Shake Spears! gallops onto PS3 and PS Vita this week

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Joust your way to glory in the latest title from Alawar

We are really excited to announce the release of our game this Wednesday, 12th November: Shake Spears! for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

In Shake Spears!, you take on the role of a knight who wants to win the hand of a fair lady. To succeed, you must overcome a series of increasingly challenging knights. From the young knight to the dark-souled Warlock, you must prove you’re worthy by smashing your rivals one by one!


You earn gold for winning matches, so you can purchase spells for use during future matches. And don’t hesitate to improve your shield, spear and armour via customisations and upgrades. Not only can you choose from a wide selection of armour options and amulets, but you can improve your class as well, progressing from mechanic, to warlock, to alchemist, and beyond.

Your path to glory will take you across three game modes: Career, Survival, and Multiplayer. Through these diverse modes, Shake Spears! offers something for every player, from those who want a rich story-based experience, to those who want to refine and test their skills against an increasingly tough computer opponent, to those with a king-of-the-hill desire to defeat their friends and other human opponents in head-to-head (or spear-to-spear) bouts.


Okay – you got the best armoured knight for now, and your destiny is set. Be skillful enough and aim the spear with the right stick to make a hit. Target the rival’s helmet – everyone loves headshots! And your left stick is for the shield – move it to safeguard yourself.

Begin your adventure in the comfort of your living room with your trusty PS3 gamepad in hand, then continue your journey on PS Vita. You can pick up where you left off anytime, anywhere!

Equip your knight, upgrade your armour and ready your spear to joust your way to victory in the cartoon-styled medieval world of Shake Spears!

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