tomorrow as part of the December Instant Game Collection for PS Plus members. Let us know what you think!

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  • “out exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita tomorrow as part of the December Instant Game Collection for PS Plus members”
    does that mean the PS4 version is also part of the IGC for december? according to the update by Chris hoy it’s only the vita version…

    (Can’t wait for it to drop by the way, my favorite game in the IGC this month!)

  • Looking forward to trying this out tomorrow!

  • Hah! This is a TD! :D I thought it was a tactical at first :| my bad my bad :)

    But man, interest rising, haven’t played a good TD since 06-07. All those WC3 mods :)

  • Great can’t wait to play it, it will change styla after my Drive Club PS+ Edition. Wait…

  • Looks interesting, I likes a good TD game, cheers for putting it together :).

  • Cool seems like a good fit for vita anyway so I’ll give this one a go

    • Yeah we’re a big fan of the Vita and very happy to show it some love – we spent a lot of time making the game work well with the touch screen, although it also controls nicely with the analog sticks and buttons if that’s more your thing.

  • Finally another good TD game, cannot wait to play this tomorrow.

    Awesome Vita title too, perfect!

  • Does the Vita version work on Playstation TV by any chance?

    • It does indeed – at least we’re pretty sure we ticked all the right boxes, and we made it so it can be controlled with or without the vita’s touch screen, so should work well on PlayStation TV.

  • when will ps4 get real good AAA PSN titles and exclusives like resogun ?? e alaways have ipad ports, or steam games that are available on PC/mac for years…. really tired of PS+

    • If it helps, Final Horizon was created exclusively for PlayStation 4 and Vita, you won’t find it on Steam or iPad or anything else :)

  • Dreadful blog post. States it’s for Vita and PS4’s IGC, then questioned by a user (the first comment, at that!), then confirmed as a mistake, and yet the blog post remains uncorrected. This is really bad – It’s essentially false advertising as promoting a game for the IGC that isn’t going to be there could be enough to get people to sign up, only to find Sony have lied. It’s not even like the error isn’t known about!

  • Well the benchmark for me is pixeljunk so good luck.

  • Finally a good Strategy/TD on the Vita.

  • hopefully wont come to PS4

  • The 100% is unobtainable… Theres a few missions in the expansion where the secondary objective can’t be completed. ex you need to kill 6 mobs with a killstreak, and when you get the killstreak theres only 5 enemies left incoming >.<

    • Hi mate, thanks for the message and don’t worry we have top men working on it. I should point out this only affects the expansion pack and not the main game, so it won’t prevent you getting the Platinum trophy.

  • Yeah i know the platinum is possible got secondaries fixed for main game, just missing the last couple of grind mobs for the plat. Figured I’d work on those while playing the expansion. I know Sialis 2 and Sialis 3 are impossible. Im not sure about Agrion 5, can be wildly luckbased i’ve had anyway from 7-10 on that stages(you need 12). Anyways thanks for a cool game hope a little hotfix will fix these issues quite soon! :)

    P.S “Start the fireworks” achivement for the exp was a beast!! Nice work on that one! :)

    • Haha yeah when I first read your message I thought you were talking about that “Start the fireworks” trophy so I did it again to check – damn we made that one hard! Agreed on Agrion 5 (and the Sialis ones) we pushed the boundaries a bit too far on a couple of the levels so we’re making a few tweaks. Glad you’re having fun with it :)

  • Lastly im not sure about the last level Carabus 3. I think its posible but it requires to kill off only spidermines and leave the hornets as the refinery need to “tank” mobs for quite a long time and the spiders kill it too fast. Those are the only 4 secondaries i need:-) anyways love your game hope to see more from u. Loved total recoil too^^

  • I take that back:-p 14 kills is tops ive been able to get on Carabus 3:-(

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