How Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 gets the best out of Dualshock 4

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How Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 gets the best out of Dualshock 4

A closer look at how Rockstar’s re-tooled crime epic is using the hardware

When Grand Theft Auto V comes to PS4 on 18th November it will harness the power of the console to improve every aspect of the game, from increased resolution, more than twice the draw distance, a brand new First Person Mode and much more.

Some of the exclusive additions to the PS4 version aren’t things you’ll be seeing on the screen – Rockstar has included some additional functionality that takes advantage of some of the unique qualities of the PS4 controller.

Switch seamlessly between camera perspectives on the fly (including from first person to third person), switch radio stations, weapons and camera angles, and even quick-toss a grenade in the middle of a firefight – all with a swipe or a tap on the Touch Pad.

Because any aspiring career criminal would do well to keep their enemies close, you’ll be able to hear police radio chatter through the DUALSHOCK 4 controller’s speaker, as well as receive phone calls from friends and acquaintances Michael, Franklin and Trevor make during the course of the game.

The controller’s light bar will change colour based on the character you are playing and when the LSPD heat is upon you, the Light Bar will flash red and blue to make it perfectly clear that you might want to be somewhere else.

Grand Theft Auto V is coming to PS4 on 18th November and is available to pre-order on PlayStation Store now.

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  • Awesome. Really, really looking forward to this!

  • why GTAV is BLOCKED in the Saudi and UAE Stores !!!!
    we “Middle Eastern gamers” have the right like every gamer on the world to play this game and enjoy it just like everybody els in the world

    • Are Saudi or UAE even in europe as I am sure they aint…after all, this is the eu blog, your complaining in the wrong place

    • Because your own government banned it?

    • It’s not fair , but you can always find the game at the grey market

    • Ahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahahahahaahhaahhahaahahhahahahahahahaahahhahhahaha wauw

    • It’s unfortunate but has to do more with your government than it has to do with Sony or R*. Unless you get some gamers into politics (I don’t know how politics work in Saudi Arabia so…) I doubt it’ll change soon since it’s a cultural thing.

      Anyway, even though it sucks, you’re either going to miss out on this or get it through some… suspicious means. But there’s no one else to blame but your government and there’s other ways of changing that than PS blog.

    • ok first thing first, yes eu and the ME share the same store……. sort of, 2nd its the government dude not sony or playstation, thats how always it has been for the GTA franchise. Now please ppl quit nagging and get GTA 5 the same way everybody (in the ME) is going to get it……… through the US store. they sell the us cards almost every where.

    • I’m from the middle east ,Israel , and we have it on our store.

      local rules and regulations are to blame , not sony.

    • Exactly, Saudi Arabia for example does share the same content (in general) as the EU store. Keep in mind it isn’t really a EU store. There’s one for every couple try unless they haven’t added one but I’m all European countries have their own store. Having it in their own language is another story. Germany constantly doesn’t get certain content because of their government while the rest of EU does for example. Solution? Make (or use an existing) USA or EU (not Germany. UK is fine) account and buy from there. How? Well I live in Spain and buy things usually from this account which has been my main account since 2007. PS Store doesn’t allow foreign credit/debit cards so I buy USA PSN Cards from (USA) which does allow foreign credit/debit cards. For me, it’s cheaper since it converts $ to € which is less in €. And the codes are sent instantly through you e-mail (make sure it says DIGITAL CODE). You WILL need a US address but just choose any you find online.

    • * for every country* (not couples)

    • i have download the game even i’m from Saudi Arabia by USA store and you can do t hat is not a big deal
      but when you install it will take a long time

    • Sadly, I’m also a Saudi PSN account user.
      But I get it why they banned it for Saudi PSN, it also happened on February when Outlast didn’t released in the Middle Eastern countries.

      For those who don’t know yet, Middle Eastern countries supported by PSN are categorized in EU/R2.

  • Do we know when preload will begin?

  • I experienced that blue and red thing on the controller for police sirens in The Crew Beta. It is awesome :D

  • @Fr34kyUK we are Middle Eastern countries but Sony counting/treating us as we are part from europe ,, in our PSN stores the games prices are $69 not $59 as like sony added the taxes to our Store because they treating us like a europe countries when there are no taxes at all in our countries ! what a shame sony ! what a shame :(

    • Sony doesn’t decide on the price. The publisher does.

    • Wrong, wrong, wrong, The Customer sets the price, you see when a business see’s there’s enough people (not my first choice word) ready and willing to pay those crazy prices/rrp’s, of course Any sensible business Will sell at said price.
      Can I also just ask, IF publishers Do set price, and not just ‘recommend’ as I believe, how come Sen announced the freeze in E313?… On topic, cannot wait till I play this in higher def/even better graphics.

    • Because it will corrupt you!

    • i have download the game even i’m from Saudi Arabia by USA store and you can do t hat is not a big deal
      but when you install it will take a long time

  • Can’t wait to play through this again but this time around in first person. Just ordered my GTA V PS4 bundle off Amazon for £329, what a bargain!

  • I can’t see the light bar stop using that as a feature! Lol
    I taped over mine so it doesn’t reflect in the to screen with all these dark horror games we’ve had lately

    • I agree. I can only catch a glimpse of it every now and then but it’s in no way a really neat feature. I’d rather have the touchpad glow since then it doesn’t reflect off the TV and it’s more visible while not being on the way.

    • Wish they’d of built a mic in as well as speaker/light bar, did ps4 come with one, a mic?, can’t remember if I left it in box which is now somewhere dark, (attic), as if so I might need to go get it, the pulse I have is ok but gets uncomfortable after a short time.

    • I wish you could turn it off.

  • The care and attention that goes in to GTA by Rockstar is always so impressive, you guys should be proud of what you achieve. Can’t wait for my copy to come and I’m excited to experience the game all over once again! Keep up the good work!

    • Credit were it’s due, just wish they’d of fixed issues with Red Dead before abandoning it, can’t play it after I bought zombie add on, unless I jump through a few hoops which I shouldn’t need to.

  • How about Sony adding a feature to just turn off that damned light!

    • If you take the 4 screws from the back of the DS4 there is a ribbon cable connected to the back plate, just unclip it, no more dumb light and longer lasting battery! Doesn’t void your warrenty either!

    • Technically, modifying the controller in ANY way voids the warranty. They might not notice if you reassemble it well without damaging anything, but its by no means a no-risk thing to do.

    • Is everyone else playing in a tiny, dark room? I’m 3 feet away from my TV and I can’t see the light, the reflection, or anything else people are complaining about. *puzzled*

    • IF IT BUGS YOU THAT MUCH WHY DON’T YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? like really man, you care enough to b!tch about the light bar but you cant be bothered to put tape over it or even just disconnect it yourself? really, grow up. and if worst comes to worst just buy a new controller for what 50 bucks and get a replacement console, how will they know what controller came with the console. save your warranty.

    • Or they could just of done what OP said.

  • Still waiting on a price drop. Remasters should never be priced at the same level as new games and definitely not above new games as is the case with GTA.

    Can wait until February, maybe March, my list is a little thinner in those months.

    • there is enough stuff that has been added to the game to warrant a regular price tag, they don’t do shit for free you know, unless you would rather you know play the game without a first person perspective and have more vehicles and guns and music, plus the graphic increase and little additions like the flashing lightbar and speaker use on the dualshock 4 and what ever else, its your choice… like really man have some respect for the developers.

    • Very easy for you to say that on our blog. Being from Canada you’re in the NA region, which has a price freeze from last gen meaning you pay last gen’s price for this remaster. To buy this I’d be paying 20% more than I bought the Collector’s Edition for my PS3 on day one a year ago, and 55% more than the average American.

      This isn’t just about an overpriced remaster, this is about parity as well. It’s been a year now, this practice of inflated prices in Europe to subsidise the price freeze for North America has to be addressed.

    • Agree Sony needs to seriously start fixing their EU & UK ‘STORE’ conversion rates. I’m not buying the Destiny DLC for this reason, the expansion pass is 35$ US that should convert to just £22 (27€) yet its priced at £35 (35€). Thats pure greed for 2 DLCs, for just £5 more I can buy a new fullprice title via Amazon like Dragon age Inquesition or FarCry 4.

      And all ps4 titles are £10 more than their ps3 counterpart.

    • Having paid for the collectors edition it seems a bit of a kick in the balls to have to pay full price for this again… Offer it like other games did as a cheaper upgrade

  • Please give us at least 48 hours to preload this massive download. Xbox users have it installed already.

  • let peopel predownload it like other consoles can

  • I’m doubting wether to get mine from a retail shop in the city or just downloading it from the Playstation Store. I’m used to always buy discs and I don’t know which is the best solution… Could you guys give me advice please?
    Ps: sorry for my bad English

    • Buy it from a store.

      It’ll be cheaper, and SCEE will probably find a way to screw up the digital release.

    • Seeing as there were issues with disc versus digital last time I would want assurance before getting digital, so disc then when price lowers maybe trade disc for psn cards, although I guess ps4 disc reader/laser is totally different, it just copies data as far as i can work out, so the last gen problems may not even be possible?

    • Physical version will be available cheaper than the PS store. Always is.

  • When do we start preloading this game im depressed to not see it on my dash bored

  • cant wait ive preordered it 2 days till it comes out yaya oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • cant wait ive preordered it 2 days till it comes out yaya oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Anyone know what time the pre-load starts?? sony have already took the £54.99 from my wallet but i have nothing home screen….. i know xbox have had it a few days now

  • I got an email at 1.34am GMT saying the pre order as changed…. turned my ps4 on thinking that the GTA V file would have started downloading in rest mode and it hasn’t…. anyone else had this problem? i set it for auto downalod… but least its live now so shpuld be downlaoded in next 20hours lol

  • Well this is fun, My copy has started pre-loading but they tried to charge me £59.99, I made sure I had £55 in my SEN account and now they are saying I had insufficient funds. . . I like many others will be phoning tomorrow no doubt

  • like gta 5 online

  • my ps4 on thinking that the gta v file would have started downloading in rest mode and it hasn’t .anyone else had this problem? i set it for auto downalod .but least its live now so …………….next 20 hours free me
    18 nove 2014

  • back to the future ps4 lol

  • Pre-loading now, bring on the 18th

  • i pre-order GTA in saudi arabia store ..
    after this deleted from store WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My Money !!

  • I bought the game yesterday and its locked, When I press on it it says in cart and then it says I have to pay again. could someone help??

  • I spent over 400 hours playing this on the PS3 to obtain the Platinum Trophy, I do not think I can do that again… unless it includes the Jet Pack!?

  • Почему не идет загрузка пред заказа ?

  • i have download the game from the USA store and i would like to let you know i’m from Saudi and i have two user
    one Saudi the other one USA i bought from USA store i download the game all ready on ps4 why it take to long to install the game

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