B-movie inspired action game Roundabout is coming soon to PS4 and PS Vita

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B-movie inspired action game Roundabout is coming soon to PS4 and PS Vita

Step into the shoes of famed ‘70s limo driver Georgio Manos

Hey again, PlayStation Blog pals! I’m Dan Teasdale, and I’m one half of semi-new indie studio No Goblin. I’m super excited to announce that Panzer and I have been busy bringing Roundabout to both PlayStation 4 AND PS Vita!

What’s Roundabout? It’s a ’70s B-movie game where you get to drive a constantly spinning limousine. As famed revolving limousine driver Georgio Manos you’ll drive around the open world of Roundabout picking up passengers, finding collectibles, competing in challenges, buying hats, and much more! We’re using a cutting edge next-gen technique called “full motion video” to recreate and render each passenger that rides in Georgio’s limo with lifelike accuracy.

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We’re doing a ton of special stuff for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita releases. We’re remastering all of the FMV in high-bitrate 1080p to take advantage of the PlayStation 4’s horsepower! The PS Vita version is no slouch either – in fact, it’s the same full experience that you’d experience on console. We’re supporting Cross-Play, Cross-Buy, and really anything else that we can find that starts with the word “Cross”.
Panzer and I will be bringing both the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions of Roundabout to the PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas next month. If you’re attending, be sure to come over to the No Goblin booth, say hi, and check out Roundabout!

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3 Author Replies

  • Looks ace!

    Will it support the Rock Band stage kit?

    • We’re huge fans of the Stage Kit here at No Goblin, and we’re hoping to support it as soon as Mad Catz finds a way to bring it to the Vita. Stay Tuned!

  • Cool. You guys know if there is any word on when we’ll be able to download our ps3 avatars from the ps4 psn store?

  • You guys definitely played Kuru Kuru Kururin, right?

    • Yep, we’re huge fans of Kururin! We took that base “spinning” mechanic and blew it out in a whole bunch of new directions – open world, full motion video narrative, a large selection of hats and horns, and much more. It’s super great seeing all the old Kururin fans coming out! :)

  • Nice! Saw a gameplay of this Roundabout once on YouTube and it was fun. Can’t wait to play it on my Vita

  • The game is very charming and humorous. Glad it comes to both PS4 and Vita! :)

  • Of course Dave Lang’s Turnaround has ”Fully GFB certified gameplay”

  • +1 for Vita love. Too many indies ignoring it recently (Apotheon, Banner Saga, Speakeasy etc) =/

    • Let’s be real here, the Vita gets a ton of indie games.

    • So why are so many recent entries only on PS4 or other platforms? Apotheon, Towerfall Ascension, Towerfall Dark World, Guacamelee Turbo, Banner Saga, Torren, Kyn, Armikrog, Contrast, Nano Assault NEO X, Slender, #killallzombies, Costume Quest, Broken Age, Ironclad Tactics, Battle Islands… I could go on.

    • Guacamelee standard is already on the Vita, the late versions on other platforms were the upgrades, #killallzombies is about twitch stream command spamming, I wouldn’t play Contrast unless I was held at gunpoint (and even then I’d consider taking the easy way out), Broken Age had a messy development etc.

      The Vita is called an ‘indie port machine’, a very good one at that. There are more indies that I want to play on Vita than Wii U + PC combined.

    • Not only that, Galak-Z will also be released on the Vita. I’d play that over half the titles you mentioned.

      Sony’s doing a good job convincing devs to port their games to the Vita; it definitely helps that it’s very easy to port titles, (but I don’t know if Sony’s dollar bills are floating towards the devs behind the scene for extra incentive) it’s just that they don’t support it themselves well with features and accessories.

      I mean, the memory cards.

      Just… ugh…

      The Vita is a powerful machine, but many things surrounding it have not been handled well at all.

      I will blame gamers for not buying Tearaway though. What the Christ were they thinking.

    • A few things.

      -I agree that people should have bought Tearaway. It’s tragic what happened to that game. I feel that was brilliant game by talented devs but it was wasted on the beyond terrible Vita community.

      -This isn’t about what YOU want to play. Its about Vita being overlooked by games/devs that should be supporting it.

      -Look at how many PS4 only indies got announced just today, when most of them could run on Vita

      Basically, I expect the PS Experience to be a massive disappointment to Vita owners because all Sony is doing is showing love for PS4. The Vita love is fairly non-existant.

  • Sorry it dont look that good but hope sales anyways.

  • This looks very cool — count me in for some sideburn-tastic Roundabout action, Vita stylee!

  • Nice! Defiantly picking this one up.

  • Thought this would be nothing for me at all, but the gameplay looks like it could be a fun distraction.

    Might buy on PS Vita down the road when it’s cheap.

  • This looks like a lot of cheesy fun, I’ll absolutely keep my eye on this.

  • I’m glad I waited for it to come to console because I’m going to love playing this on my Vita!

  • This is great news but I’m a bit worried about the bonus PC content (bloopers, playable previous versions..) Will it make the cut on consoles ?

    • We’re going to try and get as much as we can over. Some stuff like the early builds won’t be possible (it’d require us to ship 8 different games – we’re only two people!), but we’ll do our best to include stuff like bloopers.

  • Amother could be interesting and unique game for #psvita. Will it have platinum trophy? Anyways, if the game is light and not a hardcore type then you can get count me in. All the best

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