Destiny of Spirits welcomes players back with brand new content

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Destiny of Spirits welcomes players back with brand new content

The PS Vita RPG has loads of events, bonuses and giveaways planned

Hi Spirit Masters. The holiday season is about to get busy but before we get in that special festive mood, we thought we’d offer a little gesture for those of you who haven’t played in a while. Since you can’t escape it, we might as well welcome you back to your Destiny! So we’ve got all sorts of events, bonuses and giveaways planned from 20th November until 3rd December. There are so many that we’ve had to organise them in three categories:

Rewards for logging in

Yes, logging in is all you’ll need to do in order to get the following:

Items giveaway
We trust you will find these free items useful for spirit summoning, growth and rental:

  • Gold Joker (for Merging) SR
  • 10,000 Summoning Stones
  • 10,000 Spirit Points

These items will be distributed after regular maintenance on Thursday, 20th November.

Buried treasure in your mailbox
While you were away, we have been saving all Destiny Orbs, Summoning Stones and Spirit Points sent to you. Just have a look in your mailbox and claim them! Who knows, you may even find spirits created when other players summoned with you…

(Note: The items stored in your mailbox will depend on how long you have been away from the game and your friends’ activities in the game.)

Rewards for Playing

Now, you’ll have to do some actual work for the following:


Raid Event: 14 Days of Darkness
In the 14 Days of Darkness event, you will fight raid bosses of the… yes, you guessed it: Darkness element! Do well and you might be rewarded with Darkness-element spirits you may have encountered as bosses in earlier events.

This event runs from 6.00am GMT on 20th November until 9:59pm GMT on 3rd December.

We’ve organised meetings with different Raid Bosses every day of the week, so don’t be late:DoS_Joker_Gold

  • Monday – Ixtab (Dark), Fenrir (Dark), Yatagarasu (Dark)
  • Tuesday – Ixtab (Dark)
  • Wednesday – Fenrir (Dark)
  • Thursday – Yatagarasu (Dark)
  • Friday – Ixtab (Dark)
  • Saturday – Fenrir (Dark)
  • Sunday – Yatagarasu (Dark)
  • Final Boss – Beelzebub (Dark)

One week Mission: Friends Indeed
Remember the past “Friends in Need” event and its rewards, Tsukuyomi, Iyatiku and Verdandi? Well, here is your chance to receive them again, as long as you meet the following requirements:

  • Gain at least 50,000 battle points and get Tsukuyomi [SR/Dark]
  • Gain at least 100,000 battle points and get Iyatiku [SR/Wood]
  • Gain at least 150,000 battle points and get Verdandi [SR/Water]

The mission runs from 12.00am GMT on Monday 1st December until 11:59pm GMT on Sunday 7th December. Your reward will be delivered on Thursday 11th December, following the regular maintenance.

(Note: Battle points earned are displayed on the [You] tab in the [Ranking] menu.)

Rewards for using Destiny Orbs

Purification and Curse Price Reduction
For the duration of the campaign, the number of Destiny Orbs needed for Purification, which changes your fortune to Great Blessing, and for Curse, which changes your fortune to Bad Luck, will be reduced from 30 Orbs all the way down to 10 Orbs.
Return of Limited Summons
All limited summons from previous collaborations will be back again, for as long as the campaign runs. Here’s when you will have a chance to get your hands on them if you haven’t already:

  • 20/11 – 26/11: Knack, Gravity Rush, Patapon 3
  • 27/11 – 3/12: Knack, Gravity Rush, Patapon 3, Dokodemo Issho, Soul Sacrifice Delta, God of War

SR spirits bundled with sets of Destiny Orbs
From 26th November until 2nd December, the 500 Destiny Orb or 1000 Destiny Orb sets will be bundled with a free SR spirit: Amaterasu and Susanowo.

*To receive your bonus SR spirit, please purchase the Destiny Orbs only after your see the icons below on the PS Store. The spirit will be sent to your in-game mailbox.



Right, that’s it for now but stay tuned for more exciting news.

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  • Great update! Destiny of Spirits is one of my most played Vita games. Even after I liberated the world (except for those mysterious islands) you guys make me come back with brand new content and events. Keep up the good work!

    • I also wanted to mention that I really enjoyed the Yatagarasu boss battle. Felt like a genius when I figured the correct strategy.

    • DId they finally add Hel?

      You could fight her on one of the territories, but there was no way to obtain her.

  • Returning?

    Nope… not planning.

    I kinda liked DoS… but the idea to keep tiny part of save data on memory card in multiplayer-only game made me quite angry. Nearly everything is saved on server… everything apart progress o.O That’s genius idea. After I removed game (needed space for testing other game)… and came back few days later SUPRISE SUPRISE you need to start from the beginning! Who cares that you conquared every single teritory? Even if all my spirits were still with me… starting from square wasn’t an option.

    Whenever I play multiplayer game… I expect that my saves will be stored safely on server.

    • DoS is not a multiplayer game. An online only one – yes, but it is strictly single player. Why would you expect to not have a local save like every other game on the Vita? Plus you could’ve checked before deleting everything and back your save on a PC. It is all on you I’m afraid.

    • Maybe a PS Plus subscription would be worth investing in? What with it’s cloud storage for game saves n all….

    • @Gogata7
      You are right, my bad I should have said “online only” instead “multiplayer”

      Because that’s illogical? Your sava data is already stored on server .. your whole account, every spirit you gained, their level, their stats, stones and SP. Everything except progress, that’s tiny bit of data in comparison to what is already kept on server.

      That doesn’t make any sense at all for Vita, because in case of digital only content you can’t delete only game with keeping all saves untouched. Do you? That’s absurd.

      Yeah I could have… but I don’t have paranoia to check every single absurd that might cause problems. I believe that developer can predict what he should do. The manual didn’t say anything about it, and during removal all I saw was standard info that you can even see even removing icon of games that keep saves on cartridge. Maybe next time I should check if ejecting cartridge will automatically delete data?

      It’s just badly designed, I don’t care if that is standard for Vita or not. It shouldn’t be for online only game that can’t be even opened offline.

    • @Archacus Of course it is not your fault for deleting your own save file. It is the designers. Also you should sue the microwave company since it is their fault you exploded your cat in their product. You should do stand up.

  • I stopped playing this because the loading times are massive on this game.

  • I agree. It’s not a huge problem by itself, but combined with the poor UI design it’s a killer.

    Try counting the number of button presses and unskippable screen transitions to change your party from a regular battle to a raid battle. And then you have repeat the process to swap back for the next battle!

    It’s nearly as tedious as searching the map for the right boss/non-boss/new square for exactly the same reasons. What were the designers thinking?

    Adding an option to turn off the transition animations would be a step in the right direction.

  • My experience of this game:
    “Well, game is okay. I’ll go for “Logged in 30 days in a row.” trophy.”
    Started playing it daily, taking part in Raid Events, collecting rare spirits, but then… on day 28/29, servers go down for a whole day… :(

    Not been playing since. I’m not a type to play the same game every day, so it was quite a challenge to get 28/29 days in row. And, well, it being impossible at launch month in Europe, I kinda got angry at game. If I feel like game’s been unfair towards me, I can be a bit unfair towards game too.

    Might give it a try now again though, I think I still have it installed… I should have inbox full of stuff lol. :D

    • Yeah I got burned out by all the server issues as well. There were too many random days when you couldn’t login at all and then the final nail for me was when servers went down for over a week. I just gave up then.

  • ask yourself this, why people are leaving, why not many gamers on DoS?.

    first whos idea to put up a 7+ game have you seen how many gamers on IOS free to play card games & why is that?

    because they more risqie then DoS, one game on IOS is actallay a 17+ rating.

    but i do not know how you going to change this around via DLC, a patch as PEGI cant change the game rating unless you remake it. but i doubt that.

  • How many battle points would be need to get all three super rare spirits from One week Mission: Friends Indeed event ?

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