Exclusive PS Vita RPG Reaper re-named Death Tales

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Exclusive PS Vita RPG Reaper re-named Death Tales

Luc Bernard offers an update on his ambitious free-to-play adventure

Hey there everyone, Luc Bernard here again. So, to start off, last time you guys saw this title it was called Reaper, but we have since renamed it Death Tales.

Now onto the next news: Death Tales is exclusive to PS Vita and PlayStation TV.

Along with it being exclusive, the title will also feature multiplayer, both online and local. Local multiplayer will only be available on PlayStation TV of course, while the online will be limited to two player co-op on PS Vita and TV.

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Death Tales will mainly consist of two gameplay modes:

  • Story: An open world action RPG. You’ll be able to play local co-op in it too.
  • Tales: The tales mode features a hub town where you can get various quests from different characters (such as this classy frog for example) and perform them alone or online with strangers or friends. Each level will also be randomly generated so your experience will be different each time you play.

Oh yes, and all of this of course will be free to play. An action RPG with online co-op for free on PS Vita? Come on, it doesn’t get better than that ;)

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