TowerFall Dark World expansion is PS4-bound in early 2015

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New characters, level sets and power-ups for the multiplayer hit

It’s hard to believe that it’s been eight months since TowerFall Ascension launched on PS4. I have to thank all of our wonderful fans on PlayStation – the community response has been fantastic.

Since releasing the game we’ve had countless requests for new levels, characters, power-ups, and modes. A lot of your suggestions have been really valuable, and after I recovered from the game’s release back in March I began forming new ideas of my own.

Slowly but surely, our plans for an expansion have taken shape and I’m excited to announce that the Dark World Expansion will release on PS4 in early 2015.


We want to call this an expansion rather than DLC, because it expands the game in every direction rather than providing small incremental additions. Approaching it this way allows us to tie all the new stuff together in a very cohesive manner. For you this means more playable archers, levels, modes, power-ups, variants, trials, and more.



Joining the roster we have the red archer the Vainglorious Ghoul. As her appearance suggests, she captains an infamous ghost ship known as The Amaranth. The Amaranth, it turns out, is also one of four new level sets in the expansion. These new locations are spread across the Dark World, a twisted reality parallel to the TowerFall world you’re familiar with. The final tower, Cataclysm, uses procedurally generated levels to make sure every match is unique and surprising.

And then we have the new power-ups, such as Trigger Arrows, which behave like remote mines. Stick them to walls or ceilings in clever positions, wait for the perfect moment, and detonate when your opponents least expect it.

Or the otherworldly Prism Arrows that lock your enemies in magical prisons so they have nowhere to hide. These are a few highlights from our work so far.

If you want to keep up on development and read about everything we’ve added, check out the TowerFall blog  where we’re posting regular updates on the expansion.

We’re already having a blast playtesting these additions, they open doors to countless new ways to trick your friends, and countless more hilarious outcomes. With so much excellent community feedback we have a great handle on what players love about TowerFall, and see this as the perfect opportunity to push the game to its limits.

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  • That’s great news! Really enjoyed Towerfall and I am looking forward to that expansion.

    Just one question though. A few months ago a patch which fixed some trophy glitches was released for the US version but we still haven’t received that patch here in EU. Any reason why this is the case?

    • Yesyesyes, have been waiting for this patch for at least 2 months or so. Are we ever going to actually get it?

  • No Vita love? =/

  • Haha, yes! I can’t wait for this! Day one purchase from me guys!


    TowerFall is easily the most enjoyable multiplayer game I own for the PS4. It was a day one purchase for me when it released and when it joined IGC my friends and family could appreciate it too.

    Definitely looking to add this to my collection.

  • Sounds cool for sure but we still don’t have the first patch from months back yet… :/

    Would also like away to change the title menu music back to the original. The end game one is just not as good.

  • Now this is a game that would absolutely rock on Vita!

    Unlikely to happen though, I guess :-(

  • Would love this to come out on the vita with cross play online multi player!
    I’m affraid my days of a room full of mates playing local co op are 20+ years behind me! Suppose there’s always Share Play!

  • Towerfall is one of the main reasons I already own 4 controllers for my PS4.

  • PS4 + HDTV = Towerfall Ascension? (Or any other retro pixel garb… er.. game)

    There is no point to the existence of this world anymore…

    If people want to play with their super power consoles or computers, games that they were easily playable with a ZX Spectrum back in 80’s then really… arm the bombs!!! We lost the meaning of evolution… and a lot of money to buy equipment like PS4s and HDTVs when just a talkphone not even a smartphone can play these ones.

    Don’t you understand that paying for such things in year 2014, game industry goes a step back? Don’t you understand that when they can make money from such ugly products that cost nothing to produce, they will never bother to create something original, modern, authentic in order to impress you, their customers?

    Ok this is my opinion… now you can shoot me freely with your not-even-8-bit arrows :)

  • Very much looking forward to this. Towerfall Acension is up there with my favourite multiplayer titles. Good on Matt for creating new stuff and keeping an eye on the community even after all the sudden (deserved) success, many developers would have called the project closed.

    Loving the new character design so far, but can anyone top the excellent squeaky noises the Ancient Exile brings to your controller?

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