Combat-free fantasy MMO Wander coming soon to PS4

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Combat-free fantasy MMO Wander coming soon to PS4

Loki Davison’s adventure focuses on collaboration, discovery and atmosphere

Hello, everyone! This is Crystal from Wander, here to tell you a little bit about ourselves and what we’re doing way down here on the bottom of the Earth (AKA Australia).

Wander is the brainchild of Melbourne resident Loki Davison, who noticed a shocking absence of games that didn’t primarily focus on violence in order to tell a story, and decided there was a niche that desperately needed to be filled. That, coupled with a slight preoccupation with flight, travelling and music, led to the conception of Wander, an MMO game that lets you explore a majestic environment in several different forms – a giant tree, a soaring griffin, a sea creature and more.


“I was somewhat of a nomad for a long time. I wandered around Central Asia, Siberia, the Arctic and Himalayas. Growing up I played a lot of MUDs (text based MMO games) and wanted to make a game that was atmospheric, relaxing and multiplayer. Wander draws on a lot of that experience. I wanted to collaboratively explore in a game.” – Loki

You start off deep in a forest you can’t remember, occupying a form you don’t recognize. Clues can be found by examining your surroundings, and you may even encounter others like yourself who can help you and share information. During your journey you may also hear the mysterious, siren-like tones of opera singers, and following these songs will lead you to even more exciting discoveries, like the ability to change your shape and acquire new ways of exploring the world.


Playable characters in Wander include the Oren – a walking, sentient tree, and the form you occupy at the beginning of the game; the griffin – with the power of flight; the azertash – with the ability to swim and breathe underwater; and the swift and agile hira.

Each of these forms has several unique and gorgeous variants, all with their own cultures, backstories, and specific ways of interacting with other forms and tribes. Along your way you’ll discover lorestones, mysterious records that teach you bits of the history of the planet and its inhabitants. Eventually, if you’re lucky, you might even learn the ultimate secrets of this mysterious and beautiful world.


Wander is set to be released in March 2015, but before that happens you can catch us on Twitch for a very special series which will showcase live gameplay with an original story featuring a vibrant cast of characters, just to give players a little taste of the narrative and role-playing potential of Wander. We’re pretty excited and a little scared to be the first ever live drama broadcast in Twitch! The first episode will be live today Wednesday 19th at 12.00am GMT/1.00am CET.

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2 Author Replies

  • Okay, I’m sold.

  • Sounds interesting. Looks like Far Cry 3 but without “everything-here-wants-you-dead-yes-those-small-animals-too” ;)

  • Oooh this seems interesting however I won’t get too excited until its actually released. Still waiting for the last MMO I was excited for that was suppose to be released this past summer (Onigiri)

  • This looks great! Walking around the Earth as an Ent? Speaking of which, how BIG is the world?

  • Look beautiful.

    What does the MMO aspect of it bring to the table though? Please expand on that.

    • The basic thing is that you get to share beautiful places you’ve found with other people, and they share ones they have found with you. An idea we call collaborative exploration. There is more to it than that though. You also can discuss and try and piece together the narrative. The narrative quite mysterious, as each culture has different ideas about what is really going on. Imagine if you went back 1000 years ago on earth and asked in different countries what is thunder. The Norse and Japanese would give totally different answers. In Wander the different cultures explain shape shifting differently. Different forms have different ways of collaborating as well.

  • Looks like breath of fresh air. Much needed can’t wait!

  • Yes indeed. I am very intrigued by this, however, I’m not the “usual” MMO gamer, and I’m not that attracted to the idea of paying monthly for a game. What are your plans for the financial side of the matter?

  • @Crystal Flinn

    IMO the game looks great without HUD so you should really keep it that way.
    Most MMO clutter the screen with bars, icons, prompts but IMO, much like Journey, you should opt for clean aesthetics that really help the player to feel immersed.

  • I really like the look of this, big props to Loki Davison and their team for putting it together, and great to see Aussie and Melbourne devs with such great ideas :). Will grab this for sure :).

  • I thought this was some trailer for WiLD. I was wrong. The promises is pretty.

  • Can I play mulity player or co-op… its always best to share an adventure with a friend :)

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