New Volume video: Mike Bithell shows off his Thomas Was Alone follow-up

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New Volume video: Mike Bithell shows off his Thomas Was Alone follow-up

Learn more about the stylish stealth adventure, coming to PS4 & PS Vita in 2015

Earlier this month, Thomas Was Alone designer and all-round indie Renaissance man Mike Bithell was kind enough to welcome us into his home studio to discuss how he got into the business, how Thomas came into being, and how development is shaping up on his follow-up, stylish stealth adventure Volume, due out on PS4 and PS Vita next year.


A post-modern retelling of the Robin Hood myth tied to an intriguing set of gameplay mechanics and a bold, distinctive art style, Volume took Gamescom by storm back in August and is among PlayStation Blog’s most-anticipated new games of 2015.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with development, Mike recently confirmed that actor and movie director Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, The Adventures of Tintin) has joined his eclectic voice cast, which also includes TWA alumnus Danny Wallace, game critic Jim Sterling and YouTuber Charlie McDonnell.


As should be evident in the video above, it’s coming along very nicely indeed. Check the clip out now for some brand new footage from the game as well as some fascinating insight from Mike on life at the vanguard of independent game development. Enjoy!

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  • He’s got to be one of the most cool devs out there, along with Hello Games guys :)

  • Really looking forward to Volume. Thomas was Alone was such a underrated game. Also, Mike Bithell is probably one of the coolest indie developers out there. So down to earth and really seem to love what he does, and take feedback from people. Can’t wait!

  • I really enjoy listening to Mike Bithell (check out the developer commentary in Thomas Was Alone if you haven’t heard it), so down to earth and a refreshing antithesis to the money machine big publishers.

  • Looking forward to this – TWA was breathtaking – but with this being released for the PS4 AND Vita, why is only the PS4 mentioned at the end of the video? Come on Sony… is it really that hard to acknowledge the Vita when discussing or promoting games that are coming out for it?

    Youtube will attract a lot of coverage for this and other games so why ignore the Vita? It’s no wonder that people think there are no games when Sony themselves don’t talk about them publicly.

  • He seems like a really cool guy… I’m really glad that Thomas Was Alone did so well, as it was a great game, and I’m glad it’s afforded him to continue doing what he does! I’m looking forward to this :)

  • Thomas was alone was great, there was just something about it that made it so much bigger than the sum of its parts (which weren’t bad, but were relatively minimalist ;)). This looks brilliant – can’t wait to give it a play :).

  • There are not many games I am looking forward to more than this Mike.

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